New Development On The Regina Daniel’s Blackmail Case

About a week ago, teen actress Regina Daniels was accused of blackmailing fellow teenager, Frances, to sleep with a movie producer, otherwise her nude photos will be leaked.

Recall that the last we heard, a Regina Daniels impersonator, who has been using fake accounts to perpetrate the crimes, was caught and arrested, and Amanda Chisom who sounded the blackmail alarm was wanted by the police.

Nonso Chukwudebe, the lawyer who Amanda Chisom contacted to help make sure Frances’ nude was not leaked has now given the final word on the case.

Read the statement he sent to Linda Ikeji’s Blog below.

I spent the best part of yesterday at the Delta state commissioner of police’s office where I accompanied Frances ( the victim) and her mum to go tender a petition. The mum happens to be a relative and I had to do what I had to do.

After tendering the petition in the commissioners office, Regina’s mum came in and a meeting was held by all parties involved.

The mum was naturally angry and told their side of the story which basically said the mastermind behind the blackmail ring and his accomplices were currently under custody.

When I was given an opportunity to speak, I told the house that this issue would not have gotten to this stage if the warning letter sent to Regina’s VERIFIED INSTAGRAM account had not found its way to the hands of the blackmailing numbers.

I insisted that since the alleged culprits had been apprehended, it shouldn’t be hard for the police to extract that information from the alleged culprits and that we still insist on knowing how it got into their hands.

I told them that it was on the basis of that letter finding its way into the hands of those blackmailing numbers that we were emboldened to alert Nigerians to what was going on in order to forestall the release of the teenage victims nudes.

I can categorically tell you that nothing like arresting Amanda Chisom was raised though the mum was visibly angry at the turn of events.

After a very long deliberation, we reconciled in order to confront our common enemy who had almost succeeded in driving a wedge between us.

The petition was received and duly stamped and would stand as a basis for further investigations to unravel the many unanswered questions.

I can tell you that Frances and Regina met yesterday and all was reconciled.

No mother would be happy seeing her daughters name splashed all over the news but also remember that Frances was given a time frame to do the so-called needful unless her nudes would be everywhere.

It was the need to stop this from happening and seeing that a direct message sent to Regina’s VERIFIED Instagram account found its way into the hands of the blackmailers that necessitated our breaking the news to forestall it from happening.

We are dealing with a highly sophisticated blackmail ring and the police are best equipped to untie every knotty ends.

At the end of the day, parents need to take more than a passing glance on what their wards do on social media for I can tell you for free that God saved Frances from Evil.

The horde of people trading blames should take the real lessons from this unfortunate incident.

  1. A real case of blackmail against a minor was established.
  2. Somebody aided in bringing this case to the front burner ( Amanda Chisom)
  3. Culprits have been apprehended and will face Justice.
  4. The police are working assiduously to get to the very root of this matter.

5.People are now more aware of the dangers inherent in exposing minors to the many Evils lurking in social media

  1. The culprits are to blame for driving a wedge between parties who ordinarily are both victims.

Amanda Chisom made this happen and Nigerians should be grateful to her.

Finally, I met Regina Daniels on set yesterday and her professionalism shone like a million stars.

It was hard to know that this sixteen year old shy actress had just been the victim of a most callous blackmailing ring using her name to extort others.

The story about Amanda Chisom being declared wanted by the police was released in a fit of celebratory anger but I can tell you for free that it is not true.

We said we’d love to know how Amanda’s message to her verified Instagram account found its way into the hands of those evil men but we are confident that the police is strongly on top of their game.

I want to thank all those who followed this up and must salute Regina’s mum, Rita Daniels for joining hands in resolving this issue.

Again I urge us, please monitor what your teenage wards do on social media for they are exposed to a lot of danger masquerading as the cleanest thing since Angel Gabriel’s wings!

Thank you and may God bless and protect our kids from the rampaging onslaught of evil men on social media.



Regina Daniels Chickens Out Of Her Bravado Attitude, Denies Blackmailing Teenager

Two days ago, a blogger Amanda Chisom accused child actress Regina Daniels of threatening to release a teenager’s nude pictures online for refusing to sleep with a movie manager.

This story went viral but the Regina refused to say anything concerning the accusation and instead posted a picture with the caption: ‘I love threats, do less talk and more action’. A caption that is the major reason people would find it hard to believe her new claims.

