Opening Up Rural Areas For Economic Development

Since the inception of the Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s administration in the State of Osun, the rural areas in the state have been receiving attention from the government through the Osun Rural Access Mobility Projects (RAMP). SHINA ABUBAKAR reviews some of the projects carried out by the agency so far.

As part of his campaign promises, Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola pledged to open up the rural areas as a means of not just reducing the Rural-Urban drift, but to ensure that farm produce gets to the markets in urban centres and add value to the agricultural sector in line with the administration’s six point Integral Action Plan to banish hunger and poverty, particularly at a time the nation’s economy needed much diversification from the monopoly of oil.

The activities of the present administration left no one in doubt of its desires towards the development of the rural areas as it tends to make roads accessible to the teeming populace who are farmers, potential farmers, young farmers or those who intends to venture into it, so as to reduce the stress of having to get perishable farm produce to the market, thereby reducing the loss of inputs and efforts put into farming.

The seriousness of the Aregbesola-led administration to open up rural areas attracted the attention of international organisations and the Federal Government of Nigeria,  and through partnership sponsor and finance construction and rehabilitation of earthen road and bridges that linked rural communities to the outer roads.

In the area of upgrading and rehabilitation of rural transport infrastructure, the state government through the coordination of Rural Access Mobility Project (RAMP) has completed over 250 kilometres of roads out of the 500 kilometres scheduled for rehabilitation and upgrading across the state. Some of the roads already completed include Agbowu/Ogbaagbaa-Idiroko-Eleru-Bode-Osi, Bode-Osi Township to Asa junction to Dagbolu-Ajagunlase, Eeleke-Kanko-Telemu and Kanko. Others include Agoro-Ikonifin-Sadeto Ajagunlaase, Akinleye-AbaAyo-Isero, Pataara-Ileko-Oba-Odo-Omi-Farm settlement road 1 and farm settlement spur, totaling 59 kilometres which are all located in Iwo Federal Constituency.

The agency has also completed the construction and rehabilitation of 50 kilometres of rural roads in Ife Federal Constituency covering over seven villages within the routes of Lawoka, Idiahun, Aagbala, Ifegunle, Elewa, Apoje, Elewaa, Ife Tutun and Owena. This area are known for their richness in the production of both cash crops and food that enhance the living standard of the farmers  in the area. These communities were known to have been cut off from the market as a result of inaccessibility over a long period, forcing many to abandon farming and relocate to other urban areas in the constituency until the recent intervention of the government.

Most of the farmers in the area have commended the singular effort of ORAMP in opening the areas to the market and reducing the rate at which they suffer losses from wasted farm produce.

In Ilesa Federal Constituency, about twenty communities have been successfully linked to major roads in the area thereby facilitating access to urban areas, either for the purpose of agricultural, economic or social activities. Besides, some of the roads do not only serve farmers purpose, they are also emergency route during health situations.

The communities that benefitted from the first phase of the project in the federal constituency are Ilesa, Odogbo, Araromi, Ilo-Olomo, Ira, Ikeji-Ile, Arakeji, Araromi, Alagbe, Ibete and Orisunbare.

Others include, Ilesa, Muroko, Ilaa, Isolo, Okebode, Iwara, Asukuru, Odogbo and Isale General in Ilesa town and the total length is 50 kilometres.

Similarly, the administration also intervened in the construction of numbers of roads across the state to facilitate vehicular and human movement both inter and intra state to boost economic activities in both the rural and urban centres. Some of the roads in this class include; Iwo-Pataara road, Esa-Oke-Esa-Odo Farm settlement, Mokore Farm Settlement road, Orile-Owu/Ago-Owu Farm Settlement road, Idiroko-Akinleye Farm Settlement road, Farmers’ Plank Market road, Aato-Ayegunle-Ilawo road, Alaguntan Forest reserve Road, Ita-Oni-Onikoko road, Erin-Oke, QIIP Farm Road, Kuta, Okinni-Igbokiti O-Fish Farm Road, Asawo-sola Alusekere Road, Fashina-Agbagba-Adekanye-Osu Road, and OAU Road 7-Surulere Qrts-Ilesa Road and reconstruction and reclamation of Olufi Market in Gbongan.

