Photonews: Osun Students Honour #OgbeniGovtAt7 With Electrifying Calisthenics Display

Public School students in the State of Osun on Saturday honoured the Government of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola as he clocks 7 in the seat of power.

The calisthenics Display held at the Osogbo Township Stadium was electrifying as different slogans were carved all to edify, salute and appreciate the transformation Osun has witnessed in the last 7 Years.


Here are photos from the event as captured by Aregbesola’s Documentary Photographer, Dolapo Julius.


#OgbeniGovtAt7: Aregbesola, Osun Salutes You!!!

By Kunle Oyatomi

November 27, 2017 is the 7th anniversary of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola’s assumption of office as the governor of the state of Osun. It is more a seminal moment for reflection and through assessment of the achievements of the leader, the government and the party he has led thus far.

This is not a period to give any attention to the critics. There had been and there still are many of them but their views are inconsequential for the purpose of this exercise. We are concerned here mainly about what happened in Osun between November 27, 2010 and November 27 2017 under the watch of Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

Whatever anyone thinks or would like others to believe, there is a reality on ground which even lunatics should recognize; the state of Osun has changed dramatically. But some strange characters refuse to recognise this dramatic change.

Some people have been ravaged so much by envy, anger and hate that they have seen nothing, absolutely nothing good in EVERYTHING that Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has done for the state. Their cynical disposition to what had been occurring in this state under the charismatic leadership of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola since 2010 is inexplicable. However, this category of people is mostly the governor’s political rivals and opponents, and a misguided minority.

But Osun is greater than these people. The majority of citizens of this state who have eyes, a conscience and ability to appreciate what they are seeing and experiencing have every reason to be grateful to God for bringing Aregbesola on the scene to pull the state out of the depths of stagnation, which bred poverty and backwardness.

A state that was practically obscure suddenly leapt into the limelight with a revolutionary approach to governance that took his political opponents by storm and flabbergasted political observers who were not prepared for Aregbesola’s “re-branding of Osun state.” But more shocks were on the way.

In the process of implementing his six point integral action plan to * Banish poverty, * Banish hunger, *Create work and wealth, * Restore healthy living, * Promote functional education, * Enhance communalpeace and progress, Aregbesola created a sensation. He began a rebuilding and restoration exercise unprecedented in scale and astonishing in planning and the precision of execution.

This drove the opposition and the biased critics literally mad with envy, rage and hatred. They threw all the mud they could find in Osun at Aregbesola, but he remained focused.

The Result? Tens of thousands of idle and unemployed youths were plucked off the streets. Crime rate plummeted. A health emergency was to address an environment tragedy, which put citizens’ health at grave risk. Investment on human capital development was intensified. Education was re-engineered, while the schools’ infrastructure was modernised.

As you read this, over 800km of roads have been constructed since 2010 including the marvellous network of mega high ways that link Osogbo directly with other city centers in the state. There is nobody who left Osogbo 10 years ago and returns this Christmas that would not be awestruck by the transformation which has taken place under the leadership of Ogbeni Aregbesola-led APC government.

Never in the history of this state has business activities been as bustling as under Aregbesola’s time in office. Today there are more events centers, hotels and entertainment facilities in the state of Osun than there were 10 years ago. These social facilities are as busy as ever and it will surprise you to hear that some of these places charge as much as N500, 000 per event!! Isn’t that an indication that things are better now than before?

Aregbesola’s social welfare programme is worthy of note. Helpless elderly people are supported, widows are empowered to earn a living; even the disabled are not left out. Children in primary schools are given a rich meal everyday that they are in school. The impact of this programme to feed school children resonated across the world.

The British Parliament noticed, the United Nations agency applauded and the Federal Government has adopted the programme nationwide. Yet, what the fake news media propagate is the falsehood which opponents of Aregbesola spread.

Now people accuse the governor of not paying salaries. They argue that instead of paying full salaries he is building schools, constructing roads and building M .K. O Abiola International airport. Some elite in Osun society are saying that the people don’t need all the sophistication that Aregbesola is introducing into the state. These conceited people want Osun to remain as Aregbesola met it and they are inciting one of the population to spread hate across the state against the governor. But the harder they try to demonize Aregbesola, he becomes more popular.

We shall address the foolishness of this one percent of Osun people who are waging a war of calumny against the governor in the coming days and months. However, let these people be assured that their ingratitude and greed will be their undoing in the near future.

The rest of Osun people celebrate with Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and the APC because the last seven years are a memorable period of articulate and responsible governance, which has made the people not only proud but also grateful to God for progress made.

