Trump Tweets On Robert Mueller’s Russian-Election Meddling Affair

US President Donald Trump on Sunday attacked special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s election meddling as unfair, insisting the probe is staffed with “hardened” Democrats.
“Does anyone think this is fair? And yet, there is NO COLLUSION!” Trump tweeted.

The salvo was the latest in an intensifying confrontation over Mueller’s probe into whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian attempts to sway the 2016 election in his favor.

The president also took aim at former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who was fired Friday two days before he was due to retire, and former FBI director James Comey, who Trump sacked last year over the Russia probe.

Until now, the president has steered clear of directly attacking Mueller, the former FBI director who took over the Russia probe after Comey’s firing May 9, 2017.

“Why does the Mueller team have 13 hardened Democrats, some big Crooked Hillary supporters, and Zero Republicans? Another Dem recently added,” Trump said.

Widely respected in both political camps, Mueller was appointed FBI chief by the Republican president George W. Bush, and kept on under the Democrat Barack Obama.

Lawmakers have repeatedly warned that any attempt by the president to oust him as special counsel would cross a red line.

In earlier tweets, Trump accused Comey of lying under oath in congressional testimony and dismissed as “fake memos” contemporaneous notes McCabe and Comey took of their interactions with the president.

Those memos could be fodder for Mueller’s probe if he is pursuing potential obstruction of justice by the president.

“Spent very little time with Andrew McCabe, but he never took notes when he was with me. I don’t believe he made memos except to help his own agenda, probably at a later date. Same with lying James Comey.”

After his firing, McCabe said he was the victim of a Trump administration “war” against the FBI and the special counsel.

Comey has pushed back as well. “Mr President, the American people will hear my story very soon. And they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not,” he tweeted on Saturday.

America Doesn’t Deserve A President Like Trump – Hillary

America’s ex-Secretary of State and ex-Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has said her country does not deserve a President like Donald Trump, describing the situation as “perilous times.”

Hillary made the statement at the weekend at a conference in Mumbai, India.

She said Trump had “quite an affinity for dictators” and that the American president “really likes their authoritarian posturing and behaviour.”

Appearing to still be smarting from her defeat by Trump in the 2016 election, Hillary decried what was reported as Trump’s “reality campaign tactics,” saying perhaps she would have won more votes if she had also “provided more entertainment to voters who responded to Trump’s brash style.”

“She also believes former FBI director James Comey’s October 28, 2016 letter to Congress about her private email server cost her support from white women voters,” Washington Post reported.


Popular Porn Star Stormy Daniels Offers To Refund $130,000 To Donald Trump


Porn actress, who says she had an affair with President Trump, has offered on Monday to return the $130,000 she received from Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer in 2016 when she signed the hush agreement not to discuss the alleged relationship.

In a letter, her attorney, Michael Avenatti, says Daniels “will pay $130,000 to President Trump by wire transfer, to an account designated by the president” by this Friday. Trump has never admitted knowledge of the payment to Daniels, which was made by his longtime lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“They should accept this proposal. It’s more than fair,” said Avenatti in an interview with NPR. “She’ll return the money and she’ll be free to speak, and in turn the president can provide his version of events and we can allow the American people to decide who’s telling the truth and who’s not.”

The letter also seeks an agreement that neither Mr. Trump nor the shell company that Mr. Cohen used to pay Ms. Clifford, which he represents as a party to their October 2016 deal, would move to block the broadcast of an interview that Ms. Clifford taped with “60 Minutes” last week.

Meanwhile, Trump through his lawyer and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has repeatedly denied that there was an affair between the President and  Daniels.



Tillerson Calls Trump A “Moron” In Scathing Resignation Letter (FULL LETTER)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who’s been staring disbelievingly at Donald Trump since the first day of his bungled presidency, finally called it quits today after months of internal wrangling with his boss.

 With multiple news organizations reporting on Thursday that Mr. Trump was preparing to dump the former Exxon Mobil CEO after he had fallen out of favor with the mercurial president, the man leading the State Department preempted the public shaming orchestrated by the White House by making a hasty exit from the troubled Trump administration.
But if Mr. Tillerson appeared to be an ineffective and impotent Secretary of State, that lack of pluck did not extend to his letter writing. Before his departure, the top man at State scribed a truly memorable, thoroughly ego-withering and POTUS-emasculating resignation letter, loaded with the kind of colorful Texas expressions that could only be uttered by a plainspoken man raised in the heart of the Lone Star state.


It reads as follows:

Dear President Moron,

That’s right, you heard me correctly, President Moron. With a capital “M.”

