Angola Arrests Nigerian Kidnappers

Angolan authorities in Huíla Province in the southwest have arrested three Nigerian nationals allegedly for kidnapping a Chinese, local media confirmed.

According to Jornal de Angola, the Nigerians had also robbed the Chinese of $11,700 (Kwanzas 12m) over ransom demand.

The paper said the Nigerian used guns to execute their crime.

The Chinese national, a 53-year-old bricklayer, was reportedly kidnapped at Arimba commune and held for 72 hours by the criminals.

He was freed after a ransom was paid, Jornal de Angola reported.

It added that the three Nigerian nationals were later arrested in the capital Luanda.

“They are living legally in Angola,” the Huíla Province Criminal Investigation Services head, Mr Alberto Sawana, was quoted as saying.

Huíla Province, about 904km south of Luanda, is the second most populous region after the capital.

The province is rich in mineral resources, that tend to attract people from far and wide.

The minerals found in Huíla Province include iron, gold, kaolin, diamonds, manganese, mica, black granite and mineral water.

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Five Nigerians Jailed In London For £610,000 Telephone Banking Fraud

An Inner London Crown Court has sentenced five Nigerians to various jail terms over the theft of £610,000 from business bank accounts.

According to reports, Victor Oke, 39, of Galleons Drive, Barking, used stolen data provided by Desmond Uyiosa Abifade, 25, of Henniker Road, Stratford, to falsely impersonate company directors via telephone banking.

Once Oke gained access, he diverted funds to ‘mule’ beneficiary accounts monitored by Moses Kuye, 28, of Connaught Road, Silvertown.

Melinda Mensah-Oke, 37, also of Galleons Drive, impersonated company directors when a female voice was necessary, while Arinola Kuye, 27, also of Connaught Road, acted as the group’s money launderer.

They were caught after being spotted by fraud investigators at HSBC, who passed the case to the dedicated card and payment crime unit (DCPCU) to investigate.

The DCPCU is sponsored by the banking industry and made up of officers from the City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police Service, bank investigators and support staff from UK Finance.

Police were able to analyse when and where the calls were made to identify the phones used and from there, the perpetrators.

All five were charged with conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation, which they pleaded not guilty to.

On Wednesday, Oke was sentenced to four years in prison, while Moses Kuye was jailed for three years and three months.

Mensah-Oke received a fourteen month suspended sentence and Abifade a two year suspended sentence.

Arinola Kuye was given a 12-month community order and instructed to complete 50 hours of unpaid work.

DC Dave Cass, who investigated the case for the DCPCU said: “This was a concerted effort to commit fraud against two companies and profit from crime.

“The police take fraud very seriously and these sentences should send a message to fraudsters that you will be caught and punished.”

All losses were refunded to the genuine business account holders.

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150,000 Nigerians To Join Independence Day Parade In US

The 2017 Nigerian Independence Day parade in the USA would attract no fewer than 150,000 participants, the largest African parade in the U.S.

The annual event holds every October in New York since 1991 and is also the largest gathering of Nigerians outside of their homeland.

The organising committee of the parade, on the platform of The Organisation for the Advancement of Nigeria (OAN) in the U.S, met on Saturday evening at the Nigeria House, New York to deliberate on the final preparations for the event.

Mr Olayinka Dansalami, who chaired the committee, said the parade has the intentions of not only attracting Nigerians but people of all races and nationalities.

Dansalami also said the parade seeks to among other things, broaden the impact of Nigerians within the U.S. and highlight Nigerian culture with people from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

The Acting Consul General of Nigeria, Mr Nicholas Ella, who hosted the organising committee’s meeting, commended the Nigerians in the U.S. for doing Nigeria proud.

“There can’t be any better ambassadors of Nigeria here in the United States that you – Nigerian community.

“You are the domiciled ambassadors of Nigeria in the United States; all other ambassadors posted here officially are just temporary.

“We are very proud of all you have been doing to raise the Nigerian flag high. Nigerians in the United States are contributing their best to their host country and also back home.

“Whatever you are doing to promote the image of Nigeria, we will give you the support; thank God that we are out of recession,” Ella said.

He commended the Nigerian youth for their participation in the activities to advance the causes of Nigeria.

According to the committee, this year’s parade will feature the ‘Mr and Miss Nigeria Independence Pageant’.

There would also be the Cultural Night to showcase the talent, art and refinement of Nigeria.

The Cultural Night panel was established in 2005 by the young adults within the Nigerian community, a group of dynamic youth dedicated to showing the rectitude of Nigeria and Nigerians.

Activities such as beauty pageants, singing and dancing are performed at such events to attract outsiders and promote Nigerian youth network and to foster unity.

The committee, however, expressed regrets what it termed lack of sponsors for the event this year, particularly, as Arik, one of its biggest sponsors, is insolvent.

It also lamented what it termed the outrageous charges by Nigerian artistes, saying their charges have become unrealistic and urged them to be patriotic in their participation at the parade.

The committee, however, pledged to do everything possible to ensure that the event lived up to the standard it had maintained over the years.