“You can fool all the people sometime
You can fool some people all the time
But you cannot fool all the people all the time”

All the while, I decided to keep mute on the foto finish called the University of Osun State touted and celebrated by the State Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola since last year. The celebration draws my melancholy because it is a theatre of absurd scripted and acted by the political a o merinjobas (meaning the political artful dodgers) who are out to deceive the unsuspecting people of Osun State.

But last week, I was invited to give a lecture by Rotary International, Osogbo and National Association of Osun State Students (NAOSS), Osun State College of Education, Ilesa Chapter pari passu and the quest for knowledge on topical issues demonstrated by the distinguished Rotarians who asked  me to speak on ‘The Media and Sustenance of This Nascent Democracy’ coupled with messages  and telephone calls from fans of this column compelled me to join an issue with Oyinlola’s government on the voodoo called UNIOSUN.

If you don’t know, let me quickly remind you that the creation of the university was intentionally shoddy, structurally illogical and technically imbalance and I will prove it.

In the first place, it was only the people of Osogbo cosmopolitan city that conceived the idea of having a university, for the reason that the ivory tower would jerk the population up and give the economy of the state capital a boost and when the former Governor Bisi Akande who ruled between 1999 and 2003 could not be forthcoming on the idea based on the relatively low revenue  base and poor allocation from the federal coffer, Osogbo people openly fraternised with this rival People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that drafted an unwilling candidate, Oyinlola into the governorship race. So, in order to win, the then newly-retired Brigadier General Oyinlola kept on promising every Tom, Dick and Harry without considering the economic implications.

So, by the time the ruling party won and the governor settled down in office, Oyinlola was confronted with the reality on ground. But as God would have it, the price of crude oil went up in the international market and the allocation of each state was reviewed upward, but there was a lot of commitments on ground: the governor himself wanted to buy a mansion in Ikoyi, Lagos, he has to smart up with some business interests abroad and that would require choice properties and some other things before he services the interests of his political jobber who facilitated his election or selection into the office.

It got to a time, the governor came up with the home truth that he could not establish this university and that drew the ire of Osogbo people which obviously manifested at the last Oroki Day which was crisis-ridden. Gradually, the Osogbo people were rebelling against Oyinlola who reneged his promise and that could cause a political death of some political gladiators of Osogbo extraction in the PDP. So, a prominent commissioner from the city went on his knees asking the governor to just pronounce the university even if he would not construct a single structure and in the process he burst into tears and drew emotion of His Excellency and that eventually led to the pronouncement of the UNIOSUN in the first place. So, the intention was not genuine, it was diabolical and shoddy.

In another development, the governor was confronted by disquiet in Ile-Ife, another powerful voting bloc in the state as a result of governorship ambition of Senator Iyiola Omisore. He woke up to another deception when  some people in Osogbo led by their leader, Alhaji Ajadi Badmus danced to the Bola Ige House at Okepupa-Abere to thank His Excellency. He was forced to conceive an idea of structure to convince people further but two interests must be taken into cognizance; one, the homefront, two, the political interest, especially the re-election bid.

So, the university has to take a multi-campus dimension as used during the creation of The Polytechnic, Ibadan where all political gladiators went away with a satellite campus each and Osogbo, the troublesome, entity must have eleven structures in the new arrangement that will comprise an administrative block, Senate building and facilities that would accommodate trado-medicine (of course, Osogbo people are synonymous with “agunmu and aporo epa ijebu”) and medicals because of LAUTECH and School of Nursing which are on ground.

Okuku, the governor’s home town would go with management courses and ten structures and the rest towns will have three structures each for a school or the other. Is this a university of a dream? Is this the best university you and I canvassed for as a collective heritage in the state? If not, then, why are we paying homage to ignorance?

I know that some would be hinging their argument on the calibre of people that formed the committee that worked out modality for the university, especially, a man like Professor Peter Okebukola, the immediate past Executive Secretary of National University Commission (NUC). Of course, I don’t dispute your argument, but I want you to find out why the same Okebukola ordered all universities with outreach and satellite campuses to close shops while he was calling shot at the NUC and what he said then. If I may recall, the don put up an argument that technically, the idea was wrong because it would defeat the mission of a university education. So, why partaking in the voodoo called UNIOSUN? The answer could be found in the case of a monumental fraud that characterized education vote in the last leg of Okebukola’s tenure at NUC. That case that flushed out Senator Adolphus Wabara out of the exalted seat of Senate presidency. So, technically the creation of UNIOSUN is imbalance.

With this, I hope you have been better informed that the governor and his power frick friends are only deceiving the people with their university bait and that is why I called it a voodoo.