And for the record, I didn’t say it just once, but more like a hundred times to anyone in Washington who would listen, because I swear to fucking God that I have never met anyone dumber than you.

Where do I begin to share my contempt for everything you and your extended family of goofball dimwits represents?

Oh, wait, I know, how about we start with your little ass-wipe of a son-in-law, Prince Dunderhead? I knew the second you threw that candy-ass, sniveling milksop into my State Department meetings that he couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if it had a hole in the toe and the directions printed on the heel. The nonsense that came out of that weasel’s mouth was about as welcome as an outhouse breeze and as useless as two buggies in a one-horse town.

Speaking of useless, let me waste a few sentences on that pretty Princess Paramour of yours. Please tell me what the hell that pocketful of pudding is doing in the White House? Trying to have a meaningful conversation with Ivanka is like trying to put socks on a barnyard hen. IMPOSSIBLE! I’d truly rather argue with a wooden Indian than listen to that vertical mashed potato’s fatuous chatter for one more minute.

And since absolutely everyone but you knows that Steve Bannon is still pulling at your puppet springs, let me briefly comment on that festering hog. This guy is such a lowlife he has to look up to see hell and so crooked that if he swallowed a nail he’d spit up a corkscrew. I have never had one conversation with that conniving dog where I didn’t walk away scratching fleas. If you were even one twig smarter than that barn swallow’s nest sitting on your head, you’d see that Old Stevie is playing you like a fiddler at a West Texas kicker dance.

I could go on, but I’m a polite fella and, besides, I’ve only got a minute before I have to catch the Exxon jet back to Houston where I’ll resume my $45-million-a- year job managing people who have no slack in their ropes and aren’t on a first name basis with the bottom of the deck.

Now, as I return to my preferred position as a titan of industry (a real one, not a bankrupt idiot businessman like you), I want to share some words of Texas wisdom from Mama Tillerson that helped me get through the past ten months every time I thought of your gargantuan stupidity: “Sometimes, Rex, you just have to close your eyes, take a deep breath, count to ten, remind yourself that you wouldn’t look good in prison stripes, and just smile at the dumb-ass and walk away.”

So, goodbye, you mind-boggling bozo.


Rex Tillerson, Former U.S. Secretary of State

P.S. Just a reminder, you lost the election by 3.5 million votes, which is roughly the populations of Houston and Dallas combined. Where I come from, that’s called a whupping!

Trump Fires Rex Tillerson

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he will replace Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

“Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service! Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA, and the first woman so chosen. Congratulations to all!” Trump tweeted.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters that Trump asked Tillerson to step aside.

Jeff Bezos Leads, Donald Trump Drops On Forbes Billionaires List For 2018

President Donald Trump has dropped from spot 200 to 766 on Forbes 2018 Billionaires list.

His new spot now ties him with about 20 other billionaires around the world. The magazine estimates his net worth at $3.1 billion, down from $3.5 billion last year.  Forbes said that Trump’s fortune fell in part due to declining Manhattan real estate values, as well as lower revenues at several Trump golf properties.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos topped the list for the first time this year, according to Forbes.  He’s currently worth an estimated $112 billion, up $39.2 billion from 2017. Forbes said that jump amounts to the biggest one-year gain ever.

Bezos knocked Microsoft founder Bill Gates to the No. 2 spot, after Gates spent four straight years on top. Gates is worth an estimated $90 billion, up from $86 billion last year, according to Forbes.

The Bezos bump also pushed Warren Buffett down to No. 3. Buffett is worth an estimated $84 billion. All together, the billionaires on the list are worth $9.1 trillion. Forbes identified a record 2,208 billionaires around the world in 2018, up from 2,043 last year.


Porn Star Stormy Daniels Sues Donald Trump

We obviously haven’t heard the last of Donald Trump’s involvement with porn star Stormy Daniels as a new lawsuit has been filled by Daniels claiming Trump never signed a hush agreement regarding an alleged sexual encounter between the two and therefore the agreement is void.

According to a tweet by her lawyer, the legal complaint filed in California state court revealed Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, signed the document on behalf of the President instead.

The porn star, whose real name is Stephanie Cliffordclaims in the lawsuit to have had an affair with Trump several years prior to his presidency. However, the lawsuit claims that when he was running for office and multiple women were coming forward to share stories of their own alleged encounters with the then-Republican presidential candidate, Cohen intervened in an attempt to keep Clifford from coming forward as well.

