Teacher Inserts Pencils In 6-Year-Old Girl’s Private Parts

A 36-year-old teacher, Lilian Ahaneku, has been brought before an Ikeja Chief Magistrates’ Court for inserting three pencils in the private parts of a sic year old pupil.

Ahaneku, who resides at 6, Alhaji Gudus Giwa St., Eyita, Ikorodu, Lagos State, is facing a charge of indecent assault.

Police Prosecutor Christopher John told the court that the offence was committed on April 24 at Zion Saint Nursery and Primary School premises at No. 70, Ijokoro St., Ikorodu allegeding that the accused invited the six-year-old girl to one of the empty classrooms during school hours and assaulted her.

“The accused, thereafter, inserted the pencils in the private parts of the girl, she started bleeding and she used handkerchief to clean the blood.

“The girl was having serious pains on her private parts and she told her mother what Ahaneku did to her,” John said.

When the complainant, Mrs Blessing Hassan, confronted the accused, she denied it and the case was reported at the police station.

The offence contravened Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

The accused denied the charge.

The Chief Magistrate, Mr P.E. Nwaka, granted the accused a bail of N200,000 with two sureties in like sum and adjourned the case until June 13.

Nanny Jailed For Burning 8-Year-Old

37-year old nanny, Fatimah Yakubu has been sent to the Kirikiri Prison, Apapa, Lagos till she fulfilled the bail conditions granted her by an Igbosere Magistrate Court for using a burning stove to burn the buttock of an 8-year old girl entrusted in her care by her parents.

Yakubu was arrested on the ordered of the Divisional Police Officer, DPO in charge of Ilasan Division, Lekki, Lagos, SP Onyinye Onwuamegbu following a complaint by the parents of the victim which lead to her being arraigned before an Igbosere Magistrate Court on a one count charge of felony to wit, burning an 8-year old girl with hot stove which caused her severe bodily harm.

Police Counsel, Friday Mameh informed the court in charge No F/26/2018 that the accused committed the offence on 10 April, 2018 at 15, Ologolo Street, Lekki, Lagos.

Mameh told the Court that the accused used a burning stove to burn the buttocks of an 8-yeas old girl, Anu Oluwa entrusted in her care by her parents for allegedly playing too much.

He said, the offence, the accused committed was punishable under section 245 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, 2015.

The accused, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge in the open Court and Magistrate B.I Bakare granted her bail in the sum of N500,000 with two sureties in like sum.

Bakare adjourned the case till 3 May, 2018 for trial and ordered that the defendant be kept at the Kirikiri Prison, Apapa, Lagos till she fulfilled the bail conditions.


Child Abuse In Our Secondary Schools By Tolani Faranpojo

Child abuse in our society is no news to our ears at least not anymore. It saddens my heart how we as individuals have thrown cautions and sanctity of life to the wind. We don’t value and respect the humanly dignifying responses to issues. How pathetic!

Our secondary schools have been flagged ‘terror homes’ in recent times as news of abuse isn’t something that wouldn’t make the news in our day to day activities.

Child abuse has taken a new dimension in our basic institutions of learning. It has been proven that our minds attract and process information faster than the speed of light; reasons the mind of a teenage boy or girl would interprete information so quickly that the information becomes a part of them. Child abuse in secondary schools is basically an ’information’ that sticks to the mentality of a child if not quickly approached and dealt with.

Spare the rod, spoil the child; no doubt this is a religious obligatory warning.. Even the secular laws dictates that you discipline a child to inculcate the right value system into him or her but discipline isn’t abuse,  we see teachers inflict terrible pains on their students, recreate horrors, damage their conscience and leave damning marks on their table of reasoning,  something most teenagers carry around and react with.

Our young girls are subject of sexual abuses, male teachers who haven’t disciplined themselves, gloat over body structures and facial appearances of obviously developing girls, indecent touches become a norm, some even go as far as proposing love and affection just to get sexual gratifications, benefits and satisfactions.

Our girls are not safe.  They are warned strictly never to tell anyone about whatever is going on, great deal of fear is instilled that parents would not have a clue of what is happening. It becomes a scar, some of them don’t heal from such experiences which plays quite often in their heads.

I don’t have a problem with whips but why transfer your aggression on a child who knows nothing about how your wife or your husband, friend or family member got you sore? You beat up a child for mistakes in assignments or class works, inflict terrible marks on the body and even have mates do him or her a satire, ‘olodo rabata’ you drag his or her self-worth, reduce drastically his or her self-esteem as regards what he or she can do, school becomes a horror ground, and the reality that tomorrow is another school day becomes a sharp pain in the heart.. ‘this man will touch my body again and I can’t tell anyone, he said he will deal with me just like he does with Tunde (Tunde is always flogged a hundred strokes for scoring poorly in tests)’.. ‘I’m scared of writing class exercises, my teacher said I’m a block head and I might not amount to anything useful in life,  they even sing terrible songs for me’.

