Police Accuses Shiite Protesters Of Possession Of Explosives

The FCT Police Command on Wednesday in a statement through its spokesman, DSP Anjuguri Manzah said  52 members of the the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) group in Abuja have been arrested for disruption of law and order in the Country’s capital.

The group members who went on rampage and attacked innocent citizens including Police operatives were arrested. The police force also revealed that some bottles of improvised petrol-bomb, stones and catapult used by members of the sect to attack police operatives and damage police operational vehicles were recovered.

“It is pertinent to state that the unlawful action of members of the sect which started on Monday 8th January, 2018 is constituting a serious security threat to the peace of the Federal Capital Territory and at the same time disrupting innocent citizens from going about their lawful businesses”, he said.

However the force did not speak on the allegation that they had shot about two members of the Islamic group.



Any Protest By IMN Will Always Remain Peaceful – Shiites

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, says its attention has been drawn to a report emanating from the Directorate for state security saying that Shiites plans to embark on violent protest.

However, in a statement signed by its spokesman, the group said it has no plan whatsoever to stage any violent protest.

The IMN described the so-called report has “another lie from the purveyors of half-truths among the agents of DSS that are profiteering from the denial of the rights of IMN members and should be disregarded”.

Read the rest of the statement below:

The report further states that similar fake so-called intelligent reports by the Military alleging that IMN members were stockpiling arms for revenge attack was the alibi for the December 2015 massacre, which led to the extra-judicial murder of over a thousand innocent citizens in Zaria. This was later disproved even by their own one-sided Commission of inquiry that found and reported that the widely held belief that IMN was stockpiling weapons was not true.

The DSS and other security agents must realise that peaceful protests are the inalienable rights of citizens. They must come to terms with this fact. It cannot be denied under any pretense. The heavy-handedness of security agents since the unjustifiable December 2015 attack is enough justification for peaceful protests.

Additionally, the continued detention of our leader, Sheikh Zakzaky by the federal government in contempt of the court is a further justification for peaceful protests.

We will like to reassure the general public that our protests will continue to remain peaceful no matter the provocation as it has always been. We will not succumb to any intimidation. We remain focused and resolute on our demand for the immediate and unconditional release of our leader Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and other detainees.

Shiite Lawmaker Jailed 10 years for Insulting Saudi Arabia

A Kuwaiti appeals court on Thursday sentenced former Shiite lawmaker Abdulhameed Dashti to 10 years in jail in absentia for insults against neighbouring Saudi Arabia.

The new term raises to 42 years and six months the total jail terms handed to Dashti for making comments deemed offensive to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and endangering Kuwait’s ties with them.

In previous cases, he was also convicted of insulting Kuwait’s ruler.

The three countries are part of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) regional alliance.

“Could anyone believe that I received jail sentences of 42 years and six months for just expressing my opinion,” exclaimed Dashti, who is living outside Kuwait, in a tweet.

Dashti was elected to parliament in 2013 but left the emirate in March this year for medical treatment in Britain and has been abroad since then.

He tried to register to contest last month’s snap polls but electoral authorities and the court barred him.

Dashti still faces several other cases for which he could receive further jail terms if convicted.

In previous comments on Twitter, Dashti said he expected sentences that could amount to 100 years in jail.

The verdicts are not final but Dashti can only challenge once he returns to the oil-rich emirate. He has not said when he will go back.

Dashti is a staunch supporter of Iran and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and a critic of the royal families of both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

He denounced as an “invasion” the 2011 Saudi military intervention in Bahrain to support the government against Shiite-led protests.

There are six Shiite lawmakers in the 50-seat parliament of Kuwait, and the minority comprises about 30 percent of the country’s native population of 1.3 million.


