Ford Motors To Offer Diesel Engine To Solve The Problem Of Fuel Scarcity

Ford Motor Co(F.N) has revealed at a media briefing that they plan to offer a diesel engine version of its best-selling F-150 pickup truck this spring, looking to gain a marketing edge as its main rivals ramp up more efficient pickups of their own.

Ford executives said they expect the F-150 diesel model with a 10-speed transmission to achieve 30 miles per gallon highway fuel efficiency, a level comparable to some midsize cars.

“We’re confident we’ll get there,” David Filipe, Ford vice president of powertrain engineering said  ahead of the official launch announcement.

The diesel F-150 will cost between 2,400 dollars and 4,000 dollars more than a comparable gasoline truck, depending on the specific model, Ford executives said. The diesel engine will be manufactured at a Ford plant in Britain.

Ford executives said they expected that once production ramps up about five per cent of F-150 models will be ordered with the diesel engine. The model will be aimed at people who tow large recreational or work trailers.


Finally, Porsche CEO Speaks On All-Electric Mission E Pricing

Porsche has kept its customers on the edge going silent after it revealed the stunning Mission E concept which was to be its first all-electric model at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. After rumors that the four-door will actually enter production to challenge Tesla’s growing dominance in the EV market, the silence had been deafening.

Well that seems to be behind us as the German carmaker’s CEO Oliver Blume has shared concrete information on the Mission E’s release date and pricing.

Development on the production version of the Mission E is on schedule, with prototypes to start public testing in the near future, Blume said in an interview with Car Magazine earlier in the week at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. One of the most exciting tidbits, however, is that the EV’s design is already finalized, and while it will be a little different from the original concept, it’s still “very close” to what we saw in 2015

One of the most exciting tidbits, however, is that the EV’s design is already finalized, and while it will be a little different from the original concept, it’s still “very close” to what we saw in 2015

The Mission E production model will be on sale before the end of 2019, Blume confirmed, reiterating that it will be an all-electric car and not a hybrid with a combustion engine. In addition, there will be more than one power output engines available, although Porsche isn’t ready to offer specifics just yet.

The company is designing the Mission E to slotted in between the Panamera sedan and the 911 sports car icon. This is fitting, as the four-door EV will be “priced like an entry-level Panamera,” putting in the ballpark of $85,000 — right in the middle of the price range for Tesla’s Model S. Lastly, Blume hinted that we might eventually see the Mission E get badges like S and GTS, similar to the rest of the Porsche lineup.

Pictures Of 2018 BMW X7 Leaks

Heaven forbid BMW ever makes a full size truck, because the kidney grills on the ugly mug of this leaked 2018 BMW X7 concept are quite disturbing and don’t scale up very well.

BMW finally wised up and delivered a large, three-row SUV. Despite having almost no effect on our sort of folk, BMW has finally made the obvious move it has waited so long—literally decades—to deliver on. The 2018 BMW X7 has been so obviously missing from its lineup, and now it’s leaked over on Bimmerpost just a couple of days before its reveal ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

It appears to have a port for charging, so we can safely assume there will be a hybrid model. The door handles look really confusing. The overall design is just the latest BMW-concept go-to look awkwardly stretched a few hundred pixels. And those look like a third set of headrests back there.

There’s been an option for three rows on the X5 before, but true luxury rests in those few short extra inches added to the wheelbase only a big ugly beast like the X7 could produce. Considering this is a leak, these images may not be the final deal, but it looks pretty legitimate. It being another “leak” also means we don’t know much else about the X7 just yet, but we should expect to find out very shortly.

Any suggestions for what BMW should do about those damn kidneys? It’s literally a big problem now.

Source: Truck Yeah