The PDP Contraption Against Tinubu

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

It is an ability to work   harder than others that   distinguishes a brilliant student from his colleagues. Anyone who wishes to excel in his chosen profession or vocation must be ready to make sacrifice.

Asiwaju Bola TinubuA brilliant student denies himself of extraneous activities not having to do with studies while his colleagues junket all over the place. Experience over the years has shown that while some people embrace routine approach to life, others chose to be different.
It is on record that it was the independent-minded attribute of former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, that to date remains the political fabric holding the South-West geopolitical zone together as far as progressive politics is concerned. One wonders what could have been the lot of the South-West by now if Jagaban Borgu had also fallen to the political trick of former President Olusegun Obasanjo who hit the then progressive governors below the belt.
The non-popularity of Obasanjo in the South-West between 1999 and 2003, had made him to enter into an unwritten agreement with the then Alliance for Democracy (AD) governors in 2003 to relax political twine for him with a promise to give unalloyed support for their return as governors. In 2003’ presidential election preceded that of the governor. After the progressive governors had fulfilled their own part of the gentleman agreement with Obasanjo, the Otta chicken farmer reneged by quickly arranging a whistle appearance in all the states in the South-West geopolitical zone, telling whoever cared to listen not to have anything doing with the agreement with the AD governors.

At the end of the exercise, the   affected AD governors were dazed beyond words; as they were victims of political intrigues and antics orchestrated by the military in Obasanjo.

Tinubu who apparently was not new to antics of the military refused to be taken in by the Obasanjo mode of hitting his enemies below the belt. At the end of the exercise, Tinubu’s Lagos remained the only state standing for the progressives; and it is the State of Excellence that has been bailing out other states in the subsequent elections when the liberation of hitherto Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) captured states was achieved.
One of the lessons taught by the Obasanjo indecent political assault is that the military General is far from being a gentleman if a common axiom that says: “A gentleman’s bond is his words” has not lost its meaning. It will also not be an overstatement to tag Obasanjo a traitor because of his shameless activities in the PDP overrunning of the South-West. Being a participant-observer over the years, I am eminently qualified to say that the PDP has not won any election in the South-West especially in Osun State. It is on record that the symbol of the PDP governorship banditry then in Osun was moving round villages and towns in the state that his message was to tell them part of his ‘success’ story as he would win whether he was voted for or not!
Another lesson the Obasanjo issue taught us is that no military man could be trusted no matter his relationship with one. Since the conclusion of the 2003 general elections, I had resolved to review my association with my military and para-military friends on the need to be extra-careful on issues binding us together.
There is no doubting the fact that the indomitable Tinubu has been a torn in the flesh of reactionary elements across the nation especially in the South-West geopolitical zone. His recent arraignment before the Code Conduct Tribunal in Abuja is political. Any one who believes otherwise may either believe anything he is told or he is simply a nincompoop. Tinubu is being persecuted by the power that be because of his eminent role in the liberation of the South-West from the political claws of the reactionary group. The idea is to unsettle the unrepentant scion of progressive politics in this part of the world; but the contraption would nether walk nor fly.

At the inception of Ogbeni   Aregbesola’s administration,   he had made it clear that his would be an unusual government which he has been mastering to the letter. There is no doubting the fact that those who were used to old orders of doing things have not been comfortable with his system.

But with hindsight, one does not neet to be a prophet or soothsayer to note that Aregbesola’s government has genuine intention to transform the state into a truly developed one that would become a role model to other states in this country.
It is the level of information one is exposed to that propels one’s perception about a particular issue. A chance meet with the governor last Tuesday afforded me an opportunity to know that Aregbesola who is a blessing to Osun has achieved for this state within ten months what former impostor Governor Olagunsoye  Oyinlola could not achieve in his seven and a half years’ forceful  and illegal occupation of the political and administrative leadership of the State. Oyinlola was rewarded bountifully with harvest of ignominy which, of course, was foretold.
When Aregbesola was reeling out his list of achievements to the national leadership of Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG), a pleasing air of satisfaction filled the visitor’s camp and it was like members of the socio-cultural group were thinking aloud that “here is another Obafemi Awolowo at work”.
I could see Mr Femi Orebe, that popular columnist, nodding ceaselessly in affirmation of the Aregbesola achievements.
It was to the admiration of the visiting ARG team that the Ogbeni was passionate about the integration of the component units making up the Yoruba nation. To Aregbesola, there is no difference between all the sub-tribal groups occupying the former Western Region. We had seen governors at work in this state. Aregbesola‘s advantage that towers him over others is his mode of working. He hardly has time for social activities. He works both day and night; an attribute which makes some people to doubt if he is truly a human being like others. Aregbesola works very late and he is also an early riser. There is no room for any indolent aide in his administration. He is also a prolific reader; a quality which enables him to discuss any discipline. As a perfectionist, he dismantles effortlessly arguments or assignments some people would have thought to be incapable of being faulted.

If you hate Aregbesola but you  have an opportunity to listen to  his argument, you will fall for him as it happened to Barrister Adejare Bello, former Speaker, Osun State House of Assembly. He argues and marshals his point with facts and figures. He is always loyal to any cause he is pursuing; is an attribute which endears him to Tinubu who had said at various fora that he is having absolute confidence in Aregbesola.
The present plight of Tinubu in the hands of the PDP-teleguided judiciary is a mere replication of what happened in 2003 before the general elections when the strategists of the PDP mapped out elimination of Chief Bola Ige, former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, as the only antidote needed to run over the South-West. It is now the turn of Tinubu considered to be a major clog in the copious efforts of the PDP to rig itself in the zone. This is a fruitless venture as the man, Jagaban Borgu, is more in political understanding than someone who could be cowed. To those having a contrary view on the issue at stake, time will certainly tell.