We Vehemently Cast-Off The ‘Insurgents’ Tag Given To Us – Islamic Movement Of Nigeria

Press Statement
In the aftermath of the brutal attack on Sheikh Zakzaky and Islamic Movement of Nigeria by Nigerian government in December last year, frantic steps have been undertaken by state officials and in particular security agencies to portray the Movement as violent. This is to give retroactive justification to its hostile actions against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. The hallmark of this misnomer was the recent declaration by Kaduna State Governor that Islamic Movement in Nigeria is even an “insurgent” group.
This has appeared to garner currency among security agencies in Kano, Sokoto, Katsina, Plateau and lately Jigawa states, with officials parroting the ridiculous pronouncement, and some going steps further to insist that IMN should be monitored because it is a violent group. The maintenance of this false position without basis is an indication that there is a sinister scheme by these government officials to create an insurgency in our name, out of desperation to stamp out the Islamic Movement.
We wish to strongly reject such unjustified tagging of the IMN. For the avoidance of doubts, we would like the World to know that we have never and do not even contemplate taking up arms against anyone. Our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has, over the four decades of the existence of the Movement, taken a non-violent posture and has repeatedly said guns and other weapons are the tools of the insane.
In all this time, our weapons have been truth, perseverance, sacrifice and a firm belief that no force or weapons can crush the truth no matter how powerful it appears. That has been the secret of the IMN remaining non-violent throughout the harrowing experience of the Zaria massacre. Not even the kangaroo Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by Kaduna state government could nail the Movement with this mischievous accusation of carrying or stock-piling arms, simply because there are none.
Any pronouncement  that appears to make call for use of arms and retaliation is not in line with the peaceful nature of Sheikh Zakzaky’s Islamic activities. It can also be a belated and malicious response to the Judgment of the Federal High Court, Abuja that ordered for the release of our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.
 This will not deter us from continuing with our pursuit of justice through all peaceful and lawful ways. The general public and the international community should therefore ignore such labels and be distrustful of any ignoble attempt at soiling our name in whatever guise.

US To Buhari: Release Zakzaky Now, Islamic Movement Of Nigeria Is Not An Insurgent Group

The United States wants the Nigerian government to expedite action on the recommendation of the white paper on last year’s clashes in Zaria, Kaduna state.

John Kirby, assistant secretary and department spokesperson of the Bureau of Public Affairs, said the US government had fully agreed with the recommendations in the White Paper.

“On December 5th, the Kaduna state government in Nigeria issued a long-awaited white paper on clashes last year that resulted in the deaths of a reported 348 civillians and one soldier,” Kirby said on Friday.

“We fully agree with the white paper’s recommendation that members of the military who were involved in the unlawful killing of civilians must be held accountable and punished appropriately.”

“As the one-year anniversary of this tragic event approaches, we call on the federal government to be diligent, transparent, and expeditious in following through on this recommendation.”

Kirby said that his government was also concerned with the paper’s characterisation of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) as an “insurgent group”.

He said that the US government would also want to encourage the federal government to act on the judgement of an Abuja high court mandating the release from prison of IMN leader Ibrahim Zakzaky and his wife, within 45 days.

He said that his government had therefore enjoined the different levels of government to evolve ways of non-violent engagement with all citizens, including minority religious groups.

“We also encourage the federal government to act on the Abuja high court’s decision on December 2 that IMN leader Ibrahim Zakzaky and his wife should be released from prison within 45 days, as they have been held without charge since the events of last December,” Kirby added.

“As the white paper notes, the right to freedom of worship is a cherished constitutional right in Nigeria that must be protected. We encourage the people and the government of Nigeria to support these fundamental principles, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or region.”

Islamic Movement’s Preliminary Statement Of Kaduna White Paper On Shiite Massacre

