Stella Oduah Dumps PDP For APGA

The senator representing Anambra North in the National Assembly, Stella Oduah, has officially decamped to the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA.

Reports have it that Oduah arrived APGA National Secretariat in Abuja, Wednesday afternoon, in company of her aides and supporters.

The lawmaker was received by the APGA NEC members led by the National Chairman, Victor Oye, national secretary, Labaran Maku, former National Chairman and the senator representing Anambra central, Chief Victor Umeh, among other top party officials.

Oduah, was the Minister for Aviation under President Goodluck Jonathan and joined the Senate in 2015 on the platform of the PDP.

Other dignitaries at the event include Hon. Ben Nwankwo, Hon. Onyewife, Hon. Dozie Nwankwo, Hon. Anayo Nebe, all APGA members in the House of Reps.

Also present were Dr. Ifeanyi Uba, Dr Alex Otti, Anambra state APGA state chairman, Chief Nobert Obi, and a number of Anambra state Executive council members who represented Gov. Wille Obiano.

Oduah is expected to formally communicate her defection to the Senate within the next few days.

Looters List: Stella Oduah Denies Stealing N9.8billion

A former minister of aviation, Senator Stella Oduah has denied allegation that she embezzled N9.8 billion while in government as contained in a list of looters released by Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the minister of Information and culture on Sunday.

This was in spite of the fact that she is currently being investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over alleged fraud in N9.4 billion contracts for the supply of security equipment to 22 airports across the nation while she was a minister.

A US-based firm, Psybernetix Limited, alleged it was awarded the contract, but Oduah canceled it and awarded the same contract to I-Sec Security Nigeria Limited without express approval from former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Stella Oduah
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Psybernetix Limited alleged that the minister took away the contract because it failed to accede to some requests it considered ‘extortionate’.

EFCC has allegedly seized the Senator’s international passport to prevent her from leaving the country while the investigation is ongoing.

The Senator first came under investigation in 2013 after human rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), wrote a petition against her for allegedly approving the purchase of two BMW vehicles worth N225m by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority in breach of the Public Procurement Act.

Despite the ongoing probe, the Senator said it was wrong for the Federal Government to include her in the list of those who have looted the country.

In her statement, she said: “My attention has been drawn to the illusionary list of looters released by Lai Mohammed in which, by treachery or by happenstance, my name featured.

“It is worrisome how a serving Minister could condescend so low in what appeared like a childish altercation to start mentioning names of his alleged looters without verified or verifiable facts, in order to win what he considered a quarrel.

“In deliberately taking on those he considered prominent in the achievements of the past administration, he mentioned my name against an allegation of a whooping sum of N9.8 billion naira. But for the records, I would have simply ignored him since his notoriety in making false and laughable statements has gained prominence in recent times.

“Record has it that my achievements as the Aviation Minister are unbeatable till date. I did not engage in any financial impropriety as the Minister and the allegation involving the said sum of N9.8 billion is not only untrue but laughable.

“The said contract awarded by the Ministry of Aviation under my watch was executed and based on the request of the contractors, they were paid their money which they utilized in the manner they did.

“The records are still with the Ministry. I have no business with the companies that took part in executing that contract and till now, I do not understand how anything went wrong over that contract that was executed.

“I have never taken any illegal proceeds from the government purse. God had since blessed me tremendously before I joined politics in the quest to serve my country and I remain content and grateful to God.

“The trend of harassing past office holders with false and malicious allegations to score a political point destroys rather than helps the integrity of the anti-corruption stance of the government and indeed makes holding public office very discouraging.

“The machines seized/forfeited by the Federal Government over the allegation on the said money are not mine.

“I challenge Lai Mohammed to provide evidence linking me with his wild allegations. I have been waiting for that evidence and I am yet to see any.

“All allegations made against me remain mere media sensations orchestrated for mere political reasons. Oftentimes, I ignore them believing the orchestrators would repent after several failed outings. Mis-using the media and misleading the society through the media at the expense of innocent citizens in order to win a medal is unfortunate and most irresponsible. Governance is not warfare. Calumny is evil. ‘May God help our country”.


“Everyone Should Press For Women To Emerge- Stella Oduah

On March 8, Nigeria joined the rest of the World in marking the International Women’s Day 2018.

The theme for of this International Women’s Day 2018, “Press for Progress” emphasized the need for women around the world to continue to press forward issues relating to gender parity.

