Osun Provides Free Train Ride For Christmas

The State Government of Osun has provided free train ride for its citizens and others willing to travel to the State for Christmas and New Year celebrations from Lagos.

This was made known in a statement signed by the Commissioner for Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Cooperatives, Mr. Ismaila Jayeoba Alagbada.

According to the statement, the first trip of the train will leave Ido Terminus at Ebute-Meta for Christmas on Saturday, 23rd December, 2017 by 10.00am and return to Lagos on Tuesday, 26th December, 2017.

The second trip for the New Year celebration will leave Ido Terminus on Saturday, 30th December, 2017 and leave Osogbo Terminus on Tuesday, 2rd January, 2018.

The train popularly known as ‘’Omoluabi Train’’ is aimed at making travelling stress-free for the citizens of the State during the rush period of the festival.

Alagbada therefore enjoined willing travellers to join the ‘’Omoluabi Train’’ in order to have a peaceful celebration.

Free train ride: Kudos to Aregbesola, By Isiaka Yusuf

It bears no restating that the hyena of Nigeria’s economic downturn is ferociously biting deeper into the financial flesh of many homes. Prices of goods and services have increased exponentially with no commensurate rise in the earning powers of the people. Many basic needs are hardly being met and a couple of projects that would have been begun and concluded in record times are on hold. It is at this hard time that the last Eid-El-Kabir was observed. Though many could not celebrate the festival as they would have loved to, some still have some memorable experience. I am one of those who will always remember this year’s festival for good and I thank Governor Rauf Aregbesola for it.

After the last Ramadan, my wife and I decided we would observe the Sallah celebration at our hometown, Ede, Osun State in spite of the economic situation in the country. The Aregbesola-free-train policy made it possible for us. I have heard about it before then but did not pay much attention to it. If governance is about easing pains and making life liveable, I think that is what the Aregbesola government has just done for my family and a host of others who have been enjoying it in the last six years. I am writing to appreciate the governor because I am one of those who share the view of that American President, J F. Kennedy that ‘we must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives’.

That free-train policy made a difference in my family this year. Yes, I am not unaware of the irrefutable fact that it is the duty of government at whatever level to cater to the welfare of its people and provide social services for their well-being. But when a government gets at its duty responsibly, I think it is sensible to commend it as a means of encouraging it. And if that state government is in Nigeria where governments are known to shirk their duties to citizens, then it all the more becomes necessary to encourage a performing one by showing appreciation for its invaluable efforts.

What I find remarkable about the free train idea is not only that it helps in making family happiness and reunion possible, but also that the Osun Government has been consistent with it. That consistency is laudable. It shows that the idea is not meant to fool people or deceive them. It is about service for the good of the people, regardless of their religious leanings. That is governance.

I wish to urge Ogbeni Aregbesola to spend the remaining two years of his tenure to do more great works for the good of the people of Osun. I call for more support and cooperation with the government from the people of the state, home and abroad.

Isiaka Yusuf
Agege, Lagos State.

Easter Holiday: Osun Again Offers Free Train Ride

As part of its continued commitment to the welfare and well-being of the people, the Government of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola of Osun has announced this year’s free train ride for the Easter celebration.

In a statement by the Ministry of Commerce, Cooperative, Industry and Empowerment on Wednesday, the free train ride would convey people coming for the Easter festival from Lagos to Osogbo on Friday 25 by 10am.

A return train will depart Osogbo to Lagos on Monday, March 28 by 11 am.

The statement noted that the government did this to ease movements of the people during period of the festivity.

The Government therefore enjoined indigenes of the state to maximise the advantage the free train ride offers them to visit home and enjoy the celebration.

The statement said: “This tradition of free train ride as introduced by the Aregbesola government about five years ago is aimed at facilitating the easy movement of the citizenry wherever they are.

“And this programme takes care of both Islamic and Christian festivities. Since its commencement, we can say confidently that it has been a boost to the economy of the state.

“It is this ease during festival periods that informed the introduction of the scheme by Governor Aregbesola.

“Therefore, it is the wish of government that our people from Lagos, Ogun and Oyo States would seize this window of opportunity by Aregbesola’s government to visit home and celebrate with their relatives.”