Residents, Traders Lament Scarcity Of N100 Note In Ile, Modakeke

By Sodiq Lawal

Residents, traders and others in Ile Ife and Modakeke, State of Osun have expressed worry over the scarcity of lower denomination of 100 Naira note.

The residents, traders and others on Wednesday expressed concerns over the scarcity of the note in the town.

They noted that the scarcity poses a severe threat to the economy of the nation, which is just recovering from recession, as it is worsening inflationary trends.

In an exclusive interview with our correspondent, scores expressed worry that banks in Nigeria no longer dispense these lower Naira denominations with the excuse that they hardly receive them from the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN.

Mrs Olabisi Olakunle, a trader at Knowledge Private School in Ile Ife, said, “The scarcity of lower denomination especially N100 is seriously affecting my business. As you can see I am a petty trader in this school. Sometimes students go away with my money when I can’t give them their balance with a promise that they would bring my money. They do but not all the time. So I decided to collect their money and tell them to come back for their balance. It worked for a while but I discovered that some students collect their balance twice.

“This limits sales and makes me record losses. In this business we only earn less profit (N20) from a dozen of biscuits or a pack of sweet or chewing gum. The banks and the CBN should look into this issue to save our businesses and economy at large.”

However, another petty trader, Mr. Usman Abubakar, said the scarcity of lower naira denomination doesn’t affect his business but the mutilated note does.

“The only problem I am experiencing is that of the mutilated notes, faded and burnt polymer notes that are in circulation. The government should release new notes as most customers reject the bad ones and this tends to hinder sales.”

On his part, Mr. Faruq Amoo, a manager in one of the popular eateries, said, “Our business is being challenged with the scarcity of N100. Sometimes our cashiers leave the counter to source for lower naira denomination leaving customers unserved. The impatient customers collect their money and leave. They see it as fraud. This limits our daily sales.

“Sometimes we urge customers to use the Point of Sale (POS) terminal to save us the time of sourcing for their balance. Some of them reject this option saying, “do you know if we have money in our account,” he said.

Also lamenting, Mr. Sunday Afose, a KeKe NAPEP operator, said, “The N100 note is very scarce to the extent that we do wait for passengers to board other vehicles in other for them to pay us. The sad part of it is that the N100 in circulation is very tattered and passengers reject them when given to them. The CBN should issue quality minted currency.”

Vigilante Group Nabs 5 Men In Modakeke For Vandalism

By Sodiq Lawal

A five-man gang said to be responsible for vandalism at Alapata area in Modakeke has been arrested by the men of Vigilante Service.

The suspects, Kunle Adedibu, Tunde Odetola, and two others were arrested on Saturday for alleged vandalism.

According to the vigilante man, Mr Adeniran Daniel told our correspondent on Sunday that nemesis caught up with the men as they were rounded up by the vigilante routine patrol team in the early hours of yesterday.

“The operation was carried out by our routine team patrolling that axis. They have observed the taxi for some time and waited for the owner. After some hours’ wait, the gang came out from the bush with some stolen cables, two motorcycles and the motor and loaded their car. Our team then acted promptly,” he said.

He added that the arrested gang had made useful statements which have been transferred, together with the men to the police for further investigation.

Items recovered from the suspects included three-roll of 150mm cable, one industrial electric motor, two motorcycles and the taxi cab.

Robbers Besiege Modakeke Community

By Sodiq Lawal

Life has seemingly become hell for residents of Akarabata line 1 in Modakeke, State of Osun, following incessant attacks by men of the underworld.

Business activities have also grounded to a halt in the area as a result of the activities of these criminals who always smoke, terrorize and rob them.

Residents of the area called on the state government and security agencies to rescue them from armed robbery attacks.

They claimed that the hoodlums have been terrorising them many years ago, adding that the attacks have escalated to daily affair.

Our correspondent gathered that most tenants have packed out of the street for fear of falling victim to armed gangs that allegedly assault their victims.

Our correspondent who visited the area at exactly 12:30am was attacked but escaped by running away while he was chased till he got to the main road leading to Lagere.

A resident of the area who craved anonymity, told our reporter that, “the robbers are usually armed with guns and knives and rob residential apartments freely. They always smoke every day in the area. They are young boys who know the areas in which they operate very well.”

Investigations showed that the hoodlums have devised different means of carrying out their nefarious activities. Most times, they rob with commercial motorcycles, ambushing workers on their way to work. At other times, they attack traders and shop owners while closing for the day.

Victims that spoke with our reporter said the area has been attacked severally in the last three months and each time the bandits stormed, it was a bitter tale for victims.

It was learnt that during one of their operations, residents alerted the police who arrived from but parked quietly to enable them ambush the bandits on their way out.

Regrettably, policemen who were on routine patrol also arrived the scene with blaring sirens which alerted the robbers and they eventually escaped.

Presently, it has taken a very troubling dimension since they began to move from house to house, robbing residents. Unfortunately, efforts by residents to employ the service of private security like the local vigilante, failed woefully as the landlords were not united in the decision.

