Maryam Sanda’s Trial Begins Today

Maryam Sanda became famous after news that she stabbed her husband Bilyaminu Bello, son of former PDP chairman Haliru Bello to death in their Abuja home in November.

The court had adjourned the case for definite hearing today March 19th while striking out her first attempt for bail.

The court however granted her bail application at the fifth time of asking on March 7th after it was satisfied with the reasons given in the application.

The Nigeria police force who is prosecuting her, will present its first witness in court today.


Maryam Sanda, Who Allegedly Killed Husband, Granted Bail

An FCT High Court has granted bail to Maryam Sanda, who allegedly killed her husband, Bilyamin Bello.

Mr. Bello was a son to a former chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Haliru Bello.

Ms. Sanda was granted bail by the judge, Yusuf Halilu, based on medical reports which indicate she is pregnant and ill.

She has been facing trial on allegations of homicide for the alleged killing of her husband and had been denied bail on at least two occasions.

BREAKING: Maryam Sanda Is Allegedly Pregnant And Has Finally Been Granted Bail

Maryam Sanda became very popular after she was accused of stabbing her husband Bilyamin Bello son of former PDP chairman Haliru Bello to death in their Abuja home.

The case became even more popular when it was alleged that maryam had attacked her husband few weeks before the incident almost biting off his ear. After her arrested, the court had repeated refused to grant Maryam bail.

Latest update reveals that Justice Yusuf Halilu of the Abuja High Court has granted bail to Maryam Sanday.

Sanda who has been in prison custody with her eight month old daughter, was granted bail based on medical reports which indicate she is pregnant and ill.

Maryam stabbed Bilyamin Muhammed Bello three times in the back and severally on his private parts at their residence in Pension Estate, Pakali Close, Wuse 2, Abuja. She drove the deceased to Maitama hospital where he was confirmed dead. The couple got married in 2015 and have an eight-month-old daughter.


Maryam Sanda’s Second Attempt For Bail Turned Down

The High Court at the Federal Capital Territory Abuja has again rejected Maryam Snada’s bail application.

This would be her second attempt a bail after she was arrested for the murder of her husband, Bilyamin Bello.

A previous request for bail made by Mrs. Sanda’s lawyer, Joseph Daudu, had been refused in December.

Mr. Daudu made another request on Monday.

The judge, Halilu Halilu, struck out the application on Wednesday, for lacking in merit.



Maryam Sanda’s Trial Commences Today

A High Court in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, is set to commence the trial in the case of culpable homicide against Maryam Sanda, accused of killing her husband, Bilyaminu Bello, son of former PDP chairman, Haliru Bello.

Recall that Maryam was arraigned in court in December last year by the Abuja police command for stabbing her husband to death during an argument at their Abuja home in November 2017. Her mother, Maimuna Aliyu, her brother, Aliyu Sanda and one other were also arraigned in court for allegedly helping to conceal evidence of the crime scene.

In count one of the amended charge, the police alleged that Maryam had caused the death of her husband, Bilyamin Bello, “by stabbing him on the chest and other parts of the body with a knife and other dangerous weapons which eventually led to his death.”

In the second count charge, it was alleged that Aliyu, Maimuna, a former Executive Director of Aso Savings and Loans and one Sadiya Aminu with the knowledge that a murder has been committed “cause evidence of the offence to disappear.” Police alleged that the trio cleaned the blood from the crime scene with the intention of screening Maryam from legal punishment.

They all pleaded not guilty to the charge. While Maimuna, Aliyu and Sadiya were released on bail, the court ordered that Maryam be remanded at the Suleja prison.

The court subsequently adjourned the matter to today, February 5, 2018 for commencement of hearing


Maryam Sanda’s Trial Resumes

The trial of Maryam Sanda, the woman who allegedly killed her husband in Abuja has commenced at the Federal High Court Jabi.

She is being arraigned alongside her mother Maimuna Sanda, her brother Aliyu Sanda and one Sadiya.

They are standing trial on two counts of culpable homicide and tampering with the scene of crime, to which they all entered a not guilty plea.

Subsequently, their counsel, Mr Joseph Daudu, requested for bail, with a medical report attached to the application, noting that the court should consider the fact that Sanda is a nursing mother.

For the other defendants, Mr Daudu also argued that the offence for which they are standing trial is bailable.

