Victory At Last

In his smash hit,  “Get up, stand up”,   Bob Marley, the late Jamaican rebel reggae superstar put it this way:Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!Get up, stand up, don´t  give up the fight!
It has been a long day’s journey into victory.
As the eternal icon, Dr. Nelson Mandela said: “There is no easy road to freedom”.

For the people of Osun State, it has been a long and hard road. For three and a half years, a people have been violated. Their rights to have their votes count and make it count truncated. It would be exhilarating to know how the Chief voter robbers,Olusegun Obasajno and Maurice Iwu really feel now.

The great victory is instructive. It confirms once again the battle cry of old in Latin America to wit that ‘a people united will never be defeated’. The people of Osun State are to be commended. They have shown great resilience, courage, tenacity of purpose in pursuing the battle for liberation. Forever, Friday 26th of November will always be known as liberation day.

Let us remember to salute the courage and backing of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. His tenacity in the course of struggle and in the heat of the gunfire has been truly amazing. To him goes the kudos of a great fight back against the attempted subjugation of Yoruba-speaking nationality.

After the glorious comeback in Ekiti and Osun, Tinubu has opened up an entire new chapter for himself in the annals of Yoruba history. What we may ask, if there had been no Bola Tinubu? How on earth will the fight back have been organized and coordinated? Who would have had the organizational skill, the political acumen to do the job? When Hitler launched ‘Operation Barbarosa’, he reckoned without the seminal skills of the opposing Russian generals. The disgraceful neo-fascist Olusegun Obasanjo has also reckoned without the consummate political savvy of  Tinubu.

Engineer Rauf Aregbesola is to be congratulated. He was unwavering in the face of the gunfire. Not once did he flinch. At no time did he think of surrender. The new governor, our new worthy governor, has shown that he is a man of character and of honour. He will not disappoint. Governor Aregbesola brings to Osun State the same skills, the same administrative savvy he brought to Lagos State as the infrastructure czar.

Morning has broken in Osun State. But it won’t be easy. The state has been comprehensively looted. Governor Aregbesola will have to slim down THE COST OF THE MACHINERY OF THE GOVERNMENT without affecting personnel cost.

All areas of duplication, wastages and fraud will have to be streamlined and wiped out. The late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the avatar pointed out that it was only by keeping the cost of the machinery of government down to 27.3 per cent that all the great advances in Education, Health, Social Development and Infrastructure could have been done.

A young journalist who went on to great reknown, Karl Marx, famously observed surveying a not too dissimilar event that: “Men make their own history, but they do not do so of their own free will. They do so under circumstances and situations which they would not have wanted nor craved for. The traditions, the mores of the dead generations weigh like a nightmare upon the souls of the living”.

Governor Rauf Aregbesola has embarked on making history, the end result giving his preparation; his fortitude will be a great victory.

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