Without doubts, the United Nations has done a lot of advocacy with a viewing to protecting women against abuses and empowering them over the years.

In Nigeria, the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development was created in response to the United Nations agreement to establish institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women and women matters.

It is a product of efforts established through a Decree in 1989 giving rise to the National Commission for Women.

Evidently, a former Aviation Minister and current senator representing Anambra North Senatorial District, Senator Stella Oduah, is keying in; she has become a vanguard of women empowerment in Nigeria.

She has invariably become a notable voice for Nigerian women, championing the advancement of women in Nigeria.

For her, women cannot continue to wait around for men to give them opportunity to be partakers of governance in Nigeria and around the World.

Speaking recently on activities commemorating the 2018 International Women’s Day, Oduah disclosed that she would continue to champion legislative frameworks that would aid women in the political and empowerment drives.

On this note, Oduah who is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Cooperation and Integration said that the Senate would soon reintroduce the bill for 35 percent affirmative action for women as ministers as well as 20 percent for women as commissioners in states.

Oduah who is the vice chairman of the Senate Committee on Women Affairs, pointed out that the Bill which was rejected by the Senate in July 2017 in the constitution amendment exercise, would be reintroduced and forwarded to the 36 state assemblies for endorsement.

Last year, the proposal failed at the upper legislative chamber as it garnered only the votes of 49 senators, instead of the 73 required to ensure the success of the bill.

For the Distinguished senator, the failure of the bill was a sign of conspiracy by men to stop the advancement of women, adding that women had a reasonable number and must work for their own advancement.

She however expressed a rekindled optimism on the success of the bill when re-introduced, disclosing that the President of the Senate and other colleagues had given their word to see to the success of the bill.

“The President of the Senate has made that promise and all senators are in agreement, they have concurred to that. It is the right thing to do, and it is way overdue.

“The United Nations has made it very clear that when progress and empowerment is anchored on women, then there would be a more progressive society.

“Everybody should press for women to emerge, not just politically but in every way. Therefore all activities that have to do with women, we must make sure that we bring it to the front burner. That should be everybody’s campaign”.

The lawmaker who is the President, ECOWAS Female Parliamentarians Association (ECOFEPA), added that: “Gender should not be an obstacle, it has not been and it must not be an obstacle. The glass ceiling has been broken many times and we must make sure we smash it.

“My message to Nigerian women today is that they should keep hope alive, they must participate fully and should not allow themselves to be discouraged by anybody”.

More so, Oduah, while felicitating with Nigerian mothers on the celebration of the 2018 mothers’ day, charged them to be anchors of development.

In a message to Nigerian mothers on the occasion of the celebration, the senator who represents Anambra North in the National Assembly described women as special breed created for special purposes.

“Women are special breed indeed. God took out a special day to perfect the creation of women.’’

Her advocacy however is not limited to her constituency where she had empowered over 200 women or in Nigeria where she champions campaigns for the advancement of women.

At the international level, the ECOFEPA President had continued to frown at why any nation would choose to jettison women who make up more than half of its population.

Speaking at the recent Second Ordinary Session of the ECOWAS Parliament, Oduah said that women constituted the larger population in the sub-region and could not be left aside in developmental moves.

She said that the participation of women in the politics of West Africa was still very low and needed to change.

Oduah stressed that women were capable of contesting and holding any political office in the sub-region adding that women should not play second fiddle but must rise up to the occasion and participate in politics to developing Africa.

“West Africa cannot attain its intended developmental strides without the involvement and participation of women in politics and policy making and implementation.

“You lose their strength, their brilliance, their contributions and you lose their participation.

“If the women who make up more than half of our populations do not participate in developing West Africa, it means that we are using less half of our strength.

“Women do not have to beg to be allowed to participate, we constitute the larger population. We must participate because governance belongs to the people not to a particular gender,” she said.

In keeping true to her word as ECOFEPA President, plans are already underway to build a Women Leadership Training School in Abuja where women all over West Africa would be trained.

For her, it is not just enough that women participate in politics, she insists that the women must put their best foot in front, hence the need for the training.

Speaking further on the role of women, Oduah who runs a woman-empowerment programme in her constituency, said that it is a show of inadequacy on the part of any man who stands in the way of a woman.

She therefore charged fellow female parliamentarians as well as the male counterparts to be advocates of women participation in their respective countries.

Oduah said that even in the area of Agriculture, women held the power to navigate the continent away from hunger.