Recall that Amanda shared messages and screenshots as proof after she got an SOS message from the victim. She revealed that she sent messages to Regina Daniels’ verified Instagram account to verify that indeed it was the actress and not an impersonator, and based on events that followed, it seemed pretty convincing that she was communicating with the right person, not an impersonator.

Regina has now released a video purportedly showing her in a police station with a man who she claims has been impersonating her to dupe young females. She went on to reveal that Amanda Chisom, who accused her of blackmailing a teenager, is wanted by police for making false accusations.

He was allegedly caught with two of his victims and incriminating information were found on his phone. Regina has explained that the phone numbers which TrueCaller showed to have been registered under her name were registered by the impersonator for his shady dealings.

However some things remain unclear;

  1. What did Regina mean with her caption about threats?
  2. How did this impersonator have access to her verified Instagram account which was sent back to the victim
  3. How come Regina’s brother called the victims
  4. Why did she keep mute on such a claim knowing full well the victim was a close friend of hers
  5. Is Regina denying that her number and IG accounts were both hacked
  6. If yes how was the impersonator able to know so much details about her friendship with the victim, their history together and names of close friends of the duo?

However Amanda has gone online to claim that she was has not done anything against the law, outing on social media her claims and unsolved answers.

Amanda wrote on her facebook page;

Like I said this case did not interest me beyond making sure anybody’s nude was uploaded, I still do not have an explanation to how a message I sent to a verified account made it to the hands of the so called blackmailers and how frances told the ” impersonator” that she made a post about her on her birthday on whatsapp and the verified account acknowledged and liked it. I have handed all info to the lawyers and all included in the report dropped in the report to the commissioner of police. End of matter, I am not police, I have done my part, let the police do their part, as for police wanting me,they know where to find me..

Nonso Chukwudebe

Final word on this Regina Daniels/Frances Issue

When I was approached, the first thing we did was to verify these blackmailing numbers using the True caller App and they came back positive as

  1. +234 907 499 3227 Regina Daniels
  2. +234 802 209 4934 Casie Snow

3.+234 813 386 2327 Richy Adams

  1. +234 705 748 9333 Sammy Daniels

But we were not satisfied, so Amanda sent the message below to Regina Daniel’s verified Instagram account..

“Madam celebrity, so you are threatening your fellow teenager with uploading her nudes if she does not sleep with a producer. Two offence, you are pimping a minor and threatening her with nude. I know you are a child but not so young to not know how to read. I advice you acquaint yourself with the cyber crime laws. I am taking up this case and will be suing you for blackmail and sex trafficking of a minor after which I will take your pathetic career to the cleaners. You silly child. Let me see just one picture of her anywhere that is nude, you , your mother, your brother, casie and the Richy Adams will spend new year in Jail. Thank God you turned 18, that means you are now grown enough to go to jail. This chat serves as a warning..The laywers will contact you. And for your actions, I am opening a file about you, woe be tide you, I find out you are pimping more girls or blackmailing them……”

Knowing it was a verified account, the idea was to see if the numbers above would react to the message.

For us, if the numbers responded, it was proof that Regina Daniels was in the know…

Hours later, these numbers, screen grabbed the said message and sent threatening messages via WhatsApp to the victim Frances.

At this stage, we screen grabbed those WhatsApp messages and released them to the public in the hopes that Regina would respond to them.

We still felt something was not quite adding up which necessitated a post I made basically asking Regina how it was possible for those numbers to get a hold of messages sent to her verified Instagram account.

I am not aware that she has responded to this but many things have happened since I made that post.

Regina still insists she’s being impersonated and has come out to deny ever knowing the Richy Adams guy who claims to be a nollywood producer based in Asaba.

Last night, this number 081252742136 claiming to be Sammy Daniels, Regina’s elder brother called both Amanda and France the victim.

I am going to upload the voice recording of the conversation the alleged Sammy had with the victim here.

There is also a Facebook back and forth conversation this alleged Sammy Daniels had with the victim before the blackmailing thing started.

I’m also uploading it here…

It is important to note that neither I nor Amanda are police investigators and what we did by breaking the news when we did was to essentially stop the threat of releasing the victims nudes.

We wanted the world to know what was happening and to put the alleged blackmailers on the defensive.

I can confirm to you that the victim and her mother had fruitful talks with her lawyer yesterday and this morning, a petition would be presented to the police to do the needful.

We want to believe that the police will get to the very root of this matter and thankfully, her mum is championing this as you can see from the pictures uploaded here at there lawyers office.

They are probably the only authorities who can approach the networks to verify the names behind those blackmailing numbers.