On the 5th day of December 2016, the Kaduna State Government Released the Report of its Judicial Commission of Inquiry into what it called the “clashes” between the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and the Nigerian Army in Zaria, Kaduna State between Saturday 12th and Monday 14th December, 2015.
In this preliminary response, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria rejects in its entirety the contents of the said White Paper and will issue a fuller report on the reasons for the rejection. We reject the said White paper for the following reasons.
1. The Kaduna State Government released the Report of its Judicial Commission of Inquiry into what it called the “clashes” between the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and the Nigerian Army in Zaria, Kaduna State between Saturday 12th and Monday 14th December, 2015 on the 5th day of December, 2016 and backdated the said report to the month of August 2016. This is to give retroactive justification to its hostile actions against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria since the 12th day of December 2015.
2. On the 7th day of October, 2016 the Kaduna State Government without releasing the White Paper on the report of the said Judicial Commission of Inquiry purportedly banned the Islamic Movement in Nigeria relying on the same report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry which it set up in January 2016 and whose report it released on the 5th day of December 2016.
3. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria rejected the composition of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry, its terms of reference and the refusal of the Commission to compel the Department of State Services (DSS) to release our leader to represent the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and to attend the sittings of the Commission and consequently boycotted the sittings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry.
4. The purported release of the White Paper is a belated and malicious response to the Judgment of the Federal High Court, Abuja delivered on Friday, the 2nd day of December 2016 wherein the Hon. Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the Federal High Court, Abuja ordered the release of our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky within a period of 45 days from the date of judgment, the building of a new house for him and his family and the payment of N50million compensation for the unconstitutional and illegal detention of his wife and himself since the 14th day of December 2016.
5. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria is fully aware of and abreast of the State sponsored demonstrations against the judgment of the Federal High Court, Abuja delivered on the 2nd day of December 2016 and regards the sponsors of the demonstrations as purveyors of anarchy and violence.
a. It is clear to us that the Governor of Kaduna State is a threat to national security and the peace and stability of Kaduna State and Nigeria. Thus, the National Assembly, the Nigerian people and the International Community must call him to order before he succeeds in leading Kaduna State and albeit Nigeria into an avoidable religious crisis and conflict.
b. We are convinced that the Governor of Kaduna State is bent on creating an atmosphere of fear, anxiety and violence in Kaduna State for reasons that are unclear through his messianic approach to governance.
c. It is also clear to us that the Governor of Kaduna State is angry that the Federal High Court Abuja did not order the indefinite detention of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and his wife and it is also clear that he is angry that his Judicial Commission of inquiry did not strictly follow the script given to them by returning completely the pre-determined conclusion and verdict.
d. We are convinced that the Chairman and some members of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry will be regretting their participation in a Commission that was programed to work from a predetermined conclusion but which found itself overwhelmed by the evidence of state sponsored genocide against the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.
e. From our preliminary analysis of the so called retroactive White Paper, the Kaduna State Government rejected 99% of the Core recommendations of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry and only accepted the ones that suggested the unconstitutional restriction of  the activities of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and the continuation of hostile activities towards its properties.
1. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria is scandalized that the Kaduna State Government decided to reject the recommendations of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry even in relation to matters that are not within its constitutional and legal competence. It is also unfortunate that the Kaduna State Government, without any shred of evidence and in contemptuous disregard of the constitution and Nigeria’s international obligations rejected some of the core findings and conclusions of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry.
2. This becomes more shameful as the Kaduna State Government handpicked the members of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry. The Government appointed two Senior Advocates of Nigeria as Counsel to the Commission and the Kaduna State Government was represented by a private Legal Practitioner throughout the sitting of the Commission. Top officials of the Kaduna State Government also gave evidence during the sittings of the Commission.
3. The Kaduna State Government had the opportunity to present whatever evidence it had during the sitting of the Judicial Commission but has sought through the White Paper to smuggle in some of its predetermined conclusions that the Judicial Commission of Inquiry forgot to include in its findings and recommendations.
4. It is scandalous that the Kaduna State Government in its messianic approach to governance rejected the findings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry that found as a fact that there was no evidence of any form of delegation of authority to any of the officers that carried out the genocide in Zaria when it claimed the existence of a subsisting internal security arrangement in Kaduna State.
5. It is shameful that a government elected on the basis of the rule of law and due process will without any iota of evidence insist that the leaders and the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria should be held to account for non-existent crimes committed in the last 30 years when no concrete evidence was presented to the so called judicial commission of inquiry to authenticate the so called crimes.
6. While the Kaduna State Government allegedly declared the Islamic Movement in Nigeria as an ‘unlawful society’ on the basis of the recommendations of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry, it forgot that it had not issued a White Paper on same, and this is why in paragraph 8.4.3 of the said White Paper, it stated that “Government Notes the recommendation but observes that the IMN has been declared as an unlawful society under Section 97 Á’&’B’ of the Penal Code of Kaduna State”.
