BBN Winner, Miracle, Gets N25M Cheque, SUV, Home Theatre System

The Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala winner, Miracle, was officially presented with his prizes including a cheque for 25 million naira, an SUV, a voucher for an all expense paid trip, and a premium home entertainment system today 30th of April 2018.

The presentation was done at the winner’s press conference which held at the MultiChoice Nigeria office in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Also present at the event were other Big Brother contestants who, alongside Miracle, received DStv Explora decoders with a year’s free DStv premium subscription.

The Managing Director, MultiChoice Nigeria, Mr John Ugbe, said, “MultiChoice remains at the forefront of empowering the Nigerian youth and all areas of the creative industry.

Miracle is an example of the young, enterprising, resourceful, innovative and ambitious Nigerian youth.

A trained pilot, his sojourn in the Big Brother house was an entertaining and endearing one as he won the hearts of viewers in Nigeria and across Africa.

We are pleased to present him with his prizes today, even as we continue to support him in his future endeavours”

Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala premiered on the 28th of January, 2018.

After three months of excitement, drama, suspense and a steady dose of trouble, the show which was hosted by Big Brother alumnus and talk show host, Ebuka, ended on the 22nd of April 2018, with Miracle, everyone’s favourite “flyboy”, emerging as the winner.

Speaking at the event, the Regional Director, M-Net West Africa, Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu, said: “The Big Brother platform is indeed an important one as it provides the necessary spark to kickstart the careers of the contestants.

Even though Miracle has deservedly emerged as the winner, we cannot ignore the fact all 20 housemates played ‘the game’ and entertained Nigerians.

They have all been given a platform to pursue different endeavours courtesy Big Brother and we can only salute their drive even as we pledge to continue to support their quest for success.”

#BBN: Small Doctor Stands By Finance CeeC Even After Backlash For Her Verbal Abuse On Tobi

Small Doctor is seriously in love with Big Brother Naija house mate CeeC who the whole world seems to be upset with right now.

The street pop musician who have previously proposed to the  ‘drama queen’ online and is yet to receive a reply has stayed faithful to his ‘dream wife’ even after her verbal abuse on Tobi in the house cost her massive backlash from social media users.

The Star took to IG to say

‘Nobody Holy Pass? See Beyond Her Flaws… Kindly Vote Cee-C To 32052… iyanu MASHELE SOONEST???’

Well knowing how proud his dream wife can be, we can only pray he’s not the next on her list for people she intend to verbally abuse.

#BBN: Celebrities Go Crazy After CeeC’s Abuse On Tobi

Following sassy dram queen CeeC’s verbal outburst at Tobi that lasted for several minutes, views have called the housemates all sort of names but never as Celebrities dragged themselves into the drama that unfolds.

This one has evey one including people who don’t watch the show talking, especially celebrities who we know stand up for women.

Toke Makinwa, Tope Oshin, kemi Adetiba and a several others have publicly commented on the actions of CeeC saying it was a disappointment for a woman to behave in such a way.

Fuji music star Pasuma also spoke on the issue saying he felt CeeC’s behavior is one of the indications that our moral system had collapsed.

‘I haven’t been paying attention to the Nigeria’s BBNAIJA reality show until recently i started receiving its viral updates which really have been largely filled with unpalatable dramas and misconducts by some of the housemates. The latest of this is the mindless verbal assault launched by one of the female housemates called CeeC against a male housemate named Tobi’.

‘This undesirable behaviour is clearly one of the indications of the collapse of our moral system and the weakness of the family unit as a vital agent of the society with the prime obligation to install values, good conduct and discipline in children from the cradle. Indeed, I’ve personally taken that as a duty as a parent. It’s always been part of my songs to the society and its expected that parents will take this responsibility with more seriousness. Though the BBN managers have penalised the erring housemate for her bad conduct, there must be stricter rules to effectively curb this unpleasant acts so as to enable viewers enjoy the real entertainment and instructional purposes of the show’ he said.


#BBN: A Critical Survey Of Our Final Contestants And Why Each Might Emerge The Winner

By Moroti Olatujoye

Season 3 of Big Brother Naija is almost over and viewers all over Africa have their hands crossed hoping their favourite emerges the winner. The journey has been great and very entertaining (we all know that entertainment is the only thing this reality show has to offer, no IQ challenge, no mental exercise that will show that we at this part of the world ‘have sense’) and yes everyone enjoyed the entertainment including those who didn’t even watch because all through the duration of the show, BBN was always the hottest and most trending topic on social media.