Other markets that benefitted from the scheme are New MDS Market in Osogbo, Building Materials Market, Yam Market, Neighbourhood Market. Other roads in this category are Ajebandele-Fadehan-Lagata, Oba Sijuade Road, grading of Iyanfoworogi-Orinsunbare-Ajobo Junction and Aba Apa, Babasuwe Junction-Esa-Odo and the construction of Idi-Ore River Bridge.

Also, in the area of construction of bridges and river crossings, this administration blazed the trail by ensuring that communities that have been cut off from the rest of the state are reconnected to one another through this linkable roads. Many of the dwellers did not believe they could be reconnected to the socio-economic activities in the major towns considering the rate at which many urban centres crave for government attention.

However, the ORAMP management worked wonders by ensuring that even in the midst of paucity of funds, rural dwellers are also catered for and economic activities reawakened in the respective enclaves. Some of the benefiting communities are; Elewonta  river on Oke-Ola Elewonta road, Ohun river on Dabongbon Along Ago-Owu Farm settlement , Oke-Afo/ Alawe stream on Oke-Afo- Oluponna road, Olomu stream  on Fidiwo/Funmilayo road, Eyin-Ade stream at Okuta Aje Area, Osese River and Aatan stream along Koko road at Polytechnic road, Obuke River at Olukesi farm.

The agency did not stop at the named communities, it also extended its services to many rural isolated towns like;  Ejeo River, Ipon stream Agbelejere Road on Oyan- Otan Ayegbanju road, Owere River, Gbalefefe stream, Isule River at Oke-Aho, Ata River, Ogbaagbaa River, Alabakan River, Alakaso River, Oroki River along Otan-Ile – Ipetu-Ile Road, Oriki River along Otan-Ile –Igbajo road and  Asejere River along promised land.

Other benefiting communities are; Power line River along Oke-Odo, Olojo stream at Olojo Farm linking Aroko and Ilupeju communities, Omi River on Masifa- Isundunrin road, Shasha bridge, Opa river at Opa-Odunanin village on Doya –Akinola Road, Oyi adunni river, Oyile bridge on Oyile River.

Since the completion of these projects, it has brought about positive impact on the communities and its dwellers, both socially and economically. The state agricultural sector has recorded tremendous increase in output as more farm produce get to the urban markets on time and there is reduction in the cost of transporting the produce. It also reduces travelling time between these communities, especially those that are bounded by rivers, as travelers do not have to find their ways against the rivers through neighbouring communities.

The ORAMP initiative has also help to eliminate the middle-man concept thereby giving farmers the power of bargain as they now deal with buyers directly and this singular act has increased the income of the farmers. It also created job for the youth in the areas, as there are different community-driven programmes created to ensure the maintenance of these roads. The scheme engages youth in the community and as a result, reduces restlessness among them.

In the area of social development, the ORAMP scheme has increase land values in all the communities where the projects were executed , while the literacy level in the areas have also increased as a result of more social interaction between and among the migrating populace.

According to the project coordinator of O-RAMP, Engineer Adelere Oriolowo, the agency is able to perform to this level as a result of the high level support received from Governor Rauf Aregbesola through regular payment of its counterpart-fund and ensuring capacity building for staffers of the agency without defaulting on the provisions of donor partners.


Osun: Preparing For The Future

Two significant events took place in the State of Osun this week. Both of them indicates a forward thrust to lay strong foundations in the state. The initiatives are interlocking and in this way a synergy is being created here into a critical mass.

The first initiative is the signing by the Osun Produce Board (OPB) of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke in order to boost commercial agriculture in the state of Osun through advance Technology. As the Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of the Osun produce board, Dr Yemi Adegoke pointed out during the signing, “… the MOU is in line with the vision of the present government led by Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola to boost agricultural production and improve the income for all that are involved in the agriculture value chain”.