“Despite Mr. Trump’s failure to sign the Hush Agreement, Mr. Cohen proceeded to cause $130,000.00 to be wired to the trust account of Ms. Clifford’s attorney. He did so even though there was no legal agreement and thus no written nondisclosure agreement whereby Ms. Clifford was restricted from disclosing the truth about Mr. Trump,” the document states.

The lawsuit says Cohen has continued his attempts at silencing Clifford including as recently as February 27, 2018. “To be clear, the attempts to intimidate Ms. Clifford into silence and ‘shut her up’ in order to ‘protect Mr. Trump’ continue unabated. For example, only days ago on or about February 27, 2018, Mr. Trump’s attorney Mr. Cohen surreptitiously initiated a bogus arbitration proceeding against Ms. Clifford in Los Angeles. Remarkably, he did so without even providing Ms. Clifford with notice of the proceeding and basic due process” the lawsuit states..

A defense lawyer representing Cohen did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday. NBC News first reported on Clifford’s complaint against Trump.


Donald Trump Jokes About Melania Leaving The White House

During the annual Gridiron Club dinner last night, President Donald Trump joked about his wife Melania leaving the white house, and knowing the President’s Unique ways, people believe this might not be an innocent joke.

 He jokingly wondered who would leave the white house next saying; “so many people have been leaving the White House. It’s invigorating since you want turnover. I like chaos. It really is good. Who’s going to be the next to leave? Steve Miller, or Melania?” 

Trump later joked that his wife Melania could also claim him as “an adult dependent,” riffing off “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff, who claims White House aides have told him they view the president as child-like.

Trump’s joke is coming after communications director Hope Hicks announced her departure.

Early this year, Trump’s relationship with First Lady Melania Trump was thrust into the spotlight when reports emerged that former adult film star Stormy Daniels had an extramarital sexual encounter with Trump early on in his marriage with Melania.


China Ready To Hit Back At US

China, the world’s second biggest economy fuelled fears of a trade war when it warned that it is ready to hit back at the United States if it harms its economic interests.

It was China’s first response since President Donald Trump unveiled steel and aluminium tariffs.

Trump’s announcement on Thursday sparked a flurry of counter-threats from other nations but its main trade rival, China, had avoided any overt warnings of potential retaliation until now.

“China doesn’t want a trade war with the United States,” Zhang Yesui, spokesman for the National People’s Congress, told a news conference on Sunday, the eve of the rubber-stamp parliament’s annual session.

“But if the US takes actions that hurt Chinese interests, China will not sit idly by and will take necessary measures.”

Zhang warned that “policies informed by misjudgement or wrong perceptions will hurt relations and bring consequences no side wants to see”.

Trump’s announcement came as President Xi Jinping’s top economic aide, Liu He, met with US officials at the White House this week to discuss the fraught economic relationship.

During his visit, according to the official Xinhua news agency, Liu and his hosts “agreed that the two countries should settle their trade disputes by cooperation rather than confrontation”.

Since announcing plans to impose a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminium, Trump has shrugged off threats from other nations, boasting on Friday that “trade wars are good, and easy to win”.

China has been the main target of Trump’s ire over the US trade deficit since his presidential campaign, but its steel and aluminium exports to the United States are minimal.

While China is the world’s largest steel producer, it accounts for less than one percent of US imports and sells only 10 percent of its wrought aluminium abroad.

Steel producers in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea and Turkey rely far more heavily on the US market.

“The American action to put sanctions on other countries’ reasonable steel and aluminium exports in the name of harming national security is groundless,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday.

Some US allies, like Canada and Australia, had hoped to be spared the tariffs. A US official said Friday no countries will be exempt, but added that possible exemptions to the measures would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Australia warned that a trade conflict could put the brakes on global economic growth.

“That’s what concerns me, if we continue to see an escalation of rhetoric and, ultimately, action around tariffs applying for imports and exports across multiple economies… this will lead to a slow-down in growth,” trade minister Steve Ciobo told Sky News Australia Sunday.

Trump ratched up the rhetoric on Saturday, threatening a tax on cars from the European Union if it enacts retaliatory measures.

On Friday, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said the EU was drawing up measures against leading US brands such as Levi’s and Harley-Davidson.

High School Mass Shootings: Trump Embraces Tougher Gun Control Measure

As survivors and students of the latest high school mass shooting returns to school, President Donald Trump has embraced tougher gun control measures.

At a meeting with lawmakers from both parties Trump said;

“We have to do something about it. We have to act,”

“We can’t wait and play games and nothing gets done,”

The President also voiced his support for expanded background checks, more secure schools, curbs on the ability of the mentally ill to buy firearms and raising to 21 the age for buying certain guns.

