Appointment of DPP: Why Aregbesola Should Be Commended

By Ishola ‘Layinka


Let me start by congratulating, Mrs Adejare Bello, the new Director of Public Prosecution in the Ministry of Justice, State of Osun on her elevation by Governor Rauf Aregbesola.


Her appointment, though in line with practices at bar where most senior personnel automatically assumed a vacant position as it is enshrined in the Civil Service Rules and Regulations but some political watchers have a different view about this as they claimed that such position is too sensitive to be left in the hands of supposed opposition.


Rather than being unnecessarily emotional, I think Mr Governor should be commended for his courage for professionalism as against usual political patronage witnessing in our society. This is a foretaste of independent posture to allow every organ of government run without any incursion from any quarters.


It is an organ where due process is followed as appointments to positions are sensitive, sacrosanct and affirmative as it is dictated by the procedure of the rule of law. It is, however, unethical to undermine the true tenets of complying with the law and making decisions that are bent on political permutations, settlement and sentiment.


The framers of the rules ensured that the office was independent, so that the holder could not be influenced or pressured by any other person or authority. However, ultimate authority for authorising prosecutions lies with the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, since that is a political post, and it is desired to have a non-political (public service) post carry out this function in most circumstances, the prosecutorial powers of the AG are normally delegated to the DPP.

The recent appointment of the wife of a former speaker of Osun Assembly under Peoples Democratic Party PDP administration, Hon Adejare Bello as the new director of public prosecution is not far-fetched. It is purely on merit and promotional cadre standards.


Although the position of the DPP is a sensitive position, it is a position that strictly belongs to the most senior to the cadre in civil service.


Here, the constitution empowers the Governor to appoint the Director of Public Prosecution but in line with the provisions, it must be someone in the line and the public service cadre.


Though the prerogative of the Governor to appoint those perceived to be loyal to the government, the governor decided to appoint the next in line in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Then, agitations here and there. Why did Aregbesola refuse to appoint someone who does not come from PDP background? Why did he appoint his enemy’s relations to the coveted post? Will political cases of the ruling party not suffer? Answer to this is No! No! No!┬áThe Constitution has to be followed without hindrance. The governor as the number one citizen of the state should show example by following and tolling the dictates of the rule of law.


The appointment of Bello’s wife as DPP is simply in compliance with the promotional rules of the civil service. The Governor only needs to appoint as Constitution demands. As an APC governor appoints a PDP background person as a sensitive officer in the state judiciary, it is customary and bent on professionalism which should be seen as a departure from the old order of favouring unqualified personnel.


To many crucifying Aregbesola for this, they are wrong. First, Mr Governor cannot appoint out of selfishness, he should appoint based on competence and professionalism and not hatred or political bickering.


Appointments are based on merit and competence. The Singular act does not mar the government but scores the ruling APC high. If it were to be in the days of inglorious PDP, they would rather go berserk and toll impunity lane they are known for.


The governor intends with this to reward professionalism, action and follow the procedure. It is therefore pertinent to know that the individual has served the state in many capacities even before the arrival of Governor Aregbesola in 2010. So, her promotion is deserved and not on party lines.


It is on this note, I urge Mrs Bello to justify her appointment by staying clear partisanship in the discharge of her duty and bring her wealth of experience to bear on her new assignment.


Osun A Dara Oooooo