EDITORIAL: PDP In Osun After The Convention Debacle

Are the Yoruba in the PDP just discovering that they have no place in that
party? From the moment Obasanjo left office in 1999, the Yoruba elements in the party were consigned to the dustbin With eggs splattered all over their faces, the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] players in the Southwest now have to find a new line in order to shore up whatever is left of their tattered credibility.

Incredibly, the new face-saving propaganda is that, “The vice presidency is going to be zoned to the Southwest”. Anyone who believes this fantasy is liable to believe just about anything including the proposition that pigs can fly.

It should by now be very obvious that the PDP has nothing to offer the Southwest. Niyi Akintola SAN, a Yoruba progressive, seminally observed few days ago in the aftermath of the Abuja debacle that, “Are the Yoruba in the PDP just discovering that they have no place in that party? From the moment Obasanjo left office in 1999, the Yoruba elements in the party were consigned to the dustbin… The stand of Governor Wike and his co-travelers that the Yoruba matters not in PDP is nothing new. It is simply a continuation of the segregation of the Yoruba from the mainstream of the PDP and its activities.’’

At best, the Southwest is just there to make up the numbers, much like the substitutes bench in a football match. Occasionally, they could have their usefulness, but that is just about it, very much like extras in another person’s movie.

There are valuable lessons to be learnt here, particularly in the State of Osun which has a governorship election coming up on the 22nd of September, 2018. It’s just round the corner, and it will be pivotal. The [divided] Osun State wing of the PDP with less than a year to go cannot be described as a government-in-waiting.

First of all, the party, organisationally is in disarray. They cannot even agree on a delegate list. If they cannot work out a give and take formula to harmonise a list of delegates to their own national convention, how on earth can they handle the increasingly complex mechanism of the government of the State of Osun?

The PDP clearly has nothing to offer the Yoruba at the center and is ill-prepared for governance in the state of Osun. The election is pivotal because Osun needs continuity.

There is a need to build upon the sterling progress made by seven years of dedicated work by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and his team. It will be tragic to throw it all away by handing over the State to a fractitious, disheveled team with no clout at the center and no programme worth talking about to continue the rejuvenation and reconstruction of the state.

The debacle last Saturday has clearly put the State of Osun on notice. The PDP has nothing to offer the Yoruba nationality and its Osun wing is completely out of sync with the tremendous pro-people elevating progress made in the last seven years. The advance in every sphere is real, if you seek to know what Aregbesola has achieved, do come to the State of Osun and look around you.

The PDP which is clearly unfit to govern will reverse the gains and Osun will be back to square one. There is clearly no alternative now than to consolidate the gains through continuity. This model has worked admirably in Lagos and is vitally needed in Osun. You have been forewarned!

PDP, A Lost Soul – Bode George

Chief Bode George, a foundation member and former national vice-chairman of the crisis- ridden opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called his own party a lost soul hijacked by mercenaroes even as he
withdrew from the chairmanship race

Hours after he vowed not to quit the race at the party’s convention in Abuja on Saturday, he changed his mind, noting that the party appears to have jettisoned zoning, that would have made the South West region produce the chairman.

Secondly, he noticed that the party has been hijacked by mercenaries and money bags and that the party chairmanship has been sold to the highest bidder.

Thirdly, he felt offended by what he perceived to be Governor Nyesom Wike’s insult on the Yoruba race and demanded an apology from the same.

Here is Bode George’s Statement in full:

Since the ancient days when the Yoruba people began their historical challenges on the plains and the hills of Ile-Ife, we have always been defined by our instinctive integrity, our methodical industry, our consistent loyalty and our steadfastness in protecting and defending the truth.
It is in all these characterization that I have personally lived my life. It is in all these summative portraits that I have pursued my personal and political engagements, strengthened in the resolve that truth, sincerity of purpose, fearlessness, equity, ethical balance are the basic ingredients of a purposeful life.

I have gone through many travails in my life. I have climbed the highest hills. and I have been through the lowest valleys. But in all, I have been guided by the holiest of heart’s affection, the genuine and the utmost surrender to the will of the Lord.

But I have never been afraid of a good fight.

I have never disengaged from a meaningful challenge. I have always committed myself to any struggle with absolute dedication and unflinching, resolute vision.

It is in this spirit and clarity of selfless engagement that I decided to run for the National Chairmanship position of our great party. I did not enter the contest for any personal benefits. I did not throw myself into the fray because of some pecuniary benefits.

I have come to serve. I have come to offer myself because I believe in the greater glory of our party and in the growth and development of our nation. I have served continuously for 10 years in various high level positions in our party administration, including the second highest echelon of Deputy National Chairman.

With all sense of humility, I can say that I know the workings and all the administrative processes and the tools of making our party work.

That shattering and very divisive crises of the last two years have made our party very vulnerable, weak and basically tottering on the edges of the cliff.

Less than one year before the next general election, our party must now elect new managers to direct our affairs. The foremost of these new managers is the position of the National Chairman.

In this highly challenging scenario, the party naturally needs an experienced, trusted, proven, reliable and astute administrator who can guide our party to the land of redemption and the land of triumphant rebound.

It is in this vein that I have offered my humble service to lead our party.
But more importantly, I have entered the contest on the fundamental predication of the micro zoning principle as laid down by our founding fathers.

The zoning principle, which was publicly reinforced last year in Port Harcourt, had specifically and rightly affirmed the South-West as the zone to produce the National Chairman. This binding proclamation was based on equity, fairness and natural balance that hold any organisation together.

But this old, legitimate and morally sound micro zoning principle has now been trashed, dumped in the waste bin, flung into the gutter by very little men who have compromised the pivotal moral anchor of civilised engagement for temporary selfish gains.

Everywhere you look, the Yoruba people are now being brazenly insulted. The very traditional fiber of our founding fathers are now being trampled upon, debased and soiled by external forces and mercenary traitors within.

It appears the PDP is now bent on self destruction. It has obviously allowed money moguls to dictate its thematic largeness. The party has lost its soul. It has lost its principled beginning and the predications of righteousness. It has traded the finer principles of democratic guidance and equity for the squalid, dirty and shameful resort to mercenary agenda where nothing matters save the putrid, oafish gains of the moment.

I cannot be part of this screaming aberration. And as the Atona of Yoruba land, I do not expect any well meaning, well disciplined, forthright, sincere Omoluabi of Yoruba land to continue with this deceit and shameful theater.

The Peoples Democratic Party has now mangled and distorted its soul and spirit. There is no morality here anymore. There is no sanity or any sense of enlightened civility.

As a result of these observed aberrations wherein the position of the National Chairman has been apparently sold and auctioned to the highest bidder, I, as an Omoluabi and as an authentic Atona of Yorubaland, will not partake in this charade.

I, hereby, withdraw from this brazen fraud and absolutely preconceived, monetized, mercantilist convention.

The Yoruba people have been openly maligned. The Yoruba have been savaged, tormented, treated with contempt, scurried, scoffed at, humiliated and denigrated by little men whose sun will soon set.

As a Yoruba patriot and the pathfinder of Yoruba land, I will stand by our people, I will stay with them thick or thin, I will fight for their good cause without compromising any ethics.

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike must as a matter of priority and ethical importance tender unreserved apology to the people of Yoruba land for his unguarded utterances on national television this morning. It was a show of shame.

I thank you all for listening.