I Want To Equal Joshua’s Record – Chris Eubank Jr

CHRIS Eubank Jr claims victory over George Groves will be the next record changing moment in matching Anthony Joshua’s pulling power.

The super-middleweight reckons victory against the WBA champion at Manchester Arena on Saturday night will ensure he is finaly out of his Father’s background.

But his aim is to stand side by side with who although isnt Britain’s finest fighter, is undoubtedly the No. 1 superstar of the sport in this country.

Eubank Jr, 28, knows being world heavyweight champion helps Joshua pack out football stadiums and line up a long list of sponsors because it is the glamour division.

But he is confident a big win over Groves will help his profile reach a new level and it certainly would get people’s attention with the defending champion the slight favourite to progress to the World Boxing Super Series final.

Eubank Jr said,  “Heavyweights do have that pull which is very hard to compete with. Anthony is doing an amazing job, he is putting on great fights and he is doing what he needs to do.

“Anthony is having these fights and he is not even saying anything before these fights. He is shaking the guy’s hand and wishing them the best of luck.

“It’s crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it. The public love it; it’s great for British boxing

“Us, as British fighters, are looking at that and everyone is trying to emulate that. We all want to get to the position where you can fill up a stadium with 80,000 or 100,000 people.

“I believe winning this tournament puts me in that pool. Well, it’s not actually a pool as it is just one guy. It puts me in that category. The potential is there for sure.”

Joshua’s earning power is certainly something everyone in British boxing wants to emulate too with the WBA and IBF champion pocketing around £15m every time he steps through the ropes these days.

But, for Eubank, money is not the main motivation as he insists it is about legacy and leaving the shadow of his father, Chris Sr, who won world titles in two weight divisions.

Of course, if he beats Groves and books a place in the World Boxing Super Series final then he will be one win away from lifting the Muhammad Ali trophy and claiming the largest share of the £20m prize pot.

“I’m not putting my health at risk and risking my livelihood for nothing,” said Eubank Jr, who has lost just one of his 27 fights.

“There has to be some type of reward, some type of security.

“It is important that it is there. Is that my main motivation? Absolutely not.

“Legacy is my motivation, inspiring the next generation is my motivation.

Nobody Knows Joshua In America – Wilder

DEONTAY WILDER has come out with claims that Anthony Joshua is not known in America and must fight him across the pond to become a superstar.

World heavyweight champion Joshua has hinted how needless it is to fight in America. He says British boxing is currently growing.

And the 28-year-old British-born Nigerian suggested he would only consider such a move to “cement his achievement” in the sport.

But some of the UK’s greatest-ever brawlers have fought in the States, including Lennox Lewis, Ricky Hatton and Amir Khan.

Wilder taunted WBA, IBF and IBO champion Joshua ahead of his own WBC heavyweight defence against Luis Ortiz in New York on March 3.

And he is urging “fake” AJ to fight him in his American homeland, claiming they need each other to make history.

Wilder, 32, said, “He may have his country behind him — and that’s it.

“Does he want to be remembered as a countrywide champion? Because he’s not worldwide champion.

“Over here in America they don’t even know his name. They just know him as a big guy from England. That’s fact!

“I need him and he needs me at the end of the day — unless he just does not want to unify.

“Unless he wants to stay over his side of the pond and let people gravitate to him and be a fake sign of what he says he is.

“But then he will never be a global icon. You will never be a worldwide figure without me.”

And  Wilder added, “I’m the most exciting, most entertaining fighter in the heavyweight division. Nobody in the heavyweight division is doing what I am doing. Nobody in history is doing what I am doing.”

Joshua will fight WBO world champion Joseph Parker on March 31 in Cardiff to set up a winner-takes-all unification fight with Wilder.

But the ‘Bronze Bomber’ believes AJ’s promoter Eddie Hearn is avoiding talks over thrashing out a big-money fight deal having previously accused him of using stalling tactics.

Wilder said, “Everybody wants to see the fight. The only people that don’t are his promoters.

“They already know how big of a risk this really is.

“They should be worried but how long do they really think the public, the fans of boxing, are going to allow them to stay away from me?

“This is the biggest fight in our era.”

Anthony Joshua Set For Politics

Anthony Joshua could be set for politics when he retires from the ring.

The British-born Nigerian is looking to add the WBO belt to his WBA, IBF and IBO belts come March 31st in an epic fight with Joseph Parker in Cardiff.

