Domestic Violence: Woman Cries For Help On Facebook

A woman named Aleshia Shivers called out for help on Facebook Livestream after she allegedly got battered by her husband Matthew Shivers.

In the video, Aleshia is seen with black eyes and blood dripping down her face. There was blood on her blonde hair and clothes also. Hundred of comments trailed the video, a lot of them insulting the boyfriend. But Matthew dropped a comment denying the accusation. He said Aleshia was in the habit of harming herself then blaming him for it.

Aleshia’s previous posts show she and Matthew have been having issues in their relationship. In one post, she accused him of engaging in incest with his cousin. A very old post shows Aleshia hinting that she suffers from anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Lady Attacked By Rich Boyfriend Who Might Be Above The Law

Police in Bangkok has declared a man wanted for the attack on his two-month old pregnant girlfriend over the weekend. According to reports the man who still hasn’t been named is well known and well connected in Thailand. They intend to go after him to the full extent of the law.

Daily News reported it is the same man who drove his Mini Cooper into three people at the scene of an accident in 2012 and who hit a pedestrian and motorcyclist in his Porsche just last month.

Photos of Jeena covered in blood at a Bangkok police station and later a hospital was posted online by the victim’s elder brother, Khun Shane Rajatabhaiboon.


Shane posted pictures on his Facebook page on Saturday, July 22, calling for the arrest and prosecution of the man who has been romantically involved with his sister for seven months.


Jeena went to Sai Mai police where her brother joined her and was shocked to see her covered in blood and bruises to many parts of her face, legs and arms.


Stories have circulated in the past that the man had tried to buy off one victim to the tune of a million baht.

Woman Locked In Dark Room For 15 Years Rescued

The Indian Police in Goa on Wednesday claimed to have rescued a 50-year-old woman who had been locked in a dark room by her brother for 15 years. The woman, identified as Sunita Verlekar, was rescued by police from her parents’ home in North Goa’s Candolim village, following a tip-off by a well-known women’s rights organization, Bailancho Saad.

“She was in a closed room for 15 years. “We were informed about it by the organization, following which a Women’s Police Station team rescued her on Tuesday,’’ SP (Crime) Karthik Kashyap told newsmen. Police said that the woman has been sent to a state-run hospital, following which she would be admitted to Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour.

Local media reports said that the woman came back to her parents’ house some 15 years ago after her relations with the man got soured when she found out that he already had a wife. The reports said her family members locked her in the room after she started behaving abnormally after her return from Mumbai and they used to serve her food and water from a window. “We have registered a case, but have not arrested anyone.

A probe is on. “The statement of the woman’s family members have been recorded and we are speaking to neighbours,’’ another police official said.

South African Man Burns Girlfriend To Death

News of the gruesome death of a young lady has taken a lead on all social media especially in Africa.

Karabo was declared missing on Friday, April, 28. Late Karabo’s mother, Tshepo Mokoena, announced on social media that her daughter had gone missing, urging people to help find her.

Karabo’s boyfriend Sandile, has however confessed to killing his young girlfriend.

Mrs Mokoena later shared a message on social media, saying Sandile had confessed to killing her daughter.

As at the time of this report, the reason for Sandile’s actions remains unknown.

Woman Shocks Her Husband After He Almost Killed Her

A wife beater got the shock of his life from his wife after he beat her till she bleed from her eyes. Chioma Stephanie Peters the victim destroyed her husband’s car after he had beaten her to stupor. Her lawyer Emeka Ugwuonye released a statement saying;

Apparently, there was an argument. The man wanted to assert his authority. He beat his wife so hard that blood came out of her eyes. The woman was so upset, she ran downstairs and used a stick to smash the windscreen of the man’s car. The pictures confirm this.”

“The woman admitted to me that she wondered if she should stab him with a knife in self-defense. That is another aspect of domestic violence, which we haven’t discussed much – domestic violence can also lead to the death of the man. The fight against domestic violence is also in the interest of the man.”


Tonto Dike’s Shocking Revelation About Her Failed Marriage

Tonto Dike, popular Nigerian Actress shocked the public by realizing a controversial video, disclosing the reasons why she had left her marriage to Nigerian big boy Churchill. About a month ago it was revealed that Tonto Dike had left her husband and taken her child along with her.

Yesterday she shared pictures and video exposing her husband has a liar, woman beater and a fraud. Before now Nigerians have expressed mixed feelings over the breakup especially after a friend of the actress had implied that karma was why Tonto’s marriage failed.

In the video, she revealed pictures of herself after being beaten severally by her husband.

She said, “The domestic violence is real. It’s real. How I lived to suffer it and go through it over and over again, I do not understand.

“A lot of people have blamed me. A lot of people have said a lot of things. I have read a lot of things.

“I stayed back in my marriage not because of my child but because I believe you cannot be abused or you cannot leave a child where there is abuse and you claim you are doing it for your child.

“No. I stayed because I was doing it for myself. I stayed because I loved my husband with all of my heart.

“I stayed because he had begged me to stay a couple of times. I stayed because I didn’t just want to give up. I didn’t want to give up on the marriage just like that. People change.

“Anytime something like this happens, my husband comes up with a pastor who is always in the house the next day or two days later who is begging, who is doing stuff. Yes but we have never had a real counseling.

“He would never accept that he is doing it. That’s the point. That’s the worst. And I keep asking him that if you are so ashamed of what you do to me then why you did it.

“My husband has humiliated me so much with this. And for anybody to tell me that I am lying against my husband that even hurts me more.”

In the video she also talked about how her son wasn’t the only child of Churchill, how he infected her with std,  and that her husband had left her for two months to be with his mistress Rosaline, who she claimed her husband was in love with.