May Day: Aregbesola Approves Promotion, Confirmation, Conversion Of Workers

By Kehinde Ayantunji

The Governor of the state of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola on Tuesday announced the approval of promotion, confirmation and conversion for the state workers in the state and promised the workers to produce a successor that will be workers-friendly.

Governor Aregbesola described Osun workers as partners in progress who have sacrificed their comfort for the development of the state and urged them to extend the same support to his successor.

Aregbesola made the declaration while addressing workers during this year May Day Celebration held at Osogbo city stadium

The governor commended the workers for their support and hardwork which assisted his administration in achieving infrastructure feats  in the first two years of his second term when he could not appoint cabinet members as a result of paucity of funds.

Aregbesola urged the workers to be more committed to the principle of anonymity, impartiality and objectivity.

He said, “What is expected of you is dedication and commitment to the objective of governance; as civil servant, it is your duty to serve the people, all political appointees will be leaving within a short time, it is only the civil servants that have permanent seats in governance.

“Despite the paucity of fund, we have demonstrated unprecedented commitment to the welfare of the workers.  Up till today it is Osun, Lagos, Niger and Rivers that have been sustaining insurance policy for workers, the money is not available, but we have to strive hard in fulfilling the obligation”, Aregbesola said.

He added that his administration appointed 9 Headmaster General in the state and urged the workers to work hard in generating surplus that would be enough to cater for better wages.

According to him, the state government can pay N100,000 minimum wage if there is means but in the circumstances of lack of fund, it would be practically impossible, saying the only alternative to better remuneration is internal revenue.

Aregbesola also announced that his administration is in support of the clamour for a new minimum wage, adding that his administration has put machinery in place to engage the workers on the new minimum wage.

Speaking earlier, the State Chairman Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Jacob Adekomi said Governor Aregbesola has changed the architecture of the state through massive infrastructural development.

He commended the governor for not disengaging workers despite the economic recession that imposed financial burden on the government and urged the governor to double his efforts in improving the welfare of the workers, adding that the workers have sacrificed more than enough for the government.

Dignitaries at this year May Day programme includes the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola: Secretary to the state Government, Alhaji  Moshood Adeoti; Head of Service Olowogboyega Oyeboade; Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Adelani Baderinwa among others.

May Day: Without Workers, There Is No Government – Aregbesola

By Nofisat Marindoti 

Governor, State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, has stated that the civil service is an integral part of government whose functions cannot be over emphasized.

The Governor said ths during the 2018 May Day celebration for workers in the State on Tuesday.

According to him, “Without workers, there can be no government, it is inconceivable that any government can function without workers. I salute the civil service, it is the most viable instrument for implementing government programmes. I thank you and appreciate your support, loyalty, sacrifices and steadfastness. I salute every worker in the State of Osun.

“Our programmes have only been made possible with the support of the workers and I urge you to work with my successor too. Government come and go but the civil service remains. I urge you to support the government.

“You are the civil service, your duty is to service the people. As hard as it has been, very few government can compare with us. Only four States in the federation have good insurance scheme for workers and Osun is one of the States. We take issues of the workers very seriously. Our aim is to satisfy our workers.”

Aregbesola also revealed that plans are ongoing to increase the workers minimum wage, adding that workers in the State would also be promoted when due.

“Workers will now be promoted and moved to the next level as at when due, we will also increase the minimum wage but I urge the workers to be productive too, each person must have surplus and support the government by paying taxes, levies and rates. What we have been doing in the past years is to spend the money we did not earn.”he added.

In their separate addresses, the Chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, State of Osun Chapter, Comrade Jacob Adekomi and the Chairman of Trade Union Congress, TUC, Comrade Adekola Adebowale, appreciated the Governor’s kindness towards the workers.

They added that the Governor has been able to achieve great things in the State through the help of the workers.

Highlights of the event included match past from the civil servants in various sectors.

Osun Workers’ Interest Captured In 2018 Budget

By Israel Afolabi

The State government of Osun would fulfill its promises to the civil servants as their interest has been captured in the 2018 appropriation bill under consideration in the House of Assembly.