At one point, he turned to a Republican senator and said: “You’re afraid of the NRA,” referring to the National Rifle Association, the premier and powerful US gun lobby.

“He surprised me,” Democratic Senator Chris Murphy later told AFP. “He committed very forcefully and very clearly to comprehensive background checks, raising the age on purchase of assault weapons, and protective orders.”

With tears, fears and defiance, students also made an emotional return Wednesday to their Florida high school where a former classmate went on a shooting rampage two weeks ago, killing 17 people.

Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland were greeted by heavy security and scores of well-wishers as they returned to classes.

Dozens of police officers lined the sidewalks saying “Good morning” to each child and retired officers passed out flowers. Former students, neighbors and their children held banners reading “We Love You,” “You’ve Got This” and “We Are With You.”

“It’s all a little overwhelming,” said one 17-year-old student named William, who shared a classroom with two of the young victims, Nicholas Dworet and Meadow Pollack.

“It was just sad to go back there and not have my friends who were in the class with me anymore.”

Likewise, for Kimberly Miller, the first day back meant confronting the absence of her geography teacher, 35-year-old Scott Beigel.

Beigel was one of three staff killed, along with 14 teenagers, when former student Nikolas Cruz entered the school on Valentine’s Day and opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle.

“It’s pretty upsetting,” said the 14-year-old Miller. “But it was also refreshing to talk to everyone because people don’t really understand how it feels, no matter how much they try to understand.”

While there were few open displays of grief, many students looked somber, speaking in hushed tones with their eyes downcast.

Jonathan Abramchaev, 15, said it was “very emotional” to see his school again.

“Seeing all the flowers by the gate, that really hurt me,” he told AFP. “Today we were just discussing and talking out our feelings.”


Donald Trump Loses Another Loyal Aide

The White House announced the resignation of one of USA President Donald Trump’s most loyal aides, Communications Director Hope Hicks on Wednesday.

Hope Hicks is the fourth person serving in the job to resign. Hicks is Trump’s longest serving aide, having worked with him for three years dating back to before he announced his candidacy.

She became communications director in August after the resignation of Anthony Scaramucci, who lasted in the position for just 10 days. She joins a long list of former White House officials who have resigned or been sacked, including her boyfriend, Rob Porter, who left as Trump’s staff secretary under a cloud of suspicion stemming from allegations of domestic violence by two ex-wives.

Hicks’ resignation comes one day after she testified for eight hours before the House Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Hicks, 29, acknowledged sometimes having lied in her service to Trump, but insisted that she had never lied about substantive matters, US media reported.

Trump praised Hicks as smart and thoughtful and “a truly great person.” A White House statement said when Hicks approached Trump about pursuing other opportunities outside the White House, he said he told her he “totally understood”.

He said he will miss having her by his side, but said he is sure they would work together again in the future.

Her exact departure date has not been determined, but the statement said it will be sometime in the next few weeks.

Earlier Wednesday, Trump criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions, calling the top US law enforcement officer’s handling of alleged surveillance abuses “disgraceful”.

He pointed to Sessions’ decision this week to instruct the Justice Department’s inspector general to investigate whether the FBI withheld information in its application for a surveillance warrant against Carter Page, a former member of Trump’s campaign.

The inspector general “will take forever, has no prosecutorial power and already late with reports on Comey etc,” Trump tweeted, referring to a probe into former FBI director James Comey’s handling of a probe of Hillary Clinton’s email practices.

The tweet marked the latest in a series of attacks by the president on Sessions, one of his early champions in the 2016 election.

Trump has repeatedly criticized Sessions’ decision last year to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, which is also focusing on alleged collusion between Russia and members of Trump’s campaign to influence the outcome of the election.

That move followed revelations that Sessions had spoken with the Russian ambassador on multiple occasions during 2016, and was one of a series of developments that led to the appointment of an independent special counsel to handle the probe.

In an unusual move, Sessions hit back on Wednesday, saying that he had “initiated the appropriate process that will ensure complaints against this Department will be fully and fairly acted upon if necessary”.

In a statement cited by CNN, Sessions said he would “continue to discharge [his] duties with integrity and honour” and the Justice Department would “continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and Constitution”.

Also on Wednesday, Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort pleaded not guilty to new charges brought as part of the Russia investigation but unrelated to the alleged collusion with members of Trump’s campaign.

Manafort will go on trial on September 17, according to a court document, on the series of charges brought as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.