FGM: Osun Ranked Highest In Nigeria

Nigerians from different walks of life have condemned the continued practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by a section of the populace.

This condemnation is coming on the heels of the day set aside for the campaign against ending of FGM.

According to Mrs. Esther Oke, a retired Chief Nursing Officer, she maintained that healthwise, the cutting of the female genitals can cause some health problems which may be long or short term.

In the short term, she disclosed that, “the female may bleed to death or contract some disease due to infections while in the long run, she may have problems associated with child birth and the female may end up being promiscuous since the outer labia which would have made her to enjoy sexual intercourse has been cut off”.

Religiously, she also revealed that there was no chapter in the Holy Bible or verse in the Quran which support female circumcision.

Mrs. Oke noted that female circumcision which internationally is referred to as female genital mutilation has Osun as the state with the highest rate of practice in the country while Ede North local government has the highest in the state and Ife Central local government with the lowest.

According to her, research also revealed that the practice of FGM was predominantly among the educated class and especially amongst the men.

Dr. Olagunju Olukayode, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with Crustal Hospital, a private hospital in Osogbo noted that although the government had tried and is still trying, there is more to be done in the area of advocacy, education and applying the law to deal with offenders where necessary.

He maintained that despite government intervention, FGM was common amongst traditionalists and that it was a practice that was tied up with the culture of the people.

Both were of the opinion that contrary to the belief that any female not circumcised end up being promiscuous, they hinted that it was the circumcised female who has the tendency of being promiscuous because she may find it difficult to get sexual pleasure.

As per the issue of itching of the genitalia amongst female children, they both agreed that it was due to poor hygiene, as vaginal itching can be experienced by both the circumcised and uncircumcised females depending on how clean they were.

The theme of the year 2018 celebration is: “Ending FGM/Cutting Is A Political Decision”.

Int’l Day Of Zero Tolerance For FGM: NGO Seeks Collaborations To Tackle Practice

By Nofisat Marindoti
As campaigns against Female Genital Mutilation mount, governments at all levels have been urged to take the bull by its horn in tackling the practice of cutting girls by collaborating with Non-Governmental Organisations who are into advocacies against the deadly practice.
This call was made by a leading NGO based in Osun state, Value Female Network (VFN) on Tuesday, a day set aside to mark International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation.
Speaking on a programme (Frank Talk) on Rave FM in Osogbo, Mr. Samuel Abimbade, a founding member of VFN and director of Gender Innovation in the organisation, emphasised the need for governments at all levels to partner with NGOs like VFN to ensure an end to the practice.
Abimbade, an adolescent and sexual reproductive health expert, decried the rising practice of FGM in the state and asked the state government to work more on proper monitoring of traditional birth attendants and traditional circumciers to ensure that they do not carry out this practice secretly.
To achieve this,  the IPAS Nigeria Youth ambassador advised the state government to collaborate with VFN and other concerned organisations to reach out to prevalent communities in the state, sensitise them and ensure that promoters of the harmful practice desist from it.
Calling on residents of Osun and other states of the Federation to end cutting of girls, Abimbade argued that FGM does not prevent promiscuity as some quarters erroneously make people to believe.
Abimbade said researches had shown that most commercial sex workers were mutilated thus ruling out the speculation that the practise make girls not to be wayward.
Also speaking in the same vein on a programme (AM Cafe) on Osun State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC) on Tuesday, the Coordinator of VFN, Miss Costly Aderibigbe disclosed that a recent investigation by the United Nations revealed that over 200 million girls had been mutilated.
Aderibigbe said aside the immediate complications of the practice like bleeding and FGM has increased maternal mortality rate in Nigeria. She said the practice has not benefit whatsoever and that no religion is being commanded to mutilate girls.
She said VFN will continue to sensitise the public on the negative effects of FGM and the need for it to be stemmed urgently.