Why Osun must not vote for Omisore –Oyinlola


Olagunsoye-OyinlolaFormer Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola of Osun State on Tuesday urged the people of the state against voting for the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Iyiola Omisore.

Oyinlola, who publicly declared for the All Progressives Congress at the mega rally of the party held at the Osogbo Township Stadium, on Tuesday, accused Omisore of being selfish.

He urged the people of the state to vote for Governor Rauf Aregbesola, who incidentally, was the one who unseated him from office after a marathon legal battle which lasted over three-and-a-half years.

The former National Secretary of the PDP, who spoke in Yoruba language, said that his former party was not fair to the Yoruba people, saying there was no Yoruba person occupying any of the top 20 political offices in the country.

Oyinlola alleged that he was badly treated by the PDP which, he said he was very loyal to.

Oyinlola said, “The candidate of their party is selfish. I don’t know how Bola Ige was killed. Although Omisore was accused of killing Bola Ige, God knows who was responsible for the killing.

“Let us look at this; he (Omisore) picked Prof. Wale Oladipo, who was in the prison with him (over Bola Ige’s case) to replace me as the National Secretary of the PDP. He nominated Jelili Adesiyan who was also with him at Agodi Prison as a minister and he installed Gani Olaoluwa, who was also with them at the prison as the PDP chairman in the state.

“Does it mean that we cannot hold public office except we are former prisoners? The running mate (Adejare Bello) is the only one different. The PDP is now empty; they pushed former Governor Isiaka Adeleke out, Alhaji Fatai Akinbade (Labour Party candidate) left them when he saw the way they were doing and I have also left them for the APC.”

Oyinlola added that Omisore had nothing good in stock for the people of the state while hailing the performance of Aregbesola who he urged the people to support.

But the Chairman of the PDP in Osun State, Alhaji Gani Olaoluwa, in a statement issued to react to Oyinlola’s defection, wished him well in his new political party.

Olaoluwa said that the former governor required prayers as he started a political journey with the APC, which he described as a party of professional liars.

The PDP chairman said Oyinlola’s defection was beyond the ordinary while stating that the secret behind it would soon be blown open.

He said, “I am sure that his immediate and extended family members will even be disappointed. As a political party, the PDP in Osun has shock absorbers to contain such eventuality as we are always prepared legally, constitutionally and politically.”

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8 thoughts on “Why Osun must not vote for Omisore –Oyinlola”

  1. That is serious, so all the ex-prisoners from South West are Jonathan’s men. Whao, that really shows that PDP are nothing but men of shady character. May God help Nigeria.

  2. you’ve made the right decision by leaving the party of prisoners/criminals.jonathan is just a pretender and a wicked man.he has been so unfair to we people in osun.I need someone to tell me one project jonathan has done in osun.OSUN E ROONU……YORUBA E ROONU

  3. Jonathan is not ready to do anything in osun cos he is a failure and still punishing success(aregbesola) by reducing the allocation of osun by 40% giving the compain that oil is been stolen.Later we are told that the oil theft has reduced by half of what they use to have initially.As a reasonable person should expect,the allocation should be improved but jonathan has decided not to improve the allocation.I urge osun people to think about our future

  4. I have a question for the selfish supporters of omisore.omisore was a deputy governor before and even senator of ife/ijesa constitency for four years.what can omisore show as his constituency project when he was in senate.part of the money(constituency fund) is then spent to fund touts&thugs.Is that the way rule.A leader that cannot settle dispute btw two town(ife and modakeke) but is able to fund some people claiming that he have to support his people.A leader that is so disrespectful to a king(ooni) by beating another leader(bola ige) in the palace of the royal highness and even sending touts after him to send him away from the town.IsThis A Leader for God sake

  5. please when you see the truth say it and stop being sentamental/bias .Don’t let us spoil what we will become tommorow by eating what we benefit our stomach today(E MA JE KI BA NNKAN TI A JE PElU NNKAN TI A JE )

  6. I strongly salute your courage by coming back to your party, but remember I some years back when former gov. Oyelola olokuku was still in power he order for my arrest at BOLUWADURO LOCAL GOV’T cos i was campaigning for GOV. RAUFU AREGBESHOLA then. Am glad that he’s back now, I love you sir. Please my people of Osun, listen to what the formal Gov. said cos he has eaten with them and he knows them in and out so please do not vote for this so call mediocres cos they have no plan for us the people of Osun than to destroy Wat Ogeni RAUFU built. We the supporter of Osun and APC SOUTH AFRICA CHAPTER are wishing THE APC STRONG VICTORY IN TOMORROW ELECTION. ALUTA CONTINUA VICTORIA ASATA.. ….

  7. A leader is the one who knows the way ,shows the way ,and goes the way ,ENI MONA LOYE KATELE………ohun ni gbogbo Ololufe otito fi oro naa se ti won fi to si eyin OLOLA WAو GOMINA WA ,AMOJU ERO,AGBALAGBA NINU AWON OJOGBON ,BI ABA PE BABA YII NI SEEEEU OTO BEE TORIPE KIIFI ADUA SERE, ADUA NAA LO NGBA LATI ILE WA TI OPOLOPO OTA FI NDI ORE……………..الله أكبر

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