French Tourist Claims To Have Slept With 1400 Women, Impregnating 600 In Two Years

40 year-old Jean Michel, has admitted to impregnating at least 600 women in six African countries within two years. The six countries included Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana and Guinea.

According to a news site ‘Africa24’ the French tourist revealed that many Africans see all westerners as very wealthy people who can change their lives. They easily give in to all their requests and desires and are taken advantage of.

His confession has been translated from French to English by Simon Ateba in Washington, District of Columbia:

“Good morning Africa 24, I have a confession to make about the havoc I have wreaked in six African countries, including Cameroon, Togo, Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, Ghana and Guinea. I am not proud of what I have done. These were unfortunate experiences.

“In France where I hail from, I did not have money. I was very poor until one day I played and won lottery. I won 550 thousand euros. It was the largest sum of money I had received in life.

“I did not know what to do, and a friend suggested we travel to Africa. We obtained all the documents, entry visa, and the rest, and our first stop was Ivory Coast.

“In Abidjan (the capital of Ivory Coast), we rented a furnished apartment. We had money to spend and met Ivorian people and we became friends. They introduced young Ivorian girls to us, and that’s when it all started.

“I began having sex with girls every day. Sometimes, I would sleep with three girls at the same time. It was a marvelous experience.

“I worried less about my health. All I wanted was to have fun. My friends and I were in a night club in the town every day looking for girls.

“One time, I met a girl and gave her money, and she told me to be engaged to her. She was ready to get pregnant for me. I don’t know whether it was the money they liked or the fact that I was from France that attracted them.

“I spent three months in Ivory Coast, spent 60,000 euros and slept with more than 80 girls.

“After leaving Ivory Coast, I went to Togo where I slept with over 100 girls and spent 40,000 euros.

“I spent three months in Togo and went to Nigeria.

“Nigeria was where I got more girls. I did not speak English, and it seems Nigerian girls love foreigners.

“I rented a furnished apartment in Nigeria and I was in Lagos for six months. I spent 100,000 euros and slept with 230 girls. Nigeria was the place I appreciated the most. Girls were always available and easy to deceive.

“From Nigeria, I went to Ghana, and then Cameroon and ended what I describe as my sex tour in Guinea.

“I was in those three countries for more than a year and spent over 200,000 euros. If I told you I slept with more than 700 girls in those three countries, you won’t believe me, but it was unbelievable!

“In all, I slept with more than 1,400 girls in six different African countries. I have all their pictures in my photo album, including the dates we met, their names and phone numbers. I opened a Facebook account only for them.

“Since I returned to France, I have had more than 600 of them who told me they got pregnant for me. Some committed abortion, and I do not know exactly how many finally gave birth.

“Africa is a marvelous continent. Girls are beautiful and very sexy. All they want is a man who has money, and the worst is when he’s white.

“I realised that they love having mixed race babies. I do not know why, but many would do anything to get pregnant for you. 100 euros is plenty of money in Africa.

“To summarise, I went on a sex tour in Africa, I slept with 1,400 girls in two years and more than 600 got pregnant.

“I know many of you would judge me, but I do not care about your insults. I know that what I did is not good, but I enjoyed my stay in Africa, and I am planning another trip to Senegal, Mali, Gabon, Benin, Niger and Democratic Republic of Congo.

“The day after I returned to France, I went to the hospital for medical exams, and luckily, I was HIV negative, and I did not have any other infectious disease.

“My friend was also negative and we are planning another trip.

“I did not go to secondary school, so disregard my grammatical errors. Thank you for reading my story”.


Morgue Worker Caught Having Sex With TV Star Corpse

Oksana Aplekaeva was murdered in 2008 and her killer has never been found. After she was buried, police in Russia received new information so they exhumed her body and carried out new and more detailed forensic tests on her body. Those tests revealed that she had been sexually violated after her death and DNA led investigators to point the finger at a morgue technician identified only as Alexander, 37.

Speaking after he was sacked, he said: “I could not argue against science. I have not been able to find a job for three months.”

Asides being able to secure a job as a result of his action, his wife has also left him and changed her phone number so she can’t contact him.

Alexander worked at the morgue for 12 years before he was fired. There is no evidence to suggest that he interfered with other corpses. Russian media report that Alexander cannot be punished for his deed, as there is no law in Russian legislation that deals with such incidents. Police underline that Alexander did not have anything to do with Aplekaeva’s murder.


