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AA Gov. Aspirant Harps On Diversification Of Osun Economy

AA Gov. Aspirant Harps On Diversification Of Osun Economy
  • PublishedFebruary 4, 2022


By Yusuf Oketola

A governorship aspirant of the Action Alliance (AA) in the State of Osun, Prince Ayodeji Eniola-Oni has said that he would not rely on Federal Allocation to run government if he becomes the governor of the state. 

Eniola-Oni, a former governorship aspirant under the platform of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the 2018 election in the state, who hails from Ede, reiterated his commitment to diversify the economy of the state if he wins the 2022 governorship election.

He stated this in an exclusive interview with OSUN DEFENDER on Wednesday, in Osogbo.

The governorship aspirant said his administration will focus more on agriculture which will be used in boosting the economy of the state and increase the Internally Generated Revenue.

He said: “When I become the governor of Osun, I will do my best. Though, it is easy to make promises, but it takes a lot of courage to implement all your campaign promises. 

“However, there will be food for all in the state. Nobody in Osun will go to bed with empty stomach. We know how to go about it. We need to go back to the source which is agriculture.

“Government at all levels needs to focus more on agriculture so that there can be food for all and also for exportation. That is how we can increase on our IGR, not by depending on federal allocation every month.

“We will encourage our people to go back to the farm and the government will take it as a responsibility to buy the farm produce from the people for exportation.”

The governorship aspirant emphasised the need for the people of Osun to support a governor from the West Senatorial District, noting that since the return of democracy in 1999, the district has only spent 22 months on the governorship throne.

He added that its only the Central and East that have benefited immensely from the power rotation while the West is being cheated.

“Power needs to be shifted to the West this time around. We are very particular about the West Agenda and I believe the current administration of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola will handover to a governor from the West on November 27, 2022. 

“Our people from the West have been cheated for so long and it is high time we corrected that. The bulk of votes coming from the area has always been a determinant for who wins governorship election in Osun because of our population.”

Commenting on the administration of Governor Oyetola, Eniola-Oni said: “The current administration of Oyetola is doing its best amidst meager resources, but the Governor is not running an inclusive government. There are some things he needed to accomplish which needed professional hands, but the governor is not giving room to that probably due to the internal crisis in his party. 

“The man is not a politician; he doesn’t know how to play the politics. Also, he needs to look beyond partisan politics and invite professional hands for his government.

“The people of Osun need a focused leader in the coming poll, not a leader that will be answerable to an individual instead of the masses. We do not need a baby-sitter Governor.

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