#OgbeniGovtAt7: We Have Laid A Solid Foundation For 50 Years – Aregbesola

Governor, State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has said that his administration has laid a foundation that will stand the test of time arguably for the next fifty years to come

Aregbesola stated this on Monday in his broadcast laced with tributes to all stakeholders to mark his seven-year anniversary as the helmsman of the state.

The Governor noted that several achievements of his administration are enduring legacies that will in years to come be a reference point for citizens and residents.

Reeling out his government’s successes on the engagement of Youths, Provision of Critical Infrastructure, economic advancement among others, Ogbeni Aregbesola pointed out that the next 365 days will be of greater efforts committed to the course of the people.

He however paid glowing tributes to the state workforce for their perseverance, sacrifice, diligence to duty and hardwork which has kept the government going in spite of the financial challenges.

Governor Aregbesola added that his principle of Omoluabi Ethos has also impacted positively just as he stressed its importance in line with the glowing traits of the Yorubas.

“That investment has paid off. From the elders to school children, Osun people now conduct themselves with the consciousness of Omoluabi, in business transaction, interpersonal relations, warm reception of strangers and even examination conduct in schools.”

“We know the relevance of education in development. It is established wisdom that the acquired knowledge of today determines the future of the people, just as their knowledge base of yesterday is responsible for the state of things today.”

The Osun Chief Executive explained that “With mathematical certainty, our 11 mega high schools, in 50 years to come, would have produced 550,000 world beaters, occupying strategic positions nationally and globally, by the grace of God.”

“We have engaged more than 40,000 youths in public works through the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES). Most of them eventually got soft-landing in teaching, agriculture, information and communication technology and several others. For this reason, Osun has one of the lowest crime incidents in the country and has been adjudged the second least poor state in Nigeria by credible rating agencies.”

The Governor said in the last seven years, “Our administration has also invested in road transport infrastructure. We have constructed more than 1,500 kilometre of roads in the nooks and crannies of the state, including 10 kilometres in each local government area in the state. Besides the township roads in Osogbo, Ilesa, Ile-Ife, Ede, Gbongan, Iwo, Ejigbo and other towns and a network of several intercity roads, these four roads: Omoluabi Motorway from Gbongan to Akoda with Abdulkareem Adebisi Akande Trumpet Interchange, Osogbo to Ila-Odo, Gbongan-OrileOwu to Ijebu Igbo and Oba Adesoji Aderemi East Bye Pass, stand out and are iconic road projects that are befitting legacies we are leaving behind by the time we complete our term.”

He also underscored the importance of taxes to the economy saying if the state reaches its tax projection; its recurrent financial obligations will be met without recourse to federal allocation.

“At our level of development, all it takes for our state to be solvent and prosperous is for at least one million, out of the over four million population in Osun, to pay a tax of N250 every day for 20 days in a month. That will bring N5 billion, which is enough to pay salaries of our workers, run the government and develop our state in every area.”

He commended his team (past and present), members of the All Progressives Congress APC and all stakeholders for supporting his vision to develop the state promising to ensure a worthy successor to sustain his legacies.

“In these past seven years, I have been privileged to work with and be supported by a host of people. The first of which are the wonderful, dutiful and godly workers of the state government. Your sacrifice, understanding and commitment to duty made it possible for our administration to make much impact. I am very grateful,” Aregbesola concluded.

#OgbeniGovtAt7: We Came, We Have Seen And We Have Conquered – Aregbesola


My good people of Osun,
It gives me great joy to address us all on the seventh anniversary of our administration. I congratulate all the functionaries of the administration (past and present), workers in the state that have been the vehicle and cutting edge instrument of governance, leaders and members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and all our supporters in the state and beyond, who believe in us and whose encouragement has kept us going at the most trying times.

Our administration was inaugurated on November 27, 2010; the day after God-fearing judges of the Court of Appeal in Ibadan restored our mandate and ordered that we be inaugurated immediately. That was seven years ago.

It was an eventful period, full of triumphs, challenges and interesting times. Looking back, we can say like Julius Caesar in his letter to the Roman Senate around 47 BC: ‘Veni Vidi Vici’, ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’.

We were able to come to the government of Osun, in spite of the obstacles the opposition put in our way; we saw the situation of the people and their various needs; and we overcame the challenges of meeting them, as they came our way. It is a great privilege to have served you these past seven years.
Osun is the heartland of Yoruba. Ile Ife, where the Yoruba race began, is close to the capital city in Osogbo. We saw the manifest destiny of Osun as the catalyst and driver of Yoruba renaissance and development. This is why we have taken regional integration to be very important. To be able to play this role, we must ourselves be on the march. Like Aristotle said, he that will move the world must first move himself.


We realised then that the people must be conscious of themselves – their past, present and future. They must rediscover their heritage and strength and use them to engender their own development, in order to take their rightful place in Nigeria and in the black race. This is why we began with rebranding by bringing to our consciousness our heritage as Omoluabi, the quintessential Yoruba persona that is the epitome of virtues in hard work, chivalry, honesty, knowledge, dignity and character.

That investment has paid off. From the elders to school children, Osun people now conduct themselves with the consciousness of Omoluabi, in business transaction, interpersonal relations, warm reception of strangers and even examination conduct in schools.

We know the relevance of education in development. It is established wisdom that the acquired knowledge of today determines the future of the people, just as their knowledge base of yesterday is responsible for the state of things today.