Exemplifying with her constituency project, the ECOFEPA President said that women whom she had empowered in various fields of agriculture now earn a living on their own.

She added that out of the 1000 people she had empowered in her constituency, women constituted the larger number because of their importance in building the family and the nation.

“We must all take into account the role of women in development in the family and the nation.

All in all, Oduah’s standpoint remains that women play pivotal role in national development and should be appropriately empowered.

However, she insists that the women must not stand by and wait to be empowered or be given opportunity but they must press to be empowered and must press to occupy the right positions from where they can effect the right changes.

Oduah Refused Fifth EFCC Invitation In Three Years

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission may have no choice than to declare a former Minister of Aviation, Senator Stella Oduah, wanted after she declined five invitations, in the last three years.

Oduah who was expected to be at the EFCC office on Monday, February 19, failed to show up.

A source at the EFCC said, “The ex-minister is under investigation for allegedly perpetrating several corrupt acts while she was a minister. She has continued to ignore all invitations and if she fails to cooperate, we will either obtain a warrant for her arrest or declare her wanted’’.

“She has not even deemed it fit to respond via letter stating her reasons for not honouring the invitations.”

The spokesman for the EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, had told The PUNCH last week that Oduah who currently represents Anambra-North Senatorial District in the Senate, had shunned three invitations in the last three months.

The current episode brings the number of ignored invitations to five.

Oduah had also refused to say if she would honour the EFCC’s invitation when she was asked by The PUNCH last week.

When contacted on Tuesday, Oduah neither confirmed nor denied the invitations from the EFCC.

After listening to the enquiries, she said, “As I am talking you now, I am at a budget defence meeting. Call me tomorrow (Wednesday).”

Oduah had recently issued a statement to deny the alleged diversion of fund under her watch as aviation minister.

She had said, “At no time was any money meant for contracts under my watch as the Aviation minister diverted to any company belonging to me neither did I pay back any loan from any such funds.

“All contracts awarded by the Ministry of Aviation under me followed the due process and as for the contract under reference, the said contract was executed.”

Diezani Forced Jonathan To Sack Me- Stella Oduah

Former Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah, has accused former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani-Alison Madueke for being the reason ex-President Goodluck Jonathan sacked her.

She made the claim in an upcoming book, ‘On a Platter of Gold: How Jonathan Won and Lost Nigeria’, written by the spokesman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bolaji Abdullahi, who also served under Jonathan.

According to Oduah, Jonathan called her to explain herself after the news about the $1.6million BMW armored cars bought for her by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) was reported.

She revealed that Alison-Madueke and former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Anyim Pius Anyim, were present at the meeting.

“I thought she had my back. I did not know at the time that she was actually fuelling it and orchestrating all the media attacks,” she told Abdullahi.

“I knew all along that Diezani could not deal with having another female around who had the kind of access I had to the president. But she went too far.

“She thought I was the one who leaked the issue of private jet that put her into trouble with the House of Representatives (Diezani was accused of spending N10 billion on chartered jets). For her it was payback time.”

“Diezani was paying people to keep the story alive. At the same time, she was whispering in [the president’s] ears that he had to take action,” Oduah said.



PDP Has Not Learnt From Past Mistakes, Says Oduah

A member representing Anambra North in the National Assembly, Senator Stella Oduah, said the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, had not learnt from its past mistakes, contrary to recent public “undertakings” by its leadership.

She said at the News Agency of Nigeria Forum in Abuja that the party had resumed the denigration of internal democracy characterised by impunity and imposition of candidates on members and other misdeeds.

Ms. Oduah recalled that impunity, imposition, disregard for members and other acts of irregularities in the party’s activities led to its losses in the 2015 general elections.

She said that some of those traits, especially imposition of candidate on members in utter disobedience to internal democracy tenets, were recorded in the party’s recent governorship primary election in Anambra.

According to the lawmaker, who was an aspirant in the governorship race but withdrew hours before the primary election, the party did not employ due process in conducting the exercise.

She said that those in charge of the primary imposed a candidate on the members and disenfranchised other aspirants and delegates.

Ms. Oduah, who represents Anambra North Senatorial District at the Senate, said that she had petitioned the party’s leadership on the issue but was yet to receive a response.

“I am still waiting for the party to address the concerns and the issues that I raised.

“The issues essentially boil down to the fact that the party’s constitution clearly states how primary elections should be conducted.

