Cardi B Is Suffering Postpartum Depression

Award-winning rapper Cardi B, who just welcomed her first child weeks ago, has revealed she’s suffering from postpartum depression.

The 25-year-old mother of one wrote: “This postpartum sh*t is annoying. Like I been emotional all fucking day for no reason.

She previously told fans: “I wish I could show you my face but a bitch look f***ed up in the game! Like, my hair’s f***ed up. My eyes are so dark and puffy. Like, I’m wild pale like a bitch looking like she got jaundice. But I just really want to say thank you to everybody … I’m just been so busy and so tired and in like a different world, a different dimension – I like it like that. It’s doing so good…”

“Let me get back to this mommy thing. Let me tell y’all something. No matter how many books y’all read, advice y’all get, y’all will never be ready for mommy mode.”

Cardi B Shares First Photo Of Her Daughter As Nicki Sends Gift worth $5,000

Cardi B has shared the very first picture of her daughter Kulture on social media and the little cutie is sure melting hearts online.

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj showed that she has no ill feelings towards fellow rap superstar Cardi B as she gifted the new mother a $5,000 gift basket for her newborn baby girl Kulture Kiari Cephus.


Cardi B Deletes Her Instagram Account Over Fight With Azealia Banks

The fight between Cardi B and Azealia Banks has made the pregnant rapper delete her Instagram account.  It all started after Azealia appeared on The Breakfast Club on Friday, where she discussed some topics like Donald Trump, Kanye West, her upcoming music, as well as her previous criticism of Cardi B.

When confronted about calling the Cardi B “an illiterate rat” back in February, she described Cardi as a “caricature of a black woman that black women themselves would never be able to get away from.”

After the interview aired, the pair dragged each other on Twitter.

Last night, the female rappers continued their feud and went hard on each other, before Cardi who is seven months pregnant with her first child deleted her Instagram account as she couldn’t handle the drama anymore

Cardi B Is Expecting A Baby Girl

The 25-year-old pregnant rapper, Cardi B, has accidentally revealed she’s expecting a baby girl with her fiancé  Offset.

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper who is currently seven months pregnant implied she’s carrying a baby girl after she referred to her baby as ‘she’ while speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the MET Gala in New York City on Monday.

She said: ‘Oh, she wants to fight me! My dress weighs about 35 pounds plus baby. It’s OK though, I used to go up the project stairs. Shorty weighs three and a half pounds. She do! She do weigh three and a half pounds. That’s pretty good for seven months because I was born five pounds.’

Cardi B’s hint comes just weeks after her sister Hennessy Carolina also referred to the baby as a girl in an already deleted Instagram post.

She wrote: She wrote at the time: ‘I use to wish I was older than you just so I would’ve gotten the chance to carry you and give you kisses when you were a baby because you were so cute and adorable! and NOW that ur baby is coming its like it’s coming true!…

‘I’m going to be able to hold baby you and give her all the kisses and hugs! (sic)’

Cardi B’s Former Manager Sues Her For $10m

Cardi B’s former manager is suing her for breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and defamation .

Shaft,  real name is Klenord Raphael who discovered her claims in a new lawsuit that he began working with Cardi B in 2015 and was part of her rise in the music industry, before he was kicked out of the picture.

He also alleged he linked her up with VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” and that his contacts and personal team of writers and producers are responsible for her hit song, “Bodak Yellow.”

Court documents obtained by Complex show that Shaft claims Cardi “falsely communicat[ed]” to her fiancé Offset and members of her entourage that “‘Shaft is robbing me.’” Furthermore, Offset was allegedly responsible for convincing her to sign with QC.

The suit further claims that before meeting Shaft, Cardi B had about 100,000 Instagram followers and had not rapped or performed music. Shaft then made Cardi B a “party host,” traveling the country with DJ Self, who Shaft also discovered, which paved the way for her appearance on Love & Hip Hop.

In a statement to Complex, a spokesperson for Shaft said: “Since discovering Cardi B in 2015, Shaft has played an integral role in developing her music career and public image. While he is proud of their successful collaborations as she evolved from Instagram influencer to music megastar, Shaft is disappointed by her actions to freeze him out of her career, which are detailed in the complaint. Shaft is confident that his lawsuit will validate his conduct and substantiate his legal claims.”

