Fashola finally breaks silence on allegations against…”When you wrestle with a pig”

 Former Gov. of Lagos state..Babatude  Raji Fashola
Former Gov. of Lagos state..Babatude Raji Fashola

“When you wrestle with a pig, the pig gets happy and you get dirty.”

This statement of profound wisdom informed my silence in the wake of manipulated and unsubstantiated allegations of wrongdoing recently being levelled against me. They started a few weeks to the end of my tenure, and have continued till date. They range from allegations of extra marital paternity of children, to mundane and phantom conspiracy in the National Assembly, a debt profile for Lagos State and lately a website upgrade contract of N78 million, which is being distorted.

In so far as the allegations of paternity are concerned, they are wicked and false. I have no biological children other than my two children. Of course, I adopted three children who became orphaned as a result of the tragic DANA Airplane crash of 2012 and the adoption followed due process.

Those who do not care whether they hurt innocent children or invade the privacy of other citizens in their mindless rage against me will have their rewards served upon them in the fullness of time. As far as my alleged involvement in the National Assembly elections are concerned, they remain only the products of the imagination of those who made the allegations.

I was out of the country at the material time and returned only in the early hours of that morning to Abuja, and from there proceeded to Lagos. As far as debts of Lagos State are concerned, the fact is that Lagos had always had debts. Her population is growing and for a long time she has run deficit budgets to cater to the needs of that growing population.

All the debts contracted in my time were approved by the Parliament in the annual budgets, some have been paid back and the financial status was healthy and stable when I left. The outlook for the state and her rating by Fitch was long-term foreign and local currency IDRs at ‘BB-‘, short-term IDR at ‘B’ and national long-term rating at ‘AA+(nga)’.

When we all pause to reflect and think ,we will realise that there are a sizable number of companies who are running business, who have no responsibility for Security, Public Health, Public Education and other responsibilities of Government, who borrow more than Lagos State Government, whether collectively or individually. As far as the website contract is concerned, yes there was a contract. It went through procurement and was approved by the Government agency authorised to do so.

One of the services was an “upgrade” quoted for N12.5 million but awarded for N12 million. There were other services that were new; like a handover countdown clock, mobile Apps for Google, for IOS and ipad, for Microsoft, and for Research in Motion (Blackberry), which the existing website did not have, as well as the annual maintenance cost for managing the website.

It was for all these services that the contract was issued for N78 million, which the Lagos State procurement agency gave a No Objection based on the advice of the Ministry of Science and Technology, who are the Government adviser on ICT matters. In publishing this Contract award which was the Government tradition under my watch, the procurement agency’s website summarised it as “upgrade” only without detailing the other services and this has been distorted by the agents of hate as their suspected “smoking gun”.

For those who are familiar with mobile Applications, they will know that users either pay for them online or download them for free. What is usual is that applications for service are usually provided to users free, but somebody bears the cost. Since these applications were to be made available to the public for free access and to assist Government communication, we decided to pay for them. The entire documents are with the Lagos State Government and are available for those who seek the truth.

For the record, since 2008, long before the Freedom of Information Act was ever passed, we had put out all our contracts on the State website because I believe people deserve to know. It is regrettable that a “summary” of the contract has been deliberately distorted to misinform the public. This particular website came into being as a result of the decision I made to make my telephone number public for the several thousands of people seeking to reach me daily.

The website that is now under attack helped me to do my job and to respond to citizens, and the contract was issued to run till my last day of office. It stands logic upside down for to “fraudulently” award a contract and then have it published on a website. To date, there have been 27.666 million hits on this website, with 1,844 videos, 34,381 photographs, 2,531 Press Releases and 595 Speeches, among other items of public communication.

I have chosen to make this personal response because as the head of government at the time of the transaction, the buck as they say stops on my desk and also because of the many calls, text messages and mails coming from many people seeking clarification and to prevent fiction from being mistaken for truth. I expect that there may be more distorted allegations without evidence, for reasons that remain in the realm of speculation, because, I have been informed reliably that large amounts of money are being paid to some of these agents to bear false witness.

I cannot conclude without responding to the crusade of CACOL and their ilk, seeking my prosecution on allegations that have no proof and writing “pre-emptive” letters to the Presidency. In case they are unaware, I am not looking for a job. I expect them to know that allegations of wrong doing are not resolved without evidence, neither are they resolved in press conferences.

I have served my state, and by extension, my country for Twelve and half years and I did so with my heart. I am taking the rest that I believe I have earned. For those who still wish to remain in the mud, they should look in the mirror. For those who wish to throw mud at me, they should look at their own hands. As for me, I have moved on. My job is done.