We set to work by holding an education summit of stakeholder. From that summit, we began an education revolution that should impact our state for the next 50 years. Under it, we have constructed brand new state of the art 20 Elementary Schools, 22 Middle Schools and 11 High Schools.
In addition, we rehabilitated existing schools and made them decent environment for leaning. We have consistently for more than five years been feeding 262,000 elementary school pupils nutritious meals every school day. We gave free uniforms to all pupils in public schools. We have also introduced discipline to our schools. We provided the first and only of its kind computer e-learning tablets to final year student of High Schools in Osun.

We reintroduced callisthenics into Nigeria, a sporting activity that has been known to have the substance of unity, harmony, balance and team work which presents one of the best engagements for teaching young pupils the cooperative spirit in a simple, delightful and interesting way. Since 2012, we have trained 28,000 children in this sport and have now extended it to private schools in order to spread the benefits beyond public schools.

With mathematical certainty, our 11 mega high schools, in 50 years to come, would have produced 550,000 world beaters, occupying strategic positions nationally and globally, by the grace of God.
We have engaged more than 40,000 youths in public works through the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES). Most of them eventually got soft-landing in teaching, agriculture, information and communication technology and several others. For this reason, Osun has one of the lowest crime incidents in the country and has been adjudged the second least poor state in Nigeria by credible rating agencies.

We introduced protection and succour for our senior citizens, gave them access to healthcare and put them on monthly allowance.
We took care of the destitute and the mentally challenged. We gave them medical care, rehabilitated them and resettled or reunited them with their family, whichever case is applicable.
We have provided soft and interest free loans to more than 350,000 people, particularly women, to start micro, small and medium enterprises and have disbursed more than N15 billion in the process.

We have also provided security for the state with the purchase of patrol vehicles, armoured personnel carriers and other gadgets for law enforcement agencies. Criminals and bandits now think twice before coming to Osun. You all can now sleep in peace without fear of night marauders.
We have revived farming and made it a profitable vocation, such that young people have now embraced it.

Through the agencies of Osun Rural Enterprise and Agriculture Programme (O’REAP), Quick Impact Intervention Programme (QIIP) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, we have provided assistance to farmers, sent budding farmers on training abroad and laid the foundation for agriculture boom.

Our administration has also invested in road transport infrastructure. We have constructed more than 1,500 kilometre of roads in the nooks and crannies of the state, including 10 kilometres in each local government area in the state. Besides the township roads in Osogbo, Ilesa, Ile-Ife, Ede, Gbongan, Iwo, Ejigbo and other towns and a network of several intercity roads, these four roads: Omoluabi Motorway from Gbongan to Akoda with Abdulkareem Adebisi Akande Trumpet Interchange, Osogbo to Ila-Odo, Gbongan-OrileOwu to Ijebu Igbo and Oba Adesoji Aderemi East Bye Pass, stand out and are iconic road projects that are befitting legacies we are leaving behind by the time we complete our term.
We have come, seen the challenges and conquered poverty, ignorance, disease and fear of the known and unknown these seven years.

However, as we all know, a financial tsunami hit the country from late 2013 occasioned by alleged theft of crude oil. By the middle of 2014, this has been escalated by the global fall in price of crude oil. By then, there has been a substantial reduction in our revenue base, as we stutter to fulfil some of our obligations. We came out of it and have been waxing strong since then.

The lesson we learnt from this debacle was that the era of dependence on free and unearned money from oil is over and we must work for our own money. It is a fundamental principle that the total wealth of a nation is the collective effort at wealth creation by every member of that nation in the production of goods and services. It behoves on all of us therefore to work hard and create our wealth.

Every able-bodied person, above 18 years of age, who is not in school, must work, any kind of legitimate work, even if it is as a human porter in a market or motor park, and must never be dependent on parents and family. There are many opportunities in arts, crafts, creative engagements and all areas of human needs. Given all of the government incentives available, the easiest occupation to be in now is farming.
The government will then be supported from our taxes, rates, levies and fines. Every taxable adult in Osun must view it as a patriotic duty to support the government with tax payment as and when due.
At our level of development, all it takes for our state to be solvent and prosperous is for at least one million, out of the over four million population in Osun, to pay a tax of N250 every day for 20 days in a month. That will bring N5 billion, which is enough to pay salaries of our workers, run the government and develop our state in every area.

In the remaining one year, I will be committed the more to serving you, to accelerate the pace of development and increase our efforts at ushering in prosperity to the government and people.
We will leave a good and enviable legacy in education, physical infrastructure and all aspects of human development. We will also do our best to bequeath a worthy legacy successor that will continue the works we have started in the best tradition of progressive leadership. We will not leave you exposed and helpless before the wolves.

In these past seven years, I have been privileged to work with and be supported by a host of people. The first of which are the wonderful, dutiful and godly workers of the state government. Your sacrifice, understanding and commitment to duty made it possible for our administration to make much impact. I am very grateful.

My appreciation goes to the leadership and members of our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun and all over Nigeria, for the vision of people-centred political leadership we are mandated to provide and for which they have backed us up to the hilt.

I have also enjoyed the company and services of the political class and technocrats, past and present, from Osun, Lagos and beyond, that have helped me to crystallise and actualise all our ideas of government. I thank you all.

I acknowledge the rock solid support of my wife and members of my family. The stability they give at home, the peace of mind and comfort I receive from them are invaluable. I thank you all.
I will like to use the opportunity of this address to thank all those who commiserated with us and stood by us in August at the departure of my mother. I appreciate your love and your kind assistance during this period and beyond. I thank you.