Chairman, House Committee on Finance and Appropriation, Hon. Kamil Oyedele gave the assurance at the ongoing Budget estimate defence exercise by government agencies in the state Assembly Complex Osogbo.

Oyedele charged the agencies to be more proactive as the 2018 appropriation bill would be revenue-driven and urged all the ministries and agencies to submit their revenue work plan, so the House of Assembly would be acquainted with their challenges with a view of assisting them.

He also directed the relevant agencies who have not resolved their audit query to see the state Auditor-General, as he stated commitment to work on their cases after the budget exercise.

He gave the assurance that Government would not renege on its promise to civil servants as their various interests have been catered for in the 2018 appropriation bill.

Oyedele also urged all the ministries and agencies to continue to cooperate with the state government so as to achieve the desired objectives.

Meanwhile, other lawmakers in their separate contributions stressed the need for Government agencies to synergise and work together in the common interest of the state.

Some other agencies of government ministries and institutions that have appeared before the House of Assembly include; the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology N226,505,770, Ministry of Education N11,550,327,400 and Auditor General of State N123,170,740 while Osun produce department also defended its budget estimate of N129,745,147.

Others are; Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security with budget estimate of N5,081,836,322, Osun State Agriculture Development Cooperation (OSSADEC) N121,938,830, Osun State Agriculture Development Programme (OSSADEP) N276,374,890, Civil Service Commission N87,442,990 and Ministry of Human Resources and Capacity Building N407,696,540.

Osun Modulated Salary: What Is New? What Has Changed? Why It Matters? By Inwalomhe Donald

With the gale of retrenchment sweeping through the private sector, public workers were not smiling either, as they were variously owed months of salary, while others were apprehensive of the likelihood of wage cuts.

Many states were facing a hard time meeting salary obligations since the slide in oil prices, a development that led to about 60 per cent cut in allocations from the Federation Account.

Osun embarked on modulated salary of 28 percent of its workforce to prevent mass retrenchment of its workers. Modulated salary saved Osun workers from mass retrenchment, a policy put together by Governor Aregbesola as a kind of rescue package.

Aregbesola used modulated salary to show his commitment to his contract and the future of Osun workers. He used modulated salary to save jobs in Osun and help the workers instead of reducing the workforce.
The Osun government used modulated salary to save jobs and pay wages of workers that would have be sacked.

The government used modulated salary to get a settlement and a guarantee of wages of the workforce in Osun. Modulated salary was the policy instrument that saved the workers’ jobs in Osun. Modulated salary was not half salary.

The report by some groups in Osun is a clear attempt to malign Governor Rauf Aregbesola and paint the state government as deliberately paying Half Salary. It is only a section of workers on grade level 13 and above that receives painfully 50 per cent of their salaries based on agreement between the government and the labour unions. Outside that category of workers on grade level 13 and above, no other receives half of his or her salaries and the workers in this category are just about 20 per cent of the state’s workforce. Workers on levels 8-12 receive 75 percent of their salaries while officers on levels 7 and below receive their full pay.

Only 28 per cent of the state’s total workforce received modulated salary, and that the remaining 72 per cent of the workers have been earning their full salary and are not being owed any outstanding salaries. 28 per cent of Osun civil servants have endured modulated salaries. These are the 20 per cent who earn 75 per cent of their monthly pay and the eight per cent who collect 50 per cent of their salary.

“The remaining 72 per cent, as you all know, have been earning their full pay and are not being owed any outstanding salaries, irrespective of the spin being given to this by our traducers. Even at that, we must thank everyone for the sacrifice you have all made in other areas.

28 percent of civil servants in Osun State in the employment of the state government under the leadership of Governor Rauf Aregbesola began to receive payment of full salary for the month of December 2017.

Government workers and their dependents in the State of Osun constitutes only 3 per cent of the entire population adding that governance should not be reduced to paying salaries. The percentage of the civil servants is 1 percent and their dependants are 2 per cent of the population of the State.

