7 Major Things That Should Happen In Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry This Year


By Moroti Olatujoye

Personally, 2017 was one of the craziest year for the entertainment industry in the Nigeria, irrespective of the harsh economic struggles citizens had to face all over the country.  From the whooping sum of money found in the Osborne Towers that Nigerians as usual used for their own amusement, fall of Mr Eazi’s career after he indirectly insulted the Nigerian public, the discovery of the frogs and ducks in the industry, the ever amazing memes on social media and finally the new found love of Twitter users to complete stories and songs.

It’s a new year, and as a typical Nigerian, it is normal to expect and hope for amazing things in the industry, until I start seeing signs that I might only have been dreaming.

So here are my 8 Top wishes in the entertainment industry this year: 

Come Back Of Mohits

Davido gave us a surprise at his December show which was said to give him half a billion in profits, by hosting one of the country’s most talented group Mohits. Mohits was a group that encompassed D’banj, Don Jazzy, Wande Coal, The Prince, K Switch and later on Ikechucku. Fans were excited seeing the group who ruled the music industry performing together at the 30 billion concert even if it lasted for a short while.

Moving forward, I wish we see more of them, at least for the sake of those of them who have not been able to create hits for their fans. E da kun, bring those hot vibes back. 

Wizkid and DavidoCollabo

Following the drama between the toad, frog and duck (or whatever they called themselves), the highlight of the year was seeing two of our greatest acts last year come together on one stage to perform and end their dispute. It’s no news that Davido makes hits, and Wizkidhas been on top of his game since he came into the industry releasing and featuring in more than 50 hits, we have both come to recognize them as gods in their own worlds (don’t try to waste minutes or hours of your life arguing who is better with anyone).

However our youngest gods still haven’t given us a single. I hope I’m not wishing for too much if I say I do look forward to a collaboration between the two and I pray they honestly don’t fall out of love with each other. I honestly don’t have strength to laugh at Wizkid’s tweets this year.

Olamide Makes One Good Jam with Sane Lyrics

Talking about musicians who are doing amazingly well in the Nigerian industry and not mentioning Olamide would be a mistake. Olamide the hit maker with about ‘a million albums’ has never let us down.

For a girl like me, believe me when I say I couldn’t listen to his album close to mum. Almost every track had ‘olosho’ and ‘omowobe’ in it, and I honestly can never be in the mood to listen to mum talk about how senseless music in our generation is. So I expect Olamide to drop one or two hits this year as usual, but the ones we can listen to anywhere and anyday with anyone.

The Patoa Collaboration

I’m ‘kuku’ tired of asking when Cynthia Morgan and Patoranking will do a track together. Their style has become unique to just the two of them and this has made them stand out since they came into the industry. We love their music, but nothing will make their type of music more appreciated than a collaboration.Show that you’re a team and you stand together in style abeg.

 Adesuwa and Banky W Should Tone the Excitement Down

This part has nothing to do with the fact that I am more of a pessimist than anything else in the world. We love the love they share, we love the movies they featured in, we love the low-key dating, the introduction, the engagement, the wedding ceremony, the honey moon pictures and x rated video, but it has to stop. When you expose what should be private to the public, you leave holes in the walls of your union that can grant passage to almost anything that might destroy you both.

As much as lots of people do not agree with the fact that people who say the couple should keep it down are not jealous, the idea of a reality show about their wedding is just not needed. At some point this year they will have a backlash from the public if they don’t listen to Omotola o.

 More Failed Marriages

As terrible a prediction as this might be, this is the most certain thing to happen this year, especially after all the revelation of domestic violence amongst some of our favourite celebrities went through before they ended their marriages. I don’t wish anyone bad in all honesty, but the sad reality is that marriages all over the world are failing in their hundreds daily, and celebrity marriages are never left out.

More certain as this is, I hope that marriages be broken than partners be killed, or committing suicide out of frustration. We know the rich also cry, but the rich must know that it is not a crime to cry as long as it saves you from harm. 

More Arrest of Fraudsters

Lol!!! You must believe me when I say that I am not in any way referring to any artiste. 2017 exposed some of our big boys and girls in both the movie and music industry. It’s not our fault that these artistes have refused to cut their clothes according to their size o, but what we do not want is for some racist journalist to write “Nigerian Musician Arrested for Fraud”.

So if more people have to be arrested to scare the rest from disgracing us, so be it. I just hope all the 30 billion in the accounts are legit.

Nollywood’s Version Of Game Of Thrones

On a really light note and due to events we have seen in the past, I expect Nollywood to create its own version of Game of Thrones. This is not in any way to mock the industry in all honesty, but a way to bring us to the reality that as influential as Nigeria is in the entertainment industry in the world, we still have producers and actors that make the works of others look like a joke.

As funny and annoying as readers might find this, I know that something similar to Game of Thrones will be out this year, if you however find it before me, please let me know.

I’m Moroti Olatujoye, a writer and content curator with Osun Defender.

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