“It stated the stages the exercise should go through and for each stage, it spelt out a check, and that check is to address the grievances that may come as a result of the process.

“Mine was very clear; I raised alert on the defects I noted. I wrote, complaining and insisted that failure to address those concerns, I wasn’t going to be part of that process,” Oduah said.

She said that it would have been illegal and unjust for her to be part of the process to the end.

According to Ms. Oduah, it is like knowing that a hole is somewhere then you are blindly walking into it.

“Anything unjust is totally unacceptable for me, and that is where we are now, waiting for the party to address those concerns,” she said.

She said that imposition and disenfranchisement were part of the problems of the party in the past, adding that there was always a penalty for wrongdoings against party members.

The legislator restated that if the party failed to address the concerns raised by her and other contestants in the Anambra primary poll, “then the party has not learnt from past mistakes”.

“If you have done something that made it impossible for people to exercise their rights, you disenfranchise them in the process and had a resultant effect, and you repeat it, obviously you haven’t learnt your lessons.

“I wish the party will revisit and address all the concerns.

“This is necessary because when people are aggrieved and you are not concerned about those grievances, you are saying two things: `go to hell’ and “there is nothing you can do about it,” she said.

On PDP’s chances in 2019, she said that as a party faithful, “we will win, but the party has to quickly address the current trend.”


PDP Has Not Learnt From Past Mistakes, Says Oduah

As preparations for 2019 elections continue to heat up, events unfolding suggest that the former ruling party, PDP which lost massively in the 2015 general elections have not learnt from its past failures. This is according to a member of the National Assembly, Sen. Stella Oduah.

Oduah shared that impunity, imposition, disregard for internal democratic systems, disregard for members and other acts of irregularities in the party’s activities led to its losses in the 2015 general elections and the negative traits still persist in the party till date.

She said “I am still waiting for the party to address the concerns and the issues that I raised.

“The issues essentially boil down to the fact that the party’s Constitution clearly states how primary elections should be conducted.

“It stated the stages the exercise should go through and for each stage, it spelt out a check, and that check is to address the grievances that may come as a result of the process.

“Mine was very clear; I raised alert on the defects I noted. I wrote, complaining and insisted that failure to address those concerns, I wasn’t going to be part of that process,” Oduah said.

“Anything unjust is totally unacceptable for me, and that is where we are now, waiting for the party to address those concerns,” she said.

“If you have done something that made it impossible for people to exercise their rights, you disenfranchise them in the process and had a resultant effect, and you repeat it, obviously you haven’t learnt your lessons.

“I wish the party will revisit and address all the concerns.

“This is necessary because when people are aggrieved and you are not concerned about those grievances, you are saying two things: `go to hell’ and “there is nothing you can do about it,” she said.

Oduah To NNPC: Make Available Meters To Account For Daily Oil Production

A lawmaker, Senator Stella Oduah, has urged Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to put adequate metering system in place to enable Nigerians to know the country’s exact daily oil production.

Oduah, who is the Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Women Affairs, told Newsmen in Abuja that a metering facility would also ensure leakages in the petroleum industry were blocked.

She expressed displeasure over NNPC’s inability to procure the device to adequately keep inventory of oil production in the country, many decades after it commenced.

According to her, it is shameful that several decades after oil was discovered in the country, it has yet to get a proper metering system.

The lawmaker said, “given the fact that crude is the mainstay of the economy, it is important to get adequate metering system to ensure accountability.

“I think it is a problem we should be ashamed to be discussing because in my view, they are problems that NNPC with all sense of sincerity, can easily resolve.

“I was employed in NNPC in 1983 and I was a member of a committee for commercialisation and reconstruction of NNPC at that time.

“The major issue we discussed, investigated and came up with solution to, was on how to ensure that we have adequate measurement of crude by having metering system in all the terminals.

“But, why is that still an issue to be discussed several years after?

“How do you not put in equipment that will give you accurate measurement of your product and this is the product that forms the basis of our budgeting?

“This is the crux of everything we do in this nation and every year, for the past 30 years and more, we are still talking about measurement as an issue.

“Even if we want to mirror it against any of the oil producing nation like U.S., UAE and others, it is just a simple problem,’’ she said.

Oduah said, “NNPC should be sincere to tell us why they are reluctant, and if not for interest, why will you not want to have proper measuring equipment on your terminals.