So, if you also consider the 97 percent of the society, Aregbesola administration has succeeded amazingly.”

The society is the totality of the people, civil servants and the large population. “The roads constructed by the government will be enjoyed by all, civil servants inclusive. The drainages being constructed will equally save civil servants and many from troubles, the security system we are improving upon to ensure that lives and properties are protected will also be enjoy from it.

Do not reduce governance to paying salaries.” “No reasonable government will like to make life miserable for anybody. The essence of government is compassion not for a group but for all. Government primary goal is to be concern about the well-being of the people.”

Within the seven years of the government of Rauf Aregbesola, a whopping N200 billion was spent on payments of salaries, allowances and pensions while a relatively paltry sum of N60billion naira went into infrastructure, or what we call capital projects.

This translates to 77 per cent to 23 per cent respectively. The reverse should have been the case. No nation develops this way and it is so sad. So, when people falsely declare that Osun government is building infrastructures to the detriment of workers’ welfare, it is laughable.

The modulated salary structure adopted by the State of Osun became a child of necessity in July 2015. It is a survival strategy for a State that had been long neglected in infrastructure development but recently took a deliberate decision to rapidly develop the State.

Well, soon the reality of the bad economic situation and some not well thought through policies crept in on everyone in the second half of 2015. Prior to this period however, the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola had introduced and paid the 13th month bonus to workers for the first time in the history of the State as a gesture to motivate the public service workers and make them partners in the development of the State.

Let us examine the facts:

1. *GL 1-7* constitute *72%* of the workforce.

2. These *72%* are paid *100%* of their salaries and have been paid up till November 2017. _*Not a dime
is owed this group which are the most vulnerable in any society.*_

3. *GL 8-12* constitute *20%* of the workforce.

4. These *20%* are paid *75%* of their salaries and have been paid up till November 2017.

5. *GL 13* and above constitute *8%* of the workforce.

6. These *8%* are paid *50%* of their salaries and have been paid up till November 2017. _*These are the
leaders in the State.*_ _*Please note that in this category are ALL political appointees.*_

It is important to highlight that *28% of the workforce account for more than 50% of the wagebill.* This
is however understandable when you plot that against the Pareto principle.

Modulated salary structure became a painful child of necessity in *July 2015.* Up until then full salaries were paid to all categories of workers, leave bonuses were paid promptly and pensions were never delayed.

Now, lets look at these figures which were captured in nearest absolute decimal numbers:

Prior to November 2010 when Ogbeni Rauf became Governor, the *average IGR was less than N400m.

The implication of this is that wage bill alone in the period under review constitutes *85.85% of Gross Total Revenue.*

The massive investment in infrastructure is a strategy towards jump starting the economy of the state.
There is no doubt that the workers of the State have made huge sacrifice towards the huge transformation going on across the State. History will be kind to them. It’s been tough for the administration of Ogbeni Rauf.

He’s been able to make omelette without breaking an egg with the support of workers. It is important that this support is sustained in the interest of the State. We are almost there. The darkest part of the night is just before dawn.

This is not the time for labour unrest in the State on something that is a compromise the Government had to make against the more rational option of cutting its coat according to the size of its cloth.

Inwalomhe Donald writes from Okpella, Edo State [email protected]

(LETTER TO THE EDITOR) Strike: Osun Workers And Their Commendable Magnanimity

The State of Osun workers’ bodies and their resolution to suspend the strike they recently embarked on is worthy of commendation as it portrays how wonderful, patriotic, dutiful, and sensitive they are. The horrors of the strike would have negatively affected the youthful infrastructure, welfarism, meaningful revolution currently going on in the state.

The cynical dreams and hopes of mediocres were dashed as their expectations that the strike would collapse the Rauf administration’s green revolution and last for at least the next eleven (11) months crushed the crushers.

When late Chief Obafemi Awolowo ruggedly carried out similar socio-economic liberation in the old Western Region, he did not carry the windfalls to Ikenne or to his family backyard.

