New Councils: Aregbesola Inaugurates Assets, Liabilities, Take Off Committees

*Lists ways to ensure communal peace

The Governor of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola Thursday evening inaugurated three different committees saddled with the task of proper take off of the newly created councils in the state.

At the ceremony, he described human beings as the basic instrument of development, considering humans’ ability to think, conceive ideas and the engagement in economic production.

The Committees were Asset and Liability Sharing, Boundary Adjustment and Take-Off for Local Governments and the newly created Local Council Development Areas, Area Offices and Administrative Offices in the state.

Justice Kudirat Akano is to chair a seven-man committee on Asset and Liability Sharing, while Justice Akinwale Oladimeji will head that of Boundary Adjustment Committee while former Executive Secretary of Ilesa East Local Government, Mr. Lanre Balogun, will head that of Take-Off Committee.

Aregbesola implored all Osun citizens and residents to strive more for development of the state, saying whatever asset any of the local government has should be seen as starting point for development.

He held that the goal of all should be how to use what the state has to kick-start development and make life better for the people, instead of fighting bitter war over assets that will fuel another round of bitter feuding between communities.

Governor Aregbesola enjoined the Committee on Asset and Liability Sharing as well as the one on Boundary Adjustment to be fair and just and avoid any form of partisanship, bias and favouritism, adding that they should carry out their assignment with the fear of God and follow laid down procedures, rules and regulations.

He held that modern boundaries are for the purposes of taxation, development and election, stating that a local government therefore means the geographical area within which taxes will be collected by a local authority and where that authority is politically responsible and accountable.

According to him, “Assets sharing is like an inheritance in which everyone wants the best portion for himself or herself. Where there is a will, it is easier, and contestations are often without rancour, although wills also are often contested. Where the deceased died intestate without a will anything can happen.

“It is not less so with government assets. Oyo and Osun, those who could remember, fought bitter asset sharing war at the creation of Osun in 1991, which still reverberates till today. This is unsavoury and clearly avoidable for the same people who have the same history, culture and have lived together since time immemorial.

“The greatest asset really is human beings. They are the basic instrument of development. It is humans that think, conceive of ideas, create and engage in economic production. This is why at any time, we should strive more for human development”.

The Governor stressed that his goal is the development of Osun with the revenue it’s able to generate and the councils are at the centre of such development.

He added that the era of free and unearned money is gone, noting that leadership is now a huge responsibility and no longer a reward or compensation.

He said, “We are in a new era of compulsory wealth creation. Be assured that anyone coming into any elective or appointive position in our state is coming to work, real hard work.”

Aregbesola said Osun is not alone in the financial challenge as being made up by the opposition adding, “President Muhammadu Buhari gave us a breather from our traducers when he announced that 27 states are in similar financial position to ours. It is not that we are proud of this, but to let you know why we are taking the steps we are taking now and what to expect from whoever comes into any position of authority in this state.”

He said further, “We are putting in place a system of revenue generation that works from bottom-up. This is why the local government system is very important to this”. The Governor emphasised.

In his remarks on behalf of the three committees, the Chairman of Boundary Adjustment Committee, Justice Akinwale Oladimeji, said the committees would execute their given assignments with high sense of nationalism and patriotism.

Justice Oladimeji said the committees would not allow themselves to be influenced in any manner while carrying out their tasks.

He stated that all members of the committees are men of honour and proven integrity and as such none will compromise their integrity in the discharge of their responsibilities.

“We pledge and promise to perform to the best of our ability. We will do the job you gave us with the best of nationalism and patriotism.

“We assure you, Mr. Governor, that we are not going to be influenced in any form or by any extraneous or political factors.

“We are men and women of integrity and we have been known never to compromise our integrity.

“At the end of the exercise, Mr. Governor will see the confidence he reposed in us,” Justice Akinwale said.

Speaker Justifies Parliamentary System In Osun Councils

The Speaker, State of Osun House of Assembly, Honourable Najeem Salaam, has said that the parliamentary system being adopted to run the affairs of both the existing and new councils in the state would reduce the cost of governance at the local council level.

He also said the creation of additional 31 Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) in the state would further bring government closer to the people at the grassroots.

During a chat with OSUN DEFENDER, the Speaker said the creation of the LCDAs was long overdue.

According to him, with the parliamentary system at the council areas, governance would be more effective and overhead would be reduced.

