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“Tortoise, when are you coming back from the market? Not until I am thoroughly disgraced – Tortoise responded.

A lot of things are begging for my attention, as touching contemporary issues in the nation: The Ekiti rerun election and attendant violence of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The retrial of Osun State Action Congress (AC) governorship candidate, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola’s petition and the constitution of the new panel.

Meanwhile, the people of Osun State are lamenting zero governance in the state, for the embattled Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola has not found courage to drive the agrarian state along with the present trend of economic reality, and so he chooses to sleep, while his proverbial Rome was fiddling.

But of all issues, the misconduct and lawlessness of Osun State President, District Court of Appeal, one Mr. Olagoke Akintayo appealed to my interest most, and I know that you will love to know why.

In the first premise, when the Lagos based news magazine, The NEWS published a ground breaking story on how judges of the lower tribunal and Oyinlola’s lawyer, Kunle Kalejaiye were relating familiarly, but secretly via telephone conversations; some 24 activists on the platform of

Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) embarked on a very peaceful demonstration to the State High Court, Osogbo, Osun State capital, where they presented their letter of protest to the Court Registrar with respect and courtesy.

As if there was a special law against a peaceful protest, the Commissioner of Police, Mr John Moronike, quickly raced to the State High Court, directly opposite his command headquarters in Osogbo in such a way that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) could not chase armed robbers, to unleash terror on the defenseless activists.

In a situation suggestive of an order from a paymaster, Moronike got to the scene of the protest, and started landing dirty slaps on the old and the young amongst them. He did not care about the honest explanation of the High Court Registrar, on the peaceful conduct of the activists. The power-hungry police chief quickly ordered the detention of the law-abiding protesters pending the time they were arraigned before one Magistrate Olagoke Akintayo.

Magistrate Akintayo, who then carried himself on the case of likely conduct of an act capable of disrupting the public peace, filed against the activists by the police prosecutor on the instruction of CP Moronike, as a man, who abhors violence, has been found out to be a very violent man.

While presiding as a magistrate in Osogbo, Akintayo had remanded a suspect in prison over an allegation of a stolen food less than N500, Akintayo had remanded suspects over peaceful procession, Akintayo had remanded suspects over bailable civil offences. Today, the same Akintayo is shying away from facing the temple of justice he left behind.

Now, that I have established reasons for my interest in the violent district Customary Court of Appeal president, it will not be out of place to discuss what earned him a place in my expensive column. It was reported that the man, Akintayo got home very late from Godknows-where, sometimes last week, he ordered one police man on weekly shifting at his resident to open his gate for him and the man, Femi Dada, by the name, refused on the ground that he was there to maintain his security not his gate.

Report has it that Akintayo’s wife eventually opened the gate for him, and when he entered, he was already bottled up with anger, which he nearly visited on his wife, who was trying to ask why he kept late,while the situation between the duo was degenerating, the policeman saw the need to maintain peace, and that was his greatest undoing.

Akintayo then stooped low, descending on an innocent policeman, manning his security, throwing all available weapons around him, pounced on him like a man to his fiercest enemy, giving the man in uniform an overdose of blue-black beating, aiming at killing him for not opening the gate for him.

As you are reading this column, citizen Femi Dada, the policeman is still lying critical ill, groaning in pains and pang of blood gushing from scars all over his body. Honestly, the man needs some medical experts of known pedigree to work on him, or else, he may die as a result of the complication from the injuries sustained in the future, courtesy of Magistrate Akintayo.

On Tuesday, when the ‘Mike Tyson’ magistrate Akintayo was to be arraigned, at least, for the sake of justice, the lobby game prevailed, calls from the Oke-Fia Government House, where the Akintayo’s paymaster lives, thawed the steam of justice, while the policeman continued to wail in pains.

As at the time of filing this piece, Akintayo had not been arraigned in court, he was very busy making calls to the powerful men he had done some hatchet jobs for, he was begging citizen Femi Dada to accept a ridiculous amount as a reward for the beating of his life. All efforts, were to prevent justice, he (Akintayo) claims to be dispensing, from taking its course.

What marveled me most was the ding-dong of the CP Moronike on the matter. Yes, I learnt that he was so furious at the first instance, when the assault against the innocent young policeman first got to him, that he quickly ordered the arrest of the violent magistrate; but I was amazed at the way the matter diffused on his table.

The scenario painted above shows that something is definitely wrong with Osun State Police Command and the judiciary leadership, and I charge the civil societies and our rights activists to please pick gauntlrtt against these compromised judicial and police echelons in the state; at least, for the sake of natural justice.

When it gets to the issue of political interest of the power brokers in the state, we know how CP Moronike would dissipate all his energies to pounce on the opposition, how he would ensure that they (opposition leaders) spend some weeks in prison custody. Now, that an innocent policeman, under his command, was assaulted and brutalized by an errand boy of power that be, he (Moronike) was made to put his tail between his two laps.

More so, the Chief Judge and the state president of the customary Court of Appeal have not done anything about the violent conduct of one of theirs, Akintayo, just because some unscrupulous politicians, these people may be considering as their benefactors have stepped into it. This has compelled me to say that Osun judiciary has a k-leg.’

If some men of manor think that they can go away with their bully conduct against the innocent ones, join me in praying for them, Akintayo inclusive.:

‘Those who think that the innocent should suffer
Let them meet their waterloo
Those who think they have power to cheat.
The weak, the disadvantaged, and the oppressed
Lord, let them drink from the poison,
Turn their ankle, so that we shall know them by limping
‘Ewe ata ki to ata pon
poporo esin, ki ba oloko samodun
Ninu agbara eje, ni ikan ti yo
Atilo, atibo ni peran oje.

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