Sexual Abuse Charges Against French Soldiers In Africa Dismissed

The French magistrates dismissed a case brought against a group of French soldiers accusing them of sexually abusing children while on deployment in the Central African Republic (CAR) in 2013 and 2014.

Paris prosecutors in 2017 filed for the case to be dismissed because some of the testimony was deemed inconsistent and some elements could not be confirmed, even if they could not exclude that abuses took place.

The decision was met with frustration in CAR’s capital, Bangui, where repeated allegations of sexual misconduct have helped fuel anger towards French and UN troops deployed there.

“Our government must do its job and judge these acts here, because they were committed on Central African territory, even if the case has been abandoned in France,” said Elysee Gamon, 52.

“No one is above the law.”

The country’s justice minister was not immediately available for comment.

The accusations emerged in April 2015 after the leak of an internal UN document containing the testimony of six children who said they were sexually abused by French soldiers in exchange for rations while at a displacement camp in Bangui.

The abuse was alleged to have taken place between December 2013 and June 2014 after France intervened in its former colony to stem violence between Christian militias and largely Muslim Seleka rebels.

According to the leaked UN report, at least 13 French soldiers, two from Equatorial Guinea and three from Chad were implicated in the abuse.

The then French president, Francois Hollande, promised to show no mercy if the allegations were confirmed.

The French soldiers were not operating under UN command at the time.

A later UN mission was accused of widespread misconduct.

ECPAT, an organisation that campaigns against the sexual exploitation of children, told Reuters it did not rule out the possibility of appealing the magistrates’ decision, an option that was supported by some Bangui residents.

“The victims are still young boys and girls who are living with the after-effects,” said Anne Gaelle Mandjou, 31. “(The soldiers) must be judged.

“The lawyers must appeal this decision in the name of the victims.”


8 Year-Old Raped, Murdered In Pakistan

Zainab, an 8-year-old girl, was abducted, brutally raped and murdered in Kasur, Pakistan.

Her body was found several days after her disappearance at a garbage pile near Shahbaz Road on Tuesday, January 9. According to the initial postmortem report, the minor was strangled to death after being raped multiple times.

Zainab had gone to a religious tuition centre near her house in the Road Kot area last Thursday, January 4th, from where she is believed to have been abducted. Her parents had been in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah (the lesser pilgrimage), according to her family, and she had been living with a maternal aunt.

Soon after her abduction, her panicked family had received footage showing her walking with a stranger near Peerowala Road.

On Tuesday, a police constable deputed to trace the girl, recovered her body from a heap of trash near the Shahbaz Khan Road. Police said the girl seemed to have been killed four or five days earlier.

A first information report had been registered against the disappearance of the girl on Jan 5, with the victim’s paternal uncle as the complainant in the case. Murder charges were added to the FIR on Jan 9, after the victim’s body was recovered.

Zainab’s parents returned from their pilgrimage on Wednesday. As reporters surrounded them outside Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport, her grieving mother said:

“I have nothing to say, I just want justice for my daughter.”

Police said DNA samples from the victim’s body have been dispatched for forensic testing. Police have dubbed the murder a serial killing, but are not ruling out rape. Further information will be available once an autopsy report is issued.


Somaliland Passes First Law Against Rape

Somaliland has passed its first law against rape, in a bid to reduce the violence against women.

Before this new law to liberate women, rape was not considered a criminal offence and perpetrators did not face any penalty.

Instead, victims’ families are paid off or they are forced to marry their rapists to avoid public shame.

The new law will punish rapists with up to 30 years imprisonment.

Ayan Mahamoud, Somaliland’s representative in Britain, said the law passed by the lower house of parliament on Monday still needed approval from the more conservative upper house.

“The bill had been languishing for some years and the newly elected government, which is very serious about tackling violence against women, saw it as a priority to bring it before parliament,” Mahamoud told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“It is however possible that it will face resistance when it comes before the House of Elders in the coming weeks, as members in the upper house tend to be more traditional.”

Somaliland, with a population of about four million, declared independence from Somalia in 1991 following a bloody civil war, but is not internationally recognised as a country.