Salaam, who noted that the parliamentary system was not in any way contradictory to the provisions of the Constitution, said the councilors would be democratically-elected.

“That we will run parliamentary system at the council areas does not mean the people will not be democratically elected.

“For example, before you can become a chairman, you must have been elected as a councilor in your area before other councilors will elect you to be chairman.

“This system is not new in the country. It is what we are used to in the past.

“Although, it might be a new system at the council areas, but with time, people will get used to it and appreciate it.

“One major advantage of this system is that it will reduce cost of governance and make the system more effective.

“We will be waiting for the opinion of people on this system. This is our opinion and this is the way we feel about it, but other opinions will be welcomed,” he said.

Governor Rauf Aregbesola had on March 8, created 31 LCDAs, three Area Councils and two Administrative Offices from the existing 30 local government council areas in the state. Aregbesola, in a statewide broadcast said the LCDAs would be administered under the parliamentary system.

Osun LG: Boripe Community Leaders Deny Rejecting Council Headquarters

Community Leaders in the four town, Iree, Ada Agba and Ororuwo which formed the newly created Boripe North, Local Council Development Area(LCDA) have denied objecting Iree as the headquarters of the council saying those protesting are only promoting “selfish interest”
Leaders from the four communities after a meeting in Iree, the headquarter of Boripe North LCDA to discuss the take off of the new council area urged security agencies to beep their search on “few individuals who want to foment trouble over the development ”
In a joint statement released by the representative of the four communities signed by Prince Adebayo Adeleke from Iree and Chief Amos Idowu, a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) from Agba commended the state Governor Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola for the creation of the council.
The communities condemned and dissociated themselves from the position of some leaders who were reportedly protesting Iree as the headquarters of the new LCDA.
According to the statement, choosing Iree was a conscious and diligent decision of committee set up by government in consultation with traditional rulers, public office holders and community leaders to foster desired development and progress.
The statement read “ we all agreed and consciously chose Iree as the headquarter of the new council considering its population, land mast  and economic advantages for the rapid development of the area, we presented this position to the committee, others also presented their own but they found merit and justification in our proposal which informed the choice of  Iree by the government”.
“ Historically, Iree has been made a district office of old Ifelodun Local Government, It is therefore quite unfortunate that some leaders in the community are instigating disharmony by rejecting Iree as the administrative office of the new LCDA, that opposition to us is in bad faith, mischief and attempt to cause crisis among the peace loving people”.
“ We the representatives of the chiefs, community leaders, market men and women, political parties, religious organizations  in Iree, Ada, Ororuwo and Agba therefore commended the state government for the choice of Iree and called on the indigenes to provide necessary support for the take off of the new LCDA.”
“We cannot afford to derail the development of the new council we have been anticipating for years, we are urging the public to discountenance the said protest, it is never in the general interest of the people of Boripe North LCDA”.
The community leaders also appealed to the people to pay their tax and cooperate with the newly appointed Council Manager for the sooth running of the LCDA.

Angry Youths Attack Lawmaker Over Choice Of LCDA Headquarter

Angry youths at the weekend attacked the lawmaker representing Ifelodun, Boripe and Odo-Otin in the House of Representatives, Yinka Ajayi.

The youth were protesting against making Iree the headquarters of the new Boripe North Local Council Development Area as announced by Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

Aregbesola created new 31 LCDAs, three area offices and two administrative offices in addition to existing 30 local government areas in the state.

It was gathered that Ajayi, who hails from the town, was at the palace of Olona of Ada to attend a meeting called over the location of the headquarters of the new LCDA.

He was attacked by the youth, who accused him of selling them out. Ajayi was said to have been saved by security agents.

Three communities – Aagba, Ada and Ororuwo- have -demanded a reversal of the decision.

The communities, in a letter by the Alaagba of Aagba, Oba Rufus Olayinka Ogunwole, Olona of Ada, Oba Abimbola Abioye and regent of Ororuwo, High Chief James Dada, said the reversal was necessary because it was at variance with content of the White Paper released on the memorandum written by the three communities in 2012.

The letter explained that Iree was not part of the struggle for the creation of the new LCDA in the area, just as it claimed that in the proposal the three communities presented before the Prof. Mojeed Alabi- committee, Ifesowapo Local Council Development Area, with Modaa, Ada proposed as its headquarters.

