The Need For Justice In Nigeria

KINDLY permit me to talk of the system of justice as it affects our political engineering in Nigeria. Truth and justice are two weapons needed in any society to ensure growth and development. Without justice, the society would be worse off.

Some of our political leaders who ought to serve as role models are themselves deficient in morals and character.

Our point is that some political jobbers hijack voter registration, hoard them and use them during the election proper and those who get into power to rule us. Examples abound of such people who kill or maim all to either get into power or retain it at all cost.

Unfortunately, for the society, the extant laws places a great burden on litigants to prove their cases beyond reasonable doubt. In the end, the present system favours charlatans, cheats and criminals who commit heinous crimes to get to power while using the state resources to defend themselves. Laws are made by the society and the aim is to ensure there is impartiality in the dispensation of justice.

If justice is dispensed with, without fear or favour, both the litigant and the respondent will be satisfied at the end of the day. Some judges have displayed uncommon courage to handle cases while others have just given judgment either for pecuniary purpose or to satisfy a selfish end.
The society would be the ultimate loser if people lose confidence in the judicial system.

The alternative is to resort to jungle justice which would not be in our interest. The example of Kenyan readily comes to mind.

There are some states where criminals who committed crime during election got away with it. The criminals with the connivance of the law enforcement agents had a field day.

In the interest of the future of Nigeria, we should all work towards justice in the country. If justice is carried out, people who are voted for will form government and do the wishes of the people. The danger of getting people who rig themselves into power is that their interest is against the overall interest of the larger society.

They are not responsive to the yearning of the people neither are they responsible to the people since they did not get their mandate in the first place.

We cannot build our fledgling democracy on falsehood. There is a need to encourage the younger ones to believe that truth and not falsehood or lies pays. It would help to inculcate in the younger ones the culture of hard work and truth.

The vices such as cultism, terrorism, graft and armed robbery are what the youths learn from the elders who are not punished but rather eulogized.


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