I must express my gratitude and appreciation to all the people and residents of all our communities in Osun from the big cities to our villages and farming communities, women, traders, women groups, market women and men, farmers, professional groups, artisans, drivers, transporters, commercial motorcyclists, traditional rulers, community leaders, religious leader, security agencies, students, employers of labour, employees, media practitioners, nongovernmental organisations, political parties and other groups that have been our ardent supporters and admirers.

I thank you all.

Osun a dara!

None Of My Programmes Has Failed – Aregbesola 

Nofisat Adeoye

Governor, State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola has debunked the rumours that some of the programmes initiated by his government has failed. 

The misconception that some of the government’s programmes especially O’ REAP has failed was orchestrated by the opposition in the state.

Aregbesola said this while answering questions from an Osun State based veteran journalist, Mr Adetoyese Shittu Alamu at an event organised by the Oranmiyan group themed “Governance Delivered” as parts of events marking the Governor’s 7th year anniversary.

The State governor asked how the critics could say O’REAP has failed when it is the back bone of O’MEAL which has continued to feed 2,500 pupils every school day.

Aregbesola said the news of some of his programmes having failed are only fabricated lies by the opposition.

Ogbeni also debunked the news that his administration is owing salaries, saying his administration only has outstanding half salaries to pay.

While urging people to pay their tax, Aregbesola expressed that if only people pay their tax as they should, the State would have more than enough to finance its projects and pay workers’ salary.

In his open address, Rasheed Raji Ropo who spoke for the Oranmiyan group,  stated that the event was to assess how well Aregbesola has fulfilled his promise with the people of Osun which is contained in the “Green Book” titled “My Pact With The People Of Osun”.

Also, the State Chief of staff, who served as a moderator of the discussion, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola posited that it is an undeniable fact that Aregbesola led administration has laid a solid foundation for a vibrant and self-relient state with a positive discrimination.

One of the discussants, Professor Niyi Akinnaso also lauded Aregbesola achievements in all sectors of the state, noting that people now move their wards from the private schools to the government owned schools because of its level of infrastructure and development.

Another discussant who hosts Journalists Hangout on TVC,  Mr Babajide Kolade Otitoju recalled his encounter with Aregbesola, describing him as the Messiah of the masses.

He said Aregbesola is not only a focused Governor but one who also has the interest and welfare of the masses at heart.

Otitoju noted that although people call Aregbesola stubborn, he has only used his stubbornness in impacting the state positively and moving it forward. He also lauded Ogbeni for not bowing down to criticism.

2011/2012 Pensioners: Separating Hypocrisy From Fake Political Group In Osun By Inwalomhe Donald