Very well stated by Dr Adegoke, for it is absolutely critical in the process of modernisation leading to industrialization that there must be an upliftment of the process from subsistence to commercial farming. This is the only way to revitalise a stagnant rural economy and uplift the living standards of farmers. Involving the Osun State College of Technology, Esa Oke is also very important. For the transition to commercial farming must be focused on technology and research which the institution is eminently suited to provide. The synergy will be decisive.

The modernisation of Agriculture will certainly be decisive for the state to meet the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) target of N10 billion monthly proposed by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. Modernizing agriculture means that the State of Osun will be operating on the framework of the State of Iowa In the United States. The comparison is important. Iowa is a very successful economic example. It does not have the[minerial] resource base of much larger Texas, the technology industries of California or New York’s turbo-charged financial services industries.

Nevertheless, Iowa is a sterling success story. The state has leveraged its highly developed agriculture through technology, research and cutting edge commodities exchange mechanisms to provide very high living standards for its citizens. Osun must look at the Iowa model as well as the Cooperative model of The Netherlands. It is astonishing that the Netherlands with less than a third of the landmass of our own Niger state, consistently exports over $100 billion worth of Semi-processed and processed agricultural commodities a year. For Osun this is the way to go.

Ogbeni is absolutely correct to point the way forward. Osun must build on the framework of taxation as the way forward to sustainable development. In his words –”So we must henceforth let the people of Osun know that if Lagos could earn N41.7 billion as IGR every month, then it will unthinkable and irresponsible for Osun not to strive to make N4.1billion every month.

“That is what we need. It is the least we can work on. So by 2028 if Osun must be modern, we must have capacity to generate N10 billion monthly.

“So, the communiqué of this workshop must develop the capacity to support the state in its quest for development in practical term that will make Osun one of the best, economically viable in Nigeria”, Aregbesola told the gathering.

He added, “The reason for this summit is on how Osun will be in 2028. We must through this summit, acquire capacity to be able to fashion out ways of improving our revenue base because one thing we cannot deny is the economy fact that in 10 years to come, there will be no economic value for crude oil.

“We must also be conscious of the future population explosion in whatever economy we are planning by educating the people against the effects of reckless procreation because if we failed to take the bull by the horn, the present population in the country would have risen to 200million with similar effect on each state of the federation in 10 years time.

“Thus, we must aggressively pursue local production on our own to overcome unemployment and the consequences of it, otherwise, we will still be facing challenges”.

This is the incontrovertible roadmap for the future. The political will as well as the robust resolve is clearly there. What will be vital for the future of another generation is to ensure the continuity of this laudable objective by electing a progressive government on the 22nd September, 2018 to continue this framework. All hands must be on deck to achieve this.

Osun 2018: Akande Debunks Crack Rumours In APC

By Ismaeel Uthman

A former governor of the State of Osun, Chief Adebisi Akande has stated that the aspiration of some members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to succeed Governor Rauf Aregbesola does not amount to crack or clashes in the party.

According to Akande, the expression of ambition to become something in a political system is habitual and should not be misconceived to be a clash or division in the party.

The first Interim National Chairman of the APC made the statement in his country home, Ila-Orangun on Tuesday at a press conference as part of the activities to mark his 79th birthday.

Answering question on what the September 22, 2018 governorship election in the state would look like, Akande said: “I am an Osun man and I know that there is clamour, not clashes; there are people expressing ambition, and there is nothing wrong in that, and I don’t see wanting to become something mean cracks in a political party.

“The only thing is that many of the people wanting to become what, whether counselor, governor, commissioner, member of the assembly or even president, must not have it in mind that you are going there to trade.

“If you are going there to trade, you are going to end up liquidated. But if you are going there to serve genuinely, definitely, you will be successful.”

Speaking on national issues, Akande condemned the current presidential system of government in the country, just as he made case for parliamentary form of government.

Akande who said the presidential system of government could no longer sustain Nigeria’s growth and success, noted that it was difficult for President Muhammadu Buhari to run a successful government with the system in place.