Man Dumps Wife, Marries Daughter And Gets Her Pregnant

Katie Pladl was given up for adoption at birth in 1998 but had decided to track down her biological parents when she turned 18. She reportedly first contacted her biological parents through social media. The family then arranged for her to come and visit them in Richmond, West Virginia, in August 2016 and she met the Pladl’s and her two younger siblings.

This new stage is what resulted to a turn of event for the Pladls as their father started a relationship with his daughter.

Steven Pladl, 42, left his wife to start a relationship with his 20-year-old daughter Katie. According to reports Katie is now heavily pregnant and married to her dad.

Steven further  told his other children that they should start referring to their eldest sibling as their “step-mom”, according to court documents. The couple are now facing criminal charges after police uncovered the horrendous scandal.

Within months of meeting her parents, her mum had moved out of the family home with her two children. Later, Steven reportedly told his wife that he planned to get married to his daughter.

Katie’s mum told police that Steven had begun “sleeping on Katie’s floor”, according to court documents. Then in May 2017, the wife read in one of her other children’s journals that Katie was pregnant and Steven was the father.

In July last year, Katie posted Instagram photos of herself heavily pregnant and kissing her dad by a lake. The caption suggested it was their “wedding day”.

She wrote: “Nothing fancy, just love #justmarried #simplewedding #pregnancy.”


11 Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Sister, Kills Himself

South African Police have revealed that an 11-year-old boy accidentally shot his two year-old sister while playing with his father’s gun. It is believed that on seeing what he had done, he decided to pull the trigger on himself.

While his sister later died in the hospital, the boy died on the spot. Speaking about the incident which took place on Saturday, February 4 in Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, police said the gun was believed to have been licensed to the boy’s father. They urged all licensed firearm owners to ensure that they do not violate the Firearms Control Act by failing to safeguard their firearms.

The South African Police Service released a statement on their Facebook page saying: “KwaZulu-Natal: Siblings die after playing with firearm.

“Empangeni police are investigating a case of murder and an inquest.

“It is alleged that on 3 February 2018 at 23:50, a 11-year-old boy was playing with his father’s licensed firearm when a shot went off and struck his two-year-old sister.

“The victim was taken to hospital for medical attention where she later died.

“The brother allegedly turned the gun on himself after seeing what had happened to his sister.

“We urge all licensed firearm owners to ensure that they do not violate the Firearms Control Act by failing to safeguard their firearms because it amounts to criminal act.

“Contravening the act may lead to unnecessary deaths and violators may face harsh prosecutions.”


24 Year Old Woman Kills Husband Over Sex

The Uganda Police have arrested a 24-year-old woman for stabbed her husband to death because he refused to make love with her.

Harriet Nambi, who hails from Nakiyanhja,Kaliro Town council stabbed Musa Batera 25, for refusing to have sex with her ever since she gave birth two months ago through cesarean.

Until his death, Batera who was married to 3 wives was the chairman of Kaliro district Boda Boda Association, while Nambi is a primary school teacher at Kaliro Town.

Hasifa Babirye, a neighbor said the couple developed some quarrels some 3 days ago where Nambi accused Batera of repeatedly refusing to sleep with her.

“She told me that her husband was denying her sex yet she needed it. I asked her to wait since she had just been operated upon but she was obsessed,” Babirye told police.

“I tried to ask her to give it time but she said she was going to harm him and when the husband returned, she stabbed him.” she added.

According to residents, Nambi lured the deceased to their rented house and as soon as he entered, she started quarrelling which developed into a fight.

Kaliro District police boss, Joseph Kihamba, who confirmed the incident, said the suspect has been arrested and is to be charged with murder.


Lifeless Newborn Found Inside An Etihad Airways Plane

A lifeless newborn baby boy was found wrapped in a plastic bag inside of an Etihad Airways plane on Saturday night. A cleaning crew reportedly discovered the baby inside of the bathroom, after the mother gave birth during the flight.

The New York Post reported that a 37-year-old Indonesian woman, identified by local media as Hani, was arrested after the cleaning crew made the horrific discovery at Jakarta International Airport on Saturday night,

The woman started bleeding hours after the flight had taken off from Abu Dhabi, forcing the pilot to divert to Bangkok.

She was removed from the plane once it landed in the capital of Thailand and the dead baby was found inside a drawer in a lavatory only after the plane made it to its final destination, according to Sky News.

Confirming the sad occurrence to Agence France-Presse, Jakarta Airport police chief, Ahmad Yusef said the woman “didn’t look healthy and won’t be questioned until she is fit. The woman is now at the airport’s health centre.”

It was also reported that the woman who is married with kids, admitted to investigators that the child was her baby and that she left him in the bin because she got pregnant for another man in Abu Dhabi.