7. It is even more scandalous that the so called refusal of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria to recognize the legitimacy of the Nigerian government was derived from a commissioned paper by the Judicial Commission of Inquiry. It baffles the Islamic Movement in Nigeria that a Justice of the Court of Appeal will rely on a commissioned paper to arrive at such weighty conclusion on the so called rejection by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria to accept the legitimacy of the Nigerian Government. The said findings and its acceptance by the Kaduna State Government flies in the face of the available evidence and facts and shows that it is the government that has refused to accord the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria their constitutional rights as citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
8. It is shameful that the Kaduna State Government would label the Islamic Movement in Nigeria an ‘insurgent’ group when they have not taken up arms against the country even in the face of extreme provocation and persecution by the government. It is also not surprising that the Kaduna State Government will label the Islamic Movement in Nigeria an insurgent group that must be demonized as it needs to fight the Movement to shore up its non-performance in terms of governance. It is clear that the IMN is the victim in the operations carried out by the Military and reinforced by the Kaduna State Government.
9. It is also scandalous that the Kaduna State Government adopted the attitude of muted trumpet and turned a blind eye to the finding by its own Judicial Commission of Inquiry that reported that the widely held belief that the Islamic Movement was stockpiling weapons was not substantiated. It is reprehensible that the Kaduna State Government rejected the recommendation of its Judicial Commission of Inquiry that directed that all future cordon and search operations must be filmed for purposes of transparency. It is clear that the government is still bent on using the instrumentality of the military to carry out unconstitutional and illegal hostile acts against the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.
10. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria is aware of the fact that the Kaduna State Government is engaged in cover up of the atrocities committed in Zaria between the 12th and 14th of December 2015. While the Government wasted no time in arresting and prosecuting over 300 members of the IMN for various alleged ‘offences’ including culpable homicide punishable with death, it claimed in its White Paper that it will conduct further investigation to determine the culpability of members of the armed forces that engaged in genocide in Zaria, and that they will first face a secret Court Martial before the Kaduna State Government will make up its mind on whether to prosecute them. We dare say that the names of all the officers that authorized the genocide in Zaria are with the Kaduna State Government and the issue of conducting further investigation is tales by moonlight.
11. While the Judicial Commission of Inquiry found as a fact that the Military did not observe the rules of engagement in the killing of the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, the Kaduna State Government went into an unnecessary monologue to exonerate the army and affirm that the Army observed the rules of engagement. This is against the fact that the Nigerian Army and its officers were represented by a Senior Counsel throughout the sittings of the Commission.
12. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria is not surprised that the Kaduna State Government labeled the Islamic Movement in Nigeria an insurgent group. This is because the Kaduna State Government must demonize the Movement to shore up its non performance in terms of governance. It is clear that the IMN is the victim in the operations carried out by the Military and reinforced by the Kaduna State Government.
13. The Judicial Commission of Inquiry found as a fact that the Kaduna State Government breached extant laws and Islamic Injunctions in burying the 347 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in a mass grave and yet the Kaduna State Government without showing any form of remorse sought to justify the said burial. It is clear that the Kaduna State Government was an active participant in the events in Zaria and this is further reinforced in its hostile activities against structures of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria since then.
14. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria regards it as a hostile act the quick acceptance by the Kaduna State Government for the prosecution of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria for alleged acts committed in the last 30 years. The leader of the Movement is a law abiding citizen, who was previously commended by past administrations in Kaduna State for his peaceful disposition to conflicts and issues of governance. The current government has held him in captivity for one year now without charges. While the Kaduna State Government quickly accepted this recommendation, it buried its head in the mud in accepting the recommendation for the prosecution of those that murdered innocent members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. By rushing out with a White Paper a few days after the judgment of the Federal High Court, Abuja shows clearly that the Kaduna State Government is afraid that it will be held to account for the atrocities committed against members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.
15. While the Kaduna State Governments Judicial Commission of Inquiry found as a fact that “the demolitions by the State officials of the Gyallesu residence of Sheikh Zakzaky, the Hussainiyya Shrine, the facilities at Dambo Darul Rahma do not appear to be wholly conducted after following due process. The demolition of the premises at the Jushi cemetery where Sheikh Zakzaky’s mother and sister were buried and the destruction of the Fudiyya did not appear to be justified” yet the Kaduna State Government shamefully rejected this on the ground that the debris at the H u s s a i n i y y ah Baqiyatullah, the residence of Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky (Leader of IMN) were removed on grounds of public health and safety.  They shamelessly kept mute on demolition of the premises at the Jushi cemetery where Sheikh Zakzaky’s mother and sister were buried and the destruction of the Fudiyyah Islamic centre, where there was no debris at all.
16. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria implores all well meaning Nigerians to call the Governor of Kaduna State to order. His sole mission is to engineer a justification for further hostile action against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leaders.
17. In the meantime, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is in consultation with its Legal Team on the next line of action and will issue a fuller after completing these consultations.
Sheikh AbdulHamid Bello
Islamic Movement in Nigeria

