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7 Major Things That Should Happen In Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry This Year


By Moroti Olatujoye

Personally, 2017 was one of the craziest year for the entertainment industry in the Nigeria, irrespective of the harsh economic struggles citizens had to face all over the country.  From the whooping sum of money found in the Osborne Towers that Nigerians as usual used for their own amusement, fall of Mr Eazi’s career after he indirectly insulted the Nigerian public, the discovery of the frogs and ducks in the industry, the ever amazing memes on social media and finally the new found love of Twitter users to complete stories and songs.

It’s a new year, and as a typical Nigerian, it is normal to expect and hope for amazing things in the industry, until I start seeing signs that I might only have been dreaming.

So here are my 8 Top wishes in the entertainment industry this year: 

Come Back Of Mohits

Davido gave us a surprise at his December show which was said to give him half a billion in profits, by hosting one of the country’s most talented group Mohits. Mohits was a group that encompassed D’banj, Don Jazzy, Wande Coal, The Prince, K Switch and later on Ikechucku. Fans were excited seeing the group who ruled the music industry performing together at the 30 billion concert even if it lasted for a short while.

Moving forward, I wish we see more of them, at least for the sake of those of them who have not been able to create hits for their fans. E da kun, bring those hot vibes back. 

Wizkid and DavidoCollabo

Following the drama between the toad, frog and duck (or whatever they called themselves), the highlight of the year was seeing two of our greatest acts last year come together on one stage to perform and end their dispute. It’s no news that Davido makes hits, and Wizkidhas been on top of his game since he came into the industry releasing and featuring in more than 50 hits, we have both come to recognize them as gods in their own worlds (don’t try to waste minutes or hours of your life arguing who is better with anyone).

However our youngest gods still haven’t given us a single. I hope I’m not wishing for too much if I say I do look forward to a collaboration between the two and I pray they honestly don’t fall out of love with each other. I honestly don’t have strength to laugh at Wizkid’s tweets this year.

Olamide Makes One Good Jam with Sane Lyrics

Talking about musicians who are doing amazingly well in the Nigerian industry and not mentioning Olamide would be a mistake. Olamide the hit maker with about ‘a million albums’ has never let us down.

For a girl like me, believe me when I say I couldn’t listen to his album close to mum. Almost every track had ‘olosho’ and ‘omowobe’ in it, and I honestly can never be in the mood to listen to mum talk about how senseless music in our generation is. So I expect Olamide to drop one or two hits this year as usual, but the ones we can listen to anywhere and anyday with anyone.

The Patoa Collaboration

I’m ‘kuku’ tired of asking when Cynthia Morgan and Patoranking will do a track together. Their style has become unique to just the two of them and this has made them stand out since they came into the industry. We love their music, but nothing will make their type of music more appreciated than a collaboration.Show that you’re a team and you stand together in style abeg.

 Adesuwa and Banky W Should Tone the Excitement Down

This part has nothing to do with the fact that I am more of a pessimist than anything else in the world. We love the love they share, we love the movies they featured in, we love the low-key dating, the introduction, the engagement, the wedding ceremony, the honey moon pictures and x rated video, but it has to stop. When you expose what should be private to the public, you leave holes in the walls of your union that can grant passage to almost anything that might destroy you both.

As much as lots of people do not agree with the fact that people who say the couple should keep it down are not jealous, the idea of a reality show about their wedding is just not needed. At some point this year they will have a backlash from the public if they don’t listen to Omotola o.

 More Failed Marriages

As terrible a prediction as this might be, this is the most certain thing to happen this year, especially after all the revelation of domestic violence amongst some of our favourite celebrities went through before they ended their marriages. I don’t wish anyone bad in all honesty, but the sad reality is that marriages all over the world are failing in their hundreds daily, and celebrity marriages are never left out.

More certain as this is, I hope that marriages be broken than partners be killed, or committing suicide out of frustration. We know the rich also cry, but the rich must know that it is not a crime to cry as long as it saves you from harm. 

More Arrest of Fraudsters

Lol!!! You must believe me when I say that I am not in any way referring to any artiste. 2017 exposed some of our big boys and girls in both the movie and music industry. It’s not our fault that these artistes have refused to cut their clothes according to their size o, but what we do not want is for some racist journalist to write “Nigerian Musician Arrested for Fraud”.

So if more people have to be arrested to scare the rest from disgracing us, so be it. I just hope all the 30 billion in the accounts are legit.

Nollywood’s Version Of Game Of Thrones

On a really light note and due to events we have seen in the past, I expect Nollywood to create its own version of Game of Thrones. This is not in any way to mock the industry in all honesty, but a way to bring us to the reality that as influential as Nigeria is in the entertainment industry in the world, we still have producers and actors that make the works of others look like a joke.