The prosecutor, however, relied on his counter-affidavit to ask the court to deny bail. Mr Jacob Idachaba argued that while he sympathizes with the baby, it is not sufficient reason to ask for bail.

As for the other three defendants, he argued that they ought to be in prison custody pending the determination of their trial, but however, left the bail decision to the discretion of the court.

Ruling has been adjourned to 3:00 pm.

Alleged Murder: Maryam Sanda’s Trial Commences

The trial of Maryam Sanda, the woman who allegedly killed her husband in Abuja has commenced, with the police filing an amended charge against her.

The charge has been amended to include three defendants, her mother Maimuna Sanda, her brother Aliyu Sanda and one other person.

However, the prosecutor says efforts by the police to serve the three others proved abortive, but they could continue with the trial.

The trial judge, Justice Yusuf Halilu, stated that things have to be done properly before a case is brought to court.

Meanwhile, the Counsel to Mrs Sanda has made an application for bail, noting that the application is ripe and should be moved.

The lawyer also requested that his client is released on interim bail because she is a nursing mother.

The prosecutor, however, insisted that the application should not be taken since the charge has been amended.

On his part, Justice Halilu, insisted that the application is not ripe for hearing and he is not inclined to giving bail until all defendants are arraigned.

Bilyaminu Bello’s Lover Pours Out Heart On Facebook Calling Wife Jealous

Bilyaminu Bello’s lover has showed up on facebook pouring her heart out as she wished him a happy birthday.

She wrote;

Will love you always .you would have been 36 today .may Allah rest your beautiful soul as people continue to say your name every day were the kind of person to leave that kind of impact in your wake and slumber .im sorry we drifted apart I wanted you to have peace .i was so proud of myself for letting her have you to herself .ashe ashe .it wouldn’t even come close to being enough .my darling friend .in different points of my life you were everything. A brother who pulled my scarf when I did wrong .a friend who knew me best .we decided to get married out of pure friendship .how strong was that bond.and when we couldn’t we still found our way back to being darling.I don’t have enough words .you once asked: “what would u do if I die?” I promptly started crying and abused u for suggesting u would die and id be around.those tears shocked u .well if u could see me now .. the thing that was most endearing to me that probably meant nothing to you was the way you never ever ever allowed me to cross the road without holding my wrist to do it for used to infuriate me before I came to expect it .id be like ” see this guy ,before him didnt I cross the road .?” (Smiles).even when we fought u held on .even if we didnt talk u held was funny, it was special cos it was not the hand but the wrist, as if to assure urself you wouldn’t let go .that was who were .till I suggested I wanted ur jealous wife to have peace .i wouldn’t call I said u would .and u did .whenever you could.and u saw me whenever u could.bye my love .may Allah link us up in jannah .we will love aleesha xx.

Maryam Sanda Is Not A Murder, Bilya Frustrated Her- Source

A new development has evolved that has left the public shocked and confused in the murder allegation against Maryam Sanda, who was accused of stabbing her husband to death. An anonymous person sent a message to a blog describing how the story was twisted to make Maryam look like the devil, explaining that she was suicidal because of all she had gone through in her marriage.

Read post below;

Let me give you the real story!! Number1: Her killing him can never be justified and she should face the legal system. Now the real story.. Maryam and Bills started dating since university days! Then his family pushed him and forced him into marrying Fakriya while he was dating Maryam. Bilya married Fakriya, but the marriage didn’t last up to 2 weeks and he divorced her.

Bilya and maryam then got married. Before the wedding her family and close relatives didn’t want her to marry Bilya as they believed he just liked her for her mother’s position. Bilya is not the son of the former Pdp chairman but rather his nephew. Bill’s father is an ordinary civilian with no political background. The wedding was very small as Maryam’s mother refused to spend so much money on the wedding and was upset Bilya didn’t want to spend a dime and just expected her family to do everything.

Maryam’s mum got them an apartment in Maitama and fully furnished it! She even bought Maryam a brand new Mercedes-Benz. Plus Maryam already had a farm business that was doing well. Fast forward to the marriage.. Maryam started to realise Bilya had lied to her so much about his family, job and source of income. And he was dating so many women outside promising them he would marry them. Bilya turned Maryam’s car to his main car and also started using all Maryam’s money telling her he is starting a business.