Recommending A Full State Of Emergency For Borno State

Below we [ENDS] submit a series of reasons from an inexhaustible list which support a vote of no confidence in the current Borno administration and suggest its suspension in the interest of properly tackling the Boko Haram menace.

St. Theresa Church Bomber Arrested In Borno Governor’s Abuja Lodge

January 2012, the kingpin of the Madalla, Christmas day St. Theresa Church bombing that killed more than 40 people, Kabiru Sokoto was arrested in Borno Governor Kashim Shettima’s Abuja State lodge in Asokoro. The very next day, Kabiru Sokoto “escaped” police custody, affirming he was not in the governor’s lodge by accident, but had authentic connections. Reinstated Deputy Police Commissioner Zakari Biu who “coincidentally” hails from Borno State was implicated in his “escape.” Till date, there is no record of Governor Kashim Shettima being investigated in relationship to the arrest and/or escape of this terror suspect.

Shettima’s Deposition Against Himself

In 2013, despite the apparent media war between governor Shettima and his ex boss who Shettima accuses of being Boko Haram sponsor, governor Shettima by his own admission appointed a later arrested and accused Boko Haram sponsor as his chief adviser on “Religious Affairs.”

“Alhaji Junaid Khadi (Arrested) known to be an associate of Ex-Governor Ali Modu Sheriff. It was Sheriff as Governor of Borno State that first appointed Khadi in 2010 as one of his Special Advisers without known designation given the fact most advisers under Sheriff as Governor, had no clear jurisdiction. When Shettima succeeded Sheriff as Governor in 2011, he appointed his advisers without Khadi. Sheriff persistently requested that Shettima appoint Khadi as an Adviser in charge of Religious Affairs which Shettima later accepted in 2013, two years after other Advisers were already in office.” – Shettima media office, December 16, 2014.

Note: Late Boko Haram founder, Mohammed Yusuf’s disciple, Buji Foi was similarly appointed Religious Affairs Commissioner by Shettima’s former boss, ex-Borno governor Ali Modu Sheriff.

“Sheriff became Governor and made Buji Foi, a Yusuf disciple, Religious Affairs Commissioner and through this channel provided funds to Yusuf. Yusuf used the money to organize micro-credit that gave his disciples capital to set up businesses and they in turn provided financial support to Boko Haram, which then bought arms from Chad. Yusuf’s father-in-law, Baba Fugu, was the supplier.” – World Watch Monitor, October 18, 2014.

Governor’s Chairman, Now Rep Member Kadiri Rahis, A Serially Indicted Terrorist

Kadiri Rahis, a popularly known thug, accused of various terrorist activities such as the Post office bombing and assassination of various politicians and used to bribe his ways out of custody and get extenuated with the help of Kashim Shettima has been Kashim Shettima’s anointed four times CTC Chairman of MMC and is now a House of Reps member for the State. – Babakaka Kalli Habib.

Borno Youth Pursued Shettima’s Party Chairman, Mala Othman For Boko Haram Sponsorship

In July 2013, a period Nigeria had an upper hand on Boko Haram, empowered Civilian-JTF youth went after the recognized sponsors. Chairman of governor Shettima’s then party, ANPP was one. He narrowly escaped, whisked away and protected by the Joint Task Force, JTF and then moved to safety with Jonathan in Abuja as youth set his home ablaze.

“This is not the first time Mala Othman has been on the run for his alleged possession and supply of arms and ammunition to terrorists. ‘In fact, during that period, Othman had to flee from the state to unknown destination for almost eight months to avoid being arrested.’ One of the youths said: ‘We knew most of the members of Boko Haram sect and their families. We have vowed to ensure that Othman and Sherriff will never escape arrest as we have evidence that they have been supplying firearms to terrorists in the state.’” – National Mirror, July 02, 2013.

Ali Modu Sheriff had at the time called on Governor Kashim Shettima to “cut short his trip to China” to get Mala Othman released from JTF protective custody.

Former Borno Governor, Fani-Kayode Accused Shettima Of Hand In Assassination Of 2011 ANPP Governorship Primaries Winner

Governor Shettima’s former boss, Ali Modu Sheriff and PDP spokesman, Femi Fani-Kayode have for some reason accused Borno governor Shettima’s administration of having a hand in the assassination of the winner of the initial 2011 party primaries.

“Former Governor Ali Modu Sheriff and leader of PDP in Borno State yesterday accused some prominent officials of the present administration in the state and their associates (names withheld) of allegedly conniving to kill the man who would have succeeded him in office, Alhaji Modu Fannami Gubio in 2011. Gubio, who was elected the governorship candidate of the defunct All Nigeria People’s Party, ANPP, was killed shortly afterwards by unknown people (paving the way for Shettima).” – First Africa News, February 13th, 2015.

Shettima defended himself of the accusations.

There is no evidence of investigation into these accusations against the Borno administration.

