Osun 2018: NAOSS President Charges Members On PVC

By Ismail Kolapo.

The National President of the National Association of Osun State Students (NAOSS),  Ademola Ojelabi has charged members of the association and Osun citizens to  obtain their Permanent Voter Cards PVC as is the only instrument to exercise their civic responsibility.

The NAOSS President gave the admonition on Sunday during the monthly meeting of the association at the NUJ press center in  Osogbo.

Ademola said, “Let me use this channel to inform you that registration of PVC is still on to register and to those wishing to do card transfer to visit any INEC office for the update.

“The  only way to choose a leader or to reject is through power of voters card during the electioneering process.” He said

The NAOSS President urged members of the association to inform their relatives who were yet to register to optimize the opportunity given.

In another development, the Osun State Coodinator of NAOSS, Hon. Olayemi Sanusi pleaded with Osun Residents on double registration, which may lead to disfranchisement.

He enjoined the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC to continue with the publicity to cover every nooks and crannies of the state.

Nigerian Election As Basis For Political Struggle

Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
-William Jennings Bryan American lawyer and statesman.
Moods come and go, but greatness endures.
-George H.W. Bush

The vote is the most powerful instrument ever derived by man for breaking down injustice.
– Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
-George Bernard Shaw.

The next election is fast approaching as horse trading has started between registered political parties and individuals seriously interested in participating in one election or the other. Thus, it is an election year in which many winners and losers will emerge. Eligible voters must realise that the type of government they have in vogue is the totality of their decisions.

Australia is a country with the highest voting turnarounds in the world. This is because the country insists that voting is a civil duty of citizens and not just a privilege. Any voter who failed to vote during an election and without acceptable reasons pays a fine. I wish such an enviable principle is established in our constitution for every citizen to accept voting as a civil duty and not just a privilege. Thus, if you did not exercise your voting right, then you should be told to ‘Shut-up’ when you dare criticise the running of government or join the group of people who say ‘politics is dirty’ a statement credited to Woodrow Wilson, Ph.D, LL.D, 28th president of United States of America (1913 – 1921). We must remember that the candidates who win elections have the power to change your life by the laws that they pass during their regimes.

In the future elections, we must vote for people that are considered as honest, with moral visions, concerned with clues of solving our social problems and will not ‘eat the national cake alone’. It is always advisable to find more about political candidates from friends, neighbours, internets, newspapers, and so on, before voting for them. It is a known fact that politicians are completely different human beings when it comes to requesting for votes from people. Some of their campaign slogans and promises are full of deceits, lies, dirty tricks, slanders and insults, including character assassinations; with the intention of mocking their rivals, that they consider as political ‘puppets’ just to win votes.


They play fast political games and come out loose with actual truths while using different tactics to portray themselves and party in the best possible light, portraying their opponents as fools who will lead the country to political ruin if elected. They have enough and unaccountable looted funds to advertise themselves in local and foreign newspapers, television programmers, magazines and as well organized social gatherings for distribution of money with dubiously acquired resources while their political rivals are masqueraded as enemies of progress. By so doing, the morality of politicians is grossly debased while intense campaign of calumny blinds people for the purpose of votes catching.

At the end of votes counting, electorates will see different alignments cropping up. The tension for seeking votes has gone and politicians calling themselves different names are now sitting at both sides of the political table to dine together while the poor voters are neglected like a dirty pond and without further recourse for decision making. The next brazen item on the political agenda is corrupt political bargains and betrayals at the electorates’ expense. Unfortunately, we could hardly find credible alternative in a highly traumatised political setting like ours. When we examine the past records of politicians knocking at electorates’ doors for votes, they are bunched under recalcitrant group of those making unending and unfulfilled promises with enticing envelopes to buy voters’ conscience. With this political development in Nigeria, we must be sorry for ourselves and the nation at large.

We are rightly informed that political elections are the sure foundation of democratic society to provide legitimacy to the government. Also, they are meant to give reasonable opportunity to the entire citizens to participate in the democratic process. From the perspective of electioneering process and candidates’ eligibility (qualifications, nominations, dispute resolutions, etc.), involvement of electorates cannot be pushed aside in a jiffy.