This got so bad that the money started to seize things from Maryam. maryam will cry and pack her things and move to her family but they will send her back saying when they warned her to marry him she refused. She had begged for divorce over and over but Bilya never agreed saying that he doesn’t want the world to think he can’t hold a marriage and that they will work it out.

But Bilya never stopped sleeping around and using her like a fool. She was frustrated, depressed and suicidal. On the night the fight broke out – Maryam and Bilya fought in the living room and she left him in there bleeding and went to the kitchen She later asked her maid has Bilya not gone to the hospital and the maid should go and check on him

The maid came in shouting that he is in a pool of blood and that is when he was rushed to the hospital and died. It is clear her intention was to inflict pain on him not kill him but sadly he bleed too much and died. There is no excuse for killing another person so she should face the law for that! But we need to be careful how we are too quick to judge a situation.

The same maryam we are insulting in custody in shock of what she did and might at this point be suicidal. Bilya has since been buried. Sadly their marriage failed due to: Greed, what will people say, built up frustration and pain.

This source cannot be confirmed, as the accused has remained silent since the incident.

Maryam Sanda Appears In Court, Eyes Glued To Her Quran

Maryam Sanda whose name has flooded the internet since she was accused of killing her husband, Bilyaminu Bello, son of ex-PDP chairman, Haliru Bello, to death at their home in Abuja last Sunday, has been arraigned in court. She was arraigned this morning for offenses bordering on culpable homicide. Maryam could not control her emotion as she burst into tears upon her arrival at the court holding her six-month-old baby.

Maryam who covered her face with a green scarf read her Quran with all seriousness before the court proceedings commenced.

When the two count charges of homicide were read to her, Maryam pleaded not guilty. The defense counsel, Hussein Musa asked the court to let the defendant be in the police custody arguing that she is still a nursing mother and would be improper to be remanded in prison custody.

The presiding judge, Yusuf Halilu Maryam, objected to Maryam’s counsel’s suggestion and ruled that she be remanded in Suleja prison and the matter has been adjourned to December 7th for further hearing.


Shocking Reason Maryam Sanda Cannot Be Remanded In Police Custody

The Police in Abuja through its spokesperson gave a shocking explanation as to why it cannot remand Maryam Sanda, the wife of Bilyaminu Bello, son of ex-PDP chairman, Haliru Bello, who she allegedly stabbed to death during a fight at their Abuja residence last Sunday.

According to the spokesperson of the FCT police command, Anjuguri Manzah, Maryam cannot be remanded in prison because she is a nursing mother of a six-month-old daughter.

Maryam who is said to be the second wife of the deceased after he divorced his first wife to marry her, has been arraigned before an Abuja High court on a two-count charge of culpable homicide. The case has been assigned to the Chief Judge of FCT.  Part of the charge sheet reads

‘“That you Mariam Sanda Female, Adult of N0 4 Pakail Close, Wuse 2 Abuja, on or about the at 19/11/2017 at about 0350 hours at Pakail Close, Wuse zone 2, Abuja within the Abuja Judicial Division, did commit the offence of culpable homicide punishable with death. In that you caused the death of one Bilyaminu Bello Halliru, male of N0 4 Pakail close, Wuse zone 2, Abuja by stabbing him on the chest with broken bottle which eventually led to his death, you thereby committed an offence punishable under section 221 of the Penal Code Law.

“That you Mariam Sanda Female, Adult of N0 4 Pakail Close, Wuse 2 Abuja, on or about the at 19/11/2017 at about 0350 hours at Pakail Close, Wuse zone 2, Abuja within the Abuja Judicial Division, did commit the offence of causing grievous hurt. In that you stabbed  one Bilyaminu Bello Halliru, male of N0 4 Pakail close, Wuse zone 2, Abuja by stabbing him on the chest with broken bottle on the neck thereby endangering his life, you thereby committed an offence contrary to section 240 (g) and punishable under section 247 of the Penal Code Law.”

The FCT police command’s spokesperson in a statement said that at the end of the investigation, it would be clear if the charges could be amended.

“It should also be noted that this present charge is as a result of preliminary findings. At the end of the investigation, additional findings will determine whether the current charge will be amended or whether other persons will be charged along with the suspect. To assist the police with its ongoing investigation, some persons have been invited for questioning on the matter. Investigation on the case is still on-going and the public will kept abreast of any further development. Sequel to the aforementioned facts on the current status of the case, the command wishes to assure members of the public that investigation will be carried out professionally.”