IMN Is Not An Insurgent Group – MURIC

Kaduna State Government yesterday declared the embattled Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) an insurgent group.

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) rejects this new label for an otherwise pacific organization. The new declaration is nothing short of calling a dog a bad name in other to hang it. Kaduna State government is being economical with the truth, killing a fly with a sledge hammer and engaging in executive tyranny.

This is a very dangerous dimension. Coming shortly after a competent court of law ordered the release of the IMN leader, Shaykh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky from detention, this stigmatization is just another attempt by the state government to jump the gun. The declaration is short in equity, long in injustice. But we must remember Martin Luther’s warning that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Kaduna government is pregnant with ingredients of all the five evils which Chamberlain spoke about, viz, brute force, bad faith, injustice, oppression and persecution. Why is it that the only thing men learn from history is that they learn nothing from history? Kaduna has not learnt anything from the Boko Haram phenomenon. Kaduna has chosen to prove both Hegel and Karl Marx right in their postulate that history always repeats itself.

MURIC is however constrained to remind all stakeholders of the divine warning contained in Qur’an 8:25 “Fear a tumult which will affect those who caused it as well as the innocent ones”. Was this not how Boko Haram started? Police brutality and extra-judicial killing of the group’s leader caused its metamorphosis into a terror machine. But is it the police alone that are facing the consequences today?

MURIC calls on well-meaning Nigerians to speak out.

It was the great Shaykh Uthman Bin Fudi (Uthman Dan Fodio) who said, “In an unjust society, silence is a crime…” Let us speak up now before it is too late.

But members of the IMN also need to do some self assessment. Something must be wrong with a system against which so many neighbours testify.Several people (including Muslims) confirm that they had had bitter encounters with members of the IMN. They complain about the group’s open display of arrogance. All those people could not have been lying.

Something must be wrong with a doctrine which embarrasses the rest of the Muslim Ummah and from which they dissociate themselves.

We commend the leadership of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) for its efforts in resolving the IMN debacle and the maturity it has manifested in handling the matter. Due to the sensitive nature of the issue, NSCIA has engaged in quiet diplomatic shuttling between governments and the IMN from the beginning. We urge the NSCIA to continue the dialogue.

In conclusion, we appeal to the Kaduna State government to de-label IMN and begin a process of reconciliation and reorientation for its members. That is the path of visionary leadership and responsible governance. It is the path of peace. On its own part,

IMN must improve its relationship with other Islamic organizations.

Professor Ishaq Akintola,
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

Katsina, Plateau States Holding Minors In Jail (Photos)

Since the Saudi Arabia-backed war against Shiites in Nigeria began, more and more children are being unjustly treated, beaten, tortured and incarcerated for belonging to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria – the main Shia Muslim group backed by Iran, the groups spokesman has alleged.

In a terse statement released Monday afternoon, the group stated that authorities arbitrarily arrested minors and charged them to court, though minors arrested in Kano and Kaduna have since been let loose on bail, however, Plateau and Kastina are still holding tens of minors.

Recall since the election of a Sunni President in Nigeria, President Muhammudu Buhari and several other Sunni governors in the northern states, a massive clampdown of the Shia muslim group has intensified. It reached a crescendo in December, 2015 when the army backed by Sunni governor Nasir El-Rufai in Kaduna state massacred at least 340 shiites and buried them in mass graves in the outskirts of Kaduna, according to a judicial commission of inquiry set up by the state governor.

During the attack, leader of the group, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, was shot on his right eye and arm, he has since been incarcerated in a secret government detention facility with his wife. Three of his remaining sons however did not survive the massacre as they were brutally slaughtered.

Read the group’s full press statement below:

Since the attack on members of the Islamic Movement by security agents in connivance with some miscreants across some states on Wednesday 12/1/16, authorities arbitrarily arrested people and charged them to courts on trumped up charges and remanded in prison custody. Shamelessly and quite surprisingly, the courts where those arrested were taken to, have also remanded scores of minors in jail including the 4 year old Salamatu Yunusa, being held in Jos.

This absurdity however contrasts with what happened in Kaduna and Kano states where tens of those arrested were released on bail being minors.