Mahamoud said President Musa Abdi’s government, which came to power in November, was shocked by reports of gang rape and wanted to take action against it. He refuted claims the move was part of a strategy to show Somaliland as a functioning democracy with the aim of gaining recognition on the global stage.

The UN hailed the law as a milestone, but said much more needed to be done.

“Once it is signed into law, there is need to develop the capacities of the national justice and security actors, non-state actors and service providers and to create awareness among the public,” said Fadumo Dayib, head of UN Women in Somalia.

“Every woman and girl has the right to live her life without the threat and fear of violence.

“This law will make a substantial contribution in curtailing sexual violence against women and girls.”


334 Rape Cases Recorded In Kano

The Command Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Magaji Majiya of the Kano State Police Command on Friday disclosed while speaking to newsmen in the state that it recorded 334 cases of rape and other sexual offences in the state from January to date.

”Five Hundred and Forty Seven cases of rape and other sexual offences were reported in 2016 while 334 cases were received in 2017, indicating a major reduction in committing crimes in the state,” he said.

According to him, the command had recorded 601 major crimes, recovered 35 stolen vehicles and recovered N744.6 million properties in the period under review.

Majiya noted that the rate of crime had drastically gone down in the year under review considering the adequate security arrangements strategically deployed in the State and the number of criminals arrested with the synergy of the public and stakeholders involved.

He said 52 kidnapped victims were rescued and reunited with their respective families, adding that 73 different types of local arms and 273 live ammunitions were recovered from suspects.

“In the year 2016 the command witnessed 72 cases of armed robbery with 117 suspects arrested, while for the current year (2017), only 35 cases of robbery were reported and 76 suspects arrested”, he said.

According to him, the command had successfully arrested 497 members of different gangs of Yandaba (miscreants) in collaboration with traditional rulers and other security agencies.

“Eighty nine of the group had surrendered and renounced the perpetration of the heinous crime in addition to counseling and monitoring their conduct, for them to become responsible members of the society,” Majiya said.


Soccer Star Bags 9 Years Jail Term Over Alleged Gang-Rape

Former Manchester City star, Robinho has been sentenced to nine years in prison for rape.
The ex-Brazil international, alongside five others, were convicted in Italy this evening for the gang-rape of a 22-year-old Albanian woman.

The now 33-year-old was found guilty of the offence which was committed in a Milanese disco in 2013, while he was on the books at AC Milan.

The Atletico Mineiro forward could still appeal the guilty verdict, which would put off any jail time until the appeal avenues are exhausted.

Robinho released a statement on his Instagram page stating that he had “already defended himself against the accusations, affirming that he did not participate in the episode” and that “all legal measures are being taken”

Police Remain Mute As Nigerians Demand Arrest Of Man Who Released A ‘How To Rape’ Video On Facebook

Donatus Enyeobi a Nigerian man is on the run after he gave a lecture on how to rape women. This Facebook video went viral almost immediately drawing the ire of Nigerians and anti-rape advocates. Enyeobi’s action of teaching men interested in raping ladies shocked the social media space, especially the part where he admitted that his method has aided him in successfully raping several girls.



In the Facebook post, he wrote: “Well, for the guys that are interested, before you rape, make sure you punch her neck first so she can be unconscious. Then it will be easy to get into her pants. I am posting out of experience. Take it or leave it.” It was not surprising that it went viral with the general consensus being that he be found and brought to justice. When initially confronted, he showed no remorse about the post or even the fact that he admitted to have raped several girls using that method.



One of the appalled followers had tried to engage him to pull down the post as it would cause more damage and breed potential rapists in a society already riddled with several unsolved rape cases. In a chat between the duo, he was told that the post would put him into trouble but he rudely told the adviser to “go and sleep” as no one knows his whereabouts, therefore cannot be found.



Several Nigerians took to different social media platforms to condemn his post and call for his arrest. Lifestyle coach, Laila Mathew St.Daniel, who was among those calling for his arrest, said: “This young man’s post points to him as being a serial rapist. He must be located.” Also, anti-rape advocate, Esther Ijewere, said: “Please, let’s fish him out, it’s obvious this one is not only a rapist but a beast. Please help with details about him.”



