About Osun Defender

About Osun Defender

About Us

Osun Defender Online is a progressive-minded news platform established in 2006 to bring to limelight, news within the State of Osun and beyond.

At Osun Defender, we promote the Unity and Progress of the Yoruba people, the Nigeria Nation, the Black Race and the World at Large. Therefore, we publish stories that uplift the People, Culture and advance the general wellbeing of our People, Nation and Race..


Our Philosophy

At Osun Defender, we believe in the OMOLUABI [i] philosophy.

The Omoluabi concept signifies courage, hard work, humility, integrity and respect.


Our Vision

To Inspire the World with Osun Centric News


Our Mission

Publishing stories that encourage hard work, humility, integrity and advance the course of State of Osun, our People, Nation, Race and the World..


The Platform

OsunDefender.org  will feature exclusives, interviews, local and foreign news, Oduduwa news, Economy, politics, entertainment, Sports, op-eds, investigative reports that is Osun-centric.




The Logo

The logo consists of an image of Ori Olokun, which is the symbol of the Yoruba People, placed in front of ‘Osun Defender’.


State of Osun Anthem

Isẹ wa fun ilẹ wa,

Fun orilẹ ibi wa

Kagbeja Kagbega,

Kagbega Fayeri


Igbagbo wa ni pe

Base bẹru labọmọ

Kasisẹ Kasisẹ

Kasisẹ Kajọla


Isọkan Atominira

Ni kẹjẹ ka maa lepaa

Tẹsiwaju Opọire

Atohun to daraa


Ọmọ odu’a dide

Bọsi ipo ẹtọ rẹ

Iwọ ni, imọlẹ

Gbogbo adulawọ.


[i] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omoluabi

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