Admission Of Concealing Boko Haram Sponsors

In 2014 on at least two occasions captured on Video, governor Kashim Shettima publicly proclaimed about Boko Haram sponsors that he was keeping mute for their (?elite/politicians/military bosses) heads not to roll.

“Leadership calls for restraint. Believe me, if I should speak, heads will roll.” – Governor Shettima, Today, May 13, 2014.

He is yet to be made to speak.

Impoverishment of the State, corruption and lack of commitment to supporting reasonable counter-terror initiatives are other reasons among too many to discuss here. Presumably, bad advisers and influencers and a lack of ideas are part of the problems with the Borno government.

In 2013, while we, as part of a think-tank, recommended the aggressive deployment of troops and State of Emergency then President Jonathan went on to order which rescued 20 conquered local governments from Boko Haram, we emphasized the need for the State of Emergency to be full, with the suspension of the northeast State administrators

We repeat this prescription. A Military administrator should immediately be assigned to Borno while Governor Kashim Shettima is suspended and investigated. Nigeria cannot win the war against Boko Haram with a compromised State administration.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian

Retaining And Sustaining The Peoples Mandate



We of the Osun Progressive Left today organized this parley with the media both print and electronic In order to update the whole world with the politics of do-or-die with extreme bitterness and violence by which the opposition party represented by peoples Democratic Party and their thugs are terrorizing the state.

The basis of our support a popular organization, are clear and are based on the pro-peoples, best practice and world acclaimed achievements of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. These achievements in doubt touch everybody and every part of the state. This media briefing is a show of support and solidarity for a government constituted by the popular mandate of the people through a resounding victory in a keenly contested election subsequently upheld as free, fair and credible in all the election petition tribunals up to the Supreme Court.

We actually sympathize with the worker’s who are being owed salaries. We appeal with great concern over this national calamity which is not peculiar to the State of Osun alone but about 24 other states, in fact all states in Nigeria today either owe the salary of states, local government or pensioners, with the singular exception of Lagos. One begins to wonder why Osun and Mr. Governor are singled out for vilifications.

The only known democratic option for change of government is victory in free and fair elections. The opposition should desist from treasonable effort of subverting a legitimate government through the back door. They are advice to embrace electoral choice by building up for the next election in 2018 when they can once again test their popularity.

We reject in totality the so called The renegade Osun Stakeholders Summit that the PDP is putting up in the state. It is provocative, lopsided and biaised.

However, we have to mention some of the landmark achievement of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. They are stated as follows.

Ø Infrastructural development in all sectors, road, schools, health, etc.

Ø Social welfare programme for the indigent senior citizens, physically challenged, school children, e.t.c

Ø Youth empowerment, one its kind, with best practice entrepreneurial training and exit strategy as emergency employment, empowerment and social benefit content.

Ø Value reorientation and rebranding in the omoluabi ethos to reclaim our humanity, reclaim dignity of labour, sacrifice and commitment to the collective good: leading to calisthenics; teaching school pupils the cooperative spirit, harmony and synergy.

Ø And all other innovative, award winning best practices for which the Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is famous to the chagrin of malicious and envious neo-liberal, anti-poor constituencies, but for which he has earned the support of all well-meaning people of goodwill worldwide today.

In the meantime, the roots of the temporary, diversionary salary arrears are clear, but are being conveniently ignored by electoral losers and the doomed opposition, and their lackeys;viz:

Jonathan, and PDP 6 years of mind boggling corruption, incredible 400,000 barrels of crude oil theft per day out of 2,600,000 barrels daily crude oil production making a 15% loss, in fact, but strngely resulting in a 40% loss of revenue, from mid 2013 to his inglorious exit.

Above directly resulting in crude oil price crash in the international oil market, and further fall in oil revenue.

Unprecedented looting of the public commonwealth.

In Conclusion, we are appealing to the security agencies in the state to be alert to the treath posed by the PDP rise and their handlers in the state. We also call on the Commissioner of Police to rein in Mr Niyi Owolade, Mr Yinka Odumakin, Mr Bamidele Adeniyi a.k.a Zangaruwa, Mr Alimi Sulaiman and Mr Funsho Babarinde.

These people are committed to destabilizing the State in their mindless pursuit of power.

Finally we remain and stand resolute in support and solidarity with Ogbeni and his administration as stated earlier and our position to support good governance in the State Of Osun remains unshakeable.

Long live Nigeria,

Long live State Of Osun.
Aluta continua! Victoria Acerta!!

ComradeWale Adebisi

Com Saka Waheed

List of Nigerian Newspapers that Owe their Staff

Nigerian newspapers
Nigerian newspapers

Breakdown of salaries owed by media house in Lagos according to the Acting President of the State Council of the Nigeria Labour Congress Mr. Peter Adeyemi.