In his hot pursuit, the Stand To End Rape initiative, a non-governmental organisation, tracked Enyeobi to his workplace. When his post went viral, the group took up the manhunt and put the power of social media to test by asking people to help identify his location so that he is brought to book. When all hope seemed lost, their search yielded results yesterday when some people helped tracked him to his work place. With the help of several Nigerians who provided pointers, he was traced and located to his workplace where his employers, DEPASA Marine International Nigeria, confirmed that he was on the run.



Giving an update on the matter, the NGO said: “We met with his employers and they confirmed he is presently on the run. We will meet again later this week to discuss further options.”



Meanwhile, amidst all this tension, the Lagos State Police Command is silent on the issue as they are yet to declare him wanted. Facebook seem to be silent or unaware of the issue too.


100 Year Old Woman Dies From Rape

The Indian Police has revealed that a 100-year-old woman died after being raped by a drunk man in northern India on Tuesday. The crime took place in a village in Uttar Pradesh state’s Meerut district late Sunday night.


“The elderly woman was sleeping on the verandah of her house when she was attacked by the inebriated man.

“She was taken hospital where she passed away on Monday,” police officer Rajesh Kumar said by phone.


Police added that a suspect in his twenties has been arrested and charged him with rape and murder. “The man said he was innocent,’’ media reports said. India has been in the spotlight in recent years over incidents of sexual violence against women.


In 2012, the fatal gang-rape of a student on a bus in New Delhi led to a massive public outcry and tougher laws.


85-Year-Old Woman Raped, Suspect Arrested

An 85-year-old woman was allegedly raped to coma at Ilesa town in Osun by a 29-year-old man, Kehinde Ariyo. Kehinde has been arrested by the Osun Police Command. The police commissioner in the state, Mr Fimihan Adeoye, disclosed this to newsmen on Monday in Osogbo.



Adeoye said the incident happened at Ogudu area in Ilesa, where the suspect forcefully had carnal knowledge of the old woman after gaining access to her residence around 11 pm on Oct. 27. He added that the woman sustained various degrees of injuries on her body, including her private organ, and eventually passed out in the process before she was resuscitated at a private hospital.



According to Adeoye, the suspect lives in the same area where the victim resides and had gone on errands for the old woman severally in the past.


“The woman passed out during the rape, but came back to life after some hours, the suspect was arrested the next day.

“This is the height of wickedness in our society. The boy injured the woman in the process, but she has been treated “, Adeoye said.



The suspect admitted having committed the act, claiming to have been drunk at the time of committing the heinous act.

“Mama asked me to sleep on a couch in the passage. I was already drunk and did not know what happened afterwards,” he claimed.


Nigerian Police Exposed For Trying To Cover Up Policeman Who Raped Teenage Girl For 6 Days

Resource Centre for Human Rights and Civic Education (CHRICED), a human rights group has accused the Nigeria Police Force of an attempt to cover up the rape of a 14-year old girl, Maryam Yusuf, by a Mobile Policeman, Corporal Barau Garba (Police Service Number: 275601). Recall that days ago Maryam was finally able to escape from the criminal mobile policeman who locked her up for days, raping her.



The allegation was contained in a statement signed by Dr. Ibrahim Zikirullahi, the group’s Executive Director. In the statement, CHRICED said it has received credible information that the Corporal abducted Maryam and raped her repeatedly. “According to information reaching us, the young Maryam, who lives with her parents at the Hausa Quarters in Asaba, Delta State, travelled to Onitsha to buy some items for her father. Unfortunately, Maryam lost the money for the items she was meant to purchase. It was while frantically searching for the vehicle she boarded in a bid to recover the money that Garba approached her,” said the group.



It added that Garba promised to help her find the money and show her the way back home. In desperate need of help and lured to think she was safe with a policeman, Maryam took the offer of assistance from the officer, who took her on his motorcycle to his room at the Police Base.


