Osun Assembly Backs Osuwon Omoluabi

Osun State House of Assembly under the leadership of Rt Hon Najeem Salaam has thrown its weight behind the weighing scale popularly known as Osuwon Omoluabi

Explaining the significance of ‘OSUWON  OMOLUABI’ the weight and measurements, Speaker Najeem, said adherence to the scheme would draw people from all walks of life to the state for patronage of our market with a trickle down effects that would make the marketers richer, and make internally generated revenue better.

Speaker Salaam while addressing some select market women who paid advocacy visit on him in his Osogbo residence; in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Goke Butika, asserted that the government has a good intention in bringing the osuwon OMOLUABI to the market scheme, saying people would abandon other places for Osun if they are assured that they would not be cheated.

He acknowledged that though the marketers were not buying their stuff and stock in standard measurement introduced by the state from sources, he argued that it was imperative to note that sanity must begin somewhere, and that it would not be out of place if Osun takes the lead.

Speaker Salaam then urged the iyalojas and babalojas to interact with the marketers on the use of standard scale with a view to smoothening any perceived rough edges in the scheme; saying Osun has already taken the lead in the morality of marketing system with the introduction of the standard scale, and must not be reversed for political reason.

“We are gradually gaining  reputation as a state that is working in line with global marketing practice where buyers and sellers enjoying trust of each other, because Osuwon omoluabi is there to conduct transparent transactions, but if we draw back on it, people may not see reason why State of Osun is different”, said Salaam.

Speaker Salaam hinted that the state parliament would not do anything or support any decision to hurt the people of the state or take advantage of the vulnerable segment like marketers, but strive to protect their interests and growth.

He further charged the Ministry of Commerce to interface with the marketers who raise issue on Osuwon Omoluabi with aim of allaying their fear and resolve the grey areas in a win-win situation.