Mother Gruesomely Murders Son Over Misplaced N200

An Ebute Meta Chief Magistrates’ court on Friday remanded a 40 year old mother, Mary Eze, at the Ikoyi prison for allegedly pouring hot water on her seven-year-old son for misplacing N200 which led to his death.

The petty trader appeared before Chief Magistrate, Mrs Oluyemisi Adelaja, on a charge for murder, but her plea was not taken by the court.

The Investigating Police Officer, (IPO) Insp. Chris Akpanomo, had told the court that the accused committed the offence on Dec. 8, at No. 670, Ikorodu Road, Owode Elede in Ikorodu.

According to Akpanomo, the accused had sent the deceased with the last N200 she had, to buy food for her, but he returned to tell her that he had misplaced the money.

Out of annoyance she poured hot water on him, locked him in the house and went about her daily routine.

He added that it was his persistent shouts that attracted neighbours, who rushed him to the hospital where he later died.

The offence contravened section 222 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015 which stipulates a death sentence for convicts.

The Chief Magistrate ordered that the accused be remanded at the Ikoyi Prisons pending the outcome of legal advice from the State Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP’s).

She, however, adjourned the case until January 24, 2018 for legal advice.


Man Nabbed With Seven Human Heads

A man identified as Olayinka Abbas Akeem who was recently apprehended with seven human heads along the Ilorin-Ajase Ipo road Kwara state has been paraded to newsmen.

According to the state Commissioner of Police, Lawan Ado, the suspect confessed that himself and his friend, Tunde aka Bante, exhumed the human parts from a cemetery located at Igbo Owu community in the Ifelodun Local Government Area of the state on Tuesday, November 21st. Akeem told the police that his friend lured him into exhuming the body with the belief that using human parts for ritual is the surest way to make money. While Akeem was apprehended, Tunde took to his heels and he is currently on the run.

The police boss said the suspect will soon be charged to court as soon as the investigation was concluded on the matter.


Sex With Teenager Leads To Pastor’s Death

A Pentecostal pastor has been reported dead during an alleged sex romp with a 19-year-old-girl in a hotel room in Kwale, Ndokwa West Local Government Area of Delta.

Police Command Spokesperson in the state, DSP Andrew Aniamaka, confirmed the incident in Asaba. Aniamaka said the victim’s wife reported the incident to the police on Nov. 19.

He said the hotel workers were alerted on the incident after the girl raised the alarm for help when she noticed the pastor was gasping for breath.

“The incident happened last Sunday evening. We learnt the pastor took the girl, who is said to be 19 years of age to the hotel room.

“While they were in the room after some few minutes, the girl reportedly raised alarm which attracted workers in the hotel, who rushed into the room to find the pastor dead.

“The wife of the pastor was called to the scene of the incident, where she met her husband dead.

“She subsequently reported the matter to the Police Division in Kwale,” Aniamaka said.

He said an autopsy would be conducted to determine the cause of death of the pastor, adding that the police had commenced investigation into the incident.


Man Impregnates Mother and 19-Year-Old Daughter

A mother and daughter from South Africa got pregnant for the same man and gave birth to their babies just four days apart.

Mildred Mashego, 38, learned that her 19-year-old daughter, Patricia Mashego, was also pregnant and that they would be due in the same month. The mother was furious that her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock but she soon realised how complex the situation was when she found out who was responsible.

Mildred was so angry that her daughter was secretly having sex with her boyfriend and was even considering abortion when she found out the truth. Vincent Malumane, the father of the children, admitted that he was having sex with the mother and the daughter secretly behind the backs of both women.

“I cannot go back now and explain what happened. All we have to do is focus on making sure that the children are properly cared for,” said the man.

Both women gave birth just four days apart: first the daughter, then the mother. Both gave birth to healthy boys, making the children brothers, a nephew, an uncle and a grandson. Now that the children are born the woman has forgiven her daughter for the sake of her grandson.

13 Year Old Girl Elopes With Lover

A 13-old-year old girl in Senior Secondary School One simply identified as Lawal has allegedly eloped with her 21-year-old boyfriend, Akin, who is said to be a motorcycle rider.



Lawal is from Ilefunfun, Magbon, Badagry, Lagos State while Akin lives in Ilogbo, Oko Afo, a neighboring community. According to news report, Lawal met Akin through her friend, Kemi and they both left home after meeting in a church on October 22nd.


According to one of the girl’s family members, the mother of Akin is thwarting their efforts at finding the girl. They also revealed that Kemi allegedly knows where the girl sleeps at night but her mother has refused to let her take the family of Lawal to the location