As the show comes to an end and we have finally been able to separate the shaft from the rice (I mean no offence but I don’t even remember some contestants at all in that house) we are left with the crazy actors that have played a perfect game into making us feel any of them are real and winning our hearts. Honestly no one can ever be real on TV knowing fully well that you need people to like you so you can win N45million, I’d honestly play dumb for a period of three months for a price as close as that, or who wouldn’t?  Moving to the main gist let’s critically  examine  our top five housemates, how far they’ve come and their stupid moments that might hinder them from the prize money.

  • Cee C: This queen has somehow managed to make it far and with the way people talk down at her rude personality, and everlasting eye lashes, I wonder how this young lady has remained in the house and emerged amongst the top 5. Cee C started on a very nice part by being close with Tobi and sitting on his “mumu button” but she broke the leg of the table she was standing on when she started making Tobi look like a fool, causing Yoruba Demons on social media to make it clear that she was a terrible person. Cee C’s I don’t give a fuck attitude and consistent lies about things that happened in her life before the house might has brought her this far and also win her the prize money as in Nigeria we prefer to dine with liars as is very evident in our political sector. However, Cee C made the mistake of not been close to anyone particularly in the house meaning that she stands a lesser chance, How? It’s simple, if she was for example close to Rico, Rico’s fans might move loyalty to their favourite’s best friend in the house, but she didn’t which lessens her chances of winning.

  • Miracle: Fine boy miracle was a favourite from the very beginning. His cute and simple ways have shown over time that he has the highest votes every time he is nominated for eviction and do I have to say that his dedication to house mate/girlfriend Nina has melted hearts giving him a very good strategy to win. Miracle is a student pilot which makes him even more sexy to his fans. On the downside, miracle might not win for the main reason of over confidence. His fans might think he obviously is the winner so they do not vote living him with eventually nothing to go home with. Another downside is the fact that miracle brought no drama to the house, I don’t mean like he was boring but he was just a well behaved house mate and who doesn’t know that well behaved in this time and age is boring.

  • Nina: Baby of the house Nina has indeed grown and learnt bitter lessons in the house. Firstly just because you are younger doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be confident about yourself and make yourself get bullied by the queens Cee C’s of the world. Nina came into the house timid and innocent, fell in love with Miracle, fell out of love with him and back into love stronger than ever (all in how many months abeg?) Nina has showed that she has a good heart, but this might also serve as a turn off for voters, Good heart is not enough to win this game. Nina has a good chance of winning because she has been able to gather a lot of sentiments during her time in the house which might also be the reason why she will not win as many at times the throne is for the bad and the bold.

  • Tobi: Tobi stole hearts from the beginning of the reality show especially as he claimed the Head of House seat more times than anyone in the house which also gave him the platform for being the head of house in the final week of the show. Tobi’s body is very hot and yes very black ( I’m kuku black so no one can accuse me of racism), and his love for Cee C at the beginning is the kind that deep down every girl wants. However Tobi has problems with his mouth, which leads to him to having two strikes in the house. Tobi has also showed to us that he is a Yoruba demon as it doesn’t even look like he knows his first love in the house, talk less of knowing she exists. Tobi might win because honestly he has shown that he has a little brain upstairs, is a good dancer and has a fine body but why he might not win is this problem with his mouth. I remember Bobrisky giving us reasons why he was sent from hell after he snitched on Nina to Miracle saying he thought the heart broken girl was only acting ( borbrisky didn’t take it funny at all), I wish him well but I don’t want us to end up with another “Efe” that will later tell us our ‘money aff expire’ o

  • Alex: This crazy girl stood out from the very beginning (crazy in a good way), I mean who remembers the time she used to tie wrapper or whatever that thing was that reminds of me of village movies on AFMAG, her hair colors and her ever gingered mood to music ( I mean this girl would dance for hours but will start crying when it’s time to work out, funny being). Another reason why this babe might win is her strong bond of friendship with Tobi, which has revealed her fears outside the house, her plans and so much more. However, Alex might not win because she has contenders who stand the chance just as much as she does and because over time, fans have shown that they love her but she has never emerged with the highest votes.

All said, I hope the best person win as I honestly have no favourite, all I know is we do not want another person telling us he has 100 more unreleased songs that people say if he releases might bring the country to an end.


BBN Updates; 3 Housemates Leave the Big Brother House

Surprising eviction show tonight parted with three housemates tonight. Lolu, Khloe and Anto have been evicted from Big Brother Naija. Khloe and Anto who were voted back at the house a few weeks after their first eviction have faced a second and final eviction. The duo who were brought in together coincidentally leaves together.