“President Buhari is my friend and I want him to succeed but he is running a difficult system of government.

“Nigeria’s democracy is a military democracy of sharing and if we continue like this, there is no how we can succeed.

“Up to this present age, evidence based analysis has proven parliamentary democracy to be the most accountable and transparent form of government in the whole world.”

Instead of the presidential, Akande made case for  multi-party parliamentary democracy, describing it as the best form of government for Nigeria if it wants to catch up with the rest of the civilised world.

He said that the American democratic system was too complicated and costly for a country of poor people with large illiteracy rate like Nigeria.

According to him, the Nigerian nation is currently running a difficult government under an unworkable setup.

He said: “The system is unworkable. Any law under any unworkable constitution is a bad law. They are doing a difficult thing under a very bad system. So long we continue with this form of system, Nigeria will not succeed.”

Akande who also faulted centralisation of power at the federal, insisted that police must be decentralised.

Listing countries like Isreal, UK, India and others that have succeeded with the parliamentary system, he said: “Apart from being transparent and very accountable, parliamentary democracy is absolutely inclusive. Therefore, it appears to be the best form of governmental structure for Nigeria now.

“Multi-party parliamentary democracy is the best form of government that is left available for Nigeria, if it wants to catch up with the rest of the civilised and rapidly developing world in the next decades before oil revenues will no longer be in vogue.”


Osun Produce Board Signs MoU With OSCOTECH On Commercial Agriculture

By Shina Abubakar

In order to boost commercial agriculture in the State of Osun through advance technology, the State Produce Board (OPB) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke.

The deal was sealed at the Conference Hall of the institution on Tuesday between  the management of Osun Produce Board led by the Executive Vice-Chairman and CEO, Dr Yemi Adegoke and Osun State College of Technology Governing Council led by the Council Chairman, Professor Layi Fagbenle.

Speaking during the event, the Executive Vice-Chairman of the board, Dr Yemi Adegoke hinted that the signing of the MoU was in line with the vision of the present Government led by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola to boost agricultural production and improve the income for  all  stakeholders in the sector.

Dr Adegoke explained that to achieve the government’s target and vision , it is therefore important to move  away from over 3000 years primitive and subsistence farming method which requires the use of hoes and cutlasses only,  to Mechanised and Commercial farming method which is the only alternative to change the poor condition of farmers and consumers.

He maintained that OSCOTECH, Esa Oke and all other state-owned tertiary institutions are blessed with both human and material resources needed to improve farming method, urging the institutions to establish Commercial Farms, Technology, Research and Demonstration Farms and engage in production of Herbs.

He noted that this will make them a leading light capable of competing with other institutions around the World.

He promised that the Produce Board and Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security will give the institutions all necessary technical support needed to execute the content in the MoU, in order to achieve the target result within a limited period.

In his brief remarks, the College’s Council Chairman, Professor Layi Fagbenle acknowledged that the vision of the government of the State of Osun is a good one and expressed optimism that it will come to reality.

Prof Fagbenle stressed that Nigeria and West Africa sub-region are blessed with fertile agricultural land, good weather and human materials.

He therefore promised that the institution will cue-in and make the vision a reality.

Also speaking, the Acting Rector, Dr Samson Adegoke who described the signing of MoU as a good sign of good thing for the institution, said it is prepared for the task ahead, especially now that it has a department of Agricultural Engineering.

Osun Begins Electronic Time Management System In Public Service

In a bid to further enhance service delivery and productivity in Osun Public Service, the State Government has begun the test running of the electronic time management system in five selected MDAs.

The test run which is expected to last for 8 working days is currently taking place in the Ministry of Finance; Education; Agriculture and Food Security; Innovation Science and Technology and the Ministry of Human Resources and Capacity Building.

This is contained in a release from the Office of State and Local Government Reform Project (SLOGOR), signed by its communication officer, Mr Oni Olugbenga.

According to the release, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has made it clear through his GREEN BOOK of his intention to reform the entire Osun public service for better productivity without sacking any worker.