We are proud of what Ogbeni has done to the environment; we salute you for the human capital development that the state has had since 2010; we rejoice with parents and children for the wonderful school infrastructure that you have built and the rich meals you are providing for them daily; God will continue to bless you, Ogbeni, for the exquisite roads network you have constructed across the state, especially the ones in Osogbo and other city centres which only fools do not appreciate.

You have proved to the intelligent and responsible world that even in crisis situation, you keep on thinking and working to give the people of Osun a respectable place in Yorubaland particularly and Nigeria in general. Even those in Osun who oppose you cannot but admit that something different has happened in the state, which they themselves cannot do because they don’t have what it takes to govern responsibly.

As we celebrate the 7th year of your tenure as governor of the Stateof Osun, we note that in spite of the financial constraints, you are still hard at work to complete all the projects you have started, especially the road constructions.

We are not unaware that prominent people amongst Osun elite on the opposite side are working to undo what God has used you to do in the state, THEY WILL FAIL.However, we urge you to ensure that the transition process is smooth and will produce a successor that will continue where you stopped. God will give you the wisdom to do what is right.

Oyatomi Esq., is spokesman of All Progressives Congress, State of Osun.

Seven Years of Aregbesola’s Everlasting Legacies In Osun

Hurray!!! The Government of the State of Osun under Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola is Seven.  In many parts, it is worth celebrating. Seven years of Hard work, Seven Years of Progressive Leadership, Seven Years of Growth and Indeed, Seven Years of Building Legacies that are Indelible and Strategic for the Next Generation.

Perhaps, why will Aregbesola celebrate in a state that owes salaries, indebted to pensioners and has a huge debt profile? Despite these red flags, it is still worthy of mention that the dynamic transformation Osun has witnessed in the last seven years has put it on a pedestal of expected greatness in years to come.

For those who knew about the intrigues of the three and a half years legal battle that eventually returned him back to office and the tremendous achievements recorded so far, it is no clear understatement that the present government has done a lot in taking Osun far beyond where it was in November 2010 when it took over.

During the electioneering in 2007, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola had his developmental agenda which he enveloped in a small book titled “MY PACT WITH THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF OSUN” where he discussed thoroughly his six point integral action plan namely; Banish Hunger, Banish Poverty, Banish Unemployment, Promote Functional Education, Restore Healthy Living, Enhance Communal Peace and Progress.

Since he assumed office, he has pursued his programmes vigorously with doggedness, commitment and vision to achieve more. And with 90 days in office, Aregbesola did the unusual, he employed 20,000 unemployed indigenes of the state who hitherto have no job with #10,000 as their monthly pay. The effortless commitment to the people did not stop there, the Governor continued to roll out programmes which are of immense benefits to the state.

With his O-symbol, several policies and people oriented have been rolled out and are still rolling daily as if his 8-year mandate will not end one day. In the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme O’YES, various interventions to gainfully engage the Youths after their 2-year period were instituted in collaboration with other government programmes like O’REAP, OYESTECH, O’HUB and so on.

In Education, Aregbesola re-jigged the sector by introducing a world class education reform programme, a baby of the Education Summit convoked by his government about 6 months into office that has resorted into mega schools, the award winning Tablet of Knowledge, OPON-IMO, O’Calisthenics, O’Uniform, O’MEAL that has fed over 350,000 elementary school pupils for the past seven years which the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has also adopted into its own Social Investment programme and many more that is earning the state accolades nationwide and internationally.

The government through its passion for excellence in all fields and ramifications ensured that 65 medical students of the Osun State University who were hampered to continue with their clinical studies in the university due to accreditation issues completed their medical education in Ukraine with thorough and adequate intervention,

In the Health Sector, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola upgraded the nine state hospitals in the state with the state hospital, Asubiaro in Osogbo refined to the status of a specialist hospital. Numerous interventions have been done in the realm of Free Eye Surgeries, Provision of Basic Drugs in health facilities, giving health grants, containing the break out of epidemics and the rest despite the daunting finances.

One of the areas where the present administration has received so much accolades is in Road Construction, one which has earned the Governor the name, ONA BABA ONA meaning the Extraordinaire Architect of Road Construction. In the last seven years, major roads have been built with the government rehabilitating, reconstructing and putting in place new ones. The efforts on Road Construction has been felt so much more with over 300 kilometers of township roads cutting across all the 30 local governments, 33 local council development areas, 2 area councils and 2 administrative offices.