It is surprising therefore why the case in Katsina and Plateau states should be different, when evidence strongly suggests that the attacks in all the states were orchestrated by a central command.

We hereby call on the authorities in these two states to release these minors who have by now unjustifiably spent about a week in jails. This is an embarrassment to the nation.

In the same vein, those who were brutalised and injured among those in detention are yet to get proper medical attention. They are prisoners of conscience. This is unfortunate and a gross miscarriage of justice. All humanitarian laws recognize that prisoners should not be denied medical treatment. This cannot be an exception.

We also condemn in very strong words the inhuman brutality meted to IMN members by the Army in Jos for no other reason than their faith. We therefore call for their release without further delays.

IMN recognizes that the recent attack on its members by security agents in collaboration with some unemployed youths across the various states was instigated by Kaduna state Governor Elrufai. We are aware that he has even planned for Katsina state a vicious plot and model of how to attack IMN members in Katsina metropolis. This diabolical plot involves attack whenever IMN members leave their Islamic centre for any educational program, and the opportunity to burn and raze our centre will be created and executed.

We believe Elrufai is inciting hate with a view to minority cleansing in his self styled war against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. He already has a case of crime against humanity, which he is frantically trying to cover. Nevertheless this will not deter us in our pursuit of justice for the victims of the Zaria massacre.

We therefore reiterate our call for the unconditional release of our Leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his wife and all others under detention for almost a year now. Their continued detention is a gross violation of their fundamental human rights.


Video: Nigerian Security Forces Beat, Kill Shia Muslims

Osun Defender has obtained a video of youths hailing, as members of the Nigerian security forces beat, kill and drag bodies of dead Shia Muslims across the street.

Recall the Kaduna state government in flagrant abuse of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria recently banned activities of a Shia group, Islamic Movement of Nigeria, thereby making all its religious activities ‘illegal’.

Sunni and Shia Muslims across the world cheered on by Saudi Arabia and Iran respectively, are locked in a supremacy battle to root out each other. The Sunnis in Nigeria recently claimed the upper hand with the election of one of their own as governor in Kaduna, North Western state in Nigeria.

The governor, Nasir Elrufai, watched as Soldiers loyal to the government, slaughtered at least 314 Shia Muslims in December 2015. State government officials supervised the burying of the victims in mass graves in the outskirt of Kaduna.

Leader of the Shia Group in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, who was shot in the eyes during the massacre is still in secret government detention facility without access to his lawyers, neither has he being charged to court for the past 10 months since the incidence took place.

Watch the video of the brutal repression of the Shia Muslims below:

Why The Deep Hatred For Shia Muslims In Nigeria

By Dr. Peregrino Brimah

At the heart of the deadly intolerance against Shia Muslims in Nigeria is a deep-seated hatred for Shia Muslims. We must lay the facts bare in the face of in-our-face death delivering persecution against Nigeria’s Shi’a minority.

Though they are more than 9 million, Shia are a minority religious group in Nigeria. In a 2012 pew poll, 12% of Nigerian Muslims identified as Shia; 38% identified as Sunni and 42% identified as “just Muslims.”

With approximately 78 million Muslims in Nigeria, right about half of the nation, this would put those who self-identify as Shia at 9.4 million and those who self-identify as Sunni at 29.6 million.

When the northern concentration of Shia Muslims is factored, and the Sunni concentration is spread with Yoruba southern presence, we have most of the 9.4 million Shia in the north with perhaps half of those who identify as Sunni likely being in Yoruba-land.

In essence, about 9.4 million identify as Shia in the north and around 14.8 million identify as Sunni in the same north. That’s almost a ratio of 1:1 or at most 1:2. This is the reality. If the Shia decided to embark on violence, openly or via terror, it would be very disastrous. Thankfully Shi’a are known for their peace and tolerance.

Photos of Sunni Muslims and security forces hunting Shia Muslims In Kaduna

takfiri-sunni-muslims-and-security-forces-hunting-shia-muslims-in-nigeria-1 takfiri-sunni-muslims-and-security-forces-hunting-shia-muslims-in-nigeria-2 takfiri-sunni-muslims-and-security-forces-hunting-shia-muslims-in-nigeria-1 takfiri-sunni-muslims-and-security-forces-hunting-shia-muslims-in-nigeria-3 takfiri-sunni-muslims-and-security-forces-hunting-shia-muslims-in-nigeria-4

While many other religious groups are known for their blood-thirstiness and cutting others up, some Shia are despised for cutting themselves (self-flagellation). I ask, which is worse: those who cut others and often secretly bury them or those who cut themselves?