Therefore, it is the right time that Nigerian electorates stop regarding elections as mere window dressing national affairs that do not deserve their attention or participation. When electorates ignore sensible reasons to cast their votes, criminally-minded politicians can make dubious arrangements to ‘stuff up’ election boxes with ‘ghost votes’ or jettison the actual results to announce dubiously motivated and overwhelming victory. Nobody has the will to fight after the ruling government is swept from power following a free and fair election. This is not only peculiar to Nigeria but also advanced countries. In Japan (where Democratic Party that held power from 1955 to 2009), the government was defeated by the opposition and that situation resulted to serious in-fighting. Similarly, there was an election dispute in United States of American when the Republican party (1861 – 1933) was replaced by the Democratic Party. This teaches us that voting during elections is the right of citizens to change their leaders.

Today, there are many angry Americans are or in the ‘near state of despair’ with themselves on the last presidential election in which president Donald Thump won. Even though Sir Winston Churchill once commented that “democracy is the worst form of government”, we were told that other forms of government that were tried before have not been better. It has shown that democracy “is not just essential but also noble, and in fact, worthy of our devotion.” The African American federal appellate judge once noted that democracy is “becoming, rather unbecoming than being itself. It can easily be lost and never was it fully won. Hence, the essence of democracy itself is the eternal struggle.”

Our voting pattern is not different from what obtains in other democratic countries. People sometimes vote for their preferred parties while others vote for personalities. It is a known fact that voting consumes time and money that do not come easily to many people. Hard earned money is never easy to ‘waste’ on elections. The consequence is that many unpopular candidates are presented for elections because they can raise required funds for sponsorship.
To be continued tomorrow.
Okunrinboye wrote from Washington D C.