When Chief Bisi Akande blessed the Osun State with state-of-heart edifice Secretariat at Abere, he did not carry the outputs and the blessings to Ila-Orangun or to his family house.

Today, the two are legends of rare humanity and breeds both in Nigeria and Africa.

Therefore, we need to appreciate the courage of this Ijesa-born and welfarism infrastructural revolutionist for his sterling leadership quality, his strength and ability to turn Osun from crawling state to a flying and blossoming economy; hardly experienced in any state of the federation.

We members of “KOLAPO AGBELE TRUST FUND FOUNDATION (KATRUF)” a newly formed NGO from Atakunmosa West Local Government hereby epitomised the level of understanding of these entire patriotic workers, their sterling leadership bodies that suspended the strike at this stage and time Nigeria is passing through the cloud of dust.

There can be no development without sacrifices and pains. All we need rest on patience, cooperation, courage and endurance to cross the shaky bridge of doom. There is a step further, which is their endurance till the very end.

The current level of growth and development in Osun is far beyond the intelligent scope of power hustlers and mediocres.

And the kind of journey in Osun is not globally new for advanced countries like Japan, South Korea, India etc. that had passed through similar problems in their unending ventures to become a globally admired state today.

We need to give Ogbeni wholesome gratitude which is the best attitude for his sterling performance instead of abuses by the cynical critiques that are not potentially gifted to build but are only blessed to destroy.

Let us join hands to build a “New State of Osun,” where exists beautiful hope for future leaders, generation to generation.

The state government should please abide by the agreement reached with union leaders without any minus.

It is the rightful steps to usher in hope, peace, sanity and continuous progress in the New Year 2018.

Osun Workers Rejoice After Receipt Of Full December Salary

There was a positive change of mood among the categories of civil servants in the service of the Osun government who have been receiving Modulated Salaries since 2016 on Wednesday, as they began to receive payment of full salary for the month of December 2018.

This was in pursuance to the agreement the state government reached with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Joint Negotiation Council (JNC) prior to the suspension of the strike action workers embarked on in late December.

Some of the workers were sighted jubilating and commending the state government, particularly the Governor, Rauf Aregbesola for standing by the agreement with the labour unions and fulfilling the promise to pay full salary for the month of December 2017.

The workers confirmed the receipt of bank alerts for their full salary’s payment.

It would be recalled that since the economic crisis that hit the states of the federation began, workers on level 1-7 have been receiving full payment, level 8-10 receiving 75 per cent, while level 12 and above as well as political office holders have been receiving 50 per cent of their pay.

The modulated salary arrangement was in line with the agreement with the labour unions as a viable alternative to the retrenchment of workers in the state employment.

The state Commissioner for Finance, Mr Bola Oyebamiji confirmed that the state government has paid full salaries to all categories of workers for the month of December 2017.

Noting that the administration of Governor Rauf Aregbesola is a government that is committed to the welfare of workers, he said the government was ready to stand by the agreement reached with the workers on the payment of salaries, pensions and allowances.

Osun Workers Jubilate As Government Pays Full December Salary

There was jubilation among civil servants in Osogbo, Osun State, on Tuesday evening as workers in the employment of the state government under the leadership of Governor Rauf Aregbesola began to receive payment of full salary for the month of December 2017.

The development was the fallout of agreement the state government reached with the top hierarchy of the state chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress ( TUC) and Joint Negotiation Council (JNC) shortly before they suspended industrial action workers embarked in late December to denounce payment of modulated salary, non remittance of contributory pension, amongst other issues.

Cross section of civil servants, who spoke to the Nigerian Tribune exuded joy as they lauded the state government for fulfilling its promise to pay full salary for the month of December 2018, just as they confirmed that the receipt of bank alerts for their salaries.

Though there were pockets of complaints that few of the civics servants received bank alerts of half salary for December, our correspondent reliably gathered such categories of workers may have obtained loans, through cooperative societies, hence the receipt of alert for modulated salary.