The letter reads: “Creation of Boripe North Council Development Area and its headquarters at Modaa, Ada was corroborated and confirmed via the White Paper released on the exercise by your good government upon discreet and meritorious consideration of our Memorandum.

“The White Paper in 2nd schedule specifically column 4 stated Ada; Aagba, Iree and Ororuwo communities with their villages as the newly created Boripe North LCDA and Modaa, Ada as the headquarters.

“We have no objection to the addition of Iree as one of the owners of Boripe North LCDA, though without reference to us, but we totally oppose, object and reject making Iree our headquarters.

“We, therefore, implore your Excellency to quickly and urgently set all machinery in motion to reverse this political insult and daylight robbery to prevent us from taking our destiny into our hands.”

Osun LCDAs: Matters Arising! By Abiodun Komolafe

IT’S no longer news that some 31 Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs), 3 Area  Councils and two Administrative Offices were recently created in Osun State  by the Rauf Aregbesola-led administration. As Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure in the Bola Tinubu-led administration when Lagos State had its LCDA experience, one can safely state that Aregbesola has garnered experience sufficient enough to help him drive the newly-created lower-tier administrative units in Osun State.
At a period of global financial failure like this, fears on the part of the people cannot be said to be misplaced. It is therefore comforting to know that the governor has assured Osunians that the new councils were created primarily to bring “development to the people”, manage “the markets”, and generate “more revenues, amongst others.” Good also that he has allayed the fears of human and material resources with which to power the third tier of the administrative structure, taking into consideration the socio-economic and geo-political realities on ground in the country. With these additional administrative council areas in place, one expects that local government administration will be brought nearer to the people.
Again, while not conceding its comparative edge in administrative purposes over the building of a pattern of dominance, it will also go a long way in removing some of the inconsistencies and confusions associated with local government administration. And, since the system is participatory in nature, opportunities for broadening the potential for societal capacity building, accountability, transparency and openness cannot be overlooked. Above all, the glorious roles of our traditional rulers as the embodiment and custodians of their community’s customs and traditions, which successive constitutions have tragically failed to appropriately clarify, will by this laudable step become enhanced.
However, beyond the politics and emotions usually associated with great ideas like this, the question before careful political observers is: has the governor breached any law of the land by creating these lower administrative centres? In my unlearned estimation, the ‘inchoate’ judicial pronouncement of the Supreme Court in the case of Attorney General of Lagos State v Attorney General of the Federation (2004) 20 NSCQLR 90 on the operation of Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) in Lagos State and, by extension, Nigeria has settled that! This is even as Nigerians are of the view that the refusal by the National Assembly to do the needful as required by law tends more towards the political than the  altruistic.
I have commented in one of my previous interventions that being a governor and a paymaster is a matter of choice. Without doubt, each has its rewards. But it depends on how one wishes to live and be remembered! Harvey Firestone put it beautifully when he wrote: “The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” Needless to repeat that Aregbesola has opted for the noble path of serving his people with all of his might and has so far discharged his responsibilities creditably. Essentially, while the benefits derivable from the governor’s action should not be lost on Nigerians, kudos must be given to the government that has, in spite of all odds, been struggling to meet the demands of its people, especially at a time when what comes into the state’s coffers from the Federation Account is not even enough to pay for 20% of the state’s workforce.
Progressive-centric propensity notwithstanding, sentiments and emotions are essential ingredients of politics.  So,  how long is an ‘inchoate’ journey of Local Government creation and who do we blame for the fate of Lagos State? why are we our own enemies  and  where are those powers that are using the good things of life to deny the South its pride of place in Nigeria? Even, if our fathers have eaten sour grapes, for how long shall the faults and evil propensities of the parents, not only transferred to the children, but also punished in them? Where are the popular superstitionists and  perennial deal-fixers who are using the good things of life to curse us in the South? In like manner, where are the professional pacifists who see and take Osun State as a gorgeous hall and concert room where sorrows are carelessly  danced away? As a matter of fact, who would ever have thought that the road linking Ijebu-Jesa with Ijeda-Ijesa which had become impassable to motorists since the early 1980s would take more than two decades to fix?
Olusegun Obasanjo spent eight years as Nigeria’s president but ended up as the worst enemy of the South. Goodluck Jonathan, another victim of good luck, spent six years without caring a hoot about righting the wrongs of  his lord and master.  Ernest Shonekan who, from all indications, was only anointed for snail and tortoise assault on our psyche did not even stay long in office to fulfill his pseudo-democracy destiny.
Come to think of it, close to threescore years after independence, Nigeria remains a strange nomenclature mendaciously concocted by her colonial manipulators. Like a barber’s chair, motioning perpetually without any monumental movement, dear country is fast becoming a disintegrating enclave, a culture of discordant policies and a hutment  of prosperity in a quicksand of adversity; nothing but a game of dubious smartness, or smart dubiousness. Little wonder every shed and hamlet in the North is shredded as Local Government Areas while towns, even cities in the South are falsely lumped together as one Local Government. For instance, I observed during my national youth assignment in 1997 that what constituted Talata Mafara and Bakura Local Government Areas in Zamfara State hardly extended beyond Talata Mafara and Bakura townships and I doubt if the situation has changed.
A country without values has no future. What more? Democracy allows for openness and inclusiveness. In other words, while it may be difficult to have a proper grasp of the nature, structure and texture  of political patterns  and trends without understanding her colonial legacies, it is only when the vestiges of inherited colonial structures and legacies are exorcised that an independent Nigeria can become truly redirected along the principles of justice, efficiency, equal opportunity and freedom in socio-political relationships. Stated in clear terms therefore, if creation of LCDAs is at a time like this in the history of Nigeria capable of meeting the governance and development needs of the people, what stops Aregbesola from acting in the interest of his people?
May powers, assigned to waste the efforts of our founding fathers in Osun State, backfire!
*KOMOLAFE writes in from Ijebu-Jesa, Osun State, Nigeria ([email protected])
020, Okenisa Street,
PO Box 153,
Ijebu-Jesa, Osun State.

