Osun Residents Lament High Transport Fare As Fuel Scarcity Bites Harder

By Nofisat Adeoye

Residents of the State of Osun have lamented the recent fuel scarcity and especially its effect on transportation fare.

Although, the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) has suspended its nationwide strike, many filling stations still remained closed due to fuel scarcity.

Like in Lagos State, Abuja and other states of the country, Osun State is also not left out of the ordeal. The queues in filling stations have continued to increase as stations continue to close up too.

While many have abandoned their cars at home and took to public transit because they could not get fuel, others are also lamenting the increase in transport fare.

Though many are of the opinion that some filling stations are actually hoarding fuel and increasing its price because of the festive period.

In an interview with Osun Defender, Aminat Nasiru explained how she had to wait for almost one hour at the park before getting a bus.

“It is like all the buses have been taken out of town. I had to wait and wait and when I eventually got one, he charged me double for my destination but what could I do. I can’t even blame the drivers, buying a litre of fuel at N200 from N145 is enough reason and the fuel is even scarce.

“I seriously hope the Federal Government do something urgent about this especially since we are in the festive period. The fuel scarcity is really taking its toll on us here.”

Another resident, Ajiboye Tunmise explained that, “It is a pity that we find ourselves in this situation again, it has become our usual habit that whenever we are in the festive period, we experienced fuel scarcity.

“The fuel scarcity is no doubt affecting us negatively, especially people who would want to travel to celebrate with their families, there is already hike in transport fares, the commuters are being made to pay exorbitantly.”