Many Injured As Suspected PDP Thugs Clash In Ile Ife

By Sodiq Lawal

Many people were injured at Iremo area in Ile Ife On Thursday morning as suspected PDP hoodlums believed to be rival gangs clashed.

Our correspondent learnt that the clash was as a result of a long-standing feud between rival gangs in Akodi and Ogbingbin.

A motorcyclist who craved anonymity, told our correspondent that the clash was as a result of a row which broke out during the distribution of weapons allegedly acquired by the PDP to cause mayhem during the upcoming Governorship election .

He added that fighting among the hoodlums had become a weekly affair since some undisclosed officials of PDP have given the leaders of thug groups money and weapons.

“Immediately the police arrived there, the hoodlums took to their heels. The violence has become rampant now, ” he said.

Our correspondent however learnt that many residents had fled the area until peace was restored.

Residents Lament Incessant Stealing Of Motorcycles, Cars In Ile Ife, Modakeke

By Sodiq Lawal

Despite the state government’s efforts to improve security of lives and property in Osun, residents of Ile Ife and Modakeke can still not heave a sigh of relief as armed robbers appear to have doubled up operation in the neighbourhood.

While thefts and burglary incidents have gone on the rise recently, the free reign of armed robbery gangs in the habit of mounting road blocks late at night and early in the morning to steal motorcycles and cars have continued to worry the residents.

The recent twist of robbery gangs, usually of four or five men per group, laying siege has made the residents of the two communities cry out for help.

Olabisi Ajayi, one of the most recent victims who resides at Ondo road told our correspondent that the recent incessant of stealing motorcycles and cars has become very alarming.

“I parked my motorcycle inside my compound before I slept on Sunday. I nearly ran mad on Monday morning when I woke and found that my motorcycle has been stolen,” he said.

Another resident, Mrs Olusola Rotimi recounted how a visiting friend was dislodged of his car at Enuwa about a week ago.

Landlords in the two towns said that the development had become more worrisome, as it is now usual to hear of stealing of motorcycles and cars in the wee hours of every morning.

A landlord, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the major challenge in the last three months was tackling the incidents of incessant stealing of motorcycles and cars usually during the hours of 4 and 5:30am.

“We have had one too-many cases of young boys jumping fences to steal car accessories and motocycles and others and this has increased awareness, for which the police patrols must come in to put them in check,” he said.

SARS Arrest Thugs For Attacking Hausa Traders In Ile Ife

By Sodiq Lawal

There was a little pandemonium at Sabo area in Ile Ife on Sunday as men of  Special Anti-Robbery Squad ( SARS) arrested some suspected thugs for attacking Hausa traders.

Our correspondents gathered that the incident occurred around 10am when the thugs deliberately attacked the Hausa traders with the intention of creating crisis in the ancient city.

According to an eyewitness, Mr Oluwaseun Gandhi told our correspondent that the thugs invaded the Hausa traders to cause crisis in the town.

He said the SARS swiftly intervened in the the matter to curtail violence.

As at the time of filling in this report, normalcy has been restored to the area as the Hausa traders were seen continuing their business activities.

Weather Forecast: Cloudy Weather Expected On Sunday, Monday In Ile Ife

By Sodiq Lawal

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has predicted mostly cloudy with a t-storm on Sunday and shower or t-storm in spots in the ancient town of Ile Ife, State of Osun.

The agency predicted that the ancient town would experience cloudy to cloudy on Sunday morning hours with day and night temperatures in the range of 34 to 24 degrees Celsius.

It also predicted that the town will experience a shower or thunderstorm on Monday with day and night temperatures in the range of 33 to 37
and 34 to 24 degrees Celsius.

7 Escape Death In Ife Car Accident

By Sodiq Lawal

No fewer than seven persons escaped death as a commercial bus collided with a car at Obalufon-Sabo area in Ile Ife, State of Osun.

The accident which occurred around 9:00a.m at Obalufon- Sabo on Friday was said to have been caused by the recklessness of the commercial bus driver.