The statement also made it clear that the current reform going on in the public service which include the introduction of time management system was not to witch hunt any worker but to improve on efficiency and discipline which is the hallmark of the present administration.

The statement therefore urged workers to go about their normal duties with diligence and the mind set of contributing their quota to the growth and development of the State.

Osun APC Greets Akande At 79

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State of Osun has congratulated Chief Adebisi Akande as he celebrates his 79th birthday.

A statement issued by the party’s Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Barr. Kunle Oyatomi disclosed that the APC joined families and friends to honour the great leader and use the occasion to also celebrate some of his grand achievements.

“It is to the credit of Papa Akande that APC was nursed until it was given birth to in 2013. We had to depend on his wisdom and political sagacity in putting together parties of different orientations into one cohesive family that we are today.

“Besides, we celebrate his uncommon wisdom, which was not appreciated by some,  at the time he was governor, in placing this state in a firm foundation administratively.

“Also Pa Akande will be treasured for his statemanship which cuts across party lines and has brought him to the forefront of national leadership.

“As he turns 79 last Tuesday, the party wished him many more glorious years of selfless service to the state of Osun and the country in general”, the statement reads.


Osun Speaker Charges Members On Selfless Service

The Speaker of the state parliament of Osun, Honourable Najeem Salaam has disclosed that the present House of Assembly would strive to bequeath a good legacy that would surpass it tenure.

He stated this on Monday while speaking at the annual inter-religious service prayer organised by the House of Assembly to usher in the New Year at the Assembly Complex in the State capital.

Salaam appreciated the lawmakers and staffers of the House of Assembly for their support and steadfastness in the past year and urged them to always be committed.

He thanked members and the entire workers for their cooperation and tolerance for years.

In his speech titled: “Year of multiplication blessing”; the lawmaker stressed on the need to sacrifice for the state, urging his colleagues to strive towards leaving a good legacy that would outlive individual lawmakers.

While charging them on the need for unity and cooperation towards enhancing better legislation, he advises the politicians to let the progress of the state be their watchword in all activities.

While disclosing that internet facilities will soon be installed in the Assembly to aid parliamentary proceedings, he charged staff members to maintain discipline and be dedicated to their work for the progress of the state.

In their separate sermons, the Chief Imam of the Assembly Mosque, Sheik Abudulfatai Afolabi and the Chapel’s Chaplin, Pastor Muyiwa Ayeni urged the lawmakers and staff to fear God utmostly in their dealings in government businesses and in their personal dealings.

Honourable Akinloye Ajibola, Bosun Oyintiloye and Akintunde Adegboye prayed for peace in the State of Osun House Assembly, Osun and Nigeria respectively.

The occasion was also used to present Awards to distinguished staff member of the House of Assembly and the House of Assembly Service Commission for 2017.

In his closing remarks, the leader of the parliament, Hon. Timothy Owoeye appreciated all honourable members and staff for their positive attitude to work and for success of the entire Assembly.


Local Govt. Poll: OSIEC Charges Stakeholders To Shun Malpractices

By Israel Afolabi

Osun Independent Electoral Commission (OSIEC) has advised the people of the state to shun electoral malpractices during the forthcoming local government election in the state.

The chairman of the commission, Otunba Segun Oladitan gave the charge at a two-day training workshop for electoral officers, Assistant Presiding Officers and OSIEC staff at the Fakunle Unity school Hall, Osogbo.

The workshop was tagged: “Towards Osun State Local Government Election: Updating Knowledge in Treads and Dynamic of Grassroot Election Management and Administration”.

He said the aim of the workshop was to update knowledge in trends for grassroots election, saying the state will hold the most acceptable poll for all stakeholders.

According to him, “by God’s grace local government election shall hold in Osun coming January 27th 2018, because there must be democratically elected people at the grass root in the state”.

He advised the trainees to do things in a proper was for credibility purpose.

He said, “OSIEC is not representing Osun State government but OSIEC is representing the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that is why it is the people that will make it effective”.