As funny and annoying as readers might find this, I know that something similar to Game of Thrones will be out this year, if you however find it before me, please let me know.

I’m Moroti Olatujoye, a writer and content curator with Osun Defender.

[email protected]  


Why I Chose Yoruba Acting Over English – Rose Odika

Rose Odika is a famous actress in Nigeria movies’ world, but her love for Yoruba culture and values is unrivaled. Though, an Igbo woman, in this interview with Sola Jacobs and Olaniyi Olanrewaju, she revealed what endeared her to Yoruba culture and much more.

Osdf:      Why did you go into acting?

Odika: I have fell in love with acting since my secondary school days when we used to have drama groups, friends club and events where we perform stage plays. So, one day, my vice principal then, Dr (Mrs) Ero invited me to her office and she told me that she saw a talent in me and that I can become a good actress in future if I can work towards it, but my father from onset never wanted it. Somehow, I started gradually and from that my secondary school days, I have made up my mind to be an actress and everybody used to tell me that you are good in what you are doing. Since then, I fell in love and the passion has been there from young age.

Osdf:      What has been your experience in the profession?

Odika: My experience is tremendous. Firstly, it has been able to give me an image because I see myself as an image-maker, and this has claimed my ways of life. I see myself as a role model. So, it has propelled me to keep my integrity. Secondly, I’m enjoying the glamours that come with being a celebrity. Sometimes, when you go to bank, you will be queuing and people will just walk up to you and say madam just step forward. I do enjoy those types of favour.

Osdf:      What informed your decision to be a Yoruba actress, despite your Igbo background?

Odika: Environment has a lot to do with children. I grew up in Ibadan all my life and we didn’t have any actor shooting English film within the vicinity at the time. No production of English film or play that comes from that end. So, I’m used to the environment of acting with Yoruba actors of the industry. I came into acting in 1989 and I came into lime-light in 1993 at the same time that I was also schooling in the University. So, I only had little time during the holidays to act, and whenever I’m back to Ibadan during holidays, the only thing I do is going to the actors within the vicinity to act. After about 4 to 5 years, I then asked myself, “Do I still need the stress of going to line up for English films? This is because I have tried like one or two times to join, and they told me to go and line up and start from the beginning. So, I decide to stay in Yoruba, although I also do English film and I’m good with that. I can say that my environment has a great effect on my decision.

Osdf: As a promoter of Yoruba culture and values, how much influence has it had on you?

Odika: When people asked me that you are an Igbo woman, why are you promoting the culture of Yoruba, the responses had been that it is for two reasons. Firstly, I am going back to the society that has made me who I am. If I’ve spent virtually all my life, talking about more than 40 years in Yoruba land, if you want to show appreciation, you do so by giving back what you have and that is what I am doing. Secondly, I have been brought up in Yoruba way and so I am enjoying the position I am today within the Yoruba race. These are the reasons I have chosen to promote Yoruba culture and her values.

Osdf:      Did you marry a Yoruba man?

Odika: Yes, I married a man from Kogi State, Kaba, and Yoruba speaking Okun land.

Osdf:      What are the differences and similarities between your culture as Igbo and Yoruba Culture?

Odika: There are a lot of similarities and differences. Our languages are almost the same, because I come from a particular little setting that speaks like Yoruba. They are called UGBODUMI from the name of a town UGBODU. It’s like UGBO O DU MI. ‘Owo’ people in Ondo State migrated from there to settle in UGBODU. So, my dialect is almost the same thing like Yoruba. When you want to say “WA” meaning ‘come’ in my language is almost ‘WA’ in Yoruba language. So, there are some similarities but when we talk about differences, some cultures are very different. The way we get marry in our place is different from what is applicable here. Let’s assume as a woman, a Yoruba man want to marry me, the family of that man will tell my parents that they wants to marry their daughter and my family will then request for N150,000 if that lady had gone to secondary school. But if she has gone to university, they will demand for N1million and you can now from that negotiate on what they can afford. So, the Igbo culture allows this pricing which is not there in Yoruba land. Yoruba man will tell you, we don’t sell our child.

There are so many other differences like in the cases of burial rites and some others.

Osdf:      How can we use theatre for restructuring in Nigeria?

Odika: Firstly, I don’t really subscribe to restructuring, but we can use theatre to fight the decadence within the society. I see theatre as an agent of change. Most times when you go out, people will tell you if not for all these actors and actress, I would have been dead, saying the recession in the country is giving them hardship, but we do use your films to relax. It shows that we are impacting in their way of life. We can use the Yoruba film to even sell the policy of the government and educate the society. People will listen to us when an actor or actress is speaking, they will like to listen more to me than an ordinary person. The interest will be there, as they will like a celebrity talking to them. So, I see theatre as an agent of change which the government can really use to restructure the mentality of our society.