Source: The Guardian

Now That The Race Has Started, By Dele Momodu

Fellow Nigerians, let me say exciting times are here again. You may ask what is so exciting about this period with our myriad of problems? Please, allow me to put it this way. Politicians are like students while the voters are their teachers. Every now and then the chickens come home to roost and politicians are forced to test their popularity and performance. The examiners are the voters who have waited patiently for this time to come so that they can pass or fail their representatives as they deem fit. Sometimes the electorate get things right. Oftentimes they get it wrong, as we’ve seen on many occasions. What is important is that it is payback time, for good or for bad.
There is no time for any long preamble today. The nitty-gritty of this epistle is dictated by two major events that occurred almost simultaneously during the week, signalling the beginning of the 2019 Presidential race. First, was the open and frontal declaration of Ekiti State Governor, Dr Peter Ayodele Fayose, a man of immense courage. Second, was the release of the electoral timetable by the electoral umpire, INEC. Prior speculations about who’s running or not will soon be affirmed or refuted. The time has finally come for the masquerades to come out of the groves and dance in the marketplace.
Love him or hate him, Governor Fayose’s declaration is bound to kick-start the electoral jamboree and give impetus to others who have been rather squeamish or “squirmish” about throwing their hats into the ring. Also, I love the fact that the ruling government can no longer afford to be complacent. We now have an aspirant, who for whatever he is worth will definitely keep the APC on its toes. The controversy has already started because Fayose is the quintessential hype-man. If he does not court publicity, propaganda would always trail him. He is a master of the game who understands that a bully only respects a bully. The ruling government may pretend that he is no threat, but they understand the adage that “a leper may not be able to squeeze milk but he definitely knows how to spill it…” Let no one dismiss Fayose. Remember the way some of us swore Donald Trump will never defeat Hillary Clinton in many lifetimes to come.
It would be a big shame if APC fails to see the urgent need to reposition and repackage itself as quickly as possible. My ideas may seem a bit radical and far-fetched but they remain my kobo advise to President Buhari and his team. If I were President Buhari, I will start grooming a successor right now. By the time he finishes his first term in 2019, he would have attained the age of 76, or thereabout. By then, he should be thankful to God for preserving his life after a rigorous battle with some near-fatal ailments. At that age and stage, Nigeria deserves some fresh leader, in body, mind and soul. The world has moved beyond the type of leadership we are currently saddled with. Buhari was a choice for a special reason and purpose. He has served and fulfilled that righteousness. I believe, with all due respect, that he should set Nigeria on the path to higher glory by getting his succession plan right. Many of his predecessors were too pre-occupied with self-adulation that they forgot the future. By the time the future inevitably arrived, it was too late to turn the hands of the clock backwards.
President Buhari still has over one year to prepare for the epic journey ahead.. It is certain and obvious that he would be tempted like all mortals to cling to power, and as a matter of right anyway, but may God grant him the uncommon wisdom and that spirit of selflessness to be able to resist the allure of office and power. The APC has a lot to gain from his sacrifice and he would have placed himself on a higher pedestal in global reckoning. He has many able disciples who can carry his legacy to a much higher level. The world would remember him as a leader who came at a time of serious crisis and averted the cataclysmic collapse of Nigeria, laid a solid foundation and handed over to competent builders and performers.
In other to avoid an acrimonious transition, the President should invite some interested and influential members of his party and allow its politburo to vote or decide amongst themselves the shape of the new government they wish to form. Their decision is more likely to be binding on the party in general. President Buhari owes it to Nigeria to kill the ethnic and religious tension in our country. He’s always been viewed as a religious bigot and ethnic jingoist but he can redeem himself gracefully by championing new causes, breaking down walls of superstition as well as exterminating those primordial sentiments that have bedevilled our country and sent us several centuries backward. Buhari should help in combing every part of Nigeria and beyond for the best brains and talents that God has kindly endeared and endowed us with. He should realise that nothing could be as fortunate as being handed a second chance on a platter of gold as has happened to him. He has nothing more to gain but plenty to lose.
I would not be shocked or surprised if those currently enjoying the spoils of power dismiss my appeal to our dear beloved President as arrant nonsense. However, the truth is that Nigeria is in crisis and critical mode, deserving the most accomplished surgeons the country has, to excise the cancers and tumours ravaging her. We can no longer continue to wobble and fumble at the present snail speed. Time does not wait for anyone. And it will certainly not wait for Nigeria. APC parades many fantastic leaders but they are not able to blossom and glow in full bloom because of the overpowering aura of President Buhari. That power can be put to better use by helping APC to remain intact without experiencing the type of implosion that sentenced PDP to its shallow grave.
I will like to see APC retain the support and loyalty of Atiku Abubakar (who I believe should act like a true father of the party rather than desperately trying to return to power 12 years after he retired as Vice President) and Bola Ahmed Tinubu (who should continue in his now acclaimed role of kingmaker). These two titans of the party should support President Buhari in harnessing the talents and strengths of the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, Bukola Saraki, Dogara Yakubu, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Nasir El Rufai, Aminu Tambuwal, Babatunde Raji Fashola, Rochas Okorocha, Rotimi Amaechi, Olorunnimbe Mamora, and several others who may be hovering in the wings with the hopes of becoming President or Vice President in the not too distant future. If these great assets are not well-managed and encouraged to sacrifice their personal ambitions and interests for the sake of Nigeria, history might just repeat itself because a house divided against itself will not stand.
Such a similar situation was mismanaged by former President Goodluck Jonathan who inadvertently lost the election the day he allowed some key members of PDP, to saunter away to join a new coalition called APC. With the benefit of hindsight, I am sure Jonathan would have eaten humble pie and stopped those aggrieved party members, by fire by force. Unfortunately, he was goaded and egged on by sycophants who probably boasted that Atiku, Saraki, Amaechi, and company were easily dispensable. They were dead wrong. Their exit led to the tsunami that swept away the Jonathan government.
My prediction is that if Buhari decides to stubbornly pursue his own personal ambition and agenda by not making the necessary sacrifice at this crucial moment, he may be swamped and consumed by the lava of the volcanic eruption that would definitely hit his party in a most devastating manner. Truth be told, Buhari would not have even picked the ticket of APC in the last primary election but for the herculean task and audacious effort of Tinubu, Amaechi, Saraki and others who performed the miracle of turning water into wine.
Believe me, nobody wins election in Nigeria based on sainthood or clean records. Elections require the ability to raise cash, tonnes and tonnes of it. In case he is oblivious to what transpired in the last election, the President should ask his campaign team what it cost to oil that blistering operation that catapulted the “invincible” Jonathan out of power. Who donated what and how were APC agents funded nationwide? It is not going to be that simple this time around. Most of those who fell for the change mantra have since changed from billionaires and millionaires to paupers. Many supported Buhari hoping they would not be hounded but permitted to henceforth do business the proper way. They were unprepared for the fury unleashed against them which has ensured they’ve not been able to do business, clean or dirty. They are just licking their wounds with equanimity and hoping that this nightmare shall soon pass away. Undoubtedly the Nigerian economy has suffered as a result.  The main beneficiaries have been shady multinationals who continue to steal us blind whilst claiming to support a failing corruption crusade.
Therefore, APC has to urgently re-strategize by picking one of its trusted and tested younger personages, hoping that he may reignite the much-needed passion in Nigerian youths, the business community and all those who feel short-changed and brutalised by the Buhari government. If APC lacks the courage to rejig its modus operandi, it may be forced to swallow its own phlegm sooner than later…
I will soon offer an analysis on what PDP needs to do to bounce back and beat the APC. My advice to all those who think PDP is dead and buried is that they should perish the thought because Lazarus may still rise. As a matter of fact, PDP is not dead. It is merely a sleeping and snoring giant. We may yet be in for a rude awakening on all counts!
On July 7, 2018, it would be exactly 20 years since Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola suddenly died in solitary confinement. No one has been able to give a comprehensive account of the June 12, 1993, saga till this day. Nigerians, and the world at large remain in total darkness about why Nigeria’s best election was annulled, those with noble or dastardly roles, why the winner ended up in detention instead of Aso Rock, and how finally, only his lifeless body was brought back home.
Ovation Books, a new arm of Ovation Communications, is poised to offer a special publication on what remains another dark chapter in the chequered existence of our country. We need your help to make this dream a reality. All we need is access to hitherto never revealed information. We shall also be knocking on doors to seek definite answers to pertinent questions.
Did you know Abiola one on one, or do you have credible information that can help recapture the period of campaign, election, annulment, incarceration and disappearance from public glare from 1994-98? Were you a personnel at some of the detention centres he was kept? You may wish to write to us, even anonymously, about your experience. You may send text messages to us via +2348055069220, +233233751111. We promise prompt responses and where necessary will get one of our researchers to meet with you.
At Ovation Books, we plan to reduce the dearth of information on very distinguished Nigerians, by publishing biographies of great men and women. We are counting on your kind prayers as always.  The Abiola and June 12 debacle is just a tantalising beginning!