He then warned the trainees to shun partisanship because it is a call to duty.

He added that almost 18 political parties will participate in that election and urged people of osun to come out and cast their votes.

According to him, “those who have PVC only should come and participate in the election”.


Traders Defy Govt’s Market Relocation Order

By Israel Afolabi and Abdullahi Omotayo

Traders in the Akindeko Market, Alekuwodo Area, Osogbo, Osun State capital have defied the order of the state government, particularly the State House of Assembly that the market should be relocated to a new location.

While the government insisted that the market should be relocated to a new location assigned for it at Awosuru Area, with a view to ensuring the safety of the traders who are trading on the roadside, the traders have insisted that the original location was more preferable.

It would be recalled that the State House of Assembly has issued an order mandating the traders to relocate to the newly established market, latest by December 15, 2017, an ultimatum which has lapsed.

The order of the parliament was in pursuant to a meeting held with market men and women, officials of the state government and representatives of the Osogbo West Local Council Development Area (LCDA) the host local government of the market.

When OSUN DEFENDER team visited the Akindeko market during the week, though, the Executive members of the market, including the Iyaloja declined to speak with the medium, but some of the traders individually said that they were not ready to move to the new location.

A trader, who pleaded anonimity said, the traders were more comfortable in Akindeko, instead of the new location assigned for theny by the government, saying, “We are not moving to anywhere”.

“In fact, we are not aware of any relocation order by the government to Awosuru. There is no reason why we should be asked to move to where there are no commercial activities”.

Another trader also said that though, they are aware that there was an order that they should move to Awosuru, but it would take time for such order to take effect, saying that the traders were already entrenched in the old location.

He said: “If we should move to that market now where there are no structures in place, it would definitely affect our commercial activities, meaning that we will be at the receiving end”.

A member of the State House of Assembly Committee on Commerce, Cooperatives and Empowerment, Israel Aloba in reaction to the traders’ position further appealed that the traders should respect the gentleman agreement reached with the government over the relocation order.

According to him, the traders should understand that the essence of the order for the relocation was to ensure the security of lives and properties of the traders, expand the economic base of the state and make the marketers more comfortable in the course of their business transactions.

“It is not an excuse to say that they will not move because there were no commercial activities there. The truth is that there cannot be since they have not started trading there, it is when they start trading at the new location that they will realise that the government means well for them.

“The traders should realise that they are our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and we will not do anything that would jeopardise their commercial activities, hence, the need for them to respect the constituted authority and yield to the order for the benefit of all”, he said.

Osun Needs N10bn Revenue Monthly To Survive

By Kehinde Ayantunji

The Governor of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has charged the leadership of Ministries, Agencies and Departments (MDAs) and other government parastatals in the state to work hard and raise the revenue needed for the development of the state.

Aregbesola said for the state to survive economically and continue on the ongoing infrastructural development, all hands must be on deck to raise the state’s Internally Generated Revenue from its average N500million to N4.1billion on monthly basis.

The Governor made this disclosure at Royal Park Hotel, Iloko-Ijesa while declaring open, a 5-day Envisioning/Capacity Building Workshop on the Ten Years State Development Plan organised by the State Ministry of Economic Planning, Budget and Development.

Aregbesola called on the people of the state to begin to look inward and imbibe the culture of being truthful to their civic responsibilities of paying tax to government.

He held that  for the 10-year proposed Economic Development Plan to be realised, Osun must earn before the expiration of his administration at least N4.1billion every month.

Aregbesola told the gathering to use the opportunity of the workshop to develop for the state, a development agenda that will make Osun a virile, viable and successful state in Nigeria.

According to him, “In your course of planning in respect of this workshop, Osun must at least target N10billion IGR in the next ten years.

“Osun must earn before the expiration of this administration at least N4.1billion as monthly IGR, it is not as difficult as we think but we must apply our senses to it.

“If we really want to build a prosperous state as we aspired, we must pay our taxes, God doesn’t support idleness, laziness and indolence, so we must work to meet our personal needs and give to government what is due to it.

