The Desecration Of Royalty

That the Olokuku of Okuku, Oba Samuel Oluronke exaped death by whiskers from an armed robbery attack, cannot possibly be pleasing to any Yorubaman. The traditional institutions are far too deeply engrained in the Yoruba psyche for alarm bells not to ring when such a desecration of the institution happens.

The recent attack on the Olokuku represents a continuation of the state of armed robbery siege in Yorubaland. We may care to painfully recall that the palaces of the Owa of Igbajo and the Olobaagun of Obaagun in Boluwaduro and Boripe Local Government Councils area of the State were recently burgled, with crowns and other traditional antiquities been carted away. This wan seating act striken at the very heart of the Yoruba ethos and is therefore deeply offensive to all Yoruba’s wherever they may be at home or abroad.

We of course commiserate with all the traditional rulers involved and in the case of the most worthy Olokuku, wish him speedy recovery from the minor injuries sustained during the robbery attack. In this instance no injury can be minor, for what we are seeing is a grotesque insult and assault on a pandamental focus – of Yorubaland.

This attacks represent a grave and persistent danger. In a graphic sort of way, they provide unambiguous evidence of a society in disequilibrium. Things have never before gotten to this outrageous state. Condemnable and unacceptable as this attacks are it should provide an opportunity for deeper such search. If society is in a state of dysfunction, we must seek to know why. All these unacceptable acts and mode of anti-social behavior did not spring up in one day. On the contrary the acts are the end result of a contrived process.

Those who make peaceful change impossible should at least own up and have the good sense to accept responsibility. We are aware of the process through which thugs were armed as a way of enforcing the mind boggling rigging of the last set of ‘elections’ in Osun State and elsewhere. Now unfortunately the chickens have come home to roost. The miscreants armed to rig in Osun State are not going to voluntarily hand over their weapons now that the elections are over.

Frankly it would be funny sort of workman who voluntarily hands over the tools of his trade. The PDP politicians who resort to violence as a way of subverting the expressed whish of the people must accept responsibility.

The elections year conveniently over, they have shut out those who helped them to rig from sharing the booty of office. What do they expect this unfortunate souls to do for sustenance? If they had any brains at all, they should have provided a retraining scheme encompancing skills acquisition, provision of micro-credits, and so forth. However being self centred, they did not do this, with predictably disastrous results.

To state the obvious once again only good, focused government can save Osun State. We have seen what sensible diligent governance can do in Lagos State. In Lagos state they are simply following in the potsteps of the avatar, Chief Obafemi Awolowo with predictably good, positive results. When succor comes from the court of Appeal, Osun State will see the difference good governance can make. Until then, we will have to grin and bear, the unfocussed, unprincipled and indolent contraption which Oyinlola absurdly calls his administration.

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