VOX POP: Gallery of Tributes, As Aregbesola Turns 63

As Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, former Governor, State of Osun and incumbent federal Minister of Interior adds a year to his age today, a cross section of residents celebrates him in sorts of befitting ways by chipping in comments, eulogies and tributes, all extolling his virtues. Excerpts:  A Superstar In Nigerian Politics Aregbesola is a superstar…”
May 26, 2020 3:26 pm

As Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, former Governor, State of Osun and incumbent federal Minister of Interior adds a year to his age today, a cross section of residents celebrates him in sorts of befitting ways by chipping in comments, eulogies and tributes, all extolling his virtues. Excerpts:

 A Superstar In Nigerian Politics

Aregbesola is a superstar in Nigerian Politics, progressivism and modern governance. I have been following him since 2005 and I have no cause to regret; even though he does not know me in person or by name. I appreciate his leadership style; he is the first governor that humbled himself by walking in the midst of common people and barring the blaring of siren in his entourage as governor. Aregbesola is the architect of modern Osun; he transformed our state and laid solid foundation for its physical and social infrastructure. I respect him for being a courageous man, because it is only a man of courage that would survive Aregbesola’s political journey into power and the controversies that surrounded his programmes, policies and projects. We can also see his interventions in the Interior Ministry at the federal level; he will surely perform anywhere you put him. I wish him a very happy birthday. He is a great man.

A Friend To Many

 Aregbesola is a friendly, kind and foresighted person. He is a progressive to the core. Osun witnessed development, the pace and speed of which was unprecedented in the state. I am happy that he was able to hand over to a worthy successor, Governor Adegboyega Oyetola who has continued in the path of development Aregbesola charted and left behind. Aregbesola is a man of honour and he always humbled himself. All the interventions of Aregbesola are commendable and it encouraged us to play our role towards the economic development of the state. We appreciate his gestures and positive dispositions toward the Iyalojoas while he was the governor of the state. I wish him well and I congratulate him on his 63rd birthday.

A Symbol Of Transformation

Reviewing the entire programmes of the Rauf Aregbesola administration in the State of Osun, it will be clear that he transformed the lives of the people of Osun and introduced a new style of leadership and government which brought governance to the doorsteps of the people. Aregbesola brought about progressive change in Osun; which cut across trade, transport, agriculture, education, health, social welfare, religion, culture and tourism, etc. This led to the development that the people of Osun never dreamt of.

The above is never a gainsaying, as it is obvious that Aregbesola’s leadership style has led to the beautification of the state capital and advancement of the state in all areas; notable among which is the transformation of life in the areas like education, health, “O” Ambulance, agriculture, social protection and so on.

Aregbesola expanded, promoted, advanced and repackaged the state.

 Kudos To An Achiever

Happy birthday to an outstanding public servant, a leader of leaders, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the Honourable Minister of Interior. I’m very grateful that your birthday presents me the opportunity to thank you for being a great leader and a role model. You helped create jobs across our state and took essential steps to transform our economy. You have made us all proud and gave us the reason to roll out drums and celebrate infrastructural development in our state. We will forever appreciate your commitment to good governance. Whether someone hates or likes you, no one can deny your laudable achievements. You have shown us the importance of working together to make a difference and bring out the best in ourselves. You inherited a weak economy and crumbling infrastructure, but under your leadership, we went from a slow and painful economic collapse to economic growth and development. The tone of our political discourse in Osun State has become more positive because of your leadership. We now have a honest debate on how to build new millennium schools, overhead bridges, not celebrating the opening of poorly constructed schools with great fanfare. Concerning your laudable achievements, your critics can safely say whatever pleases them at the confines of their homes, but none of your critics can come to the public square and dismiss your accomplishments without being booed. It is also important to thank you for giving us a progressive Governor with a proven track-record of service to continue moving our state forward. Happy birthday and many happy returns, Sir!

 An Ambitious Person

Aregbesola is a kind-hearted person and a politician that understands the rudiments of politics and politicians. He did his best to develop the state. We could see in him an ambitious person who wanted to transform the state with limited resources, consequent upon which he resorted to financial reengineering. It is painful that in his bid to develop Osun, he bit more than what he could chew. However, with all honesty, his achievements are known to everyone, not minding my reservations. I wish him a happy birthday, long life and prosperity.

Salute To A Grassroots Mobilizer

Aregbesola is a blessing to the State of Osun.  He banished unemployment through the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES). The programme is a lifetime opportunity as the OYES cadets were trained in agriculture, vocational trainings, Technology and so on for them to be self reliant after their exist at the programme. Some of the OYES cadets today are successful businessmen and women. The former governor transformed Osun and it became tourist delights. I remember his slogan, ‘See Osun and Smile’. The then rustic Ojurin is now a tourist attraction named Nelson Mandela Freedom Park. It is now an entertainment hub for any social gathering in Osun. His road and school construction became a model to other states of the federation. The Ona baba onas are there for all to see and all the mega schools.

Aregbesola is a mobilize and a thrill blazer; no wonder he is loved by the people of the state. He is not a religious bigotry as he always accommodates every religion. He is a passionate leader. Osun Ambulance Service is another aspect that he will be remembered for as this had helped so many accident victims as well as pregnant women in labours. I wish him happy birthday. May God continue to bless and elevate Ogbeni of the masses. His legacy continues to speak for him.

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