The 2011/2012 PENSIONERS behaviour is business-as-usual in a group run by some Osun political “godfathers,” or political elites who sponsor people to run down the government. I am saddened by the mad (talking of madness) campaign of calumny raging against Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. Governor Rauf Aregbesola increased the amount being paid as pension by 500 per cent in 2011. The problem of regular payment of gratuity is not peculiar to Osun; and the government has shown its readiness to pay the gratuity as soon as the state’s finances improve. It is on record that this group of pensioners had, at one time or the other in the past, lied against the Government of the State of Osun; and in specific reference they had alleged that government collected a tranche of the Paris Club refund and diverted it, only for government to wait for a whole month before the actual release of the fund.
There has hardly been any month that his critics had spared him and his government even though no one can deny that he has from day one remained very active. Across the state, Aregbesola’s government has embarked on so many projects that even his critics are wondering how he got funding and energy to execute them. Ironically, even the execution of such projects and the policies that he initiated had remained sources of criticisms..
The campaign of falsehood has reached a crescendo of late, from the laughable to the distracting; and everything is being thrown at it, from religion to national security.
One moment, Ogbeni is bedridden and on life support, at another he is a Muslim bigot on a mission to Islamize Osun state if not Yorubaland.
The time has come for the people of Osun State to separate between hypocrisy and fake political group. Hypocrites have no place in leadership; whether in the religious, political, or cultural sectors.
The2011/2012 PENSIONERS claim they are on a mission to rescue Osun State. It is important that the people begin to show serious interest not only in the party in power but the oppositions too who are using 2011/2012 PENSIONERS.
This is because the strength of a nation’s democracy is in how vibrant the opposition is. For many discerning minds, the greatest threat to Osun’s democratic culture and obstacle to a rapid socio-economic development is not the actions or inactions of the party in power.
But Poor opposition tradition by using 2011/2012 PENSIONERSto protest during the death of Aregbesola’s mother and the only group of pensioners that introduced internally displaced camp in Nigeria.
The Hypocrisy of the 2011/2012 PENSIONERS is accusing the government of not paying2011/2012 PENSIONERS. It is easier said than done. Leadership is a practical thing. Leadership is by example. It is not enough to point accusing fingers. The leaders and financiers of the 2011/2012 PENSIONERS should tell the people of Osun their motive. This is one way they can shame the ruling party and win the confidence of the people of Osun.
In fact, political opposition is to democracy what spice is to stew.
The opposition is supposed to offer the electorates credible alternatives. Unfortunately, opposition parties in Osun have reduced itself to mere assemblage of alarmists and propaganda bearers. They are mostly known for raising false alarms about the government for not paying pension.
This is not the kind of political atmosphere that2011/2012 PENSIONERS in opposition politics thrive in modern democracies. It explains why the opposition has not been able to win in Osun; giving rise to anger and frustration on the part of its leaders and financiers.
The quality of 2011/2012 PENSIONERS language has become not only disgusting but inciting too. They have abandoned democracy to embrace insultocracy, a negative political culture that is based on insulting political leaders. A day hardly passes without them insulting the person of the governor all in the name of pensions because they have be paid.
Unable to manage their frustration, the colour of 2011/2012 PENSIONERSopposition has grown from hate to that of desperation. It was out of desperation for power that opposition politicians with opposing beliefs and ideologies
Apart from their penchant for raising false alarms, 2011/2012 PENSIONERS leaders are known for making threats before major elections. Making frivolous allegations in the press is one of them. In most cases, these alarms and allegations have turned out to be false about bailout funds. There appears to be exhaustion in the pensioners’ unlawful romance with opposition political party with the personality, gender and whatever politics being played out in Osun State. The pensioners have deliberately resorted to cheap propaganda, mischief and blackmail to cause division in Osun.
Involvement and participation of these older persons in the present politics against the government reflect the extent to which they aredisintegrated from Osun society. During the last one year, illegal political party of pensioners have emerged in Osun State.
However, they suffered complete defeat because they have allowed opposition party to use them against the government in Osun.2011/2012 PENSIONERS is being formed to assist in the interests of opposition in Osun.  It is unrealistic for Osun pensioners to be used as a political party to criticize the government.
The group is becoming a destructive problem since there is no strong opposition in Osun.  The pensioners are no longer interested in issues affecting their welfare but they involved in issues of political parties as it relates to internally displaced camp and others.  
It is clear that the so-called 2011/2012 pensioners group are obvious liars who were hired to stage protest during Governor Aregbesola’s mother burial and few days to Osun West Senatorial bye election. Their incessant political protests are unbecoming of a retired civil servant who ought to be placed and respected as a senior citizen. We know the set of pensioners that are protesting, it is not the entire pensioners of the state..2011/2012 PENSIONERS are being used by political blackmailers.
Instead of engaging in dialogue with government on issues bothering their minds as to how their benefits would be paid, they resulted in militant approach known to be orchestrated by opposition; telling lies and character assassination capable of destabilizing the peace of the state. The 2011/2012 pensioners group is a fraction of those who retired from service in 2012 to avoid being part of the Contributory Pension Scheme. They are the set of pensioners that are protesting, it is not the entire pensioners of the state, they are being used by political blackmailers.
It is disturbing and unfortunate that the acclaimed 2011/2012 retires have chosen to be blackmailing the Osun State Government and persistently constituting nuisance on the streets of Osogbo to the detriment of the peace-loving citizens through sponsored protest on the payment of gratuity and not pension. I want to describe the protest by some pensioners in Osun state as politically motivated. It is connected with the forthcoming 7th year anniversary of Aregbesola’s government in Osun State, January 2018 local government election and September 2018 governorship election in Osun. These senior citizens have be hoodwinked by the antics of those who want to play on their minds and emotions to make them appear like tools in the hands of desperate political gladiators.
These pensioners have introduced politics into the estimated N1.75 trillion bailout funds disbursed to the states and local governments that were transferred in about four tranches to some states and local governments which were stressed by the inability to meet up with the payment of salaries.
As the people of Osun State warm up for 2018 electioneering campaigns for local government and governorship election, cheap propaganda by Osun pensioners thrives and makes waves in the print, electronic and social media. The Osun pensioners issue is more political than economic because of the eventual revelation. Osun state now ranks third behind Lagos and Rivers in the implementation of the contributory pension scheme in the country. Aregbesola had stated at the presentation of bond certificates to 159 retirees from local government and teaching service. The initial fear about the Contributory Pension Scheme in the state was not necessary.
Protests could have been logically conceived as a normal exercise of fundamental human rights if truly the government had not been living up to its responsibility. As responsible elderly men and women who have given their best to their states in their agile days, it is my belief they should be more circumspect in staging protests especially at times when such actions are capable of being interpreted to mean political orchestrations from those who are desperate to blackmail the Aregbesola administration for their selfish political gains.
 It does not sound good at all that the protests by this group are taking place when the government is addressing the problem of Osun pensioners. Given the commitment already demonstrated by the state government, I know this action by this group is not supported by the majority of pensioners in the state. There is no doubt that mischief makers instigate pensioners into embarking on needless and stage-managed protests, in order to undermine efforts at resolving the pension issue.
Protests were orchestrated by some disgruntled elements and their political allies designed to undermine the effort of the state government to sustainably resolve the pension issue once and for all. Osun State
government is not only committed to clearing the backlog of pension arrears but also instituting a new regime where retiree’s entitlements are not delayed. The protests were an orchestration by some disgruntled elements and their political allies designed to undermine the effort of the state government to sustainably resolve the pension issue once and for all.
It took Osun State some years to join contributory pension scheme after the law was passed in 2004 during the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo. Governor Aregbesola has worked tirelessly in the last three years to key into the scheme and breaks the barrier.
Governor Aregbesola has introduced Osun State into contributory pension scheme in line with his plan of governance activities which have typically focused on operational activities, driven by the desire to minimise the risks of administrative errors. The Governor has considered the changing legislative and regulatory environment which has also led to this scheme operational focus, taking up time that could otherwise be spent on more strategic areas. Governor Aregbesola has identified attributes of good pension scheme governance – largely derived from an examination of leading global pension schemes. Some of these attributes could be regarded as being within the reach of most funds – the core best-practice factors.
It is on record that Governor Aregbesola has broken the barrier of the Pension Reform Act, 2004 (“the Act”) which established a Contributory Pension Scheme for payment of retirement benefits of employees of the Public Service of the Federation, the Federal Capital Territory and the Private Sector.  Although the Act came into effect for public sector employees on July 1, 2004, implementation of the Act has started in Osun State.  
Inwalomhe Donald writes from Benin City,[email protected]

#OgbeniGovtAt7 Calisthenics Display: We’ve Been Vindicated, says Aregbesola


As activities marking the 7th year of the Governor of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola’s administration enter it’s day two with the final of the Calisthenics Competition held among Secondary schools in Osun, the governor has stated that his government has been vindicated that Calisthenics is a unique sport that benefits school pupils.