“How much are the equipment? For me, it is upsetting.’’

She explained that the equipment would enable Nigerians to know the flow of crude, “the quantity being exported, from which pipeline, where it is being loaded to and the volume loaded’’.

She added that the equipment would help to determine the back-up stock as well as challenges to be attended to, including the switching off of pipelines in the event of vandalism.

The legislator said that everything about tracking daily oil production could be done in NNPC offices by its officials, but that “they have to put in the equipment; they have to have the ICT.

“You cannot blindly stay there and wait for the operators to give you feedback. We do not know what we have because the NNPC and the DPR do not know.’’

On whether passage and assent to the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) will tackle the problem, she said that it would go a long way in finding lasting solution not only to the metering problem, but for other challenges.

On the role of the National Assembly in ensuring that the right equipment are put in place, Oduah said that several reports that emanated from the assembly on the matter, indicted the NNPC.

She, however, assured that the 8th Senate would not rest on its oars in making sure that the right thing was done.

She called on the Federal Government to put the refineries in proper shape for adequate production of finished products in the country.

The lawmaker said that Nigeria had all it took to do turnaround maintenance for the refineries while getting value for money rather than exporting crude at cheap rate and importing finished product at exorbitant price.

“We do not get value for money. Nobody does what we do. If we put money together and do turnaround maintenance for the refineries, it will help all of us, and that is what we ought to do.

“The NNPC knows that what they are doing is wrong. We have equipment, we have an experienced workforce. In the 80s and 90s, the refineries were working.

“If one refinery is shut down, the others will be working, but now nobody thinks about rehabilitating those refineries.

“What are you going to do with all those experiences that these people have acquired? We were told then, that we had the best refinery technicians, the best refinery engineers,’’ she said.

On calls by some experts for establishment of modern refineries with better capacities, Oduah said while that was necessary, old ones should be put to use while plans were on for the new ones.

Stella Oduah is a Senator representing Anambra North Senatorial District

Stella Oduah, Andy Uba Remain Elected – Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed a motion filed by the Independent National Electoral Commission seeking clarification on its January 29, 2016 judgment, which many claimed had sacked federal legislators from Anambra State, including senators Andy Uba and Stella Oduah.

A five-man panel of the apex court, led by Justice Sylvester Ngwuta, held that the court lacked jurisdiction to entertain the motion

Justice Nyang Okoro, who read the lead ruling of the court, held that there was no ambiguity in the apex court’s judgment and could not be accommodated under Order 8, Rule 16 of the Supreme Court rules.

But despite declining jurisdiction to clarify the judgment, Justice Okoro went on to highlight what the apex court decided and did not decide in the said verdict.

Justice Okoro, who had delivered the judgment, which was being sought to be interpreted, ruled, for instance, that the apex court did not resolve the question relating to the legitimacy or otherwise of the list of candidates submitted to INEC for the 2015 National Assembly election by the various factions of the Peoples Democratic Party in Anambra State.

He ruled, “The motion is not seeking correction of any clerical mistake or some error arising from any accidental slip or omission. May I say, generally too, that this court has the power to correct its own clerical errors or slip of the pen. Such power is exercisable in both civil and criminal proceedings.

“It must be clearly stated that it is not every slip or error in a judgment that would be allowed to undermine or derogate from an otherwise well-written judgment. I have seen the application by the applicant (INEC) and the issues thrown up for determination.

“I am of the view that this court has no jurisdiction to determine and pronounce upon them as it will have the effect of rewriting the judgment and in the process, making orders, which ought not to have been made in the first place. The judgment of this court is final by virtue of Section 235 of the Constitution.

“From the issue before us, nothing has been shown, which is not clear in the judgment. It is wrong for anyone to import into the judgment, issues which were not ventilated and decided upon.”

Justice Okoro explained that, although the panel upheld the earlier judgment of the Federal High Court, Port Harcourt, to the effect that the Ejike Oguebego-led executive committee of the Anambra chapter of the PDP was the authentic body to run the party’s affairs, it did give the EXCO the power to submit a list of candidates to INEC.

Justice John Okoro stated that the Supreme Court neither ordered INEC to accept the list of candidates for the National Assembly election from the Oguebego-led EXCO nor did it direct INEC to conduct fresh elections to the National Assembly in the state.

He added, “For instance, the applicant is seeking clarifications whether to issue certificate of return to persons in the list of Ejike Oguebego-led executive committee. This was not part of our judgment.