According to an eye witness, Mr Harun Surajudeen said the accident was as a result of indiscriminate stopping of the commercial bus driver to pick passenger on the expressway as the car hit the bus in the course of averting disaster.

The Car

He added that three people sustained serious injuries while others sustained minor injuries.

Surajudeen stated further the injured persons were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

As at the time of filling this report, men of the National Union Of Transport Workers(NURTW) Ife branch, traders, youths and others have stormed the incident to restore normalcy.

Vigilante Group Arrests Two Men For Stealing Roll Of 150mm Cable In Ife

By Sodiq Lawal

There was a little pandemonium at Owode Community in Ife Central earlier today, State of Osun as men of vigilante group arrested two men for stealing a roll of 150mm cable.

Residents of the area who were all asleep were jolted around 2am on Monday by the noise of the vigilante group.

A vigilante in charge of the neighbourhood, Mr Francis Ojo, who spoke to our correspondent on Tuesday afternoon said that nemesis caught up with the men as they were rounded up by the vigilante routine patrol team in the wee hours of today.

“I was the one that informed my colleagues about the incessant stealing of cables in the area and the operation was carried out by our routine team patrolling that axis. We observed till after some hours, the two men came out from the bush with some stolen cables and our team then acted promptly,” he said.

He added that the arrested men had made useful statements which have been transferred, together with the men to the police for further investigation.

However, a community leader in the area, Mr Adedibu Ridwan has urged the residents to maintain peace, saying the men will face the wrath of what they did.

Post Mortem Of Osun LG Election In Ile Ife

By Sodiq Lawal

Politics in the ancient city of Yoruba land, Ile Ife, State of Osun has become a do- or-die affair where the only rule of the game is survival of the fittest, regardless of crudeness or brutality. Ballot
boxes are snatched, voters and security agents maimed and killed, riotous protests, arson, armed gangs of thugs, soldiers and police using coercion to force people to vote for their benefactors and
polling booth officials maimed or killed.

The extent and level of violence in elections especially in Ile Ife is enough to have the elections cancelled since they were not in any respect free and fair. Elections in Ile Ife has also been marred by
various forms of election malpractices ranging from double or multiple registration,.deliberate late arrival of election materials by electoral officials, stuffing/snatching of ballot boxes, destruction
or hijacking of electoral materials, harassment and intimidation by armed groups, falsification of results, delay in announcing results with no satisfactory explanation etc..These practices logically
result in violent conflicts and clashes.

Saturday, the Local Government Parliamentary Elections was held in some wards in the State of Osun with the Ife Axis going to the polls in 52 wards. The announcement of the results of the poll result in Ile Ife was followed by a paroxysm of bloodletting. It was gathered that an accord party aspirant, Adedeji
Olawale Iremo 2, Ile Ife and his fellow political thugs stormed the house of an APC sympathiser to kill him. Unfortunately for him, he was the one that was butchered. He sustained several injuries before the
matter was taken to the Police.

Violence erupted in Iremo, Ilare, Ilode, Orita-Fogo and some areas after the election. Some aggrieved party supporters engaged one another in a free-for-all midway after the election, scores of
delegates and others fled in different directions as a result of the fracas, even as some were injured. Party agents were also attacked by thugs but security officials later forced them out of the grip of the
angry PDP thugs and whisked them away.

I have lamented for so long. It has no doubt. Political thugs in the ancient city are causing violence every day. It will be sad to believe that majority of thugs in Ile Ife are being sponsored by PDP. They
mobilize unemployed youths as vital violent arsenals. The youths are induced to threaten or unleash violence as a means to achieve electoral and political success. Electoral violence in Ile Ife is
induced by financial, ethnic or religious considerations.

Also, the lack of adequate knowledge or information on politics, particularly electoral processes, coupled with low level of education, the high level of deprivation and impoverishment of the youths in Ile Ife force many to take the readily available ‘job opportunity’.