The Governor noted that contrary to insinuations by the opposition party when calisthenics was introduced by his administration in 2012 that it be scrapped because it is giving military training to youths, the sport has now become one that is been supported by all and sundry in the state for youth development.


Aregbesola at a colourful ceremony at the Osogbo Township stadium held that ‎Callisthenics is a unique sport that benefits participating pupils, which importance cannot be overemphasized, said Calisthenics is beyond and better than many other sports engagement. 


The final of competition was held between the winners in each of the three senatorial districts in the state.


These are the Ilobu team in the Central, Ede Team in the West and Ilesa Team in the East.


‎‎The winner of the Display, Osun Central senatorial team took home a cash prize of N2 million and a trophy, the first runners up, Osun West collected N1 million, while the second runners up, Osun East received cash prize of N750,000.


These prizes are for the improvement of sporting facilities of their schools.


‎According to Governor Aregbesola, “Since the introduction of this programme five years ago, 28,000 athletes have been trained in callisthenics. When we introduced Callisthenics into Osun, the opposition, for the strangest and most ridiculous reason, raised an alarm, nudged the security agencies and asked that it be scrapped. 


“They wrongly accused us of using callisthenics as a cover for giving military training to the youth as a prelude to seceding from Nigeria.


“How could any sane person allege that teaching children to hold flags and bend their bodies amount to military training? At any rate, the training was done in the open, in the presence of parents, teachers, other children and interested members of the public”.


Aregbesola also added that his administration through Calisthenics has been able to inculcate the values of unity, harmony, discipline, teamwork, hard work and creativity into school children.


He said, “It can be seen from callisthenics for instance that the whole is the sum of the parts. You must do well your part for the team to succeed and your own success is only meaningful in light of the success of others. If one athlete should be out of sync with the team, the formation fails altogether.


“This is in addition to its healthful benefits for the body such as flexibility, physical strength, agility and the capacity for endurance.


“An added advantage of this programme, especially in our own peculiar situation, is that, by providing a platform for fraternisation and positive integration and engagement in a worthwhile endeavour, it makes the students unavailable for potentially destructive out-of-school activities, such as cultism, gangsterism, political brigandage and other criminal activities.


“The education we are providing, of which sports are included, is for the development of the total person. We are developing a man for society, who sees himself as existing for the benefit of the society, beyond self; who views all his possessions in light of the benefit of all, who is willing to stand for all and ready to be part of all to stand for one”. The Governor emphasised.


Earlier in his welcome address, the Commissioner for Education, Mr Wasiu Kolawole Omotunde-Young, commended Governor Rauf Aregbesola for voting larger resources of the state to the education sector.


He described the impressive performances of pupils and students of the state in the last seven years of Aregbesola’s administration as testimony to the fruits of quality and functional education promised and delivered by the present government in the state.


Omotunde-Young said the present administration had in the last seven years received commendations for its efforts at making education the bedrock for all-round development.

Shedding lights on the significance of the occasion, Young held that the event was organised to build a complete man in character and excellence through the provision of quality and functional education.

I Will Do More In The Next 365 Days – Aregbesola

By Toba Adedeji
Governor of State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has pledged to do more in the last 365 days of his tenure.
He said this will be evident in the massive infrastructural development the state will witness in the home run of his administration.
Speaking on Saturday at the Osogbo Township Stadium during the Calisthenics display in honour of Aregbesola’s 7th year in office, the Governor, said, “We have just 5days left for this month (November) to run out but we have just two days for this my tenure to clock 7years, which means I still have 365days for my tenure to windup. I want to tell the good and virtuous people of Osun that the remaining days of the tenure shall be filled with wonders.”
Aregbesola promised to remain committed and diligent in delivering from his mandate to the people.
Governor Aregbesola applauded the parents and other stakeholders who made the calisthenics programme a scheme to be envy in the state’s education sector.
The calisthenics program, he said, “Against all criticisms and allegation which is politically motivated when we started this program in 2013, yet the program still survived it through ardent commitment of both the parent of the school pupils and their coaches. Since 2013, 28,000 school pupils participated in the program which is a huge success. If God’s willing we shall all do to advance this stride especially during the 2018 children’s day coming up in May”.
He therefore called on public and private schools who want to participate in the calisthenics programme to do so without further delay.
At the end of the display, schools from Osun Central Senatorial District came first with a N2 million prize while Osun West came third winning N1 million with Osun East ending as runners-up collecting N1.5 million.
He said the monetary prize given to the schools is aimed at improving sport facilities in different schools across the state just as he underscored the importance of Extra-Curricular activities in the all round development of a child.

Photonews: Osun Students Honour #OgbeniGovtAt7 With Electrifying Calisthenics Display

Public School students in the State of Osun on Saturday honoured the Government of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola as he clocks 7 in the seat of power.