Most teachers have been instruments of horror more than the original reason for employment which is knowledge impartation. I feel school owners should not only check vitality of the CVs before giving employment letters, a background check should be done.  Some people are so damaged morally that the only good about them is the Curriculum Vitae. A damaged individual can never pass knowledge accurately. Why touch a teenage girl inappropriately? Why sing mockery songs because he scored so low in his class exercise? Why subject his self-esteem to dirt because his reception of information is rather slow?  Why beat him to pulp because he doesn’t understand what you have explained over and over again?

A teacher with infidelity tendencies with his spouse, a drunk, a anger personified individual, sadist would not in every moral sense pass the much needed knowledge to the child.. Don’t just employ teachers,  get a mentor in a teacher,  certify his or her psychological mannerism and finally, parents have the obligation to making sure they get so close to their wards so they are comfortable to relate anything even the so called ‘awkward private’ matters to them.

A whole lot of kids are suffering in silence, dying inside of them because of their muted speech sense obtained from the tyranny of their ‘loving teachers and uncles and aunties’. The cries of ‘Child Abuse’ in our secondary schools have gone up and the smokes are reaching the high heavens, the outcome of this cry……..sighs

7-Year-Old Boy Accuses Father Of Attempted Rape, Raping His 3 Year-Old Sister

As stories evolve daily exposing sexual crimes, researches has shown that more sexual crimes are carried out by family members of the victims.

Wisdom Adefemi has accused his father Olusegun Adefemi, of sexually abusing his 3-year-old sister, Favour. Wisdom disclosed this to the Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, who ordered the arrest of Adefemi.

According to Wisdom, his father also attempted to penetrate him and his 5-year-old brother, Godspower, through the anus, but they refused because the pain was too much to bear.

Narrating his ordeal, he said: “My daddy slept with Favour from here (pointing at the private part of his sister.) He put her on the ground and then he did it. It was five times. He wanted to do my own from the back but I refused.

“He wanted to do Godspower too. When we refused, he started beating us.”

Edgal, Parading the suspect, said he was arrested at No. 6 Ipakan Street, Ijede, after an official of Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC), Adekoya Sesan, reported the incident.

He said Adefemi had unsupervised access to his kids since he was separated from his wife sometime ago over alleged abuse.

The suspect, however, denied allegations saying “I am shocked at the allegations. I have never done it and I will never do it. I heard that my children accused me of raping their sister. They never said it before me. I thought the police would bring them before me and ask them so that I can hear it from them directly but the police did not.”

Imohimi said the suspect inflicted grievous injury in the private part of the child as a result of forceful penetration.

“The girl has been taken to Mirabel Medical Centre for examination and treatment while her siblings have been placed in temporary home.

“The suspect would be charged to court at the end of investigation,” Imohimi said


Chrisland School Supervisor Arraigned For Allegedly Defiling Two-Year-Old Pupil

A supervisor at Chrisland School in Lekki, Lagos, Adegboyega Adenekan, was on Monday arraigned at an Ikeja High Court for allegedly defiling a two-year-old pupil in his care.

The Supervisor, 47, pleaded not guilty to a charge of defilement of a child.

The Prosecution, led by Titilayo Shitta-Bey, the Lagos State Director of Public Prosecutions, said Adenekan committed the offence sometime in November 2016 at Chrisland School at Victoria Garden City, Lekki, Lagos.

Shitta-Bey said: “The defendant defiled the complainant by having unlawful sexual intercourse with her.

“The offence violated Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.”

The alleged defilement was reported to the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team for investigation.

The parents of the victim were present in court.

However, following Adenekan’s not guilty plea, his lawyer, Olatunde Adejuyigbe (SAN), requested that the school supervisor should maintain the bail granted to him by the Magistrates’ Court in December, 2016.

Adejuyigbe said: “The defendant was admitted to bail by Chief Magistrate Osunsanmi on December 1, 2016.

“The essence of an application for bail is to ensure that defendant stands trial.

“The state has concluded its investigations in the matter, interference by the defendant or witnesses will not arise.

“The defendant does not have a criminal record, he has been attending court proceedings and he came to court this morning voluntarily, despite being informed that he will be arraigned.

“The same sureties (his former colleague and father-in-law) that were approved by the magistrates’ court have expressed willingness to continue and they are present in court.”

The DPP, however, opposed the SAN’s bail application.

Shitta-Bey said: “The gravity of the offence will make the defendant to have an urge to flee.

