BBN: Teddy Shows The “Koko” While Cee- C And Alex Play With Eviction

This morning Alex and Cee-C got into a heated agurement that almost made them get physical which means eviction. It’s no news that Alex and Cee-C don’t do well together but this is the worst of all.

First trouble peeped out when Alex wanted to use Cee-C’s duvet to wipe her glasses but Cee-C opposed and warned her not to. In another scene, Alex snapped her fingers at Cee-C which caused the heated clash that they had to be separated from each other.

Meanwhile BBN housemate, Teddy exposed his d*ck while in the luxury suite for the Head of House presently being occupied by his romantic partner, BamBam.


BBN: Tobi Finally Has CeeC On ‘Lockdown’

In all the dram that has evolved from 2018 big brother housemates, Tobin and CeeC will bag an award of the most talked about couple in the house, even though the love is never equally given.

Recall that Tobi was disowned by fellow ‘Yoruba Demon’ brothers because of his weakness with CeeC who seemed to be taking him for a fool.

Well tides has changed because not only has Tobi moved to greener pastures, he saved Bam Bam and Rico and put CeeC and Lolu up for eviction.

Give it to Queen CeeC to make a big deal of Tobi’s actions eventually leading to her crying her heart out feeling betrayed.

Well the two have finally made up as they were seen making out last night. Although this wouldn’t be the first time the two would be seen kissing, it just seems CeeC is ready to anything to make Tobi come back.