Teenage Pregnancies Among Female Students In Osun By Sodiq Yusuf

Pregnancy is something of joy especially when it comes when an adult woman who is just married. In the predominant African culture, it is the next in line after a young lady leaves his father’s house to form a new family with another man.

As beautiful and wonderful the experience of getting pregnant is in our society mostly when the carrier of the baby has spent so much years in marriage without the fruit of the womb; there is now the ugly trend that cuts across the nooks and crannies of the society.

With the world putting its varying occurrences to about 500,000 every year; Teenage pregnancy is a trend and abnormality that has found its way into the fabrics of the Nigerian society. The abnormality is now threading like a burning wildfire across the country especially in the South.

The trend is that schoolgirls of between 13 to 19 years of age are now found pregnant. It is actually predominant in the urban centres now. These girls are everywhere.

For the past few weeks, I have noticed in my neighbourhood of young girls that are below 20 getting pregnant. Such girls are the ones you see very early in the morning in the remote areas or new sites even possibly on the roads fetching water or doing other menial jobs to survive.

While some get the courage to carry these pregnancies from mostly irresponsible husbands or fuckboys, some hide it while some go for the last resort; abortion. With abortion taking its toll on the lives of young girls as many find it pretty difficult to have children later, many of them find it hard to feed those innocent children.

As unplanned parenting continues to have a strong effect on the behaviour, condition and future of the child, teenage pregnancies among young females of school age also hinders a greater number of them from progressing later in life.

In Osun, there is the prevalence of pregnancies in teenage girls. A survey as reported in the State Executive Council meeting brief of March 1, 2018 revealed that the situation is now worrisome in the state. According to the brief, the situation is alarming and needs to be checked.

With that, the state government according to the Chairman, Osun Education Quality Assurance and Morality Enforcement Agency, Dr Isiaka Owoade is putting together an inter-Ministerial committee of Health, Women and Children and Education together to sensitize the Youths especially girls the more on sex education.

As government prepares to swing into action, stakeholders most importantly parents should also wade-in, they should always give their children sex education right from childhood to adolescence and teenage life before they become full-fledged adults. Even some young adults need to be re-orientated.

Aside the fact that Teenage Pregnancies has a tendency of ending the career of those involved, it also wreaks havoc and brings to the fore tendencies that has  to do with a failed society.

Everyone Needs To Play His/Her Part!!!

Osun: Stakeholders Bemoan Rate Of Teenage Pregnancies, Blame Parent, Govt

Stakeholders in the education sector have expressed displeasure over the spate of teenage pregnancies in the state public schools, blaming parents for failing to play their roles.

An Educationalist, Mrs Olayinka Oderinde while featuring on a news and current affairs program on Rave Fm, Osogbo identified lack of parental care as one of the major factors that contributed to the ugly incident.

Oderinde who bemoaned the development, said teachers are not to be blamed for the rise in teenage pregnancies, rather, parents and government have failed in their responsibilities.

She said that there are numerous factors that cause unwanted pregnancy among teenagers.

Some of the factors according to Oderinde are ; lack of parental care and guidance, poverty in society and ignorance of development in the parts of the body, low level of sexual education and the hardship of the parents among others.

The educationist urged government to take up constant awareness in schools and homes and also charged parents to always counsel their children especially the girl child.

She said the committee set up by the government to tackle the decadence should include teachers, parents and clerics.

The PTA secretary asked government to take advocacies and sensitisation of pupils and parents to rural areas saying the trend is more prevalent there.

The Chairman, Osun Education Quality Assurance and Morality Enforcement Agency, Dr. Isiaka Owoade, while reacting said, a committee has been set up to address the menace.

Owoade disclosed that the committee would counsel girls to abstain from unnecessary sexual experimentation adding that there would be sex education across public schools.

He said a group of counselors are currently being trained and charged parents to create more time to take proper care of their children. “Every parent is a counselor. We will make teachers mentors of these children. Each teacher will be allotted to a student.

According to him, Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) and counsellors have adduced mentoring as panacea to curbing teenage pregnancies and other immoralities in the schools.

He explained that the agency is seriously working on how to restrain the predicament in all the public schools in the state.

He warned the teachers to discharge their roles in accordance with the laid down rules and regulations, saying any teacher that involved in impregnating students would be made to face the music.

Urging stakeholders on the need to also play their roles, Owoade said eradicating the menace of teenage pregnancies in the country requires a collective effort of every individual.

He whoever implored parents to ensure they have cordial relationship with the teachers so as to checkmate their students.

A resident who weighed in his comment on the programme advised government to arrest and prosecute anyone found smoking Indian hemp in the state saying marijuana is now being sold in some parts of Osun.