Osun, Ekiti Guber Polls Timetable Out Thursday

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) said it would on Thursday release the timetable for Osun and Ekiti gubernatorial elections coming up in 2018.
The Chairman of INEC, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, disclosed this at a meeting with Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) in Abuja.
Yakubu said that INEC had started preparations for the elections in the two states.
“The end-of-tenure governorship elections in Ekiti and Osun states will be conducted next year.
“In keeping with the commission’s tradition of giving all stakeholders ample time to prepare, the timetable and schedule of activities for the Ekiti and Osun governorship elections will be released on Thursday,” Yakubu said.
He added that INEC would on Saturday conduct bye-election in Eti-Osa state constituency in Lagos state.
“Only yesterday, we received the official declaration of vacancy by the Honourable Speaker House of Representatives for the Kware/Wamakko Federal Constituency in Sokoto state.
“The timetable and schedule of activities for the election would be released on Tuesday.”
Yakubu said that as part of the preparation for 2019 general elections, which remained 505 days, the commission would continue to explore ways by which all processes associated with Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) were improved upon.
He said that so far 2,786,405 citizens have registered in ongoing CVR exercise of which 1,619,513 representing 58 per cent were males while 1,166,892 (42 per cent) were females.
“In addition, 108,752 unclaimed permanent voters’ cards were collected.
“The commission has also recorded 132,431 requests for transfer from original places of registration to new locations.
“We also received 261,429 requests for replacement of PVCs that were damaged, defaced or wrong entries of personal and other details.

INEC Should Conduct Anambra Central Rerun Election Without Delay

Former National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Victor Umeh has called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct the Anambra Central rerun election without delay.
Chief Umeh, who is the APGA candidate for the election believes that any delay would further deny the people of the zone their rights of representation at the National Assembly.

What is your reaction to the latest judgment by the Supreme Court as regards the controversy trailing the conduct of Anambra Central senatorial rerun election?

You are all aware that Anambra Central Senatorial District remains the only senatorial district, out of the 109 senatorial districts in Nigeria that has no senator at the National Assembly.  It is very unfortunate because the people of this senatorial district have been denied a representation in the National Assembly. Our case ought not to have lingered up till this point if not for the clear attempts by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to manipulate the process and frustrate the rerun election ordered by the Court of Appeal on

December 7, 2015 from taking place, for the simple reason that their party is out of the race. The Court of Appeal, which is the final court vested with the authority and jurisdiction to decide on all matters relating to National Assembly matters, had nullified the election into that senatorial district and ordered a fresh election.