I ask, what have the Shi’a Muslims done in Nigeria and across the world to merit the kind of hate we witnessed in Nigeria last December that continued again this Muharram Holy month with teams of takfiri youth seen loaded in police vans with sticks and machetes on mission to kill and burn Shia Muslims and drag their dead bodies in garbage dumps?

There are several pictures of these online. Police ferrying takfiri killers on mission to cut-up Shia Muslims. Pictures of soldiers in the middle of these takfiri Boko Haram-like youth burning Shia Muslims’ bodies. Indeed the Zaria massacre according to all accounts had these same takfiris involved along with the army in the massacre of the Shi’a victims.

It is troubling to say the least. When the Nigerian army and police conveys terrorists in its vehicles to pursue and massacre religious minorities, one can only pray the peaceful nature and patience of the Shi a Muslims is not expended. Every metal has a young modulus elastic limit. Bend it enough and it will snap.

What was banned by el-Rufai and other northern governors, for whatever gratification, was not the Islamic movement of Nigeria, but Shia Islam. The Shia conduct processions about three times a year. These processions are conducted not just in Nigeria but across the world. Why was the ban announced right before a major such procession and why were those assembling freely and conducting their religious rights in Ashura processions affected and killed by police and police escorted mobs? Even if we do not mourn as they do, do we have a right to stop them and stop Christians from going to Church and Jews from going to their synagogue?

After seeing that 10 months later the Shi’a abided by the law and were patient and did not react in any illegal or adverse way to the December Zaria massacre, and fended off all sponsored ploys through the media and phony rights groups, consistently denying them what will grant them the excuse they desired to “ban” the faithfuls and hunt down its adherents, they could wait no longer and went ahead to proclaim the ban in fulfillment of the desires of their puppet foreign masters.

Why did the northern governors not discuss with the Shi’a Muslims of Nigeria and determine a safe way to allow them their religious rights? Is close to 10 million people not a big enough number for their interests to be considered even if they are distasteful to some? Can public holidays not even be considered? We have cultural activities across Nigeria that paralyze cities. Must the remedy for difference be persecution and death? Is this how we invite people to our fold if indeed we think we are on the right and we have what is better? Are we being good ambassadors of the religion of peace and the compassionate prophet and mercy to mankind?

A Muslim will never kill a Christian, Jew or ‘Shi’a’ Muslim simply because of their method of belief in God.

Those who kill these other believers have departed far from Islam. The Muslim Quran says that which means, “If a man (a believer) kills a (another) believer intentionally his recompense is Hell to abide therein (for ever): and the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him. Quran 4:93.”

The truth is, while the word “Shi’a” actually occurs in the Quran at least twice in reference to righteous people. “And most surely Abraham was among the Shi’a of him (i.e., Noah)”(Qur’an 37:83); and again in verse Quran 28:15, in reference to the followers of Prophet Moses(a), the same cannot be said of “Sunni.” It’s not in the Quran. These are facts I have learned since the December Zaria massacre. So while dividing the religion into sects with any name put before Muslim, be it Shia or Sunni is rejected and condemned in Islam (Quran 6:159), the use of Shi’a as a figure of speech and not a name divider, in its meaning, “follower” has been done by God Himself. It’s mere arabic. A shia of Prophet Mohammed(p) simply means a follower of Prophet Mohammed(p). Can others say the same. Real talk. They hate the Shi’a because they say some of them curse some Sahaba (companions). But they revere Muawiyah who instituted cursing Ali(R) at the pulpit (Muslim, Chapter of Virtues of Companions, Section of Virtues of ‘Ali, Arabic, v4, p1871, Tradition #32), and that’s Ali who was not just a companion but a family of the Prophet who the Prophet of Islam warned must be respected (Muslim, v1, p48). Perhaps when you point a finger, three point back at you. And what of those Shi’a who are “Zaydiyya?” Do they consider the similarities of these individuals?

But I am really not interested in dabbling in these matters. It is no one’s business what another person believes or how he portrays his belief. If yours is better then argue a better argument and show them your better way (Quran 16:125), but to kill them? And secretly bury them and instigate continuous violence against them? This is satanic.