At the end of the day, a case of cyber blackmail has been established and it is up to the police to do due diligence and unravel the real culprits.

I must particularly thank Amanda Chisom for her passion and courage in giving cover to this most naive young lady.

Anyone in her shoes with blood flowing through their veins would have done same and at the end of the day, she has helped bring to the fore this evil penchant of mindless individuals taking advantage of innocent girls using social media.

Parents are advised to really monitor how their kids use social media for they are exposed to a whole lot of crap by mindless individuals.

Like I said, the police are best equipped to unravel this sordid case.

They must find out how a message to a verified Instagram account found its way into the hands of some blackmailing numbers.

We have no doubts that justice would take its cause.

If indeed Regina Daniels is being impersonated, she has Amanda to thank for exposing this crime against her person by people who use other peoples name to scam others but if she is involved in this, let the law take its cause.

We have done our bit by breaking this story and now the law MUST unravel it.

God bless and may our children never be caught in webs spun by men without conscience who prowl social media seeking naive minds to infest and destroy!



Shocking Reason 18 Year-Old Actress Regina Daniels Leaked Nude Pictures Of Teenage Girl

Famous child actress Regina Daniels has been exposed for threatening and leaking nude pictures belonging to her best friend for refusing to sleep with a movie producer.

Amanda Chisom brought the matter to the public on social media, accusing Regina Daniels of pimping out a fellow teenager and threatening to release her nudes if she doesn’t sleep with a movie producer in exchange for movie roles. Amanda went on to share screenshots to back her claims.

She made the accusations on Facebook and claimed that when she sent a message to Regina to warn her not to post the nudes, the teen actress called her bluff then sent a screenshot of her message with Amanda back to her teenage victim and threatened her for going to Amanda for help.

Amanda also alleged that Regina then went ahead to upload the nude photo on an unnamed website and is threatening to upload more. Regina’s best friend, Casie also sent a message threatening the teenage victim who is being blackmailed. They are threatening her for going to Amanda for help.

Amanda insists she is certain the person she’s been chatting with on Instagram is really the actress and not an impersonator because the account is verified. She also says she’s been chatting with her on Whatsapp and she used TrueCaller to verify that is indeed her number. She also said Regina’s brother is aware of what is going on.

Amanda has threatened to release “everything” she has to back up her claims later today.

As of the time of this report, there are no signs that Regina Daniels is been impersonated or her account is been hacked. As the general public is in shock of the actions of this teenage star they have refused to let it die down as the teenager must not go unpunished.

Meanwhile, Regina shot herself in the foot and indirectly admitted to be responsible when she shared a photo with a caption “I love those that can threaten me, let talk Les and do more”.

Amanda wrote on Facebook yesterday;

“Meanwhile, yesterday a young girl came to me that this never more than 17 years nollywood actress was blackmailing her and threatening her with nudes if she does not go to sleep with a certain producer.

This is supposed to be a teenager oh threatening another teenager she asked for nudes so she can introduce her into acting that if she does not sleep with a certain producer. In my typical fashion, I went to this child first and asked her to make sure that she does not post nudes of anybody and familiarise herself with the cyber crime act. Obviously, she does not have any brain she decided she cannot be threatened with lawsuit and have initiated the process of posting the nudes.

So I will return the favour and post every chat , names and details. We were all teenagers , we did stupid things but for this one to assume her Asaba popularity and instagram fame is enough to start pimping out her fellow teenagers to paedophiles and blackmailing people is something we must all cut at the root. I do not even want to know who is involved and who gives her guts. This post is a cannon shot.

Let those who know her tell her. Because I will not only post, I will make sure the law goes after her. Let her take down the girl’s picture from that website before I wake up…”



Regina Daniels Stunn As A Beautiful Bride In New Photos

Remember Nollywood teenage actress Regina Daniels shared some beautiful images where she rocked a white wedding dress on set of a new movie.

Apparently, the script/movie she’s currently working on, is unknown, but it sure would be one hell of a movie!

See pictures below:


Teen actress Regina Daniels shows off figure in new photos

Regina Daniels is a teenage, Nollywood actress who has appeared in over a hundred Nollywood films, alongside some of the top stars including Mercy Johnson, Tonto Dikeh, Ngozi Ezeonu and Kenneth Okonkwo to mention only a few.

Image result for images of nollywood regina daniels

The 16-year-old actress shared some lovely photos of herself recently. She posed in stylish, yellow maxi dress and looked hot and had her fans admiring her latest look.

Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels

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