The PDP, instead of accepting their fate that they will no longer participate in the election, their candidate having been disqualified by the decision of the Court of Appeal, decided to use frivolous actions to frustrate that rerun election from taking place.  But on February 10, the Supreme Court in a unanimous judgment affirmed that the decision of the Court of Appeal was final in all aspects concerning the dispute relating to the Anambra Central senatorial rerun election. That being the case, the order made by the Court of Appeal on

December 7 and the decisions arrived at by the Court of Appeal in the matter remains final. No court below the Court of Appeal can do anything to frustrate that order made by the Court of Appeal. What they are now posturing in the press is that they have several litigations pending in the High court which must be respected by INEC before conducting the rerun election. That is against the process of law because a High Court cannot come to any decision that will be contrary to the decision handed down by a superior court. There are two superior courts in this instance; the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. So, INEC, which was a party in all the proceedings both at the Tribunal, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court are very much aware that the matter has come to a final rest.

INEC now has every authority under law to conduct that rerun election without the candidate of the PDP.
Some PDP chieftains said the 90 days originally granted by the court for a rerun election had lapsed and what they are asking for now is a fresh election. What is your take on that?
PDP clearly is standing the law on its head. They know the truth but they are just trying all they can to continually delay the election.

There is nothing like that. The general election took place on March 28, 2015.  This outstanding election is an offshoot of that election which was nullified by the Court of Appeal; it is not a general election. The word ‘fresh’ has been clearly defined by the Supreme Court in this judgment of February 13, 2009, that whatever you call it, whether you call it fresh, rerun, restart election that they are all the same. It is a question of semantics.

They are elections that will be conducted pursuant to the nullification of a general election.  So, it is not a bye-election. It is not a general election. It is an election ordered by the court pursuant to the nullification of a general election that has taken place.  So, PDP knows this very well. INEC is not going to conduct a general election; it is a rerun election pursuant to the order of the judgment of the Court of Appeal which has nullified the general election which was conducted on March 28.

You said the PDP is doing all it can to prevent the senatorial election from holding. Why do you think so?
It amazes me too but I believe they are engaged in these antics so that Anambra Central will not have a senator until 2019. That is their plan. But with God on our side, that will never be. Their plans will never work.  Our people are very anxious about this development and we are happy with the judgment of the Supreme Court which has given INEC the nod to proceed with the election without delay.

This has cleared the way for eligible candidates to go into the rerun election.  I must commend INEC for standing their ground that PDP cannot participate in the rerun election and they have been vindicated by the judgment of the Supreme Court. I want to appeal to them not to succumb to the latest antics being employed by the PDP even after the judgment.

Our people are very worried about these efforts by PDP to prevent rerun election from taking place because they (PDP) are no longer going to be part of it. If you recall, INEC had prepared for this rerun election for March 5. They had recruited ad-hoc staff, trained them, and prepared all the materials, including ballot papers for that election to take place on March 5, only for the Federal High Court to make an order four days to the rescheduled rerun election that PDP should be included. Under such circumstance, INEC could not have printed new ballot papers.

Even INEC officials were embarrassed that a judge could prevent APC from fielding candidates in Kogi East and Kogi Central senatorial zones, and turn around to order INEC to include PDP with a fresh candidate in rerun election in Anambra Central senatorial zone. Today in the National Assembly, PDP occupies Kogi Central and Kogi East seats in the Senate as a result of the judgment that disqualified APC, in the same manner as that of Anambra Central.
In the same vein, the seats of Okene/Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency in the House of Reps, Ankpa 1 and Ofu State Constituencies in Kogi Assembly all now belong to the PDP due to the same judgment of the Court of Appeal that stopped APC from taking part in the reruns. This does not only apply to Kogi State because  a PDP member now represents Akko Federal Constituency of

Gombe State in the House of Reps because the APC candidate that initially won the seat had his election annulled and was equally barred from participating  in the rerun poll. These are indications that PDP is indeed the greatest beneficiary of such judgments of the Appeal Court where elections were cancelled and the original winners barred from participating in the reruns ordered. So, it beats me why the same PDP will insist it must be part of the rerun in Anambra Central against the Appeal Court verdict, using all sorts of tricks to frustrate the conduct of the exercise? Why do they want the case of Anambra Central to be treated differently?
While the case was ongoing, were you sure it was going to go your way?