“Pleas by the young girl to Garba to take her home to her parents fell on deaf ears. The bubble burst when the young girl was able to take her captor’s phone while he was asleep, and placed a call to her father to come and rescue her. Hospital tests subsequently showed that Maryam was raped with all brutality, and her vagina had been ruptured as a result of this dastardly act by a supposed officer of the law,” CHRICED said.



The group noted that despite the gravity of the infraction by Garba, his colleagues at the Okpoko Division of the Nigeria Police in Anambra State have been trying to cover it up.
CHRICED claimed that Maryam’s case is just one of many instances in which the Police have been unwilling to act when young girls have been violated. It reasoned that the failure of the Police to move against sex offenders has encouraged rapists across the country to get bolder with their hideous conduct.



CHRICED warned the Police against continuing with the cover-up effort and called on the Inspector-General of Police to order a transparent investigation into the matter so that Garba could face prosecution.



“It is not tenable that the nation’s law enforcement institution has to wait to be pressured before taking action over cases like Maryam Yusuf’s. The case offers an opportunity for the Police to prove its critics wrong; the public will be watching to see its next steps,” said the group.


Days after the sad story of Maryam was reported, the Police force has still not made a public statement.

Shocking!!!! Policeman Kidnaps, Rapes Girl For Six Days

A mobile police officer (MOPOL) identified as Barau Garba from Sokoto state who was on special duty in Onitsha, Anamabra state, has been accused of kidnapping and raping a 14-year-old girl for six days. According to news reports, he allegedly deceived the teenager who asked him for help, took her to his house and raped till her private part ruptured.


Maryam Yusuf is an indigene of Kano state living with her parents in Asaba, Delta state. She does attend Islamic school in cable area known as Hausa quarters in Asaba, Delta state. She was sent by her father to Onitsha form Asaba on 14th of October 2017 to buy round cotton but unlucky for her she lost the money while in transit. During her efforts to identify the vehicle she boarded, while standing by the roadside, she was approached by one corporal Barau Garba (mopol) with service number 275601 from MOPOL 7 Sokoto state who was on a special duty in Anambra, his team were attached with OKPOKO police divisional headquarters, Onitsha.


According to reports, the rouge police corporal approached the teenage girl asking her of what happened, as the small girl explained to him how she lost her money in transit and her need to go back home, the policeman Barau Garba deceived her by asking her to join him on his motorcycle so that he can take her back home.


Instead of taking the teenage girl back home to her parents safely, this Nigerian police corporal decided to abduct her and took her to a temporary police base and locked her up in his room and maliciously raped her for six (6) days. His Waterloo reached its peak when on the 5th day, in the middle of the night the innocent Maryam took his mobile phone and called her father to come to her rescue.


Maryam was taken to hospital on 25th October 2017 (yesterday) by a Good Samaritan because the police in accord with the DPO of OKPOKO division are not forthcoming with her case. They want to cover up the case, especially as they told the father that the issue has to be forgiven since ‘they’ both the rouge police corporal Barau Garba and them are all of northern origin.


Man Rapes Daughter, Her Friend In Minna

Nuhu Mohammed a 60-year-old on Thursday pleaded guilty to raping his 12-year-old daughter and her 13-year-old friend. Mohammed, who appeared before a Minna Magistrate’s Court, is standing trial on a one-count charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with two minors.


The offence runs contrary to Section 18(2) of the Child Rights Law of Niger State 2010. Mohammed, after pleading guilty to the offence, begged the court for leniency.


His plea was, however, not taken by the Magistrate, Fati Auna, on the grounds that her court lacked the jurisdiction to hear the case. Auna directed the Police to forward the case file to the State Director of Public Prosecution for legal advice, and ordered that the defendant be remanded in prison pending the advice.


She, thereafter, adjourned the matter until Nov. 16, for further mention. The Police Prosecutor, Mr Emmanuel Danladi, had told the court that one Ahmad Aliyu of Garatu village in Bosso Local Government of Niger, reported the matter at the Kpakungu Police Station, on Oct. 17.


Danladi alleged that the defendant had lured the two minors into his shop and had carnal knowledge of them. He further told the court that the defendant confessed to the crime during a police investigation.