The calisthenics Display held at the Osogbo Township Stadium was electrifying as different slogans were carved all to edify, salute and appreciate the transformation Osun has witnessed in the last 7 Years.


Here are photos from the event as captured by Aregbesola’s Documentary Photographer, Dolapo Julius.


Seven Years of Aregbesola’s Everlasting Legacies In Osun

Hurray!!! The Government of the State of Osun under Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola is Seven.  In many parts, it is worth celebrating. Seven years of Hard work, Seven Years of Progressive Leadership, Seven Years of Growth and Indeed, Seven Years of Building Legacies that are Indelible and Strategic for the Next Generation.

Perhaps, why will Aregbesola celebrate in a state that owes salaries, indebted to pensioners and has a huge debt profile? Despite these red flags, it is still worthy of mention that the dynamic transformation Osun has witnessed in the last seven years has put it on a pedestal of expected greatness in years to come.

For those who knew about the intrigues of the three and a half years legal battle that eventually returned him back to office and the tremendous achievements recorded so far, it is no clear understatement that the present government has done a lot in taking Osun far beyond where it was in November 2010 when it took over.

During the electioneering in 2007, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola had his developmental agenda which he enveloped in a small book titled “MY PACT WITH THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF OSUN” where he discussed thoroughly his six point integral action plan namely; Banish Hunger, Banish Poverty, Banish Unemployment, Promote Functional Education, Restore Healthy Living, Enhance Communal Peace and Progress.

Since he assumed office, he has pursued his programmes vigorously with doggedness, commitment and vision to achieve more. And with 90 days in office, Aregbesola did the unusual, he employed 20,000 unemployed indigenes of the state who hitherto have no job with #10,000 as their monthly pay. The effortless commitment to the people did not stop there, the Governor continued to roll out programmes which are of immense benefits to the state.

With his O-symbol, several policies and people oriented have been rolled out and are still rolling daily as if his 8-year mandate will not end one day. In the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme O’YES, various interventions to gainfully engage the Youths after their 2-year period were instituted in collaboration with other government programmes like O’REAP, OYESTECH, O’HUB and so on.

In Education, Aregbesola re-jigged the sector by introducing a world class education reform programme, a baby of the Education Summit convoked by his government about 6 months into office that has resorted into mega schools, the award winning Tablet of Knowledge, OPON-IMO, O’Calisthenics, O’Uniform, O’MEAL that has fed over 350,000 elementary school pupils for the past seven years which the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has also adopted into its own Social Investment programme and many more that is earning the state accolades nationwide and internationally.

The government through its passion for excellence in all fields and ramifications ensured that 65 medical students of the Osun State University who were hampered to continue with their clinical studies in the university due to accreditation issues completed their medical education in Ukraine with thorough and adequate intervention,

In the Health Sector, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola upgraded the nine state hospitals in the state with the state hospital, Asubiaro in Osogbo refined to the status of a specialist hospital. Numerous interventions have been done in the realm of Free Eye Surgeries, Provision of Basic Drugs in health facilities, giving health grants, containing the break out of epidemics and the rest despite the daunting finances.

One of the areas where the present administration has received so much accolades is in Road Construction, one which has earned the Governor the name, ONA BABA ONA meaning the Extraordinaire Architect of Road Construction. In the last seven years, major roads have been built with the government rehabilitating, reconstructing and putting in place new ones. The efforts on Road Construction has been felt so much more with over 300 kilometers of township roads cutting across all the 30 local governments, 33 local council development areas, 2 area councils and 2 administrative offices.

Still on roads, 222km of rural roads have been done with support from World Bank and the French Government under Rural Access and Mobility Project RAMP that now connects the state together. Major roads also like the Gbongan-Osogbo road under construction with the Chief Bisi Akande trumpet interchange bridge, November 27 Interchange connecting two divisions of the Oba Adesoji Aderemi East Bye Pass, the dualisation of Osogbo/Ikirun/Ila-Odo, Kwara State boundary road and the very strategic, Ola-Iya/Asubiaro/Ita-Olokan Road that has just been completed.

Another beautiful thing is that not just that roads are constructed, the roads are of immense quality with thick bridges that can stand the test of time for years. In the history of the State of Osun, it is the Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola administration that will construct a road that has in it 7 big bridges within 7 years. That is unprecedented you”ll say.

Moving to Agriculture, the government through Osun Rural Enterprise and Agricultural Programme, O’REAP has empowered many, created opportunities for farmers as well as establishing opportunities for agriculture to thrive. In the sector, some members of the OYES who were enlisted to the O’REAP Youth Academy were sent to Germany on the bill of the State Government for thorough training on modern best practices in agriculture. Aside this, farmers were given lands with opportunities abound in O’BEEF, O’BOPS, O’CATTLE, O’HUB, O’PIG and others that have impacted positively on the citizenry and those involved.

About 20,000 Youths were given jobs in the first phase of O’YES. After 2 years, they were replaced with another set of 20,000 after the volunteers in the first phase were trained in several skills that helped shaped focus for the next challenges they were to face. A good example is OYESTECH which provided participants the opportunity to be trained in useful computer technology and mobile phone assemblage with repairs coming up. Selected Youths were sent to Ghana for training to come back and impact on others that has continued to yield positive results till today. A brainy intervention is the institutionalization of RLG Adulawo Technology City in Ilesa where mobile phones are assembled and other technological driven apparatus are done; all with efforts from the dynamic Rauf Aregbesola.