“Bail is discretionary and I urge your lordship to remand him in prison custody.”

The Judge, Justice Sybil Nwaka, to determine Adenekan’s eligibility for bail, interviewed him in the open court.

The school supervisor told the judge that although on leave, he was still employed by Chrisland School and was currently tutoring children privately to sustain himself financially.

He said: “I still work there (Chrisland School) but I was asked to go on leave pending the outcome of this case.

“I was initially being paid my salary but it was stopped last year.

“I presently do some private tutoring to sustain myself.”

Nwaka queried why parents allowed him get close to their children considering the grievous charge against him.

Responding, Adenekan said: “The private home tutoring I do is under the supervision of the parents and their domestic staff.

“Their (the parents) reaction to the charge I’m facing is that they will stand by me because they all know me.

“This is a profession that I have been in since 1996.

“I have trained children by the grace of God long before this charge.

“I tutored them and they have turned right.

“I was so shocked when this woman (the complainant’s mother) called me and said this happened.

“The parents’ reactions are: ‘Mr Adenekan, we are ready to support you because we know you.’”

Nwaka in a ruling ordered that Adenekan should maintain the bail granted him by the magistrates’ court.

The judge ruled: “The purpose of bail is to ensure that the defendant comes to court and it is discretionary.

“This defendant I’ve been told has been coming to court on his own volition.

“I have no evidence before me that the defendant will jump bail.

“The sureties who stood for him at the magistrates’ court are present in court.

“The defendant is to remain on the bail granted to him by the magistrate court.”

Nwaka adjourned the case to February 6 for trial.

Kaduna Govt. Bans Child Adoption, Fostering


The Kaduna State Government has banned fostering and adoption of children due to abuses by orphanage homes in the state.


The Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Hajiya Hafsat Baba, during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria ( NAN ) on Thursday in Kaduna, said that the government had discovered that some of the orphanages were conduits for trafficking and child abuse.

She said that the ban would remain in force until the government sanitised the system of adoption and fostering of children in the state.

“When we came on board, we found out that people just turn their houses into orphanages and get these children, but won’t give them out for fostering or adoption.

“Rather, they use them as a business to get donations and that is what they capitalise on to feed their own children.

“We have also found out that children were being sold. So we felt that this is a very serious issue that needs our intervention.

“We wrote to the Governor seeking approval to stop fostering and adoption because we don’t know where the children are been taken to.

“Some are being sold or trafficked, some are exposed to serious dangers. We even learnt that some of their organs are being sold.

“So, for now we have stopped fostering and adoption. We will seek justice for those children and some of those issues are already before the courts,” she added.

The commissioner disclosed that in one of the cases, the Ministry was dragged to court by a Ghanaian after it retrieved three children from him.

“There is one Ghanaian man accused of buying three children in Zaria. We have collected these children from him, but he took us to court and we are in court now.


“The man is accused of buying the baby boy for N400,000 and the baby girl for N350,000.”

The commissioner explained that the Ministry had drafted a regulatory framework to guide the operations of orphanages and as soon as it ws ratified, the ban would be lifted.


Baba said the Ministry had undertaken the mapping of all orphanages in the state in conjunction with relevant government agencies.


“As of now, we have the total number of orphanages in the state and their maps for easy tracking.”


On other activities, Baba said the Ministry was battling with high number of teenage pregnancies and those who either sell off their babies or kill them after delivery.


“We requested for shelter where we keep children on emergency or women that are bartered so as to undergo psycho-social and trauma counselling.”


According to her, the government would open a trauma centre to offer 24-hour service to women and children.


“We will have volunteer nurses and doctors, and also work with security agencies at the trauma centre.”

Heartless Father Baths Son With Hot Water

An Instagram user this morning shared a painful story of how a father in Cross River State had poured hot water on his son for stealing.


The user  @i_am_theblackchild who shared the story wrote;

So this happened today this morning a father poured his one and only son hot water because he stole and he is stubborn the boy can’t even talk what nonsense is this say no to child abuse’.

Arabic Teacher Defiles Three Teenage Sisters

A 23-year-old Arabic teacher, Ibrahim Idris, on Tuesday appeared before an Ikeja Chief Magistrate’s’ Court for allegedly defiling three teenagers of the same parents in Lagos. He is facing a charge of defilement for the offence.

The Prosecutor, Insp. Clifford Ogu, told court that the offence was committed from May to August, 2017 at the residence of the accused. Ogu said that the three sisters, whose ages range from seven to 12 years, were receiving Arabic and Islamic lessons from the accused.

“The parents did not know that the accused was sexually molesting their daughters until they relocated to another area and needed to change their Arabic school.