Still on roads, 222km of rural roads have been done with support from World Bank and the French Government under Rural Access and Mobility Project RAMP that now connects the state together. Major roads also like the Gbongan-Osogbo road under construction with the Chief Bisi Akande trumpet interchange bridge, November 27 Interchange connecting two divisions of the Oba Adesoji Aderemi East Bye Pass, the dualisation of Osogbo/Ikirun/Ila-Odo, Kwara State boundary road and the very strategic, Ola-Iya/Asubiaro/Ita-Olokan Road that has just been completed.

Another beautiful thing is that not just that roads are constructed, the roads are of immense quality with thick bridges that can stand the test of time for years. In the history of the State of Osun, it is the Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola administration that will construct a road that has in it 7 big bridges within 7 years. That is unprecedented you”ll say.

Moving to Agriculture, the government through Osun Rural Enterprise and Agricultural Programme, O’REAP has empowered many, created opportunities for farmers as well as establishing opportunities for agriculture to thrive. In the sector, some members of the OYES who were enlisted to the O’REAP Youth Academy were sent to Germany on the bill of the State Government for thorough training on modern best practices in agriculture. Aside this, farmers were given lands with opportunities abound in O’BEEF, O’BOPS, O’CATTLE, O’HUB, O’PIG and others that have impacted positively on the citizenry and those involved.

About 20,000 Youths were given jobs in the first phase of O’YES. After 2 years, they were replaced with another set of 20,000 after the volunteers in the first phase were trained in several skills that helped shaped focus for the next challenges they were to face. A good example is OYESTECH which provided participants the opportunity to be trained in useful computer technology and mobile phone assemblage with repairs coming up. Selected Youths were sent to Ghana for training to come back and impact on others that has continued to yield positive results till today. A brainy intervention is the institutionalization of RLG Adulawo Technology City in Ilesa where mobile phones are assembled and other technological driven apparatus are done; all with efforts from the dynamic Rauf Aregbesola.

In commerce, Market Men and Women are incorporated into government’s programmes and policies. About 33,000 residents of the state have been empowered through the Osun Micro-Credit Agency, an agency of government that provides soft loans for small scale business owners in the state. Aside this, modern international markets like the Ayegbaju, Aje and Dagbolu International Market(s) which is still in focus have in a great deal transformed the state’s commercial sector. The Dagbolu Infrastructure Market which is still in focus is to be one of the foremost warehouses in the country. The newly introduced Standardized Weigh and Measures to promote efficiency, prudency and restore Trust into Trade activities is also a plus.

The Osun Free Train Ride that has conveyed over 350,000 passengers from Lagos to Osogbo during Christmas, Easter, Eid-El-Fitr and Eid-el-Kabir festivals has contributed in no small quantity to the economic situation of the state during festivities. Aside the free train, the just-concessioned Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola International Airport, Ido-Osun when completed will be another blessing to the state’s economy. Apart from the numerous commercial benefits, it would also be helpful to local trade, employment opportunities, hospitality and many more.

On Security, Osun is the 13th safest in the federation with much more focus on ridding the state of crime. There is also the relative peaceful disposition between farmers and herdsmen that has plunged several parts of the North to serious danger with the committee put in place by the present administration. Businesses especially in the hospitality realm are springing up, The cocoa industry in Ede is being revived. The GDP has improved tremendously with Small and Medium Scale Enterprises given the opportunity to rise.

The State of Osun especially Osogbo, the state capital has been reformed physically. With the beautification efforts put in place by the current government, the state now looks cleaner, neater and beautiful. One of such is the Nelson Mandela Freedom Park, Osogbo, a former den of rascals that has turned to a beautiful amusement park that becomes a destination for birthdays, picnics and relaxation.

This write-up would not be complete without the support of the Civil Servants who have shown unequalled commitment to the course of the state. They have in hard times shown their doggedness to the course of developing Osun and making our State great. Despite not receiving full pay, they are avowed, diligent to duty. The State will never forget this sacrifice made when the nation’s economy nosedived which did not hinder the development vision of the visioner per excellence, Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola.

The government also appreciates the section of Pensioners who believe in this dream of rebranding our state while calling on those who keep condemning government every time to see reasons why Aregbesola has taken time with much more efforts to transform our state. Government is indeed committed to fulfilling all financial obligations when the state’s economy improves.

What Aregbesola has done in the last seven years is worthy of note and indelible as Osun in the next three to four decades will continue to savour what this man has been able to do. His successor will not have to reconstruct the roads, schools, bridges and other infrastructural projects he has done, they will have no other option than to build on the Existing Legacies and Mirror In the Future.

Special Thanks To Royal Fathers, Community Leaders, Market Men and Women, Artisans, Members of the Progressive Party, the APC and the Entire Citizens of Osun who believed in his re-election that has now culminated in the development witnessed and the legacies developed for the future.