And the 28-year-old has made his intentions know as he plans following the footsteps of Manny Pacquiao and Vitali Klitschko who are now political leaders in their respective countries.

Joshua said  “I have an interest and I have learnt a lot through boxing in terms of like world matters and what matters to me and what matters to the minority because that’s where I come from.

“I do have a voice but remember I sacrificed education to follow a sporting career.

“So what I say isn’t always going to be facts and my point of view isn’t always going to be from an educational stand point but it will be from a reality – a realistic stand point.

“Because I didn’t go to school I didn’t educate myself, I haven’t been in a classroom, and I’ve been out on the streets with people every day since I was young.

The Olympic champ insists he is not looking to run the country but believes his background and experiences can allow him to make a positive contribution.

Joshua added,  “So I do have an interest but I’m not saying I can run the country but I do think that I could have a say.

“I could have an input and I do think young kids coming up in this country should have a more of a say of what’s going on.

“I think that the county’s moving at such a rapid pace that some people that are older have been in power do need young creative minds to kind of influence what is happening in the world and world matters – I do believe that.”

Wizkid, Davido, Joshua Winners At Africa’s Future Awards

Wizkid, Davido, the undefeated heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, ace comedian, Kenny Blaq and Nancy Isime, emeged some of the winners at The Future Awards Africa 2017 held in Lagos on Saturday.

Below is the full list of all the winners and their profiles :


Winner: Olamide Bada (27)

After qualifying as a British solicitor specializing in industry law across several platforms, she set about the task of helming the consolidation of startup businesses in Nigeria.

Bada has set the tone for Black Friday events in Nigeria, planning and organising the Jumia’s 2015 Black Friday giveaway. Her superb handling earned her strong praise and proved that she was relentless even in stressful situations.


Winner: Otolorin Kehinde ‘Kenny Blaq’ Peter (25)

Kenny Blaq is unanimously regarded as Nigeria’s most in-demand comedian due to his sold-out shows globally.

His anecdotal style, peppered with excellent music, which Blaq performs himself, speaks to his discipline as an artist, his impeccable comedic timing and his respect for his audience, particularly the women therein. He proves there is a way to do comedy without resorting to grotesquery.


Winner: Ayobami Adebayo (29)

Adebayo’s work has been reviewed by several publications such as Vogue, Guardian UK, The New York Times, The Financial Times, Essence, Guardian Life, Chicago Tribune, and The Wall Street Journal. She is the recipient of fellowships and support from institutions including Ox-Bow School of Art, Ledig House, Sinthian Cultural Institute and Hedgebrook.

With translation rights acquired in 13 countries and a loyal following, Adebayo has become a bright new voice for contemporary fiction out of Nigeria and voice for women everywhere.


Winner: Samson Abioye (late)/ Oluyemi Oluwaseun Imole / Akanji Abayomi Gideon (26/29/23)

Pass.Ng, a web, desktop and mobile based CBT examination prep and testing platform created by Late Samson Abioye, Oluyemi Imole and Akanji Gideon has bridged the gap by addressing education through computer literacy.

Pass.ng originally started testing only for JAMB but several other tests have been added. As of August 2017, over 80 million tests have been taken on the platform. The exponential growth of the company attracted like Facebook, Wechat, Airtel, MTN and 9mobile in different capacities. In 2017, pass.ng helped 400 students from Makoko prepare for their exams and 230 of those students were successful in the UTME examination.


Winner: Eromo Egbejule (27)

Eromo Egbejule has become somewhat synonymous with in-depth, exhaustive journalism in Nigeria, a feat in a country run over with copy and paste gossip bloggers regurgitating unverified gossip for a quick payout. He is unafraid to travel into the heart of conflict for a story but is just as much at ease chasing down the history behind illusive Nigerian vinyl records.

In 2016, his article “Streams of Fortune: How Indigenous Firms are Working to Make Music Streaming Mainstream in Nigeria” was nominated for the Maggie Eales Young Journalist Award at the 2015 CNN Africa Journalist Award, underlining just how much ground Egbejule had covered for 26 year old journalist operating primarily out of Nigeria.


Winner: Yagazie Eguare (30)

Her journey into photography started at The Future Enterprise Support Scheme (TFESS) and since then, her career into the photography industry is admirable. Since Eguare started professionally documenting weddings as a Wedding documentary and portrait photographer in 2013, she has grown exponentially, photographing 100 weddings in 200 plus weeks and rebranding to better suit her new image as an in-demand photographer.