“So, we must also use the opportunity of this gathering to develop and provide for our state, a development agenda that will make it a virile, viable and successful state in Nigeria.

“If Lagos earned N503.7 billion in 2017 as Internally Generated Revenue, as being claimed by its government, it means that Lagos generated N41.7  billion for every month of the 12 months of 2017, therefore, we must struggle to get IGR capacity of N4.1 billion which is 10 per cent of what Lagos generates every month before we exit.

“So we must henceforth let the people of Osun know that if Lagos could earn N41.7 billion as IGR every month, then it is unthinkable and irresponsible for Osun not to strive to make N4.1billion every month.

“That is what we need. It is the least we can work on. By 2028, if Osun must be modern, thus we must have capacity to generate N10 billion monthly.

“So, the communique of this workshop must develop the capacity to support the state in its quest for development in practical terms and to make Osun one of the best economically viable in Nigeria”, Aregbesola told the gathering.

“We must also be conscious of the future population explosion in whatever economy we are planning by educating the people against the effects of reckless procreation because if we fail to take the bull by the horn, the present population in the country would have risen to 200million with similar effect on each state of the federation in ten years time.

“Thus, we must aggressively pursue local production on our own to overcome unemployment and its consequences, otherwise, we will still be facing challenges.

“In Osun, we have made little infrastructural development and if that doesn’t continue, then it will be difficult to traverse the state. These are the practical issues that we need to bother about regarding worthy successor.

“As we can all see, in ten years time, there will be no allocation from anywhere, thus, we must support our people to develop their potential to work efficiently so as to enrich themselves and key into what to give to government to run the state”.

Earlier in his welcome address, Osun Commissioner for Economic Planning, Budget and Development, Dr. Olalekan Yinusa  said

that the state development plan is expected to be a public document that will enumerate Osun overarching policy position.

He added that the state development plan will go a long way in highlighting the enduring legacies of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola’s administration which will be leveraged on and sustained by incoming administrations in the state.

He said, ”The preparation process of Osun 10-year State Development Plan will be participatory and inclusive of all relevant stakeholders such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs); Community Based Organisations (CBOs), organised Private sectors (OPS), opposition political parties in the state of Osun amongst others.

“I want to challenge everybody here present to see himself or herself as being privileged to be part of this historic effort of creating a new future for our state. We must rise to the challenge of contributing ideas, time and other resources towards this all important project of creating a new future that is built on shared prosperity, productivity, efficiency and due process.

“A future where everybody is alive to his or her responsibilities, a future that promotes and celebrates excellence, diligence, commitment, nobility of character and hardwork and a future that guarantees basic needs of life”.

In his remarks, the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola,  said the workshop will provide  a platform for equipping the people of Osun with the necessary skills required for the actualisation of sustainable 10-years development plan.

Oyetola held that the Strategic Master Plan through the summit is capable of bequeathing a solid foundation for all round development in the various sectors of the state.

Tension in Ile Ife As Police Arrest Man For Stealing Laptops, Phones

By Sodiq Lawal

There was a little pandemonium on Tuesday afternoon at the ever busy Mayfair road in Ile Ife, State of Osun as police arrested a 25- year- old man popular identify as Adex for stealing laptops and phones in the area.

According to an eye witness, Mr Adeola Adeleke said the suspect was arrested for stealing seven mobile phones and two laptops belonging to one Mr Ayokunle Oderemi who sells phone and laptop accessories at Mayfair road in the ancient city.

Adeleke said the suspect entered into the shop of the owner of the phones and laptops, beat him to stupor before he was caught by some angry youths in the area when he was running away.

It was learnt that the angry youths stripped the suspect naked and beat him mercilessly before he was hand over to the police.

Also, the angry youths beat a camera man to stupor for trying to snap the incident.

Residents of the area were seen lamenting over incessant stealing of phones, laptops and other valuable items by an unknown individuals.

As at press time, normalcy has been restored to the area as the men of the police force were seen trying to maintain peace.