The Ka-n-Das In Laudable Steps

EXCEPT that man is not God. As man, any romance with any of those past cheats or sorry, leaders is unfortunate. Unfortunately, they failed to reduce the burden on the heads of the masses of this poverty-stricken country.

I, for one, find it difficult to imagine how the affluent fed, when millions of Nigerians die on the streets, some on the verge of death from hunger, starvation and deprivations. Except that these affluents do not relate with the masses who trek to death.

Or how does one explain what the Rivers boys experience inspite of the huge resources ‘harvested’ from their areas.

To bring my argument home, the Federal Government–borne free treatment of people with eye-defects tickles my imagination, when the news got to this writer that somewhere along the line, these poverty-robbed patients were made to cough out N300 – three hundred naira per head for whatever.

My concern is that of the implication of the unanticipated N300 these people were asked to pay which resulted in some of these prospects, who did not have that money to pay or be paid for by their children, apology to those who have no child among them, to withdraw.
The executive president has very good intentions for the blind or partially blind citizens in Osun State like other states.

But the Osun State Government must investigate this detail that went by way of fraud in concept and deed. Fraud in concept and deed because the victims were issued receipts ostensibly to show approval of authorities in the state but however, the victims were tricked to submit the receipts already issued, tucked same into a cabinet drawer.

For the purpose of investigations, who issued or originated the issuance of the receipts? What’s the beginning point of the issuance of the receipts and the terminal of same? Where did the N300 collected from about 40 patients go to? Was the issuance a state Government affair or her middlemen or opportunists who saw that they could slot in some tricks on the people? The state government must look into this issue and bring those responsible for the brisk business cornered in the exercise otherwise the cheats will be regarded as state-sponsored.

There’s no amount too big to recover one’s sight but such is the impecuniousness of the patients that the loss of their sights to that token N300 is an option. Have you ever heard that some patients ask to be turned back home when whopping charges are slammed on their wards by the hospital authorities? Is it not interesting that our custom of old forbids putting relations into debt after they might have departed this world? Rather than being referred to as the one who put the family into debt, after death, our people in this part of the world prefer to die and give the survivors a sigh of relief?

To confirm the need for investigations of those responsible for extorting N300 from these pitiable patients, some of the prospective patients withdrew from the treatment there and then which means that those who withdrew from going further would die either blind or partially blind on account of this N300. This is more so that one does not know when such opportunities will come again. Even if tomorrow, another such opportunity is not far-fetched, how many of these patients can one say are alive as at the time the writer is writing this report? If another opportunity is today, those of them who died yesterday cannot benefit again. So it’s not the smallness of the amount asked of these patients that matters but the consequence. If able-bodied, working class of people could be so heartless as to extort money from the grave-going people/patients, is it any different from those searching the pockets of motor accident victims?

God must be God and not man to keep watching these things happening without some instant judgment descending, if only as deterrent.

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