In commerce, Market Men and Women are incorporated into government’s programmes and policies. About 33,000 residents of the state have been empowered through the Osun Micro-Credit Agency, an agency of government that provides soft loans for small scale business owners in the state. Aside this, modern international markets like the Ayegbaju, Aje and Dagbolu International Market(s) which is still in focus have in a great deal transformed the state’s commercial sector. The Dagbolu Infrastructure Market which is still in focus is to be one of the foremost warehouses in the country. The newly introduced Standardized Weigh and Measures to promote efficiency, prudency and restore Trust into Trade activities is also a plus.

The Osun Free Train Ride that has conveyed over 350,000 passengers from Lagos to Osogbo during Christmas, Easter, Eid-El-Fitr and Eid-el-Kabir festivals has contributed in no small quantity to the economic situation of the state during festivities. Aside the free train, the just-concessioned Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola International Airport, Ido-Osun when completed will be another blessing to the state’s economy. Apart from the numerous commercial benefits, it would also be helpful to local trade, employment opportunities, hospitality and many more.

On Security, Osun is the 13th safest in the federation with much more focus on ridding the state of crime. There is also the relative peaceful disposition between farmers and herdsmen that has plunged several parts of the North to serious danger with the committee put in place by the present administration. Businesses especially in the hospitality realm are springing up, The cocoa industry in Ede is being revived. The GDP has improved tremendously with Small and Medium Scale Enterprises given the opportunity to rise.

The State of Osun especially Osogbo, the state capital has been reformed physically. With the beautification efforts put in place by the current government, the state now looks cleaner, neater and beautiful. One of such is the Nelson Mandela Freedom Park, Osogbo, a former den of rascals that has turned to a beautiful amusement park that becomes a destination for birthdays, picnics and relaxation.

This write-up would not be complete without the support of the Civil Servants who have shown unequalled commitment to the course of the state. They have in hard times shown their doggedness to the course of developing Osun and making our State great. Despite not receiving full pay, they are avowed, diligent to duty. The State will never forget this sacrifice made when the nation’s economy nosedived which did not hinder the development vision of the visioner per excellence, Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola.

The government also appreciates the section of Pensioners who believe in this dream of rebranding our state while calling on those who keep condemning government every time to see reasons why Aregbesola has taken time with much more efforts to transform our state. Government is indeed committed to fulfilling all financial obligations when the state’s economy improves.

What Aregbesola has done in the last seven years is worthy of note and indelible as Osun in the next three to four decades will continue to savour what this man has been able to do. His successor will not have to reconstruct the roads, schools, bridges and other infrastructural projects he has done, they will have no other option than to build on the Existing Legacies and Mirror In the Future.

Special Thanks To Royal Fathers, Community Leaders, Market Men and Women, Artisans, Members of the Progressive Party, the APC and the Entire Citizens of Osun who believed in his re-election that has now culminated in the development witnessed and the legacies developed for the future.

Happy 7th Year Anniversary to the Progressive Leadership of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola!!!!!
Osun To Tin Dara, Ko Ni Ba Je Oooooo!


#OgbeniGovtAt7: Oranmiyan Group Tours Aregbesola’s Developmental Projects

By Nofisat Adeoye

Members of a socio-political group, Oranmiyan on Friday, inspected some of the developmental projects of the Government of the State of Osun under the leadership of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

The inspection was geared towards commemorating Aregbesola’s seven years in office.

The crew visited Wole Soyinka Government High school in Ejigbo where the Principal, Mr Rasheed Oladapo lauded the state government’s effort at creating an enabling environment for students in the public schools.

Also visited was the newly constructed 10.8 kilometers of road from Akinleye to Idi-Iroko farm settlement and 11.1 kilometers from Agoro to Ikonifin farm settlement in Iwo axis.

Speaking with journalists, the Secretary General, Iwo Farm Settlement Iwo,  Mr Opadoyin Kayode, appreciated the state government for making life comfortable and making rural areas habitable for the rural dwellers.

Kayode who could not hold his joy said they could not have done anything in the areas if not for the intervention of Ogbeni Aregbesola on Rural Access and Mobility Project, O’RAMP.

He further explained that farmers had to trek miles before getting their goods to the market before the regime of Aregbesola which changed all that.

One of the workers of Osun Rural Access and Mobility Project (O’RAMP) who was at the site, Mr Rabiu Sikiru, also noted that the roads are one of the laudable projects of the state Government, saying Aregbesola has made life in the rural areas easier and more comfortable

Meanwhile, the crew paid a courtesy visit to the Oluwo of Iwo land, Oba AbdulRasheed Akanbi who showered royal blessing on Ogbeni Aregbesola as he celebrates seven years in office.

Also commending the state Governor on the construction of Oduduwa High school in Ife, the Executive Secretary, Ife Central Local Government, Barr. Jubril Omisakin said that the edifice was  magnificent and monumental.

Omisakin who noted that the newly built state-of-the-art  classroom surpasses some of the universities structures in terms of modern equipment and serene environment, added that the modern school has shut the month of some people who were criticizing the administration of Aregbesola.

Other projects inspected included the Abdulkareem Adebisi Akande Trumpet Bridge in Gbongan and the road from Boluwaduro through Health Tech in Ilesa.

Other projects inspected project is Ede Water Works where Engineer in charge, Mr  Emmanuel Abioye, who took the journalists round the site said “the intervention of Aregbesola in the rehabilitation of Ede Water Works in the last seven years had prevented waterborne diseases in the state.

Abioye further explained with the transformation of the dam by the governor, its daily output had increased from 25 per cent to 70 per cent as it is supplying  14 Local Government Areas in the state.