Ten Injured In Modakeke Cyclists, Youths Clash

By Sola Jacobs

More than ten people were reportedly injured in Modakeke, Ife East Area office on Tuesday as suspected thugs and motorcyclists clashed in Alapata area in the town.

According to an eye witness account, who spoke with Osun Defender, there was normalcy in the area until noon when some group of young men invaded the motorcyclists’ union park and unleashed mayhem on members of the union.

The eye witness disclosed that one of the cyclists whose name could not be ascertained had been attacked by the suspected thugs which led to reprisal attack between the two groups.

In the attack, a leader of the street gang identified as Skete was slapped by a leader of the motorcyclists’ union, which led him to launch a refengeful attack on the cyclists at their union park at Alapata area.

The irate gang allegedly invited youths from Boosa and Alagbagun to join in the free for all where cudgel, cutlass and broken bottles were freely used.

Some shop owners quickly closed their shops to avoid looting by the two groups. Osun Defender learnt that it took the effort of police men from Division B, Famia road in Modakeke who used teargas to dispatch the gangs from crippling daily activities in the area.

A police source who preferred anonymity said the cyclists, as well as street gangs sustained different degrees of injury, but no one died in the street clash.

The source also identified “show of strength” as the main reason for the clash between the groups adding that all those connected with breach of public peace will be arraigned in court of law.

Investigations on Wednesday morning at Alapata revealed that normalcy had returned to the area, while the traditional ruler and community leaders in the area had stepped into the matter so that it will not degenerate to breakdown of law and order through a set of jobless youths in the area.

Police Arrest Man For Beating IBEDC Officer In Modakeke

By Sodiq Lawal

A staff of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Mr Kunle Adenekan is currently recuperating in a private hospital after one Oluseun Daniel descended and beat him to stupor when he distributed electricity bills at Owode  community in Modakeke, State of Osun.

It was gathered that Daniel, a resident of the area, was angry when Adenekan and some other officials of the company went around distributing the bills and threatening to cut supplies to homes if they refused to pay estimated bill.

The residents were said to have questioned the power officials why they still bought the high bills when they had not been enjoying electricity for many months but Adenekan was said to have told them they should not complain as they were not the ones responsible for the power outage.

The statement apparently got Daniel angry and he pounced him to stupor.

The incident triggered the company officials to call attention of the police and arrested Daniel.

Modakeke Community Cries Out Over Incessant Stealing Of Transformer Cables


By Sodiq Lawal

Residents of Owode Community in Modakeke on Friday cried out against incessant cable theft resulting in erratic power supply in the area.

The residents in their hundreds lamented that the crime had become alarming and called on authorities to beef up security in the community.

A community leader in the area, Alh Yinka Odesola said that crimes committed in the area include stealing of transformer cables, robbery and burglary.

“The most destructive crime in Owode is cable vandalisation; it is so bad that it has worsened the power supply to inhabitants of the area.

“Sometimes we do not even have electricity for months because our transformer cables would have been vandalised.

“We are imploring the government and Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC)make their presence felt in the area,’’ he said.

He said that those destroying and stealing cables could not do so without conniving with officials of the electricity distribution companies.

According to him, burgling a transformer required technical know- how beyond the competence of a layman.

Also speaking with a resident, Pastor Aderemi Adedimeji said that residents were living in fear because of the activities of criminals.

He said that vandals carried out their activities during power outages at night.

“If there is stable electricity, the activities of criminals can be curbed. Effective policing, good access roads will also help,’’ he said.

Corroborating, Mrs Mariam Odeniyi who is a trader, said daily patrol by the police could reduce the activities of criminals.

“We appeal to the security agencies, vigilante groups to live up to their responsibilities, so that this area can be more conducive to live in,’’ she said.

She called on government to provide jobs for youths so they could be productively engaged and not resort to crimes.

Downpour Rattles Ile-Ife, Modakeke Residents

By Kehinde Ayantunji

Residents of Ile-Ife and Modakeke, State of Osun have lamented the effects of the recent heavy rainfall in the areas, leaving in its trail, flooded streets, houses, churches, shops and markets, has caused huge economic loss.

The downpour caused power outage among various areas like Akarabata, Owode, Oju Odo, Mayfair community and many other areas in Ile-Ife and Modakeke while vehicular movement was hampered as roads were flooded, making movements on these roads nearly impossible.

The deluge also prevented most people without private means of transportation from attending religious services; with attendance at several churches scanty as worshippers used the downpour as an excuse to stay indoors on Sunday.

Traders were also prevented from going about their daily business, as the rain grounded economic activities.

Roads were free as most bus drivers and Okada riders could not operate because of the intensity of the downpour.

Meanwhile, some residents have lamented that lack of proper drainage and water channels in some areas like Oju Odo, Mayfair and Akarabata resulted in the flooding of some residential houses and shops.

The rain started at about 8:30pm on Sunday and continued till about 11pm and there was heavy downpours on Monday and Tuesday.

The recent downpour forced men, women and children to stay at home. While some families were seen draining water from their homes using pumping machines, others resorted to scooping with containers.