New LCDAs: Monarch Lauds Aregbesola’s Desire To Bring Government Closer To The People

By Jelilat Opeyemi, Osogbo

A traditional ruler  in Osun state, Adimula of Ifewara, Oba Hezekiah Adeniyi Owolola, has lauded  the vision of Governor, Mr Rauf Aregbesola in establishing new Local Council Development Authority, LCDAs.
Receiving the newly deployed Manager of Atakumosa West Central Local Council Development Area, Mr Lateef Ayodele Ajao in his palace, Oba Owolola noted that states across the nation have started emulating the ingenuity of Aregbesola in creating new local councils.
He also commended Aregbesola for crowning over 40 years of struggle for a local government with success, calling on the people of the LCDA to support the local council adding that all the component communities must unite and ensure that the local council succeed.
Mr. Ajao who was accompanied to the monarch’s palace by the honourable representing Atakumosa West State Constituency, Hon. Festus Babatunde Komolafe noted that the commitment of governor  Aregbesola to grassroots development informed the creation of the local council.
As the pioneer administrator of the LCDA, Mr. Ajao promised to work hard in fulfilment of the aspiration of government and the people and enjoined stakeholders to ensure that love and fair play guides the sharing of assets and liabilities between the newly created LCDA and its mother local council.
He called on the people of the LCDA to reciprocate government kind gesture by supporting the government by performing their civic obligations of paying their taxes and rates to make the local government viable.
Also speaking, Hon. Komolafe enjoined the communities of the newly created LCDA to unite and ensure the its sustainability adding that Governor Aregbesola’s vision for all round development of the state can only come to fulfilment if the citizenry support him.
Hon. Komolafe who is visibly elated noted that the long time aspiration of the people of the area was brought to fulfillment by Governor Aregbesola whom he described as a hardworking visionary leader.‎

Tertiary Institutions In The State Of Osun; The Rechristening And The Issues

By Sulaiman Kazeem

Prior to taking on issues and matters hovering around the decision of the State Government Of Osun to rechristen the existing tertiary Institutions in the State, i will like to crave your indulgence to list the new nomenclatures of the existing higher citadel of learning in The State Of Osun, and their ‘formerly known as’ nomenclatures.

It is no longer news to the people of the State Of Osun and its environs that on Wednesday 9, March 2016, precisely at the 4th & 5th convocation ceremony of the Bola Ige University, Osun State formerly known as University Of Osun, the Executive Governor of the State Of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola rechristened the main campus of the Osun State University after the first Governor of the Old Oyo State and former Attorney General of the Federation, Chief Bola Ige of lasting and blessed memories, while other campuses of the University as spread across five Local Government Areas of the State also got new nomenclatures as listed below.