Winner: Ayodeji Osowobi (27)

Speaking up on rape was somewhat a taboo until three years ago when Ayodeji decided to change the narrative and create a platform where victims of rape could speak up and receive help. Stand to End Rape Initiative, a not-for-profit organisation creating awareness and changing community perception on sexual violence and providing psycho-social support to victims.

With her personal funds, her organisation has assisted over 250 victims with medical, post-traumatic, legal aid and empowerment assistance. Stand to End Rape Initiative is undoubtedly the most recognised and significant youth arm working to advance end gender-based violence in Nigeria. Ayodeji has worked in over 40 communities across Nigeria speaking against FGM, rape, teenage pregnancy and working with stakeholders to end the scourge.


Winner: Femi ‘Kraks’ Bakre (24)

Along with his team, Kraks TV became both loved and vilified, but ultimately inescapable. Bakre seeks to replicate this incredible success in other new media platforms through a private diversification programme that sees the company move towards the app ecosystem.

In the last one year, Kraks TV has moved from just an online media platform, and grown into a Digital Marketing Agency, started our e-Radio, e-food channels and now have a full Ltd company with a growing workforce and clientele. Kraks has also established a UK arm in a bid to connect Africa and Europe through comedy.


Winner: Sambasa Nzeribe (29)

Sambasa was a model while studying Creative arts at the University of Lagos, before he finally transitioned full time into acting. He made his debut in the multiple award-winning movie ‘A Mile from Home’, produced and directed by Eric Aghimien.

In 2016, he won the Best Supporting Actor AMVCA 2016; also winning Best Supporting Actor Nigeria Entertainment Award 2016 in New York, and in 2017 the prestigious AMVCA in the Best Actor Drama Movie/Series for his role in “Slow Country”.


Winner: Dada Olabisi Mary (29)

Dada Olabisi Mary’s job as a nurse at the Catholic Charitas Foundation of Nigeria, St. Dominic Catholic Hospital Chapter has challenged this notion for her and proven to herself that there are depths of service that only true empathy can plumb.

Her work with expecting mothers has also proven challenging but rewarding and being able to offer early diagnosis to 55 women with history of hypertension and guide them towards safe deliveries one of the highlights of her year. Dada Olabisi Mary is a modern day Nightingale, and hopefully her bushel is never hidden.


Winner: Chris Kwekowe (24)

In the years since KweKowe launched SlateCube the number of students who return to the platform eager to master the online courses have increased.

Kwekowe’s 3000 monthly visitors are only a start for him. His plan is to produce 1.2 million Africans whose education is greatly supplemented or provided as whole by Slatecube, and to that end the team has already organized up-skill conferences in Nairobi, Kenya and Gaborone, Botswana.


Winner: Adetola Adeleke (31)

Adetola Adeleke began the Green Fairy Farms in Epe in response to the dearth of technologically savvy farming practices and profitable agriculture in the Epe region. With Green House technology, the farm offers agropreneurs the ability to regulate the climate within their ‘glass’ houses and grow a variety of crops that otherwise would not thrive in certain climates.


Winner: Anita ‘Brows’ Adetoye (26)

Her time studying journalism in the University of Belfast and Media production at the Lewisham College provided her insight that she turned to her true passion, beauty. She was one of the first Nigerian beauty entrepreneur to properly harness the power of social media, turning to then new image sharing platform Instagram, to build a following.

She was one of the first Nigerian beauty entrepreneurs to champion a ‘signature’ style; her cutting edge approach to make up, specifically the often hard to pin-down on-trend brow, earned her the name Anita Brows and made her the go-to beauty expert for celebrities like Annie Idibia, Vimbai Muthinri and Stephanie Coker.


Winner: Bisola ‘Ladybiba’ Adeniyi (25)

As a second generation designer introduced to the art by an aunt, Lady Biba started making clothes to fill a niche; the struggle to find work appropriate clothing that also flatters the silhouette of the weather while impressing her counterparts.

As a writer, he has taken her fashion related knowledge and her perseverance and shaken them up into a cocktail of success, and a brand that is basically scripture among young working women.