In some areas, residents were overwhelmed by the volume of the surging water and watch helplessly not knowing which of their valuables to salvage.

Some residents, who spoke with the medium expressed sadness over the development, lamenting the havoc wrecked by the flood.

“It was the cry of my children that woke me up,” lamented Mrs Lawal Yetunde, a widow whose two bedroom apartment was flooded.

She said her children were sleeping on the floor when they noticed an unusual coldness, which jolted them from their sleep.”The speed with which the water spread to the entire house was alarming. There was nothing we could do to salvage our valuables,” she said.

The worst affected areas are; Akarabata, Owode, Ondo Road, Opa, Mayfair, and Oju Odo.

Residents Lament Incessant Stealing Of Motorcycles, Cars In Ile Ife, Modakeke

By Sodiq Lawal

Despite the state government’s efforts to improve security of lives and property in Osun, residents of Ile Ife and Modakeke can still not heave a sigh of relief as armed robbers appear to have doubled up operation in the neighbourhood.

While thefts and burglary incidents have gone on the rise recently, the free reign of armed robbery gangs in the habit of mounting road blocks late at night and early in the morning to steal motorcycles and cars have continued to worry the residents.

The recent twist of robbery gangs, usually of four or five men per group, laying siege has made the residents of the two communities cry out for help.

Olabisi Ajayi, one of the most recent victims who resides at Ondo road told our correspondent that the recent incessant of stealing motorcycles and cars has become very alarming.

“I parked my motorcycle inside my compound before I slept on Sunday. I nearly ran mad on Monday morning when I woke and found that my motorcycle has been stolen,” he said.

Another resident, Mrs Olusola Rotimi recounted how a visiting friend was dislodged of his car at Enuwa about a week ago.

Landlords in the two towns said that the development had become more worrisome, as it is now usual to hear of stealing of motorcycles and cars in the wee hours of every morning.

A landlord, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the major challenge in the last three months was tackling the incidents of incessant stealing of motorcycles and cars usually during the hours of 4 and 5:30am.

“We have had one too-many cases of young boys jumping fences to steal car accessories and motocycles and others and this has increased awareness, for which the police patrols must come in to put them in check,” he said.

Modakeke Returns Ten Wards To APC And Aregbesola

It is now clear that Modakeke is the base and source of the Progressives in the state of Osun and the South West.

We all witnessed it in the last local government election held on 27th January 2018 where APC recorded all glory in the process.

Although it is not a news that the PDP said that they will not participate in the process but APC Modakeke defeated all political parties that participated in the process.

Accord Party is just like a baby that is yet to born in the city as they don’t have any political structure and political planning is their major problem.

Kudos to our APC leaders and stakeholders in the city that shows their face before, during and after the assignment Alh. Fatai Kolawole, Alh. Wahab Adetunji, Hon.Wale Amusan Alh. Bisi Kolawole Elder. Kola Olabisi, Eng. Tayo, Kehinde, Dr Egunranti and many more that we can’t mention here God will reward you all… Thanks

Yekeen Abayomi Fatai (Oranmiyan Coordinator, Ife East Central Lcda, Modakeke)

Osun Deputy Governor Reiterates Govt Commitments To Education

The Deputy Governor, State of Osun, Otunba Grace Laoye-Tomori has assured citizens of the state that the government would continue to guarantee quality education for the pupils in the state.

She made the assertion at the first synod of the Diocese of lfe East Anglican Communion in Modakeke recently.

According to her, the government has invested so much on the education sector and would continue to invest more and manage the investment to ensure that its purpose is served.

She said, for the government to achieve its aims of taking the education to higher pedestal, it require the support of all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, students and the entire community who must all play their roles.

While delivering his sermon, the Bishop of the Diocese, Rt. Revd Oluseyi Oyelade commended the activities of the state government and charged the government to improve the people’s standard of living.

Modakeke, Adeleke Jubilate Over Creation Of LCDAs

Residents of Modakeke-Ife in Osun state yesterday took to streets in celebration of newly created Ife North East Local Council Development Authority (LCDA), created alongside 30 others by Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

Besides,the Senator representing Osun West in the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly, Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke, has lauded the creation of an LCDA in Ede South local council, saying the decision will bring governance closer to the grassroots

The celebration march, which took residents to Itasin, Iraye and Ogunsua’s palace, was led by the leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the town, Chief Wahab Adetunji, with residents commending Aregbesola for granting the request of the town after 100 years of struggle.

It will be recalled that Modakeke town had engaged Ile-Ife in bitter communal war for over many years due to the relocation of headquarters of Ife East local council from the town to Oke Ogbo in Ile-Ife.

The old Modakeke Area Council, which was later created as part of peace deals after the war, was upgraded to the status of LCDA in the new LCDAs announced by the governor.

However, while addressing the jubilant crowd, the APC Adetunji singled out Aregbesola and Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi , for recognition over the role the duo played in making sure that the community got its council area.

Adetunji, who was supported by other party leaders in the area, said the town is ready to make necessary sacrifice for the effective take off of the LCDA.