Why The Delay of National Judicial Council (NJC) To Investigate Naron?

BE kind enough to spare me a space in your medium to comment briefly on the delay of the National Judicial Council (NJC) to investigate the much-publicized compromise of the Justice Thomas Damar Naron and other members of his election petitions tribunal that sat in Osun State and the lawyer involved, Mr. Kunle Kalejaiye.

Though, we have heard from the NJC, which is the highest authority of the nation judiciary that investigation would commence on the matter, we have not heard why the council has been delaying the investigation.

The NJC should remember that the matter is not only of paramount interest to Osun State alone but of national and international interest.

The council should also be aware that the delay in its investigation has been preventing many organizations or agencies from carrying out their investigations, which would actually unravel the brain behind the compromise of the tribunal, as some of the agencies would want to base their investigations on the outcome of the NJC’s.

Every Nigerian who read or heard about the matter was disappointed and most of them have the impression that all judges in Nigeria do act alike in the same direction with justice Naron, the impression, which the NJC should find a way to correct as soon as possible as it is not in the best interest of the judiciary.

I am not saying that the council is not working on the issue, but the question is that why the delay after the NJC has made pronouncement in the media that it would beam its searchlight to the matter and make the culprits to face the wrath of the law.

What can actually help the matter is to make sure that the investigation is hastened and ensure that the judges and Kalejaiye, if found guilty should be punished without any delay whatsoever, because people of Osun State, Nigeria and the whole world are watching and expecting the result of the NJC’s investigation.

If the NJC still refuse to hasten its investigations, definitely people would be made to suffer and would completely lose confidence in the judiciary.

NJC, please, we are still waiting for the report of your investigation.

From ABDUL-RASHEED ADESINA, Ile-Ogbo, Osun State

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