This leaves Miracle, Tobi, Cee-C, Alex, Nina as the final five contestants. They will be the housemates competing for the N45million worth of prizes After more than 12 weeks, things have finally hit a crescendo on reality show Big Brother Naija.

The final 5 housemates that will compete for the N45million worth of prizes have been revealed. Khloe, Anto and Lolu were evicted after pulling the least number of votes in week 12. But before they were sent home, Biggie literally surprised the housemates. Read more:

BBN Ex Housemate, TeddyA Launches New Record Label

Evicted Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) housemate and Nigerian singer Tope Adenibyan, A.K.A Teddy A, has launched record label few weeks after he was evicted from the ongoing reality TV show.

The ex housemate, who openly portrayed himself as an ‘Alpha Male’ and overtly nursed his ambitions to own a record label while in the house, has named his record label ‘Alpha Records’.

The new C.E.O of Alpha records shared the news with his followers on his social medium platform.

He wrote: @BadmanTeddyA “I am so hyped about this one. My newest baby, Alpha Records. I hope the birth of this company brings greater, fruitful and more fulfilling years to come”.

Teddy A held a question and answer session (Q&A) on twitter shortly after announcing the birth of his new record label.

The artiste developed a romantic relationship with fellow ex housemate Bambam and the two have been seen on media duties together since coincidentally leaving the Big Brother house the same week.

However, Teddy A dismissed ideas of signing Bambam into his new record label.

He wrote during the Q&A session @BadmanTeddyA “For now the goal is to put out great music for the fans”.

Following his eviction, the ex housemate is getting the attention of A-list Nigerian music artistes.

Afro-pop artiste Iyanya invited Teddy A to work with him shortly after his eviction.

@Inyanya “Yooooo Teddy A, please hit me up once you get into Lagos. Let us cook a banger!

Award winning Nigerian artiste Olamide, hinted he was working on a collaboration with Teddy A shortly after the latter was evicted from the BBNaija house.

“About to drop some new music with my bro @iamteddya anticipate.

Prior to his appearance on BBNaija, Teddy A was signed to ‘Big A Entertainment’ however, he has not made any statement about his affiliation with Big A entertainment at the moment.

BBNaija: Tobi, Cee-C Reconcile After Housemates’ Interventions

Big Brother Naija housemates, Tobi and Cee-C, with the help of other housemates, decided to settle their differences.

Alex, Lolu and Khloe decided to help these two former lovers come together to talk.

Alex, the head of House, took it upon herself to orchestrate Tobi and Cee-C’s reconciliation.

Like she had done for Miracle and Nina in her capacity as the House head, Alex found it her responsibility to also bring about a ‘ceasefire’ between Cee-C and Tobi.

On Thursday, while lying in bed with her buddy Tobi, Alex encouraged him to go talk to Cee-C to put their differences aside.

Earlier, Lolu had found it saddening that these two who had started the whole romantic game in the House, had so dramatically fallen apart.

It was painful for all to see how Tobi and Cee-C, once a power couple in the House, had come to give each other the silent treatment, or, as Alex put it across indirectly, slur each other when they were not talking over each other.

Yet, no housemate had failed to notice that Cee-C couldn’t help glancing at Tobi when she thought no one was watching.

Since Tobi holds Alex’s friendship in high esteem, it was a no brainer for him to follow up on her advice and go find Cee-C.

For over three hours and until the early hours of the morning, the two went over their respective arguments, alternatively blaming and taking responsibility for their past misdeeds and miscommunications.

Cee-C said she would need to watch the entire BBNaija show again to identify their shortcomings; while Tobi said he felt like he wasn’t himself when they were together.

Their long overdue talk ended up on a good note, even though they both seemed to agree that a friendship outside the House was impossible.

Lolu peeped through the bathroom where they were holding their chat to encourage them to admit their respective wrongs as a way of moving forward.

Tobi seemed to be the one to have most benefited from the heart-to-heart conversation, for he had thanked Alex for her initiative and said he felt relieved.

Cee-C didn’t say much, perhaps holding on to her newfound happiness and just choosing not to show her emotions.

Clearly, with just one Saturday left before the final weekend, it looks like Tobi and Cee-C have no possibility or desire to recover the time they have lost.

#BBN: Nina And Miracle Makeup Last Night After Nasty Fight

BBN housemates, Miracle and Nina resolved their issues last night with the help of some of the housemates.

Recall that the couple had gone into a nasty fight which left Nina in tears and drunk saying she was over and done with Miracle. The two had a fallout after Miracle got angry that Nina referred to him as his friend during the live show.

Nina decided she didn’t want to have anything again to do with Miracle after he accused her of playing him.

Last night, Tobi, Alex and Anto helped them resolve their issues