Many people have always referred to me as a man of the courts because this is the third time I went to the Supreme Court and won. I have never resorted to violence throughout my political life. I was in this Supreme Court on March 25, 2011 when I defeated Chekwas Okorie. On 15th of January 15, last year, I was here, I won. I defeated Maxi Okwu again; I won. Now, I have triumphed again.  I don’t know how many people who have travelled to the Supreme Court three times and won all. I always make sure I adhere to the law, the provisions of the constitution and judicial precedents in pursuing my defence. From day one, it was clear that this appeal was brought in total disobedience to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

And the constitution you know is the grand norm. I once said the only way the appeal will succeed is if the constitution is amended. And if it is amended today, it will not take a retroactive effect. So, it was obvious to us that what they were trying to do is not less than what the Supreme Court described to be flagrant disobedience to the Constitution of Nigeria.
So, what is your message to the people of Anambra Central?

I understand the pains and frustration of the people of Anambra Central. They are the only senatorial district in the whole country without an elected representative but as painful as it is, let our people be patient. Now that the clog in the wheel of our progress has been removed, I believe that very soon, the election will be conducted.  I am also calling on well-meaning Nigerians to prevail on INEC to do the right thing by conducting the election. We have just two more years to the end of the current dispensation and the term cannot be extended beyond 2019.

PDP Records Massive Victories In Elections In Gombe, Taraba And Rivers

Premium Times reports that the PDP also won all the local government chairmanship and councillorship seats in neighbouring Gombe state.

The Chairman of the Taraba commission Philip Duwe announced the results of the Saturday, February 25 council polls in Jalingo on Sunday, February 26.

Duwe declared Mohammed Umar as Chairman-elect of Gashaka, Nicholas Waniyafiwani, Lau; Abdul Boboji, Jalingo; and Danladi Suntai as Chairman-elect of Bali Local Government.

Others are Salisu Dogo for Ardo-Kola, Joseph Mika for Yorro, Adi Daniel for Wukari, Christopher Koshombo for Zing, Yahuza Yahaya for Gassol and Nashuka Musa for Donga.

Also, Shiban Tikari was declared as chairman-elect for Takum, Stephen Agya for Kurmi and Rimansikwe Karma for Ussa.

Meanwhile, in Rivers, INEC declared the PDP as the winner of the rerun election for Etche/Omuma Federal Constituency in Rivers state.

PDP’s candidate in the electorate Jerome Eke polled 15,221 ahead of his APC counterpart Ogbonna Nwuke’s 6,220.

The electoral body’s returning officer Professor Olushola Omotayo declared the results of the election held on Saturday, February 25 at the INEC collation centre in Okehi, Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State.

The PDP also beat the APC in the election for Etche Constituency II, polling 4,210 votes to APC’s 1,070.

Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike monitoring the ballot counting in the rerun elections on Saturday, February 25.
The PDP has congratulated the winners and thanked Rivers state residents for preventing rigging of the rerun elections.

The statement acquired by NAIJ.com read: “We congratulates Chief Jerome Eke and Mr. Tony Ejiogu on their successes at the just concluded Rivers legislative rerun elections.

“Chief Jerome Eke of PDP won the Etche/Omuma Federal Constituency of Rivers state with 15,221 votes defeating Mr. Ogbonna of APC. While Mr. Tony Ejiogu of the PDP also won the Etche State Constituency 2, defeating his closest rival, Mr. Golden of the APC.

“We thank the electorates in Etche/Omuma Constituencies for again standing against rigging and oppression of APC-led government.

“Rivers state is home of the PDP and no amount of intimidation and harassment will stop the people from voting the PDP in all elections.

“We also congratulates all the PDP LGA Chairmen and councilors in Taraba and Gombe states respectively in the just concluded LGA elections.

“PDP remains the only national party in Nigeria and we must all work together to resist the interference of APC in our affairs.”

Meanwhile, fear of the Ali Modu Sheriff faction of the PDP has gripped leaders of the Ahmed Makarfi faction in Delta state.

This is so as the party leaders, including the state governor Ifeanyi Okowa, are becoming jittery as there are fears that the party structure led by Kingsley Esiso, the PDP Delta state chairman, could be dismantled by the Sheriff faction if the Supreme Court eventually proclaims victory for the Sheriff group.


Credit: Naij.com