Allegations That Vladimir Putin’s PhD Thesis was Ghostwritten For Him Denied

Allegation that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s PhD thesis was ghostwritten for him has been denied by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday.

Recall that the allegation was that Putin’s thesis was written for him by the  rector of the St. Petersburg Mining University, Vladimir Litvinenko. Litvinenko’s daughter made the allegation on Monday.

“There is nothing to comment on. This is not true. And if you look closely at her statements, they, in fact, are not, let’s just say, completely affirmative in nature and abound with various subjunctive moods,” Peskov told reporters.

On Monday, Olga, alleged that after becoming rector in 1994, her father “organized an illegal business, i.e. writing diploma theses.

The asking price for dissertations that were sure to see buyers awarded doctorates began at EUR 30,000, Poland’s website reported.

She claimed that many highly placed officials bought such diplomas, including former Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov.

Olga left Russia seven years ago after a conflict with her father.

She currently lives in Poland, according to Radio Liberty.

Olga alleged that her father personally wrote Putin’s dissertation.

According to Olga, her father wrote Putin’s dissertation for free, after Putin helped him to be appointed rector.

Vladimir Litvinenko was in 2017 listed in 122nd place in a ranking of the 200 richest businessmen in Russia, according to Forbes magazine.

Putin defended his PhD in economics in 1997, the website reported.


100 Days To World Cup:Russia President, Putin Plays Football With FIFA’s Infantino

President Vladimir Putin played football with FIFA boss Gianni Infantino in the Kremlin on Tuesday as a festive Russia marks 100 days to the beginning of the world cup competition.

The footage from Putin’s reception office was released by FIFA in a tweet featuring legends of the great game, juggling and doing tricks.

The clip ended with Putin heading one back to Infantino after a heavily edited kick about set to Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee.

“Some people just can’t wait for the greatest show on earth,” FIFA said in the tweet.

Others playing around with the official Telstar 18 World Cup ball included ex-England midfielder Wayne Rooney and Argentina’s Diego Maradona.

Brazil’s Ronaldo juggled by the beach while Sweden’s Thomas Brolin had his fun in the snow.

Putin is known for his sporting prowess, taking part in Judo matches, skating, diving and playing ice hockey.

A judo black belt and all round sports fan he is hoping to use the World Cup to showcase Russia and boost its image at a time of frail relations with the West.

Russia is hosting its first World Cup on June 14-July 15 in 11 host cities stretching from its western exclave of Kaliningrad near Poland to Yekaterinburg in the Urals.

Numerous Russian cities are planning events to commemorate 100 days before the start of the 32 team tournament.

Moscow is staging an open air concert for 6,000 volunteers while Russia’s northern capital Saint Petersburg is unveiling a countdown clock.

“It is important to show Russia the way it really is: open, hospitable and modern,” Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov was quoted as saying on Tuesday by RIA Novosti.

‘Open heart’

Russia’s preparations for the showpiece event are going largely according to schedule but still being clouded by scandal and global disputes.

Fan violence that made Russians infamous at the Euro 2016 in France returned last month during a Europa League match in Spain between Spartak Moscow and Athletic Bilbao.

Organisers hope the February 22 incident in which a handful of Russians were arrested and a policeman died of a heart attack does not frighten away global fans.

Tensions with the West have been compounded by the ignomy of Russians being forced to perform under a neutral Olympic flag at the Winter Games in Pyongyang over doping allegations.

But Russian national team coach Stanislav Cherchesov said he hoped the World Cup would improve people’s attitude toward his country.

“The most important thing is to come to Russia with an open heart and to try to understand our country and the places you are visiting,” Cherchesov said in an interview released by FIFA.

“As we say in Russia, better to see something once than to hear about it a hundred times.”

The tournament kicks when Russia hosts Saudi Arabia in Moscow’s renovated Luzhniki Stadium on June 14.

Putin Congratulates New South Africa’s President, Ramaphosa

Russia President,  Vladimir Putin has congratulated Cyril Ramaphosa on his election as the new President of South Africa.

Putin also expressed his gratitude towards the struggle against apartheid and the emergence of a democratic society in the country.

“Putin sent a congratulatory telegram to Ramaphosa on the occasion of his election as the President of South Africa.

“The Russian leader expressed appreciation for Ramaphosa’s contribution to the struggle against apartheid and the establishment of a democratic society in South Africa and expressed the belief that his work as the president would further advance the country toward progress and prosperity,” the press release read.

NAN reports that Ramaphosa took over as president of South Africa on Thursday, immediately vowing to fight corruption in a direct reference to accusations levelled against his predecessor, Jacob Zuma.

Ramaphosa’s appointment as head of state came less than 16 hours after  Zuma resigned, having defiantly refused to leave the office for days.

Within minutes of the result of a parliamentary vote being announced in Cape Town, Ramaphosa said he would move to tackle endemic graft in South Africa.

“Issues to do with corruption, issues of how we can straighten out our state-owned enterprises and how we deal with ‘state capture’ are issues that are on our radar screen,” he said, in a reference to improper influence over government institutions, ministers and state-owned businesses by Zuma’s associates.

Ramaphosa, 65, sat quietly while lawmakers from the ruling African National Congress stood, clapped and sang in celebration.

He was elected unopposed.

Russian President Warns Of ‘Global Catastrophe’ In North Korean Impasse

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Tuesday of a global “catastrophe” unless a diplomatic solution over North Korea is reached, saying imposing further sanctions on Pyongyang would be useless.

Putin’s comments, following an international summit in China, came after the United States called for the “strongest possible measures” against North Korea for detonating what it called a hydrogen bomb on Sunday.

The announcement and North Korea’s claim that it could mount the warhead on a missile, dramatically upped the stakes in Pyongyang’s standoff with the international community over its banned weapons programs.

“But resorting to just any sanctions in this situation is useless and inefficient,” he told reporters in the Chinese city of Xiamen following the annual summit of the five-nation BRICS club of emerging economies.

Putin called for dialogue on the crisis and warned against other actions that could cause the situation to escalate.

“All of this can lead to a global planetary catastrophe and a great number of victims,” he said.

Vladimir Putin Acquires Lavish Holiday Home

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has acquired a new lavish holiday home with gold-plated tiles in the swimming pool just a few miles from Russia’s border with the West.  The new property was revealed by Moscow media saying the sumptuous bolt-hole is part of a complex involving a restored mansion featuring gold plated swimming pool and an underground spa captioned with his initials.


Its said to be built on an island in the Vyborg Bay, around 12 miles from the Russian border with Finland and its stunning. Though Officially it belongs to close friends of the Kremlin but local media in Russia say it is the latest prestige home in a stunning property portfolio rumoured to be Putin’s.