Confirming the payment of December 2018 salary to the workforce during a telephone chat with the Nigerian Tribune on Wednesday morning, Osun State Commissioner for Finance, Mr Bola Oyebamiji stated that ” it is not possible for any worker to claim that he received a modulated salary for December because we paid all of them full salaries.

If they have any issue, tell them to come to my ministry. They should come and see my Permanent Secretary immediately. But, I don’t think so because of all of us, I mean everyone of us received the full salary”.

He continued, “by the time deduct tax from their salaries and those who obtained loans may think they were paid half salary.

There was nothing like that, all of them got alerts for full December salary”.

Osun Govt Hails Workers, Harps On Efficiency In 2018

The State Government of Osun has welcomed its workforce to the first full working week of the New Year 2018.

In a statement by the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Adelani Baderinwa in Osogbo on Sunday, the government appreciates the sacrifice, steadfastness and support for the government despite the minor labour dispute that ended the outgone year.

Read the full statement below:

Osun Govt Welcomes Workers to Service, Calls for Efficiency, Support

The government of the State of Osun welcomes the workers in the state civil service to work in the first full working week of the New Year. The government also wishes the workers a prosperous and fulfilling year 2018, just as we wish everybody a healthy period of service. Last week was merely a preparatory for full activities, thus, the government welcomes back the workers fully to work.

We want to appreciate the workers for their sacrifice, steadfastness and support for the administration of our amiable Governor Rauf Aregbesola; we specifically acknowledged and commend their understanding and faith in the current administration, the result of which was the calling off of the three days industrial action last year.

The government wishes to state, in line with the position of the labour unions in the state, that there is no more strike, and that workers have resumed work since January 2. Workers and members of the public should disregard the rumour being circulated on social media that workers should go back on strike because the government is yet to meet their demands.

We wish to put on record that the government has approved 90 per cent of the demands of the workers and that was responsible for the calling off of the strike on December 29, 2017. The administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is very much committed to the welfare of the workers and that of the pensioners and is doing everything humanly possible to make sure that they enjoy their years of service.

The government, therefore, calls on the workers to resume at their various duties tomorrow (Monday). We urge the workers to put in their best in the service and support government on its efforts at generating Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) to be able to run government comfortably.

Without the cooperation of the workers, government cannot generate sufficient IGR; and we all know that this is a time to embark on aggressive IGR collection. Lagos State earns N1bn daily on tax payment. If the people of Osun state pay their tax as well as their dues, Osun will earn #5bn monthly.

No government can survive without the payment of tax, so, we plead with the workers to support this tax collection drive.


Adelani Baderinwa

Commissioner for Information and Strategy

State of Osun

No Strike In Osun Tomorrow – Osun Labour Leaders Tell Workers

Labour leaders in the State of Osun have dismissed the rumour being circulated on social media that workers in the state have gone back on strike because of the non fulfillment of the agreement reached by the labour unions and the government.

The labour leaders described the report as untrue and uncalled for, calling on the workers to resume their duties tomorrow, January 8.

A press statement signed by the Chairmen of Joint Negotiation Council (JNC), Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) Comrades Bayo Adejumo, Jacob Adekomi and Adebowale Adekola, implored the workers to disregard the false information.




Attention of the labour leaders in Osun state has been drawn to a mischievous rumour and post trending on social media that Osun workers should stay away from work from Mon 8/01/18 to commence another strike. It’s a false and mischievous information.

All workers should resume at their respective duty post and perform their lawful duties.

The signed MOU between the workers and the government of Osun state on Saturday 23/12/2017 to end the last strike still subsist and we have the assurances of full implementation of the MOU.

The implementation of full payment for December 2017 salary that is yet to translate to cash in the pockets of workers is not as a breach of the MOU but logistics problems which all concerned are doing the best to ensure speedy process.

To this end we implore all workers of Osun state government (state and local government) to

DISREGARD THE RUMOUR OF STRIKE and go to their respective duty post on Monday while waiting for their salary alert.



