Three-year-old To Be Sponsored For Eye Surgery


The Caretaker Committee Chairman of Obokun Local Government Council Area of Osun State; Dr. Olugbenga Ogunleye had promised that his administration was going to take care of the hospital bills of a three-year old child, who lost sight of both eyes.
Dr. Ogunleye was making this promise as he spoke to OSUN DEFENDERCOMMUNITY NEWS during the flag-off of the Free Eye screening, treatment and surgery organised by the council area at the Model Health Centre, Esa-Oke recently.
The council boss, who stated that he observed that of all the ailments that needed urgent attention, the first and the most important on the list was that of the eye problems, while also declaring that the decision to take care of the eye ailments of the citizens was because it was the responsibility his administration owed the people as a democratic government.
In his words, “we always take into cognizance the yearnings of our people, because the essence of governance is to make life comfortable for our people”.
The medical doctor-turned-politician revealed that in the course of his investigations, he observed some people had partially lost their vision.
In that regard, he also revealed his administration had made available eye glasses for those that needed them.
While reiterating his administration’s desire to make the eye treatment and surgery a periodical initiative in Obokun Local Government Council Area, Dr. Ogunleye revealed that corrective surgeries that would take care of hernia and lumps would be embarked-on in the coming months.
‘Before the end of this year, definitely we will come back to the eye surgery, because we discovered that there are a lot of cases still remaining”, he assured.
He maintained that the estimated sum of money spent on the free-eye treatment scheme couldnot be quantified, but the benefits on the people was much bigger.
Describing the operations as a bit expensive, Dr. Ogunleye was of the opinion that it was a necessity that made the people to be happy.
Other medical problems which the caretaker committee intended to deal with included hypertension and diabetes.
“We are going to treat people with common medical problems like hypertension and diabetes which are silent killers”, he stated.
The council boss noted that the state government was planning to rehabilitate many roads and schools.
Infrastructural development, provision of water through the reactivation of boreholes also formed part of   the plans of the Obokun council chairman for the local government.
“We have repaired old malfunctioning boreholes in five communities”, he added.

2 thoughts on “Three-year-old To Be Sponsored For Eye Surgery”

  1. Dr. Ogunleye, you are on the right track. As a Medical Doctor, you know that prevention and education of our people on health care will go a long way. As a leader of one of the communities in Nigeria, if you can champion the two diseases mentioned above in the write up, Diabetics and Hypertension you will will go a long way in helping the citizens of your community to live a long life. I commend you for covering the medical expenses of this child with eye problems . Please help to educate the people in your community on how to manage hypertension and diabetics.
    Also do not refrain from running an effective lean local government that deliver results. Good luck and God bless

  2. Well done Mr. Chairman, while sponsoring the eye surgery is a good and commendable effort, you should not forget about thousands of children dying from malaria and malnutrition in your community. They also need help.

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