Winner: Timilehin Bello (25)

Timilehin Bello’s company Media Panache Nigeria has a team of 10 PR experts and boasts a wide range of adulated clients both in the corporate and entertainment industry – some of the corporate clients include: Bank of Industry (BOI), Ribena, Billionaire Bet, The Velvet Expression, MTNF, St. Ives Hospital, Jumia Market, Jumia Food, WhoGoHost and Simplified Corporate Logistics.

In mid-January 2017, Timi’s company kicked off a campaign entitled ‘Inspire Youngsters’. The campaign was targeted at secondary schools in Lagos state and commenced with Christ the King International School situated at Gbagada; where a number of thought-provoking topics, including the appropriate use of social media were discussed by the CEO, Timilehin Bello.


Winner: Anthony Joshua (28)

With roots in Sagamu, Lagos, Joshua’s family relocated and naturalised in the UK. Joshua began representing England as an amateur boxer competing in the super-heavyweight division and represented Britain at the 2012 Olympics where he won a gold medal.

In 2014 he went professional and began to compete in pro-boxing competitions, quickly rising up the ranks and winning the British regional heavyweight titles in 2015 and 2016. Joshua faced Charles Martin the world heavyweight champion on April 9th 2016, and won with a surprise knock out in the second round, making him the world heavyweight champion. He also beat world champion Vitaly Klitschko in a TKO, cementing his place as the world’s best active boxer. Joshua retired temporary in late 2016, before making a comeback in March 2017.


Winner: Nancy Isime (25)

Isime has quickly become one of the most readily recognizable faces on television, valued for her quick wit and her dexterity while drawing out her guests and getting them comfortable in front of a camera.

Such skills has become extra valuable when Isime has to work a camera either as an actress in one of the feature films she is attached to, or as an in-demand actress on the small screen.


Winner: Tisan Jeremiah Bako (31)

Tisan Bako’s voice has become instantly recognizable to evening commuters who rely on him to provide them news, information, music and companionship as they return home from their diverse days and he has become so good at his job that he is often the only On-Air personality out of Northern Nigeria to be constantly rewarded for his excellent work as a presenter in National and International entertainment awards. He has been nominated thrice for the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit award in 2014 and 2015, winning once, and has been nominated for the Nigerian Entertainment Awards in 2015 and 2016 winning once as well.


Winner: David ‘Davido’ Adeleke (25)

His first album “Omo Baba Olowo” quickly gained mainstream success and marked a significant turn in his career. In 2016, he became one of the new crop of Nigerian born musicians to sign lucrative record deals with international music labels.

Never one to be guided by fear, Davido cut ties with his label after a year and returned to Nigeria to rediscover his sound and audience in his old stomping grounds. His single “IF” catapulted him to realms of fame that no one thought possible and brought the international recognition he’d rejected the year before, but this time on this own terms.


Winner: Bisola Borha (31)

When she started her business Trendy Bee events in 2012, Borha had just left her position as an operational staff at Cotecna Destination Inspection. Working there had introduced her to the thrill of event planning and offered a network of vendors and associate industry professionals, a portfolio that came in handy when she established her own outfit.

In five short years, Borha’s Trendy Bee Elite Events has risen to become one of the most respected event management companies in the country managing events in Dubai, Vegas, London and Zanzibar.


Winner: Ayodeji ‘Wizkid’ Balogun (27)

In 2016, Wizkid signed a major publishing deal with international music giant Sony RCA records, going further by recording the biggest song of 2016 alongside Canadian mega star Drake and Asian pop star Kyla. One Dance shattered billboard records and gave Wizkid his first Grammy nomination as well as several billboard awards.

Wizkid’s 2017 album under RCA records “Sounds from the Other Side” was well received by international music critics and charted favourably across the world. Building on that success he was recently nominated for Best International and Best African act at the 2017 Europe Music Awards, and he returned to Nigeria in November to receive the award for best male artist at the Africa wide Afrimma awards.

After New Victory, Anthony Joshua’s Agent Wants Three Fights in 2018

Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn wants to take the world heavyweight champion overseas after his 10th round win over Carlos Takam Saturday.

Joshua retained his International Boxing Federation and World Boxing Association heavyweight titles after stopping Takam at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

All of Joshua’s 20 professional fights have ended inside the distance and have all been in Britain.

“I would like him to box three times in 2018,” Hearn told reporters.

“He doesn’t have to, it’s down to Anthony. We may have a mandatory (defence) with the WBA which is unclear at the moment.