1. Thisday Newspapers – 9 months.

2. Africa Independent Television (AIT) – 17 months

3. Daily Independent – 9 months

4. Tell Magazine – 8 months

5. National Mirror and Newswatch Daily 7 months

6. The News/PM News, 9 months

7. Daily Champion – 18 months

8. Hallmark Newspapers – 8 months

9. Daily Times – 6 months.

Buhari Repositioning Nigeria For greatness…

interiors of the presidential officeA reputable chieftain of the All Progressive Congress in Edo state, Chief Francis Inegbeniki has expressed his strong love for the personality of President Buhari and the way he is repositioning the country for change.

He reportedly said that President Buhari is not a conventional President who works like other previous Presidents we had before but that the President is unusual and the changes he is initiating here and there will ultimately bring about a turnaround in the economy of Nigeria for the better.

He finally urged Nigerians to be fervent in their prayers as this will strengthen the President to do even more exploit for the greatness of the nation.

Fani Kayode Declared Acquitted… But Who Is This Lady Beside Him…?

Fani Kayode 2
Fani Kayode 2
After the court ruling declaring the former Aviation minister acquitted of corruption charges yesterday, tongues have started waggling not necessarily because the controversial erstwhile minister changed his name to David Oluwafemi Olukayode but because of the young lady just walking elegantly beside him everywhere he went.

Information circulating the media says that the former minister dumped his legally married wife recently for a new beauty pageant, who he reportedly bought a car for recently.

However, the formerly known Mr. Fani-Kayode has said he changed his name in honor to God for His grace and blessings in his life.

INEC Chair: Buhari Defends Choice of Zakari, Attacks PDP

photos of PMB and Osibanjo getting to work today in Aso RockAlthough Mrs. Amina Zakari will be due for retirement this July ending, the President has expressed strong faith in her that she will do the country proud with the little time she has got to spend in office as the acting INEC chairperson.

This is coming after the opposition party queried the President’s choice and demanded that her appointment be reversed.

In a report reaching us from the presidency today, there is no going back on that appointment, as it is within the prerogative of the President to make such appointment and not the immediate past INEC chairman who reportedly handed over to a junior officer of Mrs Zakari.

The presidency described the assertion of the opposition party as laughable and imaginary.

Leadership Crisis: Buhari, Osinbajo Hold Meeting With Gbajabiamilia, Others…

photos of PMB and Osibanjo getting to work today in Aso RockAs part of his promise to see to the development of the nation and promote the peace agenda, Mr. President has met some aggrieved members of the party, especially the aspirants for the principal positions of the National assembly.

Earlier, we reported that the President had a closed-door meeting with Ahmed Lawan, the principal aspirants for the senate president and just yesterday, information reaching us says that the President has had another closed-door meeting with the principal aspirant for the seat of Speaker in the House of Representatives.

It was reported that the anointed candidate of the party, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila went in company of nearly thirty lawmakers to the Presidential Villa where the President and the Vice President designated the meeting to be held.
The meeting was still on as at when our correspondent learnt about it…
More details shortly….

This Is Why Osinbajo Visited Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Borno

photos of PMB and Osibanjo getting to work today in Aso RockThe Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has sent greetings to the Government of Borno for its efforts and concern for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the state.

In the early hours of today, the Vice President paid a courtesy visit to the state and it was reported that there were twin suicide explosions few distance away from the main market.

The Vice President had commenced on the trip to Borno in compliance to the instruction of the President to know the true nature of things at the camps of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

The Vice President reportedly stated that the concern of the Federal Government is to see that all the displaced persons return home safely and as well get special care from the government which will make up for the destruction of their properties and other infrastructures.

Oil Sector Reforms: Buhari Set To Scrap Some Govt Agencies

photos of PMB and Osibanjo getting to work today in Aso RockOwing to the President’s effort to galvanize the economy of the federation, there are strong indications that the President may scrap some agencies under the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Hints of this surfaced yesterday when the President was speaking about standoffs in the bureaucratic system and the need for easy access.

The report says that there are indications that some agencies under the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) may be scrapped as part of the reforms being initiated by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Report further says that such logjams usually hinder a smooth relationship between the ministries and the common man.

Buhari orders end to corruption….

photos of PMB and Osibanjo getting to work today in Aso RockWith strong grit, President Buhari has issued a strong warning to all those who have looted the country’s fund in the last few years.

As one of his priorities, the President has disclosed that all graft activities will be brought to an end with immediate effect.

Report says that the President made this reaffirmation during a private meeting with the Chairman of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria in Abuja.

In addition to that, the President had also directed that the commission should release any outstanding fare to the pilgrims with immediately and he would do that without further delay.