A source close to the situation also told the site that Shaft played a role in Cardi’s involvement with VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, as well as megahit “Bodak Yellow.”


Cardi B Announces Her Final Performance Will Be At The Broccoli Fest

Rapper Cardi B has announced in a video that her final performance will be at the Broccoli Fest after which she would be taking a break till she puts to bed.

The rapper who is 6 months pregnant is expecting a baby with fellow rapper Offset.

In the video that award winning rapper  said: ‘I wanted to make it clear and everything the Broccoli Fest will be my last performance… for um.. a little while… and everything.’

‘Because you know… shorty keep growing and I be looking like I be moving and everything but in reality… a b*tch can barely breathe,’ she added.

‘I want to thank ya all for understanding. I’ll be back for the Bruno Mars tour and everything,’ she continued in the post.

‘I just want to let ya all know that Broccoli fest will be my last performance and thank ya all I love ya all mother f*ckas.

‘And make sure you keep checking out my album Invasion of Privacy. I can barely breathe now.


Cardi B Reveals She Has Nothing To Lose Getting Pregnant At The Peak Of Her Career

Popular rapper Cardi B who recently stopped hiding her baby bump had been discouraged by people saying it was too soon for her to get married at the peak of her career, but has revealed that she has absolutely nothing to lose even if she doesn’t get married to her fiancé Offset.

In an interview with Hot 97 in New York she said;

“Why can’t I have both. Why do I have to choose a family or a career? Like a family or your career? Why do I have to be in my mid-thirties to have a baby? What am I doing wrong? I’m a grown woman. I’m not 16, 17, 20 years old. I’m 25 years old and I’mma say this in the most humblest way, I am a millionaire, I’m established….I’m getting married.”

“Everybody wanna joke around, ‘oh you the fourth baby mama’ this this and that, but I’m getting married and even if, God forbid we don’t, my man is a great father to his kids so I will never lose. I’m not having a baby by a deadbeat.”

Recall that Cardi B had made big with her hit song Bodka Yellow in 2016 winning several awards for the album.

Sex Tape of Cardi B’s Fiancé Offset Leaks Again

Sex tape of Rapper Offset with another woman has leaked. This would be the second sex tape  of the Migos rapper.

In this new 7sec footage, Offset is clearly seen having sexual relation with an unidentified lady, whose face wasn’t captured in the video.

Recall that this wouldn’t be the first time offset will be linked to other women but his better half has decided to stick with him because she sure what the next relationship would be like.



PHOTOS: More Evidences That Cardi B Is Truly Pregnant

The issue of her pregnancy shouldn’t be a problem especially since she is engaged to Offset.  Cardi B  also denying that she is not pregnant wouldn’t be new either since Kylie just finally proved she is a liar, giving birth to a child she said she wasn’t pregnant for in the first place according to her.

She was photographed performing with a protruding tummy.

TMZ report claims Cardi’s team revealed she was pregnant. The 25-year-old rapper performed at Maxim’s bash, afterward, a member of her team said that she didn’t want to be in the “party atmosphere” of the VIP room reserved for her entourage as she’s “three to four months” pregnant. She reportedly opted to remain in an area by the stage, where she sipped Fiji water while enjoying the party.

Another rumor making the rounds is that Cardi and Offset’s side chick Celina are both 3 months pregnant and have their due dates around August 12th, 2018. If this is true, then it means Offset was sleeping with both women at the same time. We knew he was cheating but no one expected it to be this bad.

While Cardi is denying rumors of pregnancy, Offset’s side chick, Celina, who was served with a cease and desist letter by the Migos rapper at the end of 2017, is busy flaunting her pregnancy on social media.

Below is what she shared on social media on Valentine’s day.



Is Cardi B Pregnant?

Following Cardi B’s weight gain, rumours have it that the rapper is expecting her first child with Offset .

She recently denied that she’s pregnant but said she was only adding weight.

On Sunday, the 25-year-old rapper sparked pregnancy speculation when she arrived at the New York Fashion Week. She appeared to be carrying a growing baby bump as many are speculating on social media.