“There’s (WBO champion) Joseph Parker, there’s (WBC champion) Deontay Wilder. I would like him to have an international fight in 2018, but it does seem a shame to leave all this.

“It’s about sitting down and seeing what he wants to do, he’s capable of fighting in any territory, we need a clear plan moving forward.”

American Wilder defends his World Boxing Council belt against Haiti’s Bermane Stiverne on November 4

Joshua, 28, says he does not mind who he fights — Wilder, New Zealander Parker or a mandatory challenger — so long as he is retains the WBA and IBF belts.

“I’m just focusing on keeping my belts, who ever that is on the WBA list that’s who it is,” Joshua told reporters.

“I’m not just worried about my next three fights but the long term strategy.”

Takam, 36, complained about the stoppage but will take a lot of credit after fighting on with impaired vision after being cut near his right eye in the fourth round where he also took a count.

“I’m happy with that the win is secured and we move on,” said Joshua, who paid tribute to his opponent for battling on despite the injury.

“His eyes were nearly hanging off because the cut was deep, but he wanted to carry on and that’s the fighter’s instinct.

“I didn’t care if I sparked him out or it went 12 rounds, but people wanted to see him unconscious. I tried to do that but the ref’s job is to make sure they can fight another day.

“I didn’t want to rush things because he was quite experienced.

“He knows his durability and just (wanted to) try to land that one sweet punch and those belts go back to France.”

One of Joshua’s former victims and another British fighter, Dillian Whyte, may get to Wilder before Joshua as he is ranked number three by the WBC.

Jamaica-born Whyte, whose only defeat in 23 fights was the seventh-round stoppage against Joshua almost two years ago, unanimously out-pointed Finland’s Robert Helenius on the undercard.

“If Deontay Wilder will travel, there’s a fight to be made on February 3 in London,” said Hearn of his plans for Whyte.


Anthony Joshua Wants To Fight Wladimir Klitschko In Nigeria

Anthony Joshua’s boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn has said that the 27-year-old is open to the idea of fighting in Nigeria.
Speaking to iFL TV, Hearn said: “I think Nigeria is probably one of the front-runners.

“People have this perception that Nigeria is a place that makes fire by rubbing twigs together. It’s a very powerful economy with a huge middle-class sector and actually, it’s a country that has a number of major events already – particularly pop music concerts.

“The infrastructure is there. Obviously, it’s difficult for us because there’s never been a major fight before – but that’s challenging. I like that.” AJ has hinted that he would be open to fighting in Nigeria, especially as he spent so time there as a child.

The heavyweight boxer also has a tattoo of the country on his arm and believes that it makes people relate to him. “When you are in sport you become a representation of people.

“I’ve got it [an outline of Nigeria] tattooed on my arm, so people can relate to me. I don’t know if [a fight there] will happen.” If, and at the moment it’s a BIG if, Joshua/Klitschko does take place in Africa, it would echo another mega fight that happened on the night of October 30, 1974, the iconic Rumble in the Jungle bout between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali.

Widely regarded to be “arguably the greatest sporting event of the 20th century” Foreman/Ali took place in Kinshasa, Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and pitted former heavyweight champ Ali against George Foreman.

At the time, Zaire was ruled by Joseph-Désiré Mobuto, a dictator who wanted to project to the world that the land-locked African country was a forward-looking state and not the vicious and greedy dictatorship it actually was.

Mobuto was not pleased when Muhammad Ali decided to tell heavyweight champ Foreman that “My African brothers is going to boil you in the pot.”

Not sure that’s the image Mobuto was aiming for when he allowed the fight to take place, but there you go. The fight was the introduction of a new tactic by Ali, the iconic ‘rope a dope’ for which he is still remembered.

After taking a hell of a beating throughout the bout, Ali decided to go on the offensive once the giant Foreman had tired himself out, and then in a flurry of punches, sent ‘Big George’ to the canvas.

If Joshua-Klitschko do go to Africa and the bout is anywhere near as action packed as Zaire 1974, then Hearn is on to a winner

How I Caused My brother, Wladimir’s defeat to Anthony Joshua – Vitali Klitschko

Former World Boxing heavyweight champion, Vitali Klitschko has admitted he caused the defeat of his younger brother, Wladimir by Anthony Joshua.
Vitali said he is plagued by guilt after offering the “wrong advice” to Wladimir in the corner at Wembley.

