Jeff Bezos Leads, Donald Trump Drops On Forbes Billionaires List For 2018

President Donald Trump has dropped from spot 200 to 766 on Forbes 2018 Billionaires list.

His new spot now ties him with about 20 other billionaires around the world. The magazine estimates his net worth at $3.1 billion, down from $3.5 billion last year.  Forbes said that Trump’s fortune fell in part due to declining Manhattan real estate values, as well as lower revenues at several Trump golf properties.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos topped the list for the first time this year, according to Forbes.  He’s currently worth an estimated $112 billion, up $39.2 billion from 2017. Forbes said that jump amounts to the biggest one-year gain ever.

Bezos knocked Microsoft founder Bill Gates to the No. 2 spot, after Gates spent four straight years on top. Gates is worth an estimated $90 billion, up from $86 billion last year, according to Forbes.

The Bezos bump also pushed Warren Buffett down to No. 3. Buffett is worth an estimated $84 billion. All together, the billionaires on the list are worth $9.1 trillion. Forbes identified a record 2,208 billionaires around the world in 2018, up from 2,043 last year.


Jeff Bezos Overturns Bill Gates As World’s Richest Man


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has now been confirmed the world’s richest man, not just at present, but of all times.


Both Bloomberg and Forbes have put Bezos on top of their billionaire lists.

Bloomberg said Bezos’ net worth reached 106 billion U.S. dollars while Forbes put it at 105 billion as of Wednesday.


The previous record was held by Microsoft founder Bill Gates with 100 billion in 1999.

The majority of Bezos’ net worth comes from the 78.9 million shares of Amazon stock he owns.

Shares of Amazon (AMZN) climbed nearly 57 percent in 2017.

The Seattle-based corporation managed to make up 89 percent of online spending among major retailers in the five-week period beginning on Thanksgiving, according to an analysis of transaction data by Earnest Research in New York.

Bill Gates now still sits on the No. 2 post on both of the fortune lists with roughly 92 billion dollars.

Some argue that if not for his significant charitable contributions, Gates would still be worth far more than Bezos.

According to Bloomberg, Gates has given away almost 700 million Microsoft shares, worth 61.8 billion dollars at today’s value, as well as 2.9 billion of cash since 1996.

In July last year, Bezos was the world’s richest person for less than a day, as Bill Gates reclaimed the top stop within 8 hours.

Jeff Bezos Of Amazon Becomes The Richest Man In History

53 year-old founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is now the richest person in the world surpassing Bill Gates to become the richest man in history.

According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bezos made $6.1 billion in just five trading days in 2018 and is now worth $105 billion.

His net worth reached $105.1 billion on Monday eclipsing the record previously held by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. A rise in Amazon’s share price made the New Mexico-born businessman richer by $1.4 billion on Monday, reports said. This means that in five days, he earned more than most Americans would in 5 lifetimes.

The rise in Bezos’ fortune makes him worth more than Microsoft founder Bill Gates was ever worth, Bloomberg reports. The net worth of Bezos continues to grow as shares of the online retail giant jumped 56% in 2017 and are up another 6.6% so far in 2018. Amazon continues to dominate online spending and has said that Cyber Monday 2017 was the biggest shopping day in its history.


Thanks To Black Friday, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Is Number One

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is now worth $100 billion, due to the sales the company made during the black Friday sales.

The Amazon founder reached the 12-digit milestone for the first time, according to Bloomberg. He surpassed Bill Gates on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, advancing almost $11 billion past the Microsoft co-founder. Bezos is the first person to reach a net worth of over $100 billion since Gates in 1999.

The 53-year-old businessman was able to make the climb after Amazon shares jumped more than 2 percent on Friday and online holiday sales (Thanksgiving and Black Friday) increased by more than 18 percent compared with last year. Bezos made almost $2.4 billion on Friday alone.

Gates was the world’s richest person prior to Bezos’ climb and is now worth almost $90 billion.