What is voodoo? It is a religious practice in West Indies. The practice involves witchcraft and magic. Everything about voodoo is done in secrecy. The priests like Oyinlola is supreme and their commands are automatic laws. Any member of the sect that asks questions does so at his own risk. Dissension is a cheap compromise of personal security. It is the common belief of the priests that any explanation of their practices done to the people is an affront to whom they represent. So, the people of Osun State should acknowledge that this university is a voodoo, a fluke, a ruse and a fluke.

Oh! You want to know more? Ask the governor who has just expended millions of naira from our collective wealth to pick an award from his alma matter, the Buckingham University in the United Kingdom, whether  the university that honoured him is scattered all over the state? Ask him whether he was admitted before the structures of the great university were put in place like what will happen in September 2007 to UNIOSUN that has not been given placement in Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) as at the time of reading this piece?

Do you know why we are not courageous enough to ask questions? It is because of blind trust and agony of poverty. And you can see that the last ‘Open Forum,’ the propaganda network programme on OSBC radio and television was lifeless because the Chief Priest like a voodoo master was absent. Do you care to know why each question must be preceded with praise singing? Then, let us listen if Odunjo is now turning in his grave for the life drama of A O merinjoba in Osun State).

In his ‘Alawiye’  Odunjo, the literary giant revealed a lot, but ‘A O merin joba’ (we shall crown the elephant) is very instructive. In the story, the elephant aspires to be king at all cost like the second term syndrome of the governor. All the other animals see the ambition of the elephant as an avoidable risk, the elephant has been unnecessarily obsessed with naked power and can only be likened to a drunken bull in a China shop.

The animals know that if they tell the elephant that it is no longer wanted, then all of them might be dealt with (like stealing in the local governments would be stopped, contracts to cronies would be stopped, unfettered access to public fund would be curtailed and that could affect their expensive automobiles in town). They (animals) resolved to encourage the power frick elephant dubiously. A ditch was dug.
On that day of the fake coronation, the surface of the ditch was covered with beautiful dressings to deceive the undiscerning elephant so as to slip into the ditch, in unison, the animals sang

‘A o merin joba
Ewekun ewele (2ce)

And that was the last praise sing of the elephant.

How I wish these people in the corridor of power drop their choice cars at their various homes and start boarding commercial vehicles and listen to the yearnings of the masses, probably that would further give them the better pictorial representation of the condition of the people.

Eh! I do not say with my weak words that Oyinlola, like any other governorship candidates out there does not have a chance in the forthcoming elections, but I am only thinking in limbo that people may want to say: that this man promised us a full-fledged airport at Ido-Osun, double lane from Akoda to Orita Olaiya for nine months only to still be battling with it for three years despite the fact that it is a federal project, that this man promised us employment, only to start merry-gorounding, that this man  promised us water, only to start commissioning boreholes without water in the 21st century, that this man promised us that he would not draw salary but he ended up drawing rebate on all contracts. So, how do we trust him with this university bait that was splitted like a private nursery school?

You know what, the former Governor Bisi Akande was criticised because he sacked workers, but he built an unrivalled state secretariat that housed all ministries without borrowing a dime from the bank. Meanwhile, Oyinlola with more than N200 billion allocation plus oil windfall is worse because the money only reflected from the purses of the few.

Truly, “if a nagging wife does not try two husbands, she would not know the better one”
My greetings to His Excellency, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola over his recent award from his alma matter, Buckingham University, United Kingdom, Oga, we go wash am o.

It was written in the last edition of this column titled: Hypocrisy of OSUN INEC that Ribadu delivered a paper at the late Prof G.O Olawoyin lecture series. I want to tell you that Professor Olawoyin (SAN) is not late, I saw him, alive kicking. It was a printer’s devil at work and the error is regretted.
See you next week.

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Recent happenings on so-called guber election in Osun state
written by BASIRU ADEBAYOWA, April 25, 2007

Goo day, an i know the recent happenings or moves made by Oramiyan campaigning group about the fraudulent acts of Osun state governor and his political fraudsters.

About the school
written by Olaewe Babatunde Samson, May 17, 2007

i just to know more information about the school, maybe the are going to use the recent jamb or not. The school is a good ideal governor oyinlola is doing. so keep it up.please i will need a quick reply on the issue i state first.

yours faithfully
Olaewe Babatunde

About the school
written by Olaewe Babatunde Samson, May 17, 2007

i just want to know more information about the school, maybe the are going to use the recent jamb or not. The school is a good ideal governor oyinlola is doing. so keep it up.please i will need a quick reply on the issue i state first.

yours faithfully
Olaewe Babatunde

smilies/smiley.gif smilies/smiley.gif

written by Akintayo, May 29, 2007

Gud day, I want to give an opinion that, the school accredited courses suppose to be pasted online so that every body who is willing to obtain the form can be able to check.


Fool u are
written by penny, August 18, 2007

why do u collect our money and without no result pls do something in the case.i dont think this exam is going to take place again on the 23 of this month bcos the way am looking at thing .i just want u to do something to it .goodbye for now o ye fools.