“The smallest of the girl told the mother that they don’t want another uncle to be teaching them.”

Ogu said that on hearing her daughter’s remark, the mother asked questions and was told what the previous teacher was doing to them.

“The case was reported at the police station and the accused was arrested,” the prosecutor said.

The offence contravened Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

The accused, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The Chief Magistrate, Mrs Taiwo Akanni, admitted the accused to bail in the sum of N250, 000 with two sureties in like sum.

Sad Tale of 14 Year Old Who Was Deflowered By Her Brother And Impregnated By Her Father

A 14 year old girl, Elizabeth Akuna has been impregnated by her father Lucky Akuna. It was gathered that Akuna, who is also known as Orutebe, an indigene of Ogulagha Kingdom in Burutu Local Council of Delta State, had admitted being responsible for his daughter’s pregnancy, after being interrogated by leaders of Ugboroke community, where he resides.

The secret was blown open when neighbours noticed that Elizabeth was showing signs of pregnancy. It was gathered that the girl told those who inquired from her that he had been impregnated by her father, who had had sexual intercourse with her a couple of times.

 According to a source in the community who pleaded for anonymity, this would not be the first time the man, who is married to two wives, would be involved in incest, citing cases where he had been accused of sleeping with and impregnating his niece.

“He has impregnated his niece on two separate occasions. The girl upon further interrogation also revealed that aside her father, her elder brother from another mother, who is also on the run, deflowered her and had been having intercourse with her,” he said.

Confirming the incident, a source at the Warri ‘B’ Division where the case was reported, disclosed that one of the wives of the suspect, Grace Akuna, was arrested in connection with the incident.

“The wife has since been released following intervention by an Ijaw monarch, but we are still looking for the man and his son,” the police source added.

Pastor Arrested For Sexually Abusing 13 And 11 Year Old Siblings

The Delta State Police Command have arrested a 29-year-old Pastor for defilement of two teenage girls, who incidentally are children of his co-Pastor.

The suspect Cletus Metititri, the pastor at Christ Exalted Ministries was sexually molesting Olomu Happy, 13 and Olomu Joy, 11, at Obiaruku area of the state.

Confirming the arrest,  the Commissioner of Police, CP Ibrahim Zanna said:

“On Sunday, the 6th of August 2017, at about 9.10pm, one Pastor Olomu Friday, 45 years old of Back of Filling Station, Obiaruku reported that his two daughters were sexually assaulted by the suspect Pastor Cletus.

“He stated that he was informed by his son, Olomu Chris, 22 years, that he saw the said Pastor Cletus  and the two girls coming out from an empty flat in their compound in a suspicious manner.

“Preliminary investigation revealed a case of defilement on the senior daughter and indecent treatment on the younger one.

“The suspect was arrested and doctors report has indicated that the victims were sexually assaulted. Further investigation into the case is ongoing”.

Here’s What A Disturbed Mother Did To Her Son To Get Her Husband’s Attention

Naremon Jampasert, a 28 year old mother sent an horrific video of herself hanging her baby boy in a bid to get her husband’s attention. She suspected her husband of cheating on her and decided to get his attention by hanging their son, filming it and sending the footage to her husband.

Nareumon had a rope around the neck of 1-year-old Theeradej Saisupan as she suspended him in the air while making threats which she recorded and sent to the boy’s father, Jakrit Saisupan, 32.

In the video, the frightened child can be heard screaming in pain as his mother suspended him using the rope. She later threw him onto a bed where he continued to cry. Nareumon then continued filming herself threatening to kill the baby.

She said to the camera: “You see, Joe. You care about people a lot. This is your son. This is a rope. Look at it. It’s not dead. I do not kill it yet. Look at it. I will take it go to die somewhere. You have to wait to see me today.

“If you don’t come back to take him you have to wait to see what happens today. You don’t answer my phone, yeah.”

Immediately Jakrit got the video, he shared it with his sister and mother who then shared it online in a desperate bid to raise the alarm. As soon as authorities saw the video, they raced to the apartment in Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday at 4.30 p.m. to check on the child then they arrested Nareumon.

Nareumon appeared the next day at a press conference in which she broke down in tears and apologized. She told officers that she was stressed because sales from her online shop had been low and she feared that her husband was seeing another woman because he was spending a lot of time at work.

She said: “I’m hurting a lot. The first thing I was thinking was that I wanted to kill myself. I did this to the baby because I wasn’t thinking, and I was emotional. In my heart I’m thinking my husband does not care about his son, does not care about his wife. I took the baby and I wanted to do something to make my husband hurt. I took the video and sent to him. He sent to his sister and then they sent me the message to calm down and not do this. After I spoke with his family it was OK and me and the baby were sleeping.”