The said politicians are responsible for arming the youths, who mostly are political thugs to manipulate electoral outcomes, kidnap or kill political opponents, threaten and intimidate electorates, destroying
lives and properties, as electoral processes are disrupted.

Breaking: Osun LG Election: Police Arrest Renowned PDP Thug, Oluremo In Ile Ife

By Sodiq Lawal

As the local government election holds in the State of Osun, the Police have arrested a notorious PDP thug popularly called Oluremo of Iremo in Iremo, Ile Ife.

An eye witness, Mr Rasheed Adegoke said the cultist was arrested for using harmful weapons such as gun and axe to threaten the lives of party agents and voters who had arrived at the polling unit.

Adegoke said the notorious cultist nearly created panic at exactly 8:15am at Iremo road leading to Ooni’s palace, a development which triggered some party agents to call the attention of the police.

It was learnt that the cultist ran away when the police arrived but was later apprehended by the combined effort of the residents of the area and the Police.

As at the press time of filling this report, normalcy has been restored to the area as the men of the police force were seen trying to maintain peace.

Aftermath Of Ooni’s Installation: Cold War In Ile-Ife

Fresh crisis is looming in Ile-Ife as a notable indigene of the town who contested the crown with the present Ooni Enitan Ogunwusi, Dr Rahman Adedoyin was alleged to be on war path with the palace.

Investigations revealed that the business mogul was fingered in smear campaign launched against the Ooni of Ife on the internet in the first week of the New Year by an unknown author maligning the person of the monarch.

It was gathered that Adedoyin still has grudges against the process that led to the emergence of the monarch last year as he perceived himself to be the anointed candidate of the late Oba Sijuwade hence had since been keeping records of the supposed mistakes of the present monarch ever since his inauguration.

Checks showed that on different occasions, the business mogul had shown his dislike for the Ooni even on social media platform where he has mentioned his reservation for some of the actions of the monarch.

One of the issues the business mogul had with the monarch is the resort the monarch is building on a land he (Adedoyin) believed is his exclusive right and had plans of expanding his business empire on it.

It was gathered that the mogul is having a strange relationship with indigenes of a neighbouring town, which is likely to cause a communal dispute between the peaceful communities in case the cold war escalates.

Findings in Ile-Ife revealed that illustrious indigenes of the ancient town both at home and in the diaspora have been condemning the actions of Adedoyin in the past months relating to his behaviour with the palace, believing such act amount to disrespecting the Yoruba traditional authority which the Ooni represent.

A press release issued by Prince Ayodeji Akintunde (A.k.A Sango of Africa), warned Dr. Adedoyin to refrain from any action that can directly or indirectly subject the revered royal stool of Ile-Ife and its occupant to mockery”.

In a swift reaction to the smear campaign circulated on the internet, the joint traditional rulers in Ile-Ife and its environ through a statement signed by the Alara Oodaiye of Araland in Ife, Oba Adebisi Segun Layade advised the people to disassociate themselves from the circulated material and urged all the traditional rulers in Ifeland, as well as the people to continue to support Ooni Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II.

Also, a former member of the House of Representatives and a member of Osun Judicial Council, Hon Rotimi Makinde, in a statement said “the person who sponsored the alleged Ewi audio against Ooni is a mischief maker and enemy of progress”.

He added that the rapid development the Ooni is embarking upon both at home and abroad which keep increasing his profile is bound to attract envy and definitely sadist must react”.

However, in a paid advertorial in a broadcast media, the alleged mastermind of the Ewi exponent Dr Abdulrahman Adedoyin had disassociated himself from the circulating maligned audio material, as he said that he did not sponsor or circulate the materials.

Tension in Ile Ife As Police Arrest Man For Stealing Laptops, Phones

By Sodiq Lawal

There was a little pandemonium on Tuesday afternoon at the ever busy Mayfair road in Ile Ife, State of Osun as police arrested a 25- year- old man popular identify as Adex for stealing laptops and phones in the area.