While we may not be able to change the ways of the heavily foreign-sponsored government agents and scholars who promote and perpetrate this hate and persecution and murder in Nigeria, we can appeal to individuals. This is the only option: to tear away recruited potential takfiris among citizens and even the police and army. To them I leave this Muslim hadith that tells us that no matter who and how much we may revere and respect a person and their blessing with God, we must always follow God and NEVER follow man at the risk of defying our Creator and Sole master:

Narrated Abu Wail: When ‘Ali sent ‘Ammar and Al-Hasan to (the people of) Kufa to urge them to fight, ‘Ammar addressed them saying, “I know that she (i.e. ‘Aisha) is the wife of the Prophet in this world and in the Hereafter (world to come), but Allah has put you to test, whether you will follow Him (i.e. Allah) or her.” (Bukhari Volume 5, Book 57, Number 116)

When they urge you to kill Christians, Jews or ‘Shi’a’ Muslims, will you follow them or follow Allah?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

Kaduna Govt Is Culpable Of Inciting And Executing Cleansing Of IMN Members

Press Release

Kaduna state government yesterday 13/10/16 was reported to have issued a warning to residents in Kaduna and other towns not to take laws into their hands on any individual or group, in reference to the attacks, arson and destruction of properties of Shia Muslims who are members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria that occurred days earlier. Clearly, this is nothing but an afterthought. What happened in the wake of our peaceful Ashura mourning procession was a carefully planned plot, meticulously executed with all machinery of government.

The government had all along tried to give their brutal clampdown on Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) members a semblance of an altercation between IMN and the masses. Kaduna state governor, Nasiru ElRufai alluded to this right from the outset of the attacks in December, 2015 in his infamous state-wide broadcast. His utterances and body language since then left no one in doubt his disdain for IMN members. Using all the tools of governance at his disposal, in private and openly, often in total disregard to reason, sanity or law, he exhibited extreme hate for IMN. As a fore-runner to the latest brutality, he issued an executive order banning us from exercising our rights to practice our religion with a threat to jail anyone who does up to seven years in his jail. For daring to mention that his order is in clear violation of all known sane laws of the land and beyond, he ordered the arrest and prosecution of Ibrahim Musa, the President of the Media Forum. How then can El-Rufai now shed crocodile tears having incited violence on a people through his hate posture and actions against such people? They read the body language of the government in their favour and acted based on that, and with full support of all the instruments of governance over which he presides.

We have it on record how certain individuals and hate preachers took to the media and the podium respectively calling on the masses to join the government of El-Rufai in what they termed an “all-out war on Shia.” The government and El-Rufai has neither refuted that nor call the perpetrators to order or better still arrest and punish the culprits, since they are well known and the actions were done in broad daylight. Simply put, El-Rufai is very much culpable.

We wish to remind the public that incitement to murder a vulnerable population can be so subtle. People read body languages, take cues, pick up signals and act accordingly. Other governors have quickly taken cue from him. Plateau state has taken cue and similarly banned activities of IMN, attacked and torched lives and properties in the same fashion as El-Rufai. Kano, Katsina and Sokoto states are gearing up to follow in their footprints. Unguarded utterances of political and traditional rulers, military and other security commanders as well as other hate preachers are on record and will be invaluable in due course at The Hague.

Let them be reminded that cases abound where leaders are held responsible through acts of commission or omission for crimes against humanity. Post-election violence of 2001 is still being looked at by the Criminal Court. Similarly, the Kenyan election violence case has been taken to the ICC, where those in authority are being tried because of the way they instigated the violence that led to the death of innocent people. Ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims and the Rwandan examples are still fresh in our minds. The World is watching how he has been reckless in speech and actions leading to the deaths of hundreds of people, then he goes secretly burying in mass graves.

Finally, we will like to assure the public that after all this intimidation we will not be blackmailed into the path of violence. Sheikh Zakzaky has been known to be an advocate of peaceful coexistence between people of diverse viewpoints. We will not deviate from that path even though he is currently in illegal detention for the past ten months.

We call on the relevant authorities to as a matter of urgency to release our incarcerated leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and those in detention with him. This, we believe will be a major step in doing justice to the victims of Zaria massacre of December 2015.