The College of Law at Ifetedo was rechristened as Kayode Esho College of Law.

The College of Social Sciences and Management in Okuku was rechristened as Olagunsoye Oyinlola College of Social Sciences.

The College of Agriculture in Ejigbo was rechristened as Isiaka Adeleke College of Agriculture.

The College of Education in Ipetu Ijesa was rechristened as Ezekiah Oluwasanmi College of Education.

The College of Humanities and Culture, Ikire, was rechristened as Eniola Atanda College of Humanities and Culture.

Other tertiary Institutions that was rechristened are The Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, after the former minister of Internal Affairs, Chief Sunday Afolabi and the Osun State College of Technology was rechristened after Chief Bisi Akande, former Governor of Osun State.

In order to avoid an ambiguous pen-down, it is of a great importance to take on the issues as raised by concerned persons or groups of people but with my camera focus on the Students bodies, both in the State and at the National level.

Firstly, it was reported that the Executive Governor of the State never got the approval of the State House Of Assembly before embarking on his journey to change the names of the notable University which was built by his predecessor, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola.

Secondly, some are of the opinion that the State Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola neither consulted the Council Chiefs, nor did he got their support before taking the decision which they consider to be tyrannical, unethical and indeed undemocratic.

Thirdly, it was also said that the State Governor failed to consult the Students’ Union Executives and leaders of the University before taking his decision, a decision they perceived to be outlandish, self aggrandising, and uncourteous.

Indeed, not only is it interesting to note that Students organisations in the State Of Osun deemed it fit to engage the visitor to their institutions via printed correspondences, demanding answers to their prayers and also with the position that the State Government Of Osun retract its decision to rechristen their higher citadel of learning, else the State Government should expect a showdown and possibly anarchy.

But it is also devastating and disappointing that there is a misplaced priority, an encroachment of jurisdiction, an abuse of privileges and right of assembly and association by these Students who failed to seek discussions on issues that obviously needs the rescue of the Government of the day.

Perhaps, it is evident that the Students organizations lacks the knowledge that the mentioned persons or group of people are neither placed above the State Government nor is the State Governor answerable to them particularly on taking decisions on matters that constitutionally reside in his office. However, it is noteworthy that the State House Of Assembly reserves the constitutional right to demand for a retraction of the decision, if the State Governor had failed to follow due process in the renaming of the tertiary Institutions In The State Of Osun.

It is in my opinion that concerned persons or group of people set their priorities aright, distant themselves from creating unnecessary disturbances, engage in constructive criticism and above all direct the camera focus of the State Government on issues that demands improvements both in their institutions and in the State Ministry of Education, as the change of names does not in anyway affect the academic standard and the internally generated revenues of the institutions nor does it affect the issued certificate and those yet to be issued.

Sulaiman Kazeem wrote in via [email protected]

Modakeke, Adeleke Jubilate Over Creation Of LCDAs

Residents of Modakeke-Ife in Osun state yesterday took to streets in celebration of newly created Ife North East Local Council Development Authority (LCDA), created alongside 30 others by Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

Besides,the Senator representing Osun West in the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly, Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke, has lauded the creation of an LCDA in Ede South local council, saying the decision will bring governance closer to the grassroots

The celebration march, which took residents to Itasin, Iraye and Ogunsua’s palace, was led by the leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the town, Chief Wahab Adetunji, with residents commending Aregbesola for granting the request of the town after 100 years of struggle.

It will be recalled that Modakeke town had engaged Ile-Ife in bitter communal war for over many years due to the relocation of headquarters of Ife East local council from the town to Oke Ogbo in Ile-Ife.

The old Modakeke Area Council, which was later created as part of peace deals after the war, was upgraded to the status of LCDA in the new LCDAs announced by the governor.

However, while addressing the jubilant crowd, the APC Adetunji singled out Aregbesola and Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi , for recognition over the role the duo played in making sure that the community got its council area.

Adetunji, who was supported by other party leaders in the area, said the town is ready to make necessary sacrifice for the effective take off of the LCDA.


Council Managers To Report For Duty Today

The newly appointed Council Managers of Local Council  Development Areas in the state of Osun have been advised to be committed to duty and see their new positions as a call to service.