The Ukrainian appeared on the brink of a dramatic victory when he floored Joshua in the sixth round of the world heavyweight title fight, but Joshua fought back to produce a stunning stoppage win in the 11th round.

Vitali was one of Wladimir’s coaches and bitterly regrets his decision to demand a cautious approach from his younger brother after he badly hurt Joshua.

He told Boxingscene, “Immediately after the fight, we were barely speaking. We do not need to talk, it was just enough to look into each other’s eyes.

“Only in the locker room, I thanked him for one of the best fights of his career. I know how important this fight was for him and unfortunately, we saw what happened. In the heavyweight division, each punch can be decisive.

“I blame myself for the defeat of my brother, I share some of the blame. When Wladimir almost knocked Joshua out, I gave him the wrong advice.

“I was positive that Joshua, with his huge muscle mass, would not be able to last ( the distance ). I advised Wladimir not to rush anything.

“I had hoped that after the seventh, the eighth round, Joshua would really slow down.

“Now I think that maybe it was a mistake, maybe it was necessary to finish him off sooner.”

Wladimir is expected to make a decision within the next two weeks about a possible rematch, but Vitali will stand by him regardless of whether he choose to fight on, or enter retirement.

“To be honest, Wladimir has nothing more to prove.”

Joshua-Klitschko Rematch Could Take Place In October

Anthony Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, has said the boxer could possibly fight Wladimir Klitschko in a rematch of the heavyweight clash on October 28.

“I believe Klitschko will go ahead with the rematch so we are looking at dates,” Hearns disclosed to Mirror UK.

“Talks are ongoing over venues.

“The Principality Stadium is not really available in November because of rugby so 28 October is the option. Most of December is available but I don’t really want to go that late.

“Josh has a bit of a sore shoulder, Klitschko has had a tough fight, his face was bashed up. You have got two more weeks in May, all of June and after that they will be thinking ‘right let’s get back in camp.

“Even if you started back in camp in August, then you have September and October so end of October can work.”

The Welsh National Stadium is expected to host the rematch, because of its retractable roof, but Hearn says he’s still looking at options overseas.

“For Cardiff that date is an option and also December but I don’t really want to go into December so we are looking at the MGM in Las Vegas, China and Dubai as options too,” Hearn added.

Anthony Joshua Receives Surprise Early Morning Visit From Drug Testers

Only 12 days after Anthony Joshua defeated Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley to retain his IBF title and claim the vacant WBA and IBO belts, he received a surprise visit from drug testers very early on Thursday morning.
The 27-year-old champion shared the video to his Instagram stories before 8 a.m. this morning. In the video, a man can be seen reading through a list of questions which Joshua was expected to supply answers to.

One questions asked was: “Has the athlete performed altitude simulation in the last two weeks?”

Another question was: “Has the athlete donated blood in the last three months?”

Joshua remained calm as he responded “No” to both questions. He shared the video with the caption:

“Drug testers knocking early doors”.

See the video below…

Anthony Joshua Stops Klitschko In 11th Round

Anthony Joshua produced the performance of his career to add the WBA world heavyweight title to his IBF crown with an enthralling knockout win over Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley Stadium.

A post-war record 90,000 fans at the national stadium were treated to a see-saw contest, Joshua dropping the former unified world champion in the fifth round, before being put down – for the first time in his 19-fight career – in the sixth.

Both men looked in danger of being stopped over two rounds which will live long in the memory, before Joshua delivered the clinical blows in the 11th.

The Briton landed a brutal uppercut which gave him the platform to send Klitschko down with an immediate flurry.

‘Dr Steelhammer’ stood, was dropped by a left hook again moments later, and then stood again, only for referee David Fields to save the challenger when pinned against the ropes.

Joshua threw his arms into the air as roars rolled down the Wembley tiers. He had come through his stiffest test to date, while Klitschko had answered questions of his own, showing he remains competitive at world level, even at 41.

He will rue not finishing the job when he floored Joshua and appeared tantalisingly close to reclaiming two of the titles he lost in his last fight against Tyson Fury in 2015.

“What can I say? 19-0, three and a half years in the game,” said Joshua. “I’m not perfect but I’m trying, and if you don’t take part, you’re going to fail.

“As boxing states, you leave your ego at the door and you respect your opponent. So a massive shout-out to Wladimir Klitschko.”