2face Suprises His Wife On Their 4th Wedding Anniversary

Music Icon, 2baba Idibia and His beautiful wife, Annie are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary today, and 2face gave his wife a beautiful romantic surprise.

Recall, 2face earlier shared a beautiful message to his wife and also released African Queen Remix video in celebration of their anniversary.

Annie was, apparently, hanging out with her manager, Naomi and a friend, when 2Face who was supposed to be in Madrid showed up and surprised her.

He shared the surprise video and wrote; “She thought I was still in Madrid. She thought she was just having a peaceful dinner with franky and Naomi. But I consulted some of my witches and wizards and lo and behold I’m here. I love this woman. #HappyANNIEversary”

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Rita Dominic Will Make a Beautiful Bride in Upcoming Comedy Movie

Multiple award winning movie star, Rita Dominic looked beautiful in her white flowing wedding gown and tiara as she prepared to walk down the aisle while her groomed waited patiently for her by the priest.

The 41-year-old nollywood actress was all smiles from the set of her latest movie project where she will once again be getting married. A role she confessed to be playing for the fourth time this year. Her adoring fans can only pray and wish such beautiful moments can manifest in real life soon for the screen goddess.

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Clarion Chukwuma Seen Directing a Music Video in US

Veteran Nollywood actress Clarion Chukwuma has ventured into music video production.She was pictured directing a music video in USA.Below are behind the scene photos of Austin J.Igbafen’s song HOLY NATION music video directed by Clarion Chukwurah. D.O.P – OmodadaPro.

Source: http://www.trezzyhelm.com/2017/03/veteran-nollywood-actress-clarion.html?m=1


Images of Omotola And Husband Grooving in Morrocco

Life just gets better and better when you find yourself with the right person. See the instagram photos of the Nollywood superstar Omotola Jalade and her husband Captain Ekeinde who are current on holidays in Morrocco

The duo visited a market in Morocco

Omotola Jalade and husband, Captain Ekeinde visit a market in Morocco

She wrote part of her experience on the ship

We were allowed into the Captain’s bridge and I was allowed to steer the wheel !!!

‘Haha…and a flight Capt met a ship Capt! Lol…what an experience.’

#Dakhla to #casablanca #cransmontana17 #cmf p.s *network’s been bad on the cruise so forgive…

Tonto Dike’s Husband’s Opens up on Marriage Crisis

Mr. Oladunni Churchill who was married to the Nollywood superstar Tonto Dike has disclosed some issues about his marriage to tontolet who even denied him the priviledge to spend time with their son.

In the no-holds-bared video, the Abuja based entrepreneur said Tonto sometimes goes through an uncontrollable “crisis” as a result of her “negative intake”.When probed further on what he meant by negative intake, he listed alcohol abuse, marijuana and more. According to him, during the Ghana incident, his wife was under the influence of certain substances.

“Six men can’t hold Tonto down, talk less of me beating Tonto”.

He also said he was already rich before he met the actress and that her statements about helping him financially are untrue.

Some revelations made by Churchill in the video include:

Churchill and Tonto met two and a half years ago at Escape Nightclub in Lagos during his brother’s birthday party. Tonto got pregnant 6 months after they met, that triggered him to take the next step by going to her village to pay her bride price. Churchill has been “into real estate since he was 22 years old” When he met Tonto, he had four companies, now he has six companies. Tonto definitely did not “make him successful”

Regarding the “Ghana incident” when Tonto allegedly got arrested, Churchill said Tonto got angry because he wanted to go for a friend’s house warming. He alleged that she jumped his fence after tearing down the security system; she then went into the house and destroyed property. He said he was not home at the time and he called the police. He alleged that she was rude to the police chief at the station and even spat at police officers. He said he deleted photos from the incident to protect Tonto and that he wrote a withdrawal letter to the police in an attempt to prevent Tonto from being jailed. He also paid for her to be bailed.

The two are currently still separated while going on and on about who is to take the blame for the broken marriage.Photo Credit : CanaanBee Photography