The Chairman, Local Government Service Commission, Elder Peter BABALOLA,stated this on Wednesday during a brief meeting with the out-going Heads of  Local  Government Administration and the newly appointed Council Managers held at the Multi -Purpose Hall of the Commission..

Elder BABALOLA, who was represented by Commissioner 1 of the Commission, Hon. Kehinde Olamolu said all council managers with effect from Thursday morning should report to the Heads of Local Government Administration of the council of the mother Local Council Development Area they are posted while urging all Heads  of Local Government Administration to hand over government properties with them to the new council managers.

According to him, officers on Grade level 15 and above should remain in their various Local Government Areas and await further directives from the Commission.

Speaking earlier, the Commissioner II,Barrister Adebamgbe Omole, who commended the Heads of Local Government Administration for their performance urged the new council managers to take a cue from them saying in a bid to make a change and achieve result,new council managers must do things differently.

Also speaking, the Permanent Secretary of the Commission, Mr Dayo Olaluwoye stated that  the major task before the new council managers is to generate revenue in the various local council development areas in order to increase their IGR.

While commending the State Governor for creating  local council development areas in accordance to the yearnings and aspirations of the people, he charged the council managers  to be focused and determined in facing the challenges ahead of them.

Names Of The New Council Managers In Osun And Their Deployment Area

1. Mrs C.O Durosinmi (Ayedaade LG)
2. Mr Kolapo Mukaila Badru (Ayedaade South LCDA)
3. Mr Oluyemi Bolaji (Ayedire LG)
4. Pharm Haruna Razak (Ayedire South LCDA)
5 . Mr Israel Oladele (Atakunmosa South LCDA)
6. Mr Bello Razak Atakunmosa (East Central LCDA)
7. Engr Ganiyu O.Obelawo (Atakunmosa West LG)
8. Mr Ajao Lateef (Atakunmosa West Central LCDA)
9. Mrs Titilade Roseline (Boripe LG)
10. Mr Wasiu Bolaji (Boripe North LCDA)
11. Tpl. Isiaka Isola (Boluwaduro LG)
12. Mr Olatoye O. Obembe (Boluwaduro East LCDA)
13. Mrs Nimota O. Olapeju (Ede East LCDA)
14. Mrs Toyin Racheal (Ede North LG)
15. Mrs S B Aromolaran (Ede South LG)
16. Engr Adebowale A Folowosele (Irepodun LG)
17. Mrs Funmilayo D. Olagbeju (Irepodun South LCDA)
18. Mrs Fola Christanah (Egbedore LG)
19. Mrs Olusola Victoria (Egbedore South LCDA)
20. Mrs Asanat Kehinde (Ejigbo LG)
21. Mrs Tejumade Elizabeth (Ejigbo South LCDA)
22. Mr Adebayo Akani (Ejigbo West LCDA)
23. Mr Alani Olatunji (Ifedayo LG)
24. MR Najim O.Ogundiji (Ifelodun LG)
25. Mr Samuel Taiwo (Ifelodun North LCDA)
26. Mr Adewusi Adegboyega (Ife Central LG)
27. Mr Abayomi B Awoniyi (Ife Central West LG)
28. Mr Mukaila Anifowose (Ife OOye LCDA)
29. Mrs Muslimat Idowu (Ife East LG)
30. Mr Tirimisiyu Ayofe (Ife North LG)
31. Mr Olugbenga Joshua (Ife North East LCDA)
32. Mrs Medinat M oluyemi (Ife North West LCDA)
33. Mr Babatunde kehinde (Ife South LG)
34. Mr Yinusa Olalekan (Ife South West LG)
35. Mr Semiu Opeyemi (Ila LG)
36. Mr Joel Afolabi (Ila Central LCDA)
37. Builder Moruf O. Tijani (Ilesa East LG)
38. Mr A.Y Oni (Ilesa North East LCDA)
39. Mrs Musirafat M. Salam (Ilesa West LG)
40. Pharm. Adekunle Adebayo (Ilesa West Central LCDA)
41. Mr Samson Olayinka (Irewole LG)
42. Pharm. Hammed Oyebami (Obokun LG)
43. Surv. Foluso Rasak (Isokan LG)
44. Mrs Racheal Sasey I (Isokan South LCDA)
45. Mr Ebenezer Gbeunga (Iwo LG)
46. Mrs Abiola Olabitan (Iwo East LCDA)
47. Mrs Busayo F. Fakayode (Iwo West LG)
48. Mrs Ikeolu Eunice (Obokun LG)
49. Mr Kehinde A.okelade (Irewole North East LCDA)
50. Mrs Julianah olaide (Odo Otin LG)
51. Pharm. Peter Sogo (Odo Otin North LCDA)
52. Mrs adenike J. Adegbite (Odo Otin South LCDA)
53. Mr francis Ige (Ola oluwa LG)
54. Mr Adegoke Basiru (Olorunda LG)
55. Mr I .A Olabisi (Olorunda North LCDA)
56. Mr Musbau Adufe (Oriade LG)
57. Mr Ajibade S. Ogoyeba (Oriade South LCDA)
58. Mr Michael Olugbenga (Orolu LG)
59. Mr Abiodun Gbolahan (Osogbo LG)
60. Mr Abiodun Gboyega (Osogbo South LCDA)
61. Mr Isaac Kehinde Olayinka (Osogbo West LCDA)

