Journalist Lekan Fatodu Reacts To Stephanie Otobo’s Confession

Not only as the suspicious confession of Stephanie Otobo shocked the country, it has also sparked a lot of outrage from people on social media.

Recall that Stephanie had accused Apostle Suleman of the Omega Ministries of having an affair with her. She provided evidences including bank statements, pictures, facetime screengrabs, messages and so much more to back her claims.

On Saturday social media users were shocked to see Stephanie in tears begging to be forgiven by the wife of the Apostle. She confessed that she was paid by powerful men in the country to blackmail Suleman. She however has refused to go into details how it was possible to have so many evidences for an alleged blackmail.

Now, journalist Lekan Fatodu has weighed in on the matter saying, ‘only the most despicable and morally bankrupt human will shift the position of the truth because of money’.

Read his full piece below…

“Only a fool will pay a blackmailer to come & say the truth. It’s risky to do that because she will use that against you tomm. This is God at work”, Apostle Suleman.

My take: Only the most despicable and morally bankrupt human will shift the position of the truth because of money.

Obviously Stephanie Otobo is aware of the latest statement made by Apostle Suleman. So If her claims are truly valid, she will stick with the position of her truth regardless of any inducements or even threats.

In fact, with the potency of the truth, she should be the one to compel the accused to beg and confess. Not the other way round.

Of course you can have your aversion over what has become of many pastors in Nigeria today. But you cannot deny them the rights to seek to protect the integrity of their personal life and reputation.

You can get frustrated and craft all the conspiracy theories against the Apostle just because Stephanie that you thought had the mojo was actually a calibrated acoustic.

Remember Stephanie had one of the best lawyers in Nigeria on her case yet she couldn’t wait to get a sound legal counsel before travelling from Canada through Lagos airport and straight to the Apostle’s church in Edo state to beg for forgiveness. And you are whining that she must have been paid to make the confession and shift the “truth” you were vigorously rallying behind then.

Sorry that Stephanie disappointed you all. You can kick as you like. But that won’t stop the Apostle from singing GODWIN as he’s doing now.

Hopefully, Nigerians will start to assess issues based on profound reasoning and evidence that is clear to the eyes.

Finally, in court, the Apostle would only need that Stepahanie’s video and say: “Thank You My Lord”.