Happy 7th Year Anniversary to the Progressive Leadership of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola!!!!!
Osun To Tin Dara, Ko Ni Ba Je Oooooo!


#OgbeniGovtAt7: Oranmiyan Group Tours Aregbesola’s Developmental Projects

By Nofisat Adeoye

Members of a socio-political group, Oranmiyan on Friday, inspected some of the developmental projects of the Government of the State of Osun under the leadership of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

The inspection was geared towards commemorating Aregbesola’s seven years in office.

The crew visited Wole Soyinka Government High school in Ejigbo where the Principal, Mr Rasheed Oladapo lauded the state government’s effort at creating an enabling environment for students in the public schools.

Also visited was the newly constructed 10.8 kilometers of road from Akinleye to Idi-Iroko farm settlement and 11.1 kilometers from Agoro to Ikonifin farm settlement in Iwo axis.

Speaking with journalists, the Secretary General, Iwo Farm Settlement Iwo,  Mr Opadoyin Kayode, appreciated the state government for making life comfortable and making rural areas habitable for the rural dwellers.

Kayode who could not hold his joy said they could not have done anything in the areas if not for the intervention of Ogbeni Aregbesola on Rural Access and Mobility Project, O’RAMP.

He further explained that farmers had to trek miles before getting their goods to the market before the regime of Aregbesola which changed all that.

One of the workers of Osun Rural Access and Mobility Project (O’RAMP) who was at the site, Mr Rabiu Sikiru, also noted that the roads are one of the laudable projects of the state Government, saying Aregbesola has made life in the rural areas easier and more comfortable

Meanwhile, the crew paid a courtesy visit to the Oluwo of Iwo land, Oba AbdulRasheed Akanbi who showered royal blessing on Ogbeni Aregbesola as he celebrates seven years in office.

Also commending the state Governor on the construction of Oduduwa High school in Ife, the Executive Secretary, Ife Central Local Government, Barr. Jubril Omisakin said that the edifice was  magnificent and monumental.

Omisakin who noted that the newly built state-of-the-art  classroom surpasses some of the universities structures in terms of modern equipment and serene environment, added that the modern school has shut the month of some people who were criticizing the administration of Aregbesola.

Other projects inspected included the Abdulkareem Adebisi Akande Trumpet Bridge in Gbongan and the road from Boluwaduro through Health Tech in Ilesa.

Other projects inspected project is Ede Water Works where Engineer in charge, Mr  Emmanuel Abioye, who took the journalists round the site said “the intervention of Aregbesola in the rehabilitation of Ede Water Works in the last seven years had prevented waterborne diseases in the state.

Abioye further explained with the transformation of the dam by the governor, its daily output had increased from 25 per cent to 70 per cent as it is supplying  14 Local Government Areas in the state.

Speaking on the nitty gritty of the tour, Comrade Rasheed Raji-Ropo who led the crew, said the inspection was to show to the people of the state that Aregbesola has fulfilled his pact with them.

Ropo further explained that the social political group, Oranmiyan group decided to celebrate Aregbesola’s seven years in office in a way to review and prove to the world truly that he has taken the state to the greater heights since he assumed office.

He congratulated the state Governor as he marks his seven years in office.


Osun Holds Calisthenics Display In Honour Of Aregbesola’s 7th Year Administration

As the state of Osun celebrates Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola’s 7th year in office, students in the state are set to display top notch Calisthenics display at the Osogbo City Stadium by 9am on Saturday 24 November, 2017.

The Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Adelani Baderinwa revealed this in a statement on Friday.

He also announced the week long activities which included a thanksgiving ceremony and the visit of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Tuesday 27 November 2017.

It will be recalled that Governor Aregbesola during the first term of his administration sponsored teachers abroad to extensively learn the art of Calisthenics to help boost the educational sector of the state and serve as an extracurricular activity for the students of the state.

The statement quotes Baderinwa as saying that there was no gainsaying the fact that the State of Osun has been witnessing sparkling infrastructural and socio-economic development since Aregbesola took over on November 27, 2010.

The statement reads in part “The all-round progress and transformation of the state is incontestable. In all ramifications, Aregbesola has delivered the dividends of democracy to every house hold in the state with either the infrastructure projects or the social security programmes.”


“The celebration is deserving, with many national and international accolades being showered on Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s landmark programmes and projects that have brought Osun into limelight.”

The government also commended the people of the state for keeping faith with and supporting the administration of Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

‘The government calls on the people of the state to intensify prayers for the state to continue progressing and developing in peace and harmony” he said.