Speaking on the nitty gritty of the tour, Comrade Rasheed Raji-Ropo who led the crew, said the inspection was to show to the people of the state that Aregbesola has fulfilled his pact with them.

Ropo further explained that the social political group, Oranmiyan group decided to celebrate Aregbesola’s seven years in office in a way to review and prove to the world truly that he has taken the state to the greater heights since he assumed office.

He congratulated the state Governor as he marks his seven years in office.


“Aregbesola’s Intervention Reduced Water Borne Diseases in Osun”

By Nofisat Adeoye


The intervention of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the Governor of the State of Osun in the rehabilitation of Ede Water Works within the last seven years has prevented and exterminated the challenge of water-borne diseases which arises essentially because of the absence of effective and efficient equipment and maintenance.


This was the submission of the Engineer in charge of the Ede Water Works, Mr Abioye Emmanuel who took journalists round the site as part of the activities heralding the seven years anniversary of Governor Aregbesola organised by a socio-political group, Oranmiyan.


Emmanuel explained that the dam has witnessed a great transformation under the administration of Aregbesola, moving their output from 25% to 70%.


He said that apart from the five generators Aregbesola got for the dam, he also procured new pumping machines, filters, filter controls and transformers.

In the rehabilitation process, Emmanuel said  two additional low-lift pumps have been installed with 16 high-lift pump, while additional  four 2000 VA transformers  have been provided for the low-lift station, just as 1000KVA has also been provided for the low-lift.


Emmanuel further stated that there have been exhaustive repairs of four-unit clarifiers and other ancilliary equipment and rehabilitation of the 16 filter beds.


He stated that the state Government has also supplied more dozing pumps and brand new Chlorinators with all pipe work meticulously rehabilitated.


According to Emmanuel, the dam supplies 14 Local Government Areas in the state and has increased its supply to those areas due to the equipment provided by the Aregbesola’s led administration.

He thereby urged the residents to pay their water rates so as to complement the Governor’s efforts.


According to him, “The equipment are under maximum use, we work 24 hours, but like I said earlier,  before the intervention of Ogbeni, we were only left with one pumping machine and some of the transformers were down, it was even one that was left. it was when Ogbeni came in that he brought two transformers and later added another one and since then, we don’t have any problem again, the pump has been increased,  new ones have been bought to make four but presently we are using two.


“But for the intervention of Ogbeni, the whole system would have been down, but now all the system have been changed,  the high lift, the segmentation tank, the filters, everything has been changed, everything is now easier compared with the previous regimes. Even in the town, your can see there is water everywhere, water supply has increased. Our capacity has increased to more than 70% , you know initially we were at 25%.


“I think we have given some numbers out, if there is a linkage somewhere, they should let us know and they should even pay their water rates to back the idea of the state government.”


Speaking, Comrade Rasheed Raji-Ropo who led the team to the site described the state government efforts as “a life saver from waterborne diseases”.


Ropo who commended Governor Aregbesola’s intervention in revamping the Ede Water works, said the current administration has committed huge amount of money to the project so as to ensure that the people of the state have access to drinkable water.


“We cannot be talking about sound health care delivery system without adequate water supply for the citizenry,” he said.


Congratulating Aregbesola on the seventh years anniversary, Raji urged the residents to pay their taxes so as to ensure continued developmental milestones.


“I think the present administration committed such huge amount of money to Ede water works to exterminate the challenge of water-borne diseases which arise essentially because of the absence of effective and efficient portable water.” Raji added.

Don’t Spend Your Strength On Frivolities, Aregbesola Admonishes Osun Corps Members

Toba Adedeji


Governor of State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has advised the 2017 Batch ‘B’ corps members deployed to the State to focus on capacity building to develop the country.


Speaking at Swearing in Ceremony of the 2017 Batch B Corps Members posted to Osun held at the NYSC Orientation Camp, Ede on Thursday, Governor Aregbesola also decried the situation in which Nigerian Institutions only focus on certificate rather than skill acquisition.


He said, “You all will agree with me, that there is a need for focus on capacity building activities in our nation. The focus of our institutions has been on certification instead of skill enhancement and development of knowledge and competencies.


Aregbesola stressed that “This has compromised the quality of education. But, the National Youth Service Corps through the skill acquisition program has over the years provided a platform for the Nigerian graduates to develop skills and competencies capable of making you self reliant.”


“Individual success, however desirable and coveted, is not enough in itself. You have to be socially useful, innovative and have a multidisciplinary approach to do yourselves and the country proud.”


The Governor who was represented by the Commissioner for Empowerment and Youth Engagement, Mrs. Adetoun Adegboyega also commended the management and staff of NYSC in the state under the coordinator, Emmanuel Attah.


Attah in his remarks stated that out of 2,347 Corps Members mobilized for Batch ‘B’ 2017 in the State of Osun, 1,185 participants are male, 1,162 female while 45 have been granted instant relocation out of the State on marital and health grounds.


Attah told the corps members to be active players in nation building with their call up as an opportunity to contribute their quota to the socio economic growth of the country.


His words”I want you to see your mobilization as an opportunity to contribute your quota to the socioeconomic growth of our nation. Imbibe the mindset of what you can do for others and the nation at large.”


“There is no entity called “Nigeria”, we are Nigeria; unless we set aside our differences and see ourselves first as Nigerians before anything else, the nation will continue to wallow in obscure darkness. The camp is a mini Nigeria; were all tribes, religion and interest are represented, therefore, learn to live in love and be tolerant.”