Comrade Bayo Adejumo, Chairman JNC. Comrade Jacob Adekomi, Chairman NLC. Comrade Adebowale Adekola, Chairman TUC

Osun Has Committed N63.98bn To Salary Payment – Aregbesola

Governor Rauf Aregbesola of the State of Osun has averred that the financial crisis that forced the state government to payment of modulated salary to its workers would be over by the end of March, 2018.

Aregbesola who addressed the workers at the Civil Service Week programme on Thursday in Osogbo, appealed to them to persevere for a little more time for the payment of full salary, just as he commended them for their perseverance, patience, sacrifice, dedication and labour of love.

The governor disclosed that only 28 per cent of the state’s total workforce received modulated salary, stating that the remaining 72 per cent of the workers have been earning their full salary and are not being owed any outstanding salaries.

He said: “There is no better time to acknowledge and tell you this than now. You have done well so far. What is left is just to thank you, particularly the 28 per cent of you who have endured modulated salaries. These are the 20 per cent who earn 75 per cent of their monthly pay and the eight per cent who collect 50 per cent of their salary.

“The remaining 72 per cent, as you all know, have been earning their full pay and are not being owed any outstanding salaries, irrespective of the spin being given to this by our traducers. Even at that, we must thank everyone for the sacrifice you have all made in other areas.

“This is because your relationship as workers is contractual and I want to assure you that everyone will get his or her full pay when this is over.”

Explaining the financial situation of the state, Aregbesola said: “From July 2015 – when we started paying modulated salaries, our income from all sources, including gross allocation from the federation account, internally generated revenue and two tranches of Paris Club Refund – to November 2017, is N121.6 billion.

“Meanwhile, our total personnel cost (excluding gratuities) within the same period would have been N104.4 billion if we had paid the full salaries of N3.6 billion every month. Our personnel cost therefore is 85.8 per cent of our total revenues from all sources.

“However, this is an academic exercise because before the allocations get to us, some deductions would have been made on commitments already made since as far back as the 1970s, up till now; and we are also paying modulated salaries.

“The reality, however, is that our net income is N61.7 billion while our real total personnel cost is N63.98 billion. This stands at 103.6 per cent of our total net revenue. I obtained these figures from the Accountant General of the State and you can individually verify them in his office.

“The implication of this grim statistics is that we have spent more on salaries and emoluments than our revenues from all sources.”

Aregbesola who accused his political opponents of playing mischief on the salary issue, urged the workers not to allow the opposition to instigate them against the government.

He recalled that he had paid workers 13th month bonus salaries and restructured leave bonus to be paid on a worker’s birthday or service engagement date, adding that he also quadrupled and gave car and housing allowances to workers without prompting when the state was financially buoyant between December 2010 and December 2013.

The governor stressed: “If we have the resources, we will provide flying cars for the workers. We will put our lives on the line to achieve that. Nobody should therefore fail to understand the circumstance that prompted us to pay modulated salaries to 28 per cent of our workforce.

“When this problem began, we had to keep taking loans, up to N25 billion, in order to pay salaries. But we must face reality; we cannot continue to give what we don’t have. I have extrapolated from the statistics I gave you earlier, that should we even want to give workers everything we have, it is still not adequate.

“We are grateful that to a large extent, you have collaborated with us and supported us. We are simply asking for further perseverance, understanding, patience and sacrifice. You must not fail to recognise, as Chief Obafemi Awolowo admonished us, that the darkest part of the night is just before the dawn.

“I told labour leaders in my recent meeting with them what Comrade Hassan Sunmonu said in a public occasion, that something told him that we will be out of these difficulties by March of next year. I agree with him. It will come to pass Insha Allah!

“I may not figure out how this will happen now but I believe it will happen, and you will all be part of it. Our own season of famine will be over by March of 2018. Aamin!,” the governor stated.

“I am pleading with you; don’t let the enemy of our race deceive you. You have patiently borne the brunt of this situation to be able to patiently wait for another three months. Don’t be persuaded to change course.

“Remember that we have other options, which include rightsizing the workforce and living within our means. We have not done this, but have decided to weather the storm together until we dock at safe harbour. ”