Osdf:      What are your challenges in the profession?

Odika: Well, the first challenge I had was what I told you that I was just on my own before I was invited to act in a particular film, Ododo Eye to be precise. I was not part of that association in the theatre industry then, and when I was invited to take part in lead role in Ododo Eye, members of the association were insisting that I could not because I was not part of the association. When the producer of that film, stood on his ground and insisted that I was the person she wanted, they had to succumb. I first had the issue of the association blocking me from acting in any film produced by their members. I had to quickly go back after that production to be a member.

Secondly, when you are coming to an association where they already have an array of staff and I am just coming in, a young girl of 19, with people ahead of me, it was challenging but by God’s grace I was able to come out of it.

Osdf: It seems that the influx of Western values in our home videos has downplayed African culture. What is your take?

Odika: My answer is that there is nothing we can do about it. I’m a business woman, I want to sell a film of hundreds of millions of copies and nobody has given me money to shoot the film. There are some bodies like NGO’s and if they want us to promote the culture of Yoruba throughout the film, they should sponsor it. UNESCO will be asking us, why are you not telling us about cancer? Did they give me money to promote cancer? I’m a business woman, give me money. They should have it in mind that these people doing the film are business women and men, they want to sell and make money. Yes, we want to correct some things in our society, but not at the detriment of our own pocket. The government should put out the money and send us, “Go and talk about our culture”. Why is Bollywood selling here, are we Indian? Why are we watching them? Let’s start from there. Many people will rather watch Indian films than watch Yoruba films. So, let us correct ourselves and our mindsets, if the market is increasing, we will go for it. If I do cultural film now and I sell more, nobody will teach me to do another cultural film again. The truth is that promotion of our culture in home videos can stop the influx of Western Values in our culture, but who will sponsor it is the problem.

Osdf:      We understand that you are planning a programme, called “Ewa Asa” what is it about?

Odika: Well, I have a project called “Ewa Asa” meaning, the beauty of culture. This is the fifth edition and we are bringing it to the palace of the Ooni of Ife. It is in two to three dimensions. The first is to relate with the younger ones from our secondary schools about the promotion of the Yoruba culture. How many of us can speak Yoruba fluently for fifteen minutes without diluting it with English? So, we are making it a competition for all the secondary schools.

We want to also showcase all the beautiful dancings we have in Yorubaland. When we talk about “OBUTUN”, which is the dance of the virgins, how many of us have seen it? These are part of what we want to celebrate. We also want to celebrate our local foods, like EGBO, EKURU, ABARI, and many more. We want to celebrate out clothing styles, hairstyles and many more as well.


Another Nigerian Celebrity Arrested For Fraud

Nigerian entertainment industry seems to be the home for fraudsters as artists have been getting exposed by the US government.  Months ago popular Hypertech record artist Dammy Crane was arrested in the US for fraud, following by Sauce kid.

Actress, Lola Margaret Oladipupo, is allegedly undergoing interrogation by the police department in Atlanta, Georgia. Her arrest is reportedly linked with money laundering.

She was reportedly arrested after a huge sum of money was wired into her account and the collection method failed.

Actress Reveales How God Healed Her 3 Year Old Son

Permit me to flood my page with my sons pics today bcos he is my testimony. At exactly 3months, we both fell off the stairs, and we landed separately downstairs, as we landed I knew I heard a crack from his head, I couldn’t pick him up, was so scared, just stood there shouting Jesus, my hubby rushed in and he picked him up, we gave him paracetamol and proceeded to the hospital, when we got there, the lady doctor we met first couldn’t even take him from me bcos by then his eyes had swollen seriously, we were immediately referred to eye foundation ikeja, when we got there they took him to the theatre, sedated him so they could check his eyeballs first, when it was realised nothing was wrong with his eyeballs, we were asked to go and do CT SCAN, MRI and co, when the result came back, there was so much damage going on in his head, his eye orbit was broken, there was a fracture on his forehead, there was blood just outside his brain, the nerves holding his eye socket was damaged…..
So much medical terms that will scare u to death, we were told if his eyes dint open in the next seven days, his brain will shut down,and that after the operation,he might look disfigured a bit on the face. So we were referred to a neuro surgeon. When I got there, as I was about entering her office, the word came from the THRONE OF GRACE FROM THE GREAT PHYSICIAN, THE SURGEON OF ALL SURGEONS(GOD ALMIGHTY), HE said take him home, I will operate on him myself. With faith, I went back home without even seeing the surgeon, without going back to the hospital or the eye foundation, and before 7days ultimatum given to us for him to open his eyes, the eyes was healed and u can barely see anything on his face except u take a closer look. All I gave him was just antibiotics. Indeed GOD IS GOOD.

