This Bait Can Kill!

Power is both sweet and, toxic. Retired Gen. Babangida in his governmental hey – days was severally nicknamed ‘Maradona,’ ‘Evil genius’ in a bid to portray him ‘exacurately’; cloning mine, I fuse exactly and accurately together, as being antithetic to the basic principles of good governance in transparency and uprightness while his praise was being sung inadvertently as a smart dribbler or deceiver in the handling of sensitive national issues.

He enjoyed the celebration of his pallidness from certain quarters of his cohorts. He wasn’t repentant because his absolute display of power was giving him gains of psychic and affluent obsessions for a passing moment of his rule. Shortly after, toxin, which is a harmful system deposit of his misrule took over with its poisonous characteristics of destruction of his pos-governmental legacy.

Partakers of this odious Babangida’s style cashed-in on his bait of security assurance and superfluous acquisition and thus, entered a trap of political and social morbidity, from which the likes of INEC’s Prof. Nwosu made a desperate attempt to escape, but further plunged into the seemingly bottomless abyss of cursed memory.

The above has consistently described the experience of the helpless Nigerians in their swelling capacity of the majority. It is sad, however, that the present psycho-social political imbroglio’ befalling Osun State has at its apex, one of the surrogates of yet another tyrannical ruler, Abacha, that succeeded Babangida, who had its own share of its toxin in a beautiful and mouth-watering apple.

Like Abuja, like Lagos; Like Gen. Abacha, like Col. Oyinlola. Quite peculiar of the Yoruba trait, one would have expected the now retired Brigadier-General Oyinlola to shed the garb of ‘powerflex’ and adorn himself with the humble pursuit of sanctity in polity, by the virtues of good name and non-acidic legacy of a typical princehood redemption.

In my quietness, I watch with utmost dismay, the governmental failure of Osun State in the handling and approach to various monumental evidence of electoral – bloodshed, overt and covert multiple voting, insinuated and corroborated tribunal scam by which it latches on to power. Rather than going intellectual and convincing, the ruling party, and the present government employ intimidation and baseless propaganda against a perceived enemy in the opposition.

Governmental press in the state are paid to be sharply lopsided in their reporting. The state judiciary is now known for its impatience for the opposition and anything contrary to the standpoint of the alleged PDP and its government. Imagine the many incarcerated AC chieftains and its ever-increasing supporters. Even the human right activists were locked up as I watched the prosecuting governmental prosecutors in want of evidence, fell, by substantial reasoning, before the Adegoke Alfred – lead solicitors of vibrant and rising legal profile, just because of an undisclosed, underneath, and obviously imperial directive.

All these executive harangues are condensable into the fact that ‘the monkey has been trapped’ and I have one advice for the power-that-be as the only way out by the Latin-American jungle intelligence: They have a monkey-catching methodology by securing a transparent bottle with a narrow beck. Inside the bottle, they place an irresistible nut for the monkeys. No sooner, the victim monkey comes around. It slips its hand into the bottle, and lay hold on the nut, clenching its fingers around the nut for a firm grip.

The clenched fingers cant come out of the bottle. For the fear of impending danger, the releases the nuts and its hand can come out, regaining its freedom. The greed for the desired nut will always keep the monkey coming back, still wanting to take away the nut at all cost.
This repeated scenario continues until the catcher comes around, maims it and takes it away.

Lesson: the nut is symbolic of Osun State electoral mandate. The only wise thing to do for those contentiously clinging to it at the stunning face of bizarre irregularities is to drop it, and if only for a while, a sign of relief and go for a healing and soothing experience of penitence before their God and restitute with the families of their slain brothers and sisters, who were murdered because of the transient and fading benefit of bitter governance of no repute.

As the Islamic faith pertinence period approaches, let their monkey drop the nut, and be free, before the dangling, punitive, sledge hammer of the spiritual, legal, emotional and posterity knocks hard on the guilty and unrepentant.

We need to sanctity our dear state from the stains and curse of bloodshed as a fundamental requirement for the evolution of our utopian state where everything works for the benefit of all.

In sober reflection of the one and a half years of debauchery in Osun State, I could vividly see at play the image of the Latin American monkey at the bait. Surely, this bait can kill!