According to an eye witness, Mr Adeola Adeleke said the suspect was arrested for stealing seven mobile phones and two laptops belonging to one Mr Ayokunle Oderemi who sells phone and laptop accessories at Mayfair road in the ancient city.

Adeleke said the suspect entered into the shop of the owner of the phones and laptops, beat him to stupor before he was caught by some angry youths in the area when he was running away.

It was learnt that the angry youths stripped the suspect naked and beat him mercilessly before he was hand over to the police.

Also, the angry youths beat a camera man to stupor for trying to snap the incident.

Residents of the area were seen lamenting over incessant stealing of phones, laptops and other valuable items by an unknown individuals.

As at press time, normalcy has been restored to the area as the men of the police force were seen trying to maintain peace.

PDP And Her Meeting Point With Thugs In Ile Ife

By Sodiq Lawal

Fellow Brethren, I have surfaced again. I hope I could spare you this ordeal but something in me retorted. I have not been in perpetual silence for nothing. I have been brushing aside the temptation to write these days for many reasons. On top of it is the advice I received from elders and colleagues whom I respect so much that I should tarry a while. Trial it may, I overtly obliged and retired permanently to observations. At least they say, time is healing.

I have observed for a million times about the relationship between the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the thugs at Iremo road in Ile-Ife, they have turned Olatakale compound as their secular home for meetings.

Over ten years, they have been using the Olatakale compound for many social miscreants. Thugs restiveness in the ancient city is dangerously accelerating. They have become the order of the day which unleash irreparable material loss, anguish, hatred, revenge, pain and moral degradation on youth, families and society at large.

Often time, critics contend that we only write to attack without proffering solution. It is not true. Contrary to what some are circulating that if you don’t speak for PDP, you are speaking for the APC. It is baseless. It doesn’t take special training to know our brothers are going nowhere. Let me tell them that everyone I know, including me, loves and wants them to succeed. The reason is simple. They are youths. They should not be used by politicians. The society is looking up to them. They represent the time to come.

The issue of the PDP meeting with the street boys continue to raise many questions.
For example, are they not the one used to distort elections?, could it be that the boys are facing cultural dilemma in the ancient city? Or, are parents and guardians miserably failing in their duty of providing the needed support to the youth? Perhaps, the society is not caring enough! In whichever direction one points the “accusing finger” I think the problem of street youths in Ile Ife deserves our attention. The future of our community is seriously threatened by this phenomenon.

My personal philosophy as an educator is based on the fact that the greatest aim of education is not knowledge, but action. Though it is good to have knowledge about or in something that knowledge fails to ‘serve’ society if it is not put into action.

Action brings results. Results bring improvement and progress for the benefit of the community. Knowledge becomes creative and open when it leads to action! Africans have an adage: “It takes the whole community to bring up a child.” Undoubtedly, children are our heritage and it is the responsibility of
us as adults to identify, talk about and take action on any factors that put our children youth “at-risk”.

The use of thugs in Nigerian politics has not only led to waste of human resources, but it has also resulted in the dearth of able- bodied men who may be useful in the future of Nigeria, and low participation of women in politics.

Without doubt, Nigerian politics has since independence, been characterized by thuggery and violence. Little wonder, politics is conceived as a dirty game and exclusive right of thugs and hooligans in Nigeria.

Consequently, Nigeria politics manifest in acrimony, assault, assassination, intimidation, harassment, maiming and killing.

This trend is not a phenomenon of recency; thuggery, brutality and violence political behaviour have been with us for the past four decades. Immediately after independence the politicians, in an attempt to capture, exercise, and retain power within their regional settings involved themselves in various acts that were politically immature, unwise and disastrous.

They adopted a style that was antithetical to democratic tenets and good governance. They recruited, trained and empowered thugs to harass, intimidate and victimize perceived political opponents and opposing views against their political ambition. This culture of thuggery has not only been imbibed and sustained as part of the country’s political behaviour since independence to the present moment, it has been one of the potent causes of the low participation of women in politics.