How Prostitution, Drug Trafficking Inspired My Movie ‘Slow Country’ — Eric Aghimien

Eric Aghimien is a young but thorough Nollywood producer and director. He is the producer of the award winning action movie, ‘A Mile From Home’ and the soon to be in cinemas, ‘Slow Country’. He talks about his life and his new movie.

You are the producer of ‘A Mile From Home’, can you tell us about your new movie?

Slow country is about a woman who made some mistakes in her early life and is trying to deal with it. She has a son who happened to her world and in order to take care of her son, she took a dive into the dark world of prostitution and drug trafficking. At some point, she wanted out but it became impossible to do so.


What was it like coming up with the idea of the story?

It wasn’t like anything serious because I wrote the first 20 pages in 2011. It was supposed to be my first movie but realistically it wasn’t possible to make the film with the kind of money I had then, so I had to write ‘A Mile From Home’ and made it within the budget I had in 2011. This time around after ‘A Mile From Home’s success, I was able to pull enough funds for this one, so I had to just bring it out one day and completed it  within 8 days.

Slow Country appears to be a metaphor, slow country, Nigeria. What is behind the concept?

Slow Country is metaphorical. It is not about Nigeria, so let me clear that. People think it’s about Nigeria because of the things we went through recently. But no, it is not about Nigeria, it is just the right name I can come up with to describe the emotions this woman was going through. First of all, a lot happen in our mind, most of the battles we fight in life happen in our mind, trying to make decisions, trying to do stuffs. There is a whole different world within us that we have to contend with every day, battles we have to fight with ourselves, I consider that the greatest battle human beings fight.


So, just for a woman who is sitting down in the dark room, thinking what her life would have been like and what her life is right now, comparing both. So, it was something that is almost indescribable, I had to look for a word to describe how she felt, so ‘Slow Country’ came to my mind. So that was just how the title came up.

Source: Vanguard


Nollywood Looses Another Actor

Nollywood has reportedly lost another actor.  Adeshina Adesanya, popularly known as Pastor Ajidara, was said to have died from kidney failure according to Balaji Amusan (Mr. Latin) on Instagram. This is coming after about two days ago Mr Latin had solicited for help on his Instagram page. He had written;

“Good everyone. Please, I’m so sorry to disturb you with this request for I know it’s truly none of your business, but if you find it good in your heart, kindly lend a helping hand.

“Good everyone. Please, I’m so sorry to disturb you with this request for I know it’s truly none of your business, but if you find it good in your heart, kindly lend a helping hand.

“I don’t do this often, but at times critical issues need quick attention. Just like the man in the picture – a Nigerian film actor – Mr Adeshina Adesanya popularly known as Pastor Ajidara from the film Abela Pupa needs quick attention. “He’s seriously sick with kidney failure and in need of financial aid from ME and YOU. No amount is too small even if it’s #100″. But today he announced ‘And the man died…”

Later today Mr Latin announced ‘And the man died…”

Regina Daniels Stunn As A Beautiful Bride In New Photos

Remember Nollywood teenage actress Regina Daniels shared some beautiful images where she rocked a white wedding dress on set of a new movie.

Apparently, the script/movie she’s currently working on, is unknown, but it sure would be one hell of a movie!

See pictures below:


This Nollywood Actress Has The Most Adorable Baby

Nollywood actress Chacha Eke shares adorable photos of her beautiful baby Kaira who was born to the actress and her hubby in 2016 has grown up really fast. Little baby Kaira was born on Christmas day Chacha Eke in a recent post shared beautiful photos of her baby girl called Kaira.

Little baby Kaira was born on Christmas day, Chacha who married her hubby three years ago has two gorgeous babies and their family is agreeably the cutest.


Chacha Eke with her first daughter in the picture below:

Nollywood Mourns Olumide Bakare

Popular Hollywood actor, Olumide Bakare is dead. According to his personal assistant, he died in the early hours of today 22nd April 2017. Reports recorded that the actor has been battling with a respiratory disorder illness.

It was gathered that after he was discharged from the University College Hospital ( UCH) he was indoors for months because he was yet to recover.

He died after the illness got worse in the middle of the night after he had called his assistant to take him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he died before he got to UCH.

Fred Amata, President, Directors’ Guild of Nigeria (DGN)  said that the death a popular Nollywood actor, Olumide Bakare, would not stop his legacy from living on in the minds of people, through the theatre.