“Also, INEC is seeking whether to do a fresh election to the National Assembly, as it affects Anambra State. This, again, was not part of the judgment. These are matters that have been properly ventilated at the election tribunal and the Court of Appeal. I am not aware that any of those matters are on appeal in this court.

“It is untrue that parties do not understand the import of our judgment. Where in the judgment did we state that the Oguebego-led committee should take over the functions of the National Executive Committee of the PDP so that it can submit a list to INEC? I think counsel are not fair to this court when they say they do not understand the judgment of this court, which was written in simple English language.”

The court dismissed the motion filed and argued by INEC’s lawyer, Chief Adegboyega Awomoolo (SAN) and upheld the objection by lawyer to the Oguebego-led EXCO, Chris Uche (SAN), who had urged the court to decline jurisdiction.

The Punch

I Wasn’t Sacked By The Supreme Court – Stella Oduah

Senator Stella Oduah On Friday in Abuja, described as “a misinterpretation”, media reports which quoted a Supreme Court judgment to have sacked her and other federal lawmakers from Anambra.

Reports in the media said that the apex court had ordered the replacement of Oduah and other federal lawmakers from the state saying that their nomination to contest in the 2015 election was wrong.

In a statement issued by Cynthia Ferdinand, Press Secretary to the Senator, Oduah said that the report in the media was misleading as the apex court did not order the withdrawal of her certificate of return.

She said that the judgement of the Supreme Court said that it was only the National Executive Council of a political party that had the legal right to sponsor candidates in an election.

Oduah, therefore, stressed that she and all the other lawmakers from Anambra state have not been sacked by the Supreme Court contrary to media reports.

“It is pertinent to note that this is a mere misinterpretation of the Supreme Court rulings and‎ should be disregarded in all entirety‎.

“The Supreme Court did not order the withdrawal of the Certificates of Return issued by the Commission.

“It did not hold that the faction of the PDP had the right to sponsor candidates for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“It did not equally authorise the Commission to substitute our clients with the individuals whose names were on the list improperly allowed by the Commission,

“Series of judgment of the Supreme Court of Nigeria states that it is only the National Executive of the party that has the vires to sponsor candidates,” she said.

Meanwhile, the solicitors to the nine lawmakers allegedly sacked, have written to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) not to also fall into the folly of misunderstanding the judgment.

The letter signed by the lawmakers urged the commission not to allow itself to be misled by its legal department just as it was initially misled to accepting the list presented by the state chapter of the party.

The lawmakers stressed that separate rulings of the Supreme Court including that of Jan. 29, upheld that only the list submitted by the National Executive Committee was valid.

“This correspondence is aimed at setting the record straight so that your good self will not again be misled by your legal department into unjustifiably occasioning an unnecessary confusion in the process.

The letter also drew the attention of INEC to pages 4647 and 48 of the judgment of the Supreme Court to further butress the point that the couurt did not sack their clients.

The solicitors stated further that the apex court did not authorise the Commission to substitute the lawmakers’ names with the individuals whose names were on the list improperly allowed by the Commission.

NAN reports that the media was awash with reports that the Supreme Court had sacked the nine remaining lawmakers from Anambra state.

Supreme Court Sacks Stella Oduah, Andy Uba From Senate

A panel of the Supreme Court Friday sacked two controversial senators Mr. Andy Ubah, Stella Oduah, and all other federal representatives from Anambra state in the 8th Senate of the federal republic of Nigeria.

This is not the first time Stella Oduah, a notorious minister under former president Goodluck Jonathan would be disgraced out office.

Osun Defender recalls Stella Oduah tendered her resignation after investigations revealed she forced an agency under the ministry of Aviation to illegally purchase and jack-up the cost of buying two bulletproof cars for her personal use.

Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court held that Chris Uba, younger brother to Andy Uba, and Prince Emeka are expected to take over seats vacated by Andy Uba and Stella Oduah respectively.

The Supreme court upheld an earlier decision by Justice Chukwu of the Federal High Court laying out the proper procedures for selection of the PDP’s legislative candidates.

In December 2014, the Federal High Court had ruled that it was only the constitutionally recognized state party leadership led by Ejike Oguebego that could organize the party primaries.

The Supreme Court’s ruling today, reaffirmed the High Court’s verdict, declaring that the Ejike Oguebego-led PDP executive had the sole right to hold the primaries in Anambra State.