On LCDA Creation And Changing Of The Name Of Our Schools – Some Salient Points To Note – By Sunday Akere

I deliberately decided to sit back and enjoy the discussion on the two issues to see whether there will be some things to learn afresh since they became news some 48-hours ago. Firstly, I noticed that some of us probably because of our political inclination or thinking will never want to see anything good in seeing a Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola getting on well with Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. Maybe we feel if there is a friction between them, it will hasten Omooba’s return to the sleeping “so called biggest party in Africa ” or at best help in reawakening the sleeping giant? As for me, one thing I have learnt now is “a ki gbe koto oselu jin”. If there are people to thank God for witnessing the tough days of 2003 – 2010 and being alive to be a part of today’s unfolding scenario, I feel I should thank God the more.

As to the two issues: LCDA creation and changing of the name of our five institutions, the Governor has the right to do that and he has done it. Local governments are meant to bring governance closer to the people and we all know that here in Nigeria and all over the world, whoever created one will never be forgotten by the lucky beneficiary. If 71 requests were received and the Governor and State Assembly sees justification in approving 31 out of this, I think we have not gone too far or are we saying we should deny the agitators the right to have closer affiliation to grassroot governance.

The creation of these new LCDAs does not elicit staff increase or ward expansion for now. Kano state of old did not have as much LG than Lagos state before but today in between Kano and Jigawa, they now have close to 100 LGs. Yes, there is not much fund now, but we will share whatever come to the old 30LG and Area Office to the now 61.

I am not yet a certified Lawyer, but over the world wherever true federalism is practiced, it is only the federal and State governments that are recognised. Local authorities are a subset of the state and it is the state that determine how they are managed. What we are introducing at the LG level here will definitely reduce cost of governance and make the councils more productive.

And what is in a name? In Osun we have only one university that is now called Bola Ige University. Whoever passes out from any of the campuses will get a certificate bearing BOLA IGE UNIVERSITY, renaming the campuses only accord recognitions to our past leaders/heroes that have contributed one thing or the other to the development of our state in the years past. If Chief S M Afolabi was accused of corruption before he died, there was never a conviction against him till his death and we must remember he died a PDP person. Why then must Aregbesola be crucified for honouring a noble Osun leader of PDP descent? I know if Omisore or Olu Alabi’s names are included we won’t cry this much on the name change? After all, we were all here when University of Ife became Obafemi Awolowo University and heaven did not fall?.

As to the argument that Mr Governor ought to have made the decision to change the names of the schools public before the announcement, government policies are not run that way. The beauty of what we call government policy is surprise. That is why when government policies are announced you see “Breaking News” everywhere. If it was made public ahead of announcement, it will either not make meaningful impact or will be thwarted. Also the decision to change the names of the schools has the understanding of the state assembly and this the Governor confirmed in the presence of the Honourable Speaker and members at the convocation of Bola Ige University yesterday.

I know some points have been made and we will continue to learn in this process. The government and its leadership meant well for the people and if our expectation are not totally achieved now, what is expected of all and sundry is prayer, support and understanding that what seems not forthcoming today will be better in no distant future. Definitely there is a ray of light at the end of our tunnel